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What’s The Best Mattress Topper To Buy

No Matter What Your Sleep Style Or Preference These Comfy Mattress Toppers Will Have You Sleeping Soundly In No Time

Best Mattress Toppers – Which Is Right For You?

The best mattresses are a big investment, but even the most expensive ones will wear out over time. A removable topper can significantly extend the life of your mattress and is a more affordable solution to your nighttime woes than buying a new mattress right away. Mattress toppers are also a great option if you want to change the overall feel of your bed for example, with the right product, you can easily make your bed feel softer or firmer. Some types provide pressure relief and alleviate back pain, while others help to isolate motion, which is ideal for couples. There are also temperature-regulating versions for sleepers who run hot, and if that sounds like you, youll want to consider cooling mattress pads and cooling bed sheets, as well.

How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper For You

Choosing the best mattress topper for you is easier when you know what qualities you would like it to have. For example, if your existing mattress is the wrong firmness, look for a bed topper such as the Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper that offers a choice of firmnesses so you can find one thats more suitable. You might want a firmer topper that supports you if you sleep on your back or front, or you might prefer a softer memory foam or plush-top option to cushion joints.

If you need something vegan or hypoallergenic, then the best mattress topper for you is The Company Store Legends Hotel Down Alternative Baffled Featherbed. This one offers luxurious levels of comfort, while also taking the strain off your hips, shoulders and knees.

Theres plenty of choice if you need a mattress topper with cooling properties. Its best to find one with a removable cover, as well as antimicrobial properties to keep the topper hygienic. Saatva and Eight Sleep go the extra mile when it comes to keeping things cool at night, with innovative materials or tech that help keep the body at a comfortable temperature for sleeping.

Cool Flash Pad Cooling Body Pad

Unlike other cooling pads on this list, the Cool Flash Pad is pressure activated, so just lying or sitting on it is good enough to get it started. It’s also designed for a single person to use, rather than covering your entire bed. That’s great if your sleep partner sleeps colder than you, or if you don’t want to invest in a larger topper. This cooling gel mattress pad has a gel bead that will allow you to sleep cooler by promoting extra airflow.

Made primarily of vinyl, the cooling pad is lightweight and easy to store for travel if needed. You can use it either above or below your bedsheet, depending on your own preference. Once you’ve had enough cooling, remove it and let it “recharge” itself. According to the company website, it stays cold for approximately three hours, then needs about 30 minutes to recharge. It can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and gentle soap.

One thing I noticed is that while I used it, it felt wet to the touch to me — but it wasn’t. There’s not a drop of water in this body pad. Nor is there any refrigeration, freezing or electricity involved — although the company website says you can put it in the fridge or freezer for the ultimate chill level.

While this undoubtedly would be great for people with muscle aches or other medical issues that cause them to become too hot, I found I couldn’t sleep on it all night — it’s just too cold!

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Material For Back Pain Sufferers

Should you just get an all foam mattress topper because everyone has one? A memory foam mattress topper can be great choice for back pain, but sometimes gel memory foam, or latex pad can provide you more comfort throughout the night.

What your topper is made out of matters. If youre looking for something to relieve your back pain, youll want memory foam or latex, both of which will conform to your body to relieve any pressure you feel. Latex mattress toppers for back pain have more of a responsibility than a normal topper. These toppers need to provide relief.

Memory foam is one of the best products though since it conforms along your body. Its made to support you fully no matter what position you lay in or your weight, since your weight will be distributed evenly. A foam mattress topper topper will also help with motion isolation. This means if you tend to move around at night, on a memory foam mattress topper, you won’t disturb your partner.

Best Mattress Toppers 2021

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

Say goodbye to any aches and pains, and more importantly, make your mattress feel like new again with one of the most popular and trusted mattress names on the market.

What we likeThere are a number of factors that make this mattress topper a top pick. Apart from ultimate comfort and pressure support, it’s also hypoallergenic, breathable, and offers minimal motion transfer. It’s like a traditional Tempur-Pedic mattress, but on a smaller scale, using the proprietary Tempur material that uniquely responds to your weight, shape, and temperature, adapting to your body for truly personalized support. The medium-firmness is comfortable for all sleepers, making it excellent for couples with different sleeping styles, and of course, who don’t want to be interrupted by each other’s movements.Things to noteIf you choose to purchase directly from Tempur-Pedic, the mattress topper is not returnable. That is why we’ve shown you above the many retailers that do carry the Tempur-topper but may not be subject to the same promotions that buying direct from Tempur-Pedic offers, like a frequent 40 percent off promotion.

Additionally, if you seek a mattress topper that offers all the above, plus exceptional cooling, the Tempur-Adapt + Cooling includes all the features of the Supreme, plus a high-performance cool-to-the-touch cover.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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What’s The Difference Between A Mattress Topper A Mattress Protector And A Mattress Pad

A mattress topper will effectively change the feeling of your mattress.

A mattress pad is typically a thin quilted layer designed to protect your mattress from stains and sweat while adding subtle cushioning to your bed. It’ll usually fit over your bed like a fitted sheet, and are often machine-washable.

Mattress protectors come in many forms to expand the lifespan of your mattress by protecting it against spills, dust, pests, stain, and more. Most will stretch over your mattress like a fitted sheet, while full-mattress encasements will protect you from bedbugs and other unwanted pests. You’ll likely want to use a mattress protector on top of your new mattress topper as well.

Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper

$345.00, Saatva

Hot sleepers will love this one: Its one of the best cooling mattress toppers, thanks to its graphite material. Graphite draws heat away from the body, and the organic cotton cover also helps keep you cool while you sleep. Pair it with cooling bed sheets, and youll have the sweetest sleep, even in the height of summer!

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What Is The Best Mattress Topper

To select the best mattress toppers, we started by considering more than 70 popular brands. We narrowed the options by eliminating toppers that arent certified by CertiPUR-US or dont meet global organic latex standards. All of our top picks for mattress toppers are made from quality materials, have positive customer reviews and include either a sleep trial period or warranty.

Our favorite memory foam mattress toppers:

What’s The Difference Between Mattress Toppers Pads And Protectors

Best Soft & Plush Mattress – Top 5 Beds Right Now (#1 Guide)
  • Mattress toppers are usually several inches thick and sit right on top of your mattress. The goal of a mattress topper is to make your bed more comfortable, whether adding firm support or pillow-top softness.
  • Mattress padsaren’t as thick as toppers. They also typically have five sides and go onto your bed like a fitted sheet, rather than just sitting on top. You won’t get quite as much added comfort as you would with a mattress topper, but they’re typically less expensive and can often help protect your mattress from stains or spills.
  • Mattress protectors are designed specifically to keep your mattress safe from things like accidents, dust and bedbugs. Toppers and pads can technically extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from wear and tear, but a protector is more suitable if you’re just looking to keep your mattress safe since it doesn’t usually have comfort enhancements. These can be five-sided or fully encased to keep the mattress protected on all sides.

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Best Cooling Mattress Toppers For 2021

Heads up, hot sleepers! Cool off for the night when you throw on one of this year’s best cooling mattress toppers.

Once you’ve found the best mattress for how you sleep and you’ve picked out bedding that you love, there’s a third component that can help to make the setup just right. A mattress topper, protector or pad can add an extra shot of comfort to the mix while simultaneously adding years to an otherwise dreary bedroom set. And if you happen to be a hot sleeper, a topper with cooling properties can provide a lot of relief.

Whether you go for a mattress topper with a generous layer of memory foam or a mattress pad or protector with hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant properties is a matter of personal preference, as is the type of cooling you’re after.

Are you adding cushion to a too-hard mattress, and you just need a bit of subtle cooling for your best night’s sleep? Or are you less concerned with cushioning, but a super chilly cooling pad to calm a fever or nighttime hot flashes is more what you need? Give some thought to your goals, and shopping for your cooling topper will be a breeze.

Please note that for each product, I tried a twin size in order to fit my bed at home. However, the price shared at the end of each review is for the queen size without any sale discounts applied.

How Does Sleeping Position Affect Back Pain

Back pain can occur as a result of an underlying condition or sleep-related factors. The right mattress topper can help relieve pressure points and support natural spinal alignment, which could also help contribute to reduced back pain. However, each sleep position can affect the spine differently, so those suffering from back pain may want to consider the role of their preferred sleep position.

Side sleepers frequently prefer a slightly softer sleep surface that balances conforming and support. Too firm of a topper may not allow their hips and shoulders to sink in enough, while too soft of a mattress topper may let their hips and shoulders sink in too much. Either of these situations could put a strain on their spines and contribute to back pain. A thicker topper could be ideal for a bed that is too firm, as it can provide ample room for a side sleepers hips and shoulders to sink in. A firmer topper that helps prevent sinkage will be better for a bed that is too soft.

Back sleepers usually like a slightly firmer sleep surface that gives them the support they need to maintain their natural spinal alignment, so they may prefer firmer and/or thinner mattress toppers. A topper that is too soft could allow their hips to sink in excessively and make it difficult to keep their spine well-aligned. Too firm of a topper could also be problematic, leaving a gap between the bed and the sleepers lumbar region.

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Plush Latex Mattress Topper

$299.00, My Green Mattress

This eco-friendly pick is made with two luxurious inches of GOTScertified organic latex, encased in a zippered, organic cotton cover that can be removed and washed. It gives you the feel of a soft mattress, even if your mattress is actually medium-firm. Organic materials + super comfort = win-win.

Gel Vs Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Madison Park Quiet Nights Twin XL Mattress Pad &  Reviews ...

Memory foam toppers dominate the market, and can provide affordable, effective ways or both firming up or softening your current mattress. However, cheaper versions do often suffer from heat retention, which can make some overheat at night.

Gel and gel-infused foams perform much the same as memory foam toppers, but have technologies baked in that help dissipate heat. This is great if you tend to run hot, but many premium foams without gel have other ways of dissipating heat. We pit two of these types against one another in our Saatva vs Tempur-Pedic mattress toppers article.

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Brooklinen Down Alternative Topper

This mattress topper got high praise from my assistants and models , as they lounged on it longer than the rest and even took a short nap on it when I did my assessment. While it’s not as thick as the rest of the toppers I reviewed and it doesn’t come in twin size , there is a lovely feel to it that I felt must be attributed to the down alternative material.

Also cooling, breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, this mattress protector lengthens the life of your mattress while protecting it from spills, sweat, bed bugs and dust mites. The quilted top is integrated into the rest of the cooling components to bring you optimal temperature regulation, and the mattress protector fits the mattress like a fitted sheet to remain in place all night. This one is also machine-washable, a highly convenient feature.

I would be pleased to buy this for myself and would also consider it as a gift for others. The down alternative is ideal for those who have allergies or simply wish to avoid feathers or other animal products in their bedding. It’s also good for those with little ones who tend to climb in bed with them, as there’s a waterproof barrier at the bottom to catch leaks from diapers and other spills. It’s excellent for all mattress heights up 18 inches, too, so nearly any bed will work with this topper. Those interested in a thicker or more plush topper may not like this one, as it’s somewhat slim.

Which Type Of Mattress Topper Should I Choose

After reviewing the topper attributes listed above to determine which qualities are most important, youll be ready to choose a mattress topper based on its material composition. Every topper material carries different pros and cons related to pressure relief, durability, temperature neutrality, and other performance areas.

Memory Foam:Memory foam toppers are ideal if you like to sink into the surface of your bed. The material conforms closely to evenly distribute your weight and keep your shoulders, spine, and hips aligned. For this reason, many side sleepers prefer memory foam toppers. Memory foam also isolates motion transfer very well and does not produce any noise, making it a great option for couples and co-sleepers. Although memory foam can trap heat, toppers can be infused with gel, graphite, copper, and other cooling materials to help the surface maintain a comfortable temperature.

Polyfoam: Polyfoam conforms to the body, but not quite as closely as memory foam. This material also feels a bit more responsive. You may find a polyfoam topper comfortable if you want a balance of contouring and surface-level bounciness. Many polyfoam toppers are convoluted with a ridged surface these models are also known as egg-crate toppers.

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Our Picks For The Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Please Note: This Post Contains Affiliate Links

A lot of people have pain in their upper and lower backs. You might have something to help support your back at work or when you take a seat, but dont forget about when you lie down at night. A good mattress can only do so much without a good mattress topper to support you. Ease your pain with one of the best mattress toppersso the only thing that will keep you up at night will be which products you should buy!

At The Sleep Shop Inc, we get the privilege of being able to test a ton of mattress and mattress topper products. Not many people have that luxury! Our goal at The Sleep Shop is to share of knowledge about mattresses and mattress toppers with our readers to help them make the best choice.

According to our tests, the best mattress topper for back pain is the Ghostbed mattress topper. This unique topper has 5 different zones that support each area of your body differently, which drastically improves your odds of waking up without back pain from a bad night’s sleep.

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Our Review Of The Airweave Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain – 10 TOP Rated Mattress Toppers For Back Pain – Reviews

Pros: Firm support that may appeal to back and stomach sleepers, completely washable, easy setup, good bounce, easy to move around on

Cons: Poor heat dissipation, poor motion isolation, shifts on the mattress, not recommended for side sleepers

For the most part, mattress toppers are designed to help give a softer feel to a mattress that is maybe too firm for your sleeping style. The Airweave Mattress Topper, on the other hand, does the opposite.

It’s made of firm interwoven strands of polyethylene that the brand claims allow for better airflow and heat dissipation .

I primarily sleep on my side, but the Airweave topper felt a little too firm for that position. Instead, I gravitated to my stomach and back, and the supportive feel left my body pain-free in the morning.

The Airweave Mattress Topper came tri-folded in a large box and was easy to set up. It didn’t have an initial odor, and I liked how easy the topper was to clean. It’s the only model I tested that is entirely washable. The polyester/cotton blend cover is machine washable, and you can wash the core with mild soap and cool water.

The topper doesn’t attach to your mattress, which might have been helpful since it shifted as I slept on it. Another negative was the poor motion isolation. It was the worst at dampening motion transfer. But the Airweave topper has a lot of bounce, making it easy to move around and helping facilitate intimate activities.

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