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Can A Regular Mattress Be Used On An Adjustable Bed

The Best Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

How can I tell if my mattress is adjustable base friendly?

If youre looking for a mattress that will work well with your adjustable bed, we recommend looking into hybrid mattresses. You wont have to worry about breaking or damaging foam when elevating your head and feet because the foam layers are flexible and foam pockets are flexible. You can provide soft and bouncy support with your hybrid bed frame, which has an adjustable bed frame. Individual pocketed coils on an Innerspring mattress can also benefit it.

Will An Adjustable Bed Wear Down Your Mattress

Adjustable beds are a great option for people who experience back pain, acid reflux, or even sleep apnea.

However, a common question is which beds are best for adjustable frames, and if you can expect a shorter life expectancy on your mattress with frequent motion.

The answer will depend on which bed you use, how often youre elevating it.

Read on for our answers on what you can expect from your mattress on an adjustable frame.

Split Adjustable Beds Vs Regular Adjustable Beds

A regular adjustable bed will adjust to one position for the entire bed frame. A split adjustable bed offers the option for two different sleep positions. As you might imagine, a split adjustable bed is great for couples.

Elderly couples can especially benefit from split adjustable beds. These beds can accommodate two sets of sleeping preferences and health concerns at the same time. Buying a motorized base might also make adjustments easier and quicker.

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Sleep Trial And Warranty

Buying a mattress separately from the frame online can be scary, especially one for an adjustable bed frame. When you go with a company that gives an aggressive sleep trial and at least a 5 year warranty, you can literally rest easy knowing your comfort is protected. Not all lower quality mattresses will offer a sleep trial, or the sleep trial may be voided by simply removing the mattress tag. Most mattresses that come with a good warranty should give you peace of mind.

When shopping for a mattress, look for at least a 5 year warranty, but also be aware that a 10 year warranty is the industry standard. Anyone willing to have a 10 year warranty stands behind their products. Those who don’t offer a warranty, or have a short warranty should be approached with caution, because they probably aren’t using premium materials.

When it comes to industry standard for the amount of night sleep trial you should be looking for, most give a 365 night sleep trial of less. Anything under a 20 night sleep trial should make you wary. Some lower quality mattresses don’t want to give a long night sleep trial because they know their mattresses don’t hold up as well over time.

Are Adjustable Mattresses Worth It

Can A Regular Mattress Be Used On An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable mattresses can be pricey, but depending on your needs, they may be worth the cost. For example, if you need lumbar support, want total control over the feel of your bed, and want to be able to adjust it whenever you need it, you may want to consider an adjustable mattress.

According to Magnuson, the three Fs should be the framework you use to make an informed decision:

  • Fit: spinal alignment and pressure relief
  • Feel: the characteristics of a mattress based on your preferences
  • Features: special attributes

If you find that the adjustable mattress fits all three, then youre good to go. However, if the mattress doesnt have the fit, feel, or features you want, then it might not be worth the cost.

At a glance, lots of adjustable mattresses can look pretty similar. So, how do you know where to start?

Magnuson says there are a few ways adjustable mattresses can differ.

The most significant way is the number of chambers they use. At a most basic level, do they offer dual chamber design, which means that each sleeper has their own air chamber on their side of the bed?

This is pretty essential for couples, both from a support and a motion isolation standpoint, so most companies offer this on their queen and king sizes at this point, Magnuson says.

Beyond the mattresses construction and chambers, you may want to consider:

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How Thick Should My Mattress Be

Unlike firmness, thickness does matter! If your mattress is too thick, then it will not bend while staying flush with the adjustable bed. We recommend mattress thicknesses under 13 inches in order to be on the safe side. When the mattress is too thick on an adjustable bed you lose functionality like complete range of movement and feel of the massage feature..

Best Split King Adjustable Mattress

Saatva Solaire

  • Type: latex and memory foam
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Sizes available: twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king, split California king

The Saatva Solaire has reinforced chambers on each side of the mattress and is designed to offer good pressure point relief. Its made with gel-infused memory foam, CertiPUR-US certified foam, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified latex, and organic cotton.

With 50 firmness options, youre sure to find a setting that works for you. And since it comes in a split king or split California king, you can personalize each side separately.

With your purchase, youll get a 180-night home trial, a 25-year warranty, in-person setup, and free removal of your old mattress. Many reviewers overwhelmingly love this mattress.

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Can I Use A Firm Mattress With An Adjustable Bed

Firm mattresses are fine for adjustable beds, as long as the material is approved for use with adjusting beds. It wont matter how soft your mattress feels if you are using an air mattress or an innerspring mattress because these types will not work with adjustable beds.Extra firm latex mattresses, for example, are fine for use with an adjustable base.

Written byKirill SajaevinAdjustable Bed

An adjustable bed frame is a serious game-changer for your overall wellbeing. Once youve decided to invest in an adjustable bed frame, youll be well on your way to innumerable health benefits and the restful nights sleep you deserve. With an adjustable bed frame, you can achieve various positions for sleeping, including the zero-gravity position. With a simple change in position, you can better support the spine, increase blood flow, and be much more comfortable. Now, the only question is: Do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed?

Many people fear that they wont be able to use their current mattress with a new adjustable bed frame. Well, you can put your worries aside, because many adjustable bed frames, including The Yaasa Adjustable Bed are designed to be compatible with a regular mattress. Overhauling your entire sleep system at once can be intimidating, both for cost and comfort reasons. Luckily, you dont have to part with your mattress just yet. Unless of course, you want to!

Should You Buy An Adjustable Mattress In A High Street Shop

Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

Buying from a high street retailer means you can try out your adjustable mattress first! This will give you the opportunity to see if the mattress is suitable for your adjustable bed and ensure it has all the key features you need. At Adjustamatic, we can provide a home visit to test your mattress. Alternatively, visit us at our store in Southampton, or our factory store in Denbigh, North Wales.

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Warranty & Sleep Trial

Most mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty or longer, but many warranties have stipulations regarding the type of foundational support used. If a mattress is not compatible with an adjustable base, using it with one may void the warranty and cause premature wear and tear or other damages.

A sleep trial lets you try out the mattress in your home, and most mattress sleep trials range from 90 nights to a full year. Some sleep trials include mandatory break-in periods before the mattress can be returned.

Adjustable Base Compatible: Memory Foam And Hybrid

Hybrid and memory foam mattresses are made of both coils and foam, and quality hybrid and memory foam mattresses are often adjustable base compatible. To determine the quality of your new hybrid or memory foam mattress, ask the retailer about the model’s year, manufacturer’s brand and whether or not it comes with an attached or permanent box spring . And as with memory foam and innerspring, always double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations!

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Different Types Of Mattresses For Adjustable Beds

Luckily when it comes to finding the best adjustable mattress and adjustable base, you have a lot of options as far as types and materials. Based on your personal preferences and sleeping style, you can decide which one will be most suitable for you. When youre shopping for an adjustable mattress online, you want to make sure it has a decent sleep trial period, and at least a 5 year warranty.

Will A Regular Mattress Work On An Adjustable Bed


It all depends on what a regular mattress is for you. For some, a regular mattress is a latex mattress, for others, its a memory foam mattress. But, the most common mattresses in San Diego are still innerspring mattresses, so were going to use them as our starting point.

Although some innerspring mattresses can work fairly well with adjustable bases, the majority of them simply cant, and this is for several reasons.

  • Coil type The coils in your mattress determine whether it can work with an adjustable base. For example, interlocking coils can get tangled when you change the shape of your bed while some mattresses have border wires that simply dont allow for the mattress to change its shape.
  • Thickness If your innerspring mattress is overly thick, it probably does provide more sleeping comfort, but its not suitable as a companion to an adjustable base.
  • Firmness The firmer the mattress, the less likely it will be able to bend to different positions your adjustable base offers.
  • So, inspect your mattress thoroughly and see if it could work with an adjustable base. But, as a rule of thumb, innerspring mattresses are rarely the right choice for adjustable bases.

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    Slatted Frames And Platform Beds

    Other options include a slatted bed frame and platform bed that gives mattress bases smooth and sturdy support. Fixed slats are 4 inches apart and 3 inches wide to ensure ultimate bed support.

    Box springs are not recommended for Tempurpedic mattresses because they dont provide enough support for such a heavyweight mattress.

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    Reverie R450ht Adjustable Power Base

    Reverie R450HT⢠Adjustable Power Base
    Reverie R450HT⢠Adjustable Power Base
    • Mix of personalized and pre-set positions
    • Too many choices can sometimes get confusing

    Reverie stands out because the brand offers 14 different bases to choose from depending on what type of features you’re after. Some models give you more adjustable options and unique capabilities like wireless phone charging.

    This R450HT base offers both head and feet elevation and full-body massage features with 10 different intensity levels. Our panel loves the infinite number of programmable positions and the ability to pre-program their favorite positions on the remote. One user even told us that the zero gravity position helped alleviate her back pain with “no pressure points.”Our product experts also appreciate the added raise-to-wake alarm and the ability to change the height of the bed with the adjustable legs.

    • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen and Split King
    • Trial period: Not offered.

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    What Kind Of Adjustable Base Can Be Used With A Bed Frame

    All of our adjustable bed frames can be used with regular bed frames, including the most advanced, the essentials, and the classic. Yes, it might be easier to see how a classic adjustable bed base can fit a bed frame, but it can be harder to imagine how the most advanced–the DM9000s Series Adjustable Bed Base Framecan also fit snugly into the existing bed frame of the bed you love. But its true. These adjustable bed bases fit into bed frames. For full information, if youd like to pull out your tape measure and check for yourself, you can check the schematics of our adjustable bed frames against your existing bed.

    Of course, you dont need to purchase a separate bed frame from your adjustable bed base, except purely for aesthetic reasons. The wall-hugging feature of advanced adjustable bed frames is designed to draw your adjustable bed up to along the headboard of your existing bed, to keep your head always against the headboard and not a few feet in front of it. So in this case you may want to have a headboard–but a nice looking wall will serve the same purpose. The same goes with a footboard. You dont need to have a footboard , but if you do have a footboard, the movement of the adjustable bed frame in the traditional bed frame will not touch it, bump it, or get in the way.

    Can You Use A Coil Mattress On An Adjustable Bed

    DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame Review – Do You Need an Adjustable Base?

    Coil mattresses or spring mattresses are the same types of mattresses. These models use inner metal coils to support the different cushioning and foam layers. They were the most common mattresses before the invention of memory foam or latex options.

    The main drawback of these mattresses is that they have almost no flexibility. The coils are tempered steel, too firm to allow adjustable beds to switch positions without obstruction. So, it is better to avoid these mattresses for your adjustable frame.

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    Revive Gel Springs Medium Mattress

    Adjustable Base Compatible Memory Foam Individually Wrapped Coils

    CoolTouch Gel Memory Foam, a secret ingredient from Revive, offers a ventilated, open-cell design, making the foam 12 times more breathable than other brands. Other superstars of this powerhouse of a mattress include a wrapped coil system that eliminates motion transfer and a foam encasement design targeting extra support in the three areas where you place the most weight. Best of all, its compatible with any adjustable base, so you can kick it up while winding down.

    Traditional Inner Spring Mattress

    Traditional innerspring mattresses are very popular: approximately 80% of Americans use this type of mattress. Using steel coils to provide support, innerspring mattresses can often, but not always be used with an adjustable bed frame. There are many kinds of innerspring mattresses so it is hard to predict how yours will doits something you will have to explore further to know for certain.

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    Can You Use A Regular Mattress With An Adjustable Bed

    Yes, you can use a regular mattress with an adjustable bed depending on the mattress composition. How well it works is dependent on several factors. Not only is the material makeup of it an issue, but there are also a few other things to consider. The thickness of the mattress may affect the comfort of positions. Contemplate the quality of the mattress in regards to its durability. Lastly, when using a regular mattress with an adjustable bed, be sure it still has some useful life. Mattresses last a long time, but occasionally they are use past their intended lifespan.

    Mattress Types

    You can use a regular mattress with an adjustable bed if it is one of many compatible types. Latex and memory foam mattresses will do. Hybrid models are popular and most also work well with an adjustable bed. Innerspring and air mattresses may or may not work. Innerspring mattresses will work if they have independent coil. Most types of mattress will function in an adjustable bed, some just do it better. A good mattress will provide just the right amount of comfort and support.

    Memory Foam Mattresses

    Hybrid Mattresses

    Hybrid mattresses take the best aspects of multiple mattress types and combine them into one awesome mattress. Most hybrid type models are regular mattresses that can be used in an adjustable bed. Using this type of mattress with your adjustable base allows for the comfort of one type of mattress and the increased durability of another.

    Can You Use A King Mattress On An Adjustable Bed

    los angeles adjustable bed full regular double size LA

    Yes, you can if you have a king size base. However, many people prefer to buy a SPLIT king instead, which means if youre sharing a bed each person has their own side which goes up and down separately from the other side, which is a perfect solution if you want to be in different positions. Ive got some great split king adjustable bed recommendations here.

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