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How Do You Make A Firm Mattress Softer

Clean And Air Your Mattress Regularly

How can I make my firm mattress softer?

Keeping your mattress clean, aired and protected is essential for helping it to last longer and to be more comfortable to sleep on. Tackle spillages straight away to reduce bacteria and dust mites at bay, as they love nothing more than snacking on spills, dead skin cells, body oils and bacteria. This will degrade your mattress faster, affecting its hygiene and comfort levels. Using one of the best mattress protectors can reduce this.

Placing your mattress in direct sunlight for short periods kills dust mites and is a good way to reduce allergy flare-ups during sleep in the summer months. If you cant take your mattress outside, place it near a bright window for a few hours. Our how to clean a mattress guide has plenty more tips for you.

How Firm Should Your Mattress Be

A common misconception is that ultra-firm mattresses are the better option for good back health and to reduce pain. In fact, a medium-firm mattress tends to suit the vast majority of sleepers more. This is because medium-firm beds keep the spine in neutral alignment, yet they arent so firm that they become painful to sleep on.

Your body weight and sleep style will also play a big part in how soft or firm a mattress should be. Lighter weight sleepers can get away with a softer mattress than those of a heavier weight, as they wont sink so far into the mattress. If youre a dedicated side sleeper, youll actually want a slightly softer mattress that cradles your shoulders and hips.

Back and combo sleepers will thrive with medium-firm mattresses, but if youre a stomach or back sleeper, look for a mattress at the firmer end of the scale to keep your head from sinking into the mattress and throwing your spine out of alignment.

If you’ve decided to opt for a new bed, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite medium-firm mattresses below. To boost your sleep comfort further, see our guide to this year’s best pillows for all budgets.

When To Replace The Platform For Your Bed

  • If you find that its squeaky, moves too much, or wiggles when you lay or sit on it
  • If you can see a sag in the center of the platform this indicates that the platform is weakened and not properly supporting your weight
  • If you find any part of the frame has become loose or has begun to bend inwards

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Why Mattress Firmness Level Is Crucial For Sleep

Getting the best mattress for yourself is all about finding the right firmness level suitable for your sleeping position and body type. Side sleepers need a medium, medium-soft, or soft mattress to cushion their shoulders and hips. In the side sleeping position, these regions bear the weight of your body, so adequate cushioning will eliminate pressure points in the shoulders and hips.

Back sleepers need a medium or medium-firm mattress to keep their spine in a neutral position. A firmer surface prevents mattress sinkage beneath your back, eliminating chances of spinal misalignment. Spinal misalignment triggers back pain, neck ache, and muscle stiffness.

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress for enhanced support beneath their abdomen. This reduces the chances of straining your spine and waking up sore.

Combination sleepers feel good on a medium mattress because it suits their changing sleep positions through the night.

Softer mattresses are more pressure-sensitive than firmer beds, so petite sleepers need soft beds to conform to them. These soft beds compress under weight, making them feel softer for those who weigh more than 130 pounds. Average and plus size sleepers tend to feel the mattress sink beneath them, triggering spinal misalignment. To counter this sinking feeling, plus-size sleepers need firmer beds, while average sleepers need a medium.

Body Type
  • Firm

How To Make An Uncomfortable Mattress More Comfortable

How to Make a Mattress Softer

Uncomfortable mattresses can be a burden. If you are experiencing the following points, the chances are that your mattress is too firm and uncomfortable.

  • It generally feels uncomfortable sleeping on it.
  • It doesn’t provide proper body contouring.
  • You find yourself waking up with a body ache or neck ache.
  • It doesn’t offer a comfortable and good night’s sleep.

If the above steps did not offer you a satisfactory result, it might be time to get a âbed in a boxâ or mattress topper. It is recommended to change your mattress every seven years for the best sleep experience.

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Make A Mattress Softer With A Plush Bed Topper

A mattress thats too firm for your body and sleep position will quickly cause aches and pains. If youre outside of your trial period and cant return the mattress for a softer version, then your other option is to buy a bed topper designed to add extra plushness to firm mattresses.

These types of toppers are often made with feathers or memory foam. Natural materials, like feathers, are more expensive, but you can buy cheap foam mattress toppers for as little as $30. Theyre basically slabs of foam that contour to your body, creating a cradling effect that offsets firm mattresses. Our best mattress toppers guide has some great budget picks.

Replace Damaged Or Worn Layers

There are some mattresses that are made from several layers held in place by a mattress cover. Whats great about having this type of mattress is that you will be able to replace any layer that is already worn or damaged instead of having to buy a brand new mattress. All that you have to do is to open the mattress and remove the damaged layer to be replaced afterward.

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Reduce Any Mattress Sagging

If your mattress is starting to sag, act fast as a mattress with pronounced dips will throw your posture out and cause problems such as backache and neck strain.

As we explain in our feature on how to fix a saggy mattress, the only way to properly fix sagging is to send the mattress back to the manufacturer for repairs if your bed is still warranted against a certain level of sag .

No warranty option for you? Then try this temporary fix: place pillows under the parts of your body such as your hips and legs that are affected by the sagging. Our top tip is to choose memory foam pillows as these keep their shape better for longer and dont require fluffing each morning.

How Do You Firm Up A Sagging Mattress

My mattress is too firm, how can I make it softer?

The cheapest way to firm up a sagging mattress is to place bunkies beneath it. This can prolong your mattress life a bit, but its not a long term solution. If you notice sagging while the mattress is within the warranty period, its better to reach out to the mattress company and get it fixed or replaced. Most mattress companies repair or replace mattresses with a sag greater than 1 inch, within the warranty period. Usually, warranties are 10, 20, or 25 years long but some brands may offer lifetime warranties.

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Breaking It Down Can Help

If youre having trouble sleeping on your new bed, give your body some time to get used to it. Because of this, it is common for a new mattresss platform to feel a little firm at first. The mattress also needs time to adapt to your bodys contours and become soft. After a few weeks of regular usage, the mattress will soften and conform to your bodys unique needs.

These items have varied break-in periods, therefore manufacturers suggest that purchasers sleep on the new ones for at least thirty nights before making a final decision. You may speed up the mattresss break-in process by using it every day for the first several days. Your new Newmentor mattress will be soft and comfortable in less than a week.

Is It Better To Have A Softer Or Firmer Mattress

Generally speaking, medium firmness level mattresses are the most compatible with the majority of people, and very soft mattresses are usually not recommended for anyone as they typically offer poor support . Looking at medium-soft and medium-firm mattresses, it largely depends on body weight and personal preference, but medium-firm ones are slightly better for those who sleep on the back and stomach, while both are good for side sleepers.

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Which Types Of Mattress Toppers Are The Softest

Pillow-top mattress toppers tend to be the softest, but bedding companies can also formulate memory foam and polyfoam materials to be quite soft. Commonly featured in pillow-top mattress toppers, fibrous materials such as down and down alternative create a lofty sleep surface that feels similar to a pillow. This loft gives the sensation that youre sinking into your bed.

Foam-based mattress toppers offer softness coupled with excellent pressure relief, a feature that pillow-top mattress toppers generally lack. Foam toppers can vary in firmness, but most models are designed to soften the sleep surface.

Make Your Soft Mattress Firm

Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain 2021

What if a soft mattress isnt your gig, and somehow you ended up with one? There are ways to fix it without buckling down to purchase a brand new mattress right now. Try one or all of these tips to get you by until you have decided on the mattress you want, and have found the funds to procure it. Were gonna go back to the aforementioned Foundation Check. See above, it could solve a lot of problems! If a mattress is feeling like it is too soft, reevaluate it to see if it is actually sagging, if it is a relatively new mattress, odds are it isnt sagging and actually just poorly supported.

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When To Replace Your Mattress

If none of the above tips provide relief, you may want to consider replacing your mattress to find something more comfortable. Its also a good idea to replace your mattress if its getting near the end of its lifespan . Another reason to say goodbye to your mattress is if its showing signs of wear like tearing, broken springs, or sinkage. Any structural damage to your mattress means that your body isnt being properly supported.

One easy way to solve the soft versus firm dilemma once and for all is by investing in a mattress that gives you both. The Layla Hybrid Mattress, for example, marries memory foam technology with individually-wrapped spring coils and offers sleepers a soft and firm side. In turn, you can choose if you prefer a little extra cushion or a little extra support.

You can also opt for the Layla Memory Foam Mattress, which also boasts flippable firmness, so you can always sleep with the amount of support and cushion you want and need. All of Laylas mattress models are crafted from copper-infused memory foam and designed to cradle your body no matter your preferred sleeping position.

If youre tired of choosing mattresses that are too firm or too soft, Layla offers the all-in-one solution so you can get your perfect firmness level every night.

How To Make Your Firm Mattress Feel Soft

Get a firm mattress they said, it is good for your back they said! While a firm bed works for many people out there, it simply is not comfortable for everyone. If you have found yourself living with a mattress that is simply too firm for you, we are here to help.

The good news is that a firm mattress supplies plenty of support. There are many ways you can add pressure relief and cushioning comfort to a firm mattress in order to make it feel softer. Keep reading for our top tips on how to do just that.

Allow Adjustment Time For New Mattresses:

If you have purchased a bed in a box mattress that came to your home compressed in a box, then you may take a few days for your mattress to fully expand. Which means you mattress may feel different on day one than it does on day ten. It also takes a while for your body to adjust to a different feeling mattress. If you have been sleeping on a broken down mattress, sleeping on a new supportive mattress may feel uncomfortable while your body adjusts.

It should take at the most around 30 days for your body to fully adjust to sleeping on a new mattress. Which allows for more than enough time for most trial periods to allow you to return if the mattress still is not working for you. If you are considering returning a mattress try to contact them sooner rather than later, they may also have suggestions for how you can make your mattress work for you.

Invest In Proper Fitting, Stretchy Sheets:

Get A Mattress Topper

Materials Matter
Mix & Match

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How To Make A Mattress Firmer If It’s Too Soft For Your Back

ByClaire Daviespublished 21 September 21

Simple tricks for how to make a soft mattress firmer, whether its new or youve been sleeping on it for years

Some people love a marshmallowy bed, but if yours is too soft for the back support you need, its time to learn how to make your mattress firmer. Sagging is usually the main culprit on older beds, while other times you may have chosen the wrong firmness for your body. It happens, and thats one the reasons why all of the best mattresses come on a trial basis so that you can make sure your pick is firm enough for you.

Medium-firm mattresses suit most people as they keep the spine in neutral alignment without being too hard to sleep on. Very soft mattresses, while snug and cozy, can lead to joint issues and pain over time, especially if youre older . Thats because you may sink too deeply into the mattress to be properly supported.

Here we look at six easy fixes to make a mattress firmer and more supportive to sleep on. But if after reading this you decide its time for an upgrade, wed recommend trialling a medium-firm mattress. To help you, weve rounded-up the top-rated options in our best mattress in a box guide, as well as the top memory foam mattress for all sleepers.

Can You Sleep On A New Mattress Straight Away

Should I get a firmer mattress or a softer mattress? | Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide

You usually can sleep on a brand new, quality bed in a box mattress a few minutes after its been unboxed. Well-made mattresses are usually quick to expand once theyre free of their plastic wrapping.

Still, it usually takes at least a few hours for the mattress to reach full expansion, so the bed might not be as comfortable as it could be if you give it more time to reach its full shape.

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Buy A Soft Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a thick slab of material that is added as a top layer to a mattress to increase comfort and softness. Youll find that toppers can be filled with all kinds of softening materials, such as cotton, foam, down, latex rubber, and more. Adding a latex mattress topper or memory foam mattress topper to even the firmest mattress can make it much softer and more comfortable. Youll also notice that a mattress topper can prolong the life of your mattress and help prevent it from sagging or losing its structural integrity.

A mattress pad works similarly to a topper, except it is a thinner layer. If you find that a mattress topper may make your mattress a little too soft, then a pad is a happy medium that can give you just the right amount of cushioning that you desire.

Mattress Too Firm 5 Tips For How To Soften Up A Firm Mattress

We all know that feeling of lying down on a mattress expecting that comforting give, but instead, you receive rock hard resistance. Although some sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress, too firm of a mattress can mean waking up with serious aches and pains. Maybe youve had the misfortune of sleeping on a mattress from the Flinstone era and you dont want to repeat it. Well, youre in luck, reader. Below, well explore what you can do to soften your mattress and when you might want to replace it altogether.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Soft Mattress Topper

If youre not sure what to look for, searching for a new mattress topper can be overwhelming. It doesnt help that bedding companies often use misleading marketing jargon when describing their products. This can add to the confusion and distract shoppers from the factors that are most important.

Since each sleeper will have different needs and preferences, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to selecting a mattress topper. That said, most shoppers will want to consider several factors prior to making a purchase. Well break down price, firmness, quality of materials, and other considerations to help you find the right fit.

PricePurchasing a mattress topper is often more affordable than buying a new mattress altogether. Setting your budget will help you narrow down the list of possible brands and models to consider. Mattress topper prices will vary based on the toppers materials and construction, but soft toppers can be found at a wide range of price-points.

Sleeping PositionAlthough often overlooked, your sleeping position is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for a mattress topper. Even if youre certain that you need a soft topper, your sleep style will still dictate just how soft your sleep surface should be. Youll also need to keep in mind the firmness of your current mattress.


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