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How Much Is A Casper Mattress Cost

Adjustable Firmness Vs Fixed Firmness

Casper Mattress Review | Memory Foam Mattress at Manageable Price? (2019)

The most notable difference between Sleep Number and Casper mattresses is their firmness. While Sleep Numbers models have adjustable firmness levels, Casper produces exclusively fixed-firmness mattresses. Depending on your needs and preferences, either option may be more beneficial.

Sleep Number mattresses and other airbeds use air chambers as their support cores. These chambers can be inflated or deflated to varying degrees via a built-in pump, thereby modifying the firmness. The pump is typically controlled through an app or remote control.

Queen and king size airbeds generally have at least two air chambers so that each sleep partner can control the firmness level of their side of the bed. This makes these beds a good option for couples who have different firmness preferences.

In contrast, each Casper model has a fixed firmness. Although the firmness of the bed itself cannot be changed, sleepers can add a mattress topper to adjust the feel. If you and your partner have the same firmness preferences that are unlikely to change, fixed-firmness models are typically the more cost-effective option.

How Much Is A Queen Size Casper Mattress The Top Mattress Brands Of 2021

The Bear Mattress ranks No. 1 in our ratings of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses of 2021. How Much Is A Queen Size Casper Mattress

It also ranks No. 2 for Best Budget Foam Mattresses and Best Mattresses in a Box of 2021.

Here are the current top mattresses of 2021.

Entering 2021, the amount of mattress brands available can be overwhelming.

The below brands have been the top mattresses of 2021 thus far.

Keep in mind, they are listed in no specific order.

So, if youre searching for the best mattress available, you cant go wrong with any of the following brands. If you are looking to buy a mattress online, you cant go wrong with any of these brands.

Testing The Casper Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

Everyone has different mattress needs depending on their preferred sleeping position and body weight. Take a look below to see if the Casper could work for yours.

Is the Casper Mattress Good for Light Sleepers ?

  • Light Back Sleepers Light back sleepers should feel great on the Casper! Its zoned support system will do a great job keeping their spines in a nice even alignment in this position.
  • Light Side Sleepers Light side sleepers might find the Casper a bit too firm. I dont think theyll sink through its foams enough to get the pressure relief they need.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers The Casper should work well for light stomach sleepers. Its firm enough to keep their hips lifted up in line with their shoulders.

Is the Casper Mattress Good for Average Weight Sleepers ?

Is the Casper Mattress Good for Heavy Sleepers ?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers Heavy back sleepers might want something that offers firmer innerspring coil support. Id recommend they opt for one of our best mattresses for heavy people instead.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers Heavy side sleepers might like the Casper, its zoned support could offer the right balance of sinkage and support for them. But, if you think youll need more support you might want to stick to a hybrid mattress.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers The Casper is too soft for heavy stomach sleepers, and will likely let their hips sink into the bed too far, throwing their spines out of alignment and leading to pain.

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Should You Buy A Casper Mattress

You should consider buying a Casper mattress if any of their Casper Original, Casper Original Hybrid, Casper Wave Hybrid, Casper Nova Hybrid, or Casper Element models meet your specific sleeping requirements because although these mattresses may cost more than some of the cheaper alternatives available, the quality of the materials means that your Casper mattress could last longer and feel more comfortable.

To help you decide if you should pay for a Casper mattress, Ive summarized the main pros and cons of their entire mattress range below with mention of specific models where appropriate to help you narrow down your selection.

Casper Discount Codes Deals And Promos: When’s The Best Time To Bag A Bargain

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Review (2020)

If you were to head to the Casper site and simply order a mattress at list price, you’d be getting a pretty good deal: it’s a very good mattress and the ticket price is pretty competitive. But it’s almost criminally easy to find yourself a Casper mattress coupon, discount code or promo that’ll knock a healthy chunk off the asking price.

The best of the year to bag a brilliant Casper mattress discount is Black Friday, but you’ll find great deals all year round so if you need a new mattress now, there’s no need to wait. We see good offers at Christmas and in the January sales in March, when retailers look to sell off older stock on Amazon Prime Day and in the summer sales too. You’ll find regular sales that knock around 15% off the sticker price.

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The Extra Optional Costs

Pillows: Bed pillows range from $75 for a standard to $95 for a king. According to the company, the pillows are filled with nearly a billion coated fibers, creating an adaptive liquid-like feel that is able to respond to your movement while you sleep. The outer part, offering a plush and cushioning feel, features longer fiber, with each individually blown into the cover.

Sheet Sets: A standard sheet set, depending on the size, can range anywhere from $100 for a twin to as much as $170 for a king or $190 to $310 if you wanted to add a duvet cover. Each set, coming in a variety of colors, is available at local Target stores or via online and will include one flat fitted sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. If you dont want the set, then you can purchase either the duvet cover separately, starting at $90 or the pillowcase set on its own, which starts at $50, again, based on the size.

Down Duvet: The down duvet insert, made of breathable cotton, is said to be the best temperature regulator out there, according to the products description, making it comfortable for any season. A twin will retail for $250, a queen will retail for $290, and a king will cost $350.

Bed Frame: Designed to work with the mattress foundation, this 100% recycled steel bed frame can range from $95 for a twin to as much as $125 for a king.

Mattress Testing And Use

If you share your mattress with someone, ensure that they know when you are ordering your mattress. The bed you find most comfortable may not be the most comfortable for your partner. If thats the case, youll want to discover a queen size Casper mattress you can both agree is suitable, regardless of whether its not your first choice. To properly evaluate each possibility you should lie on the mattress the same way as youll be sleeping each night.

Make sure to sleep on the mattress for no less than a few minutes. Some of the materials used in queen size Casper mattresses respond to both weight and heat and can take several minutes to adjust to your body thoroughly. If you move quickly from one bed to another you might miss out on each of the mattresses has to offer. The good thing is that if you buy the mattress from Amazon you are given a chance to return the mattress if it does not meet your needs.

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How Much Does A Mattress Cost When Buying Online

Buying a mattress online is one of the best ways to be sure youre getting the best price for the brand youre thinking of buying from. Although its possible to get some great discounts when buying in-store, its more difficult to compare prices between retailers and to get an overview of all the best offers.

Even if your preferred mattress isnt on offer right now, odds are it will be soon, especially with Black Friday 2020 and then the Christmas sales on the horizon. The top sleep brands often offer regular deals and discounts, and these sometimes include free accessories or hefty reductions in price. The very best ones offer both.

So when it comes to how much does a mattress cost when buying online, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for an affordable Queen size foam mattress, all the way up to thousands of dollars for a King size hybrid mattress. When you consider how long a memory foam mattress lasts, the pricing should make sense.

What Is Casper’s Return Policy

Casper Mattress Review – Is It The Best Mattress In A Box? (UPDATED!)

Casper offers customers a 100-night free trial on their mattresses, pillows, and bedding. They also offer a 30-night trial on all other Casper products. Be sure to check the warranty on your Casper product. The mattresses purchased from its website have a 10-year limited warranty. If you buy a Casper mattress from a retailer, the warranty might be different.

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Casper Hybrid Vs Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid mattress utilizes a polymer gel grid along the top of the mattress that evenly distributes weight. The feel of the Purple Hybrid is unique and has more of a floating sensation than the balanced foam contouring of the Casper Hybrid.

The Purple is firmer than the Casper, although both offer the balanced support needed by back and stomach sleepers. However, the softer feel of the Casper provides better cushion for side sleepers. Neither mattress has the support required by plus-size people, but both are cool and responsive.

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What Materials Does Casper Mattress Use

To make its proprietary memory foam mattresses and hybrid memory foam mattresses, Casper starts with breathable polyurethane foam for its Original mattress top layer and zoned memory foam for their second layer. The base is made from polyurethane foam. The top layer of their Original mattress is called Airscape, and its perforated, breathable foam is designed to keep you cool with tiny holes that allow air to circulate.

The Hybrid models are made from several layers of breathable polyurethane foam and memory foam but the base contains encased springs with a border that provides edge support.

Other mattresses spun off from the Original contain more layers of foam and different materials. The Wave Hybrid is made from polyurethane foam, natural latex, memory foam, then foam with gel pods, on a base of polyurethane foam with encased springs.

Each mattress cover is made with recycled plastic bottles.

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Casper Mattress Review Overview

The Casper Mattress is one of the most popular online bed-in-a-box brands on the internet and weve got a lot to say about it. We all owe Casper a bit of gratitude, as its partly responsible for bringing online mattress shopping to the mainstream. Casper offers three different beds, but this Casper Mattress review will focus on their flagship bed, which we selected as one of the most comfortable beds for this year.

Here are the basics you need to know about the flagship Casper mattress:

  • All of the foams in the Casper mattress are approved by the CertiPUR-US program. This means they have low VOC, are made without ozone depleters, and are not harmful to you or the environment.
  • Casper has a proprietary foam that gives its mattresses a neutral foam feel.
  • Has a medium firmness level to accommodate all body types.
  • Casper beds are ideal for people who weigh under 230 lbs. because of its all-foam design.

Should You Choose Firm Or Soft

Casper Mattress Review (2021)

This is along the same lines, as when we talk about comfort and support.

Just like a mattress shouldnt be too hard, it should never be too soft.

What youre aiming for is a mattress that is neutral, to ensure both your spine and your body stay in a healthy position.

Too much rigidity in a mattress will irritate the stress variables, making pinched nerves, in addition to the blood to stop flowing.

If you wake up with a sensation of pins and needles in your body, theres a good chance your mattress is too firm.

If your mattress is too soft, you chance having a sagging effect, much like a hammock.

This can trigger back pain, caused by uneven spinal alignment.

This is why we say you want a mattress that is neutral.

Youre looking a mattress thats soft in the right spots, but not too soft overall.

You likewise want a mattress that has some firmness to it just not too rigid. How Much Is A Queen Size Casper Mattress

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Casper Snow Technology Mattress Range

Casper’s latest innovation for hot sleepers is called Snow Technology. It can now be found in the Wave Hybrid Snow and the Nova Hybrid Snow mattresses, which are the original Wave and Nova’s upgraded with Snow Tech.

Both models use foam and springs to ensure you stay comfy regardless of what position you fall asleep in, and now theyve been supercharged with extra cooling functionality.

Casper Snow Technology is a four-part cooling system that begins with a QuickCool Cover infused with phase change material. Casper says this, delivers an added 24% cooler to the touch feeling upon climbing in bed.

There’s also something called HeatDelete Bands, made from graphite. These create channels within each mattresses foam layer to draw away excess heat. Folks, it’s time to say goodbye to overheating in bed. Casper has also released Hyperlite Tencel sheets to complete your cooling sleep experience.

We’ve already seen the Snow range pop up among the latest Casper mattress deals and sales, with discounts of a few hundred dollars when you select this cooling upgrade package.

How We Test The Mattresses

The Slumber Yard has been around since the beginning of the bed-in-a-box craze. Our team has personally tested over 175 mattresses so far, and we keep more than 150 beds in our office so we can compare them .

When testing mattresses, we evaluate the following factors:

Jeff Rizzo is a Certified Sleep Science Coach who has helped over 5 million people with their mattress-related questions online.

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King Vs California King

A king-size bed and a California king bed may differ in dimensions, but their weight range is similar. Nonetheless, a standard king mattress is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide, while a California king mattress is 84 inches long and 73 inches wide. Therefore, the former is best for people sharing a bed, while the California king will be comfortable for taller people or if you dont have a vast space available.

Hybrid Mattress Vs Memory Foam

Purple vs Casper Mattress Review (2021 UPDATED)

Memory foam mattresses are often buzzed about in the mattress world. Combining layers of foam, these beds react to body heat and pressure to mold to the curves of your body. The viscoelastic material absorbs excess motion, allowing you to melt into the mattress. Hybrid mattresses unite memory foam and a foundation of pocket-wrapped coils. The springs provide that jump on the bed feel that people love in a spring mattress while the foam envelops you with that cloud-like embrace.

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What Is The Casper Mattress Made Of

The Casper mattress is built with three layers of foam, including a top layer of breathable aerated foam, a middle section of zoned support, and a sturdy bottom layer of high-density poly foam.

This combination of materials is intended to produce a balanced, medium-firm feel. To see if the brand pulls this off, lets take a peek under the cover!

Cover Made of a knit polyester blend, the Caspers mattress cover has a soft and stretchy feel.

Comfort Layer Things truly kick off with this top layer of Caspers Airscape foam. This material has a slow response to pressure, which allows the sleeper to sink in slightly for pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. Though this kind of contouring would usually produce some overheating, small aerations along the materials surface increase breathability to promote airflow and release trapped body heat.

Transition Layer Up next, youll land on a memory foam layer of zoned support. This section has been divided into three different zones, all of which feature slightly different firmnesses. Theres softer foam at the shoulders for a bit of pressure relief and firmer foam at the hips for a little lift. This creates a nice, balanced vibe that works to position the spine in a healthy, neutral alignment.

Base Layer A thick layer of high-density poly foam, which provides shape and stability to the structure, rounds things out.

Is A Queen Bed Big Enough For A Couple

In most cases, yes. At 60 x 80 inches, a queen mattress offers plenty of personal space for more than one sleeper.There are a few exceptions to this rule, namely family homes and very hot sleepers. For couples with a child , you might need a king-size bed or larger to comfortably accommodate the extra bodies. If you’re looking for a new mattress and either you or your partner tends to run hot at night, you might need the extra breathing room of a king bedâor a queen-size mattress with advanced cooling technology.

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Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress 2019 Model

80″L x 60″W x 11″T
Comfort Layer Material
  • Your purchase includes One Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress, 2019 Model with cover
  • Mattress dimensions: 60â W x 80â L x 11â H. Foam weight: 79 lbs
  • Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief-push feel to the upper body. Firmer foam under the hips, waist, and lower back helps align your spine. For cooling, a top layer of perforated breathable foam helps reduce heat, Tiny holes move hot air and body heat away
  • The CertiPUR-US program certifies all our foams, They are made without ozone-depleting chemicals and are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC emissions for indoor air quality
  • 100 night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment on products sold by Casper on Original Foam 2019


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