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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Break In

Can You Flip A Tempurpedic Mattress

Mattress Buying Guide: Foam and Coil Spring Break in

A lot of consumers like beds that are double-sided. These types of beds are known for their durability since you can literally keep flipping them over every six months to help protect against sagging and indentations.

Unfortunately, TempurPedic mattresses are not double-sided or flippable. In other words, the beds are designed for you to sleep on one particular side, not both. If youre looking for a two-sided mattress, check out our buyer guide that addresses this exact topic.

The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Just because they dont feature coils, that doesnt mean memory foam mattresses dont have a lot to offer. There are some clear benefits to choosing a memory foam mattress:

  • Memory foam features great pressure relief and contouring- Memory foam offers great pressure relief, making it one of the best mattress types for side sleepers. It cushions the joints and relieves pressure on the heavier areas of the body. It also takes the shape of your body and fills in any gaps. This helps keep your spine in neutral alignment.
  • Memory foam is quiet- While hybrid mattresses arent necessarily going to be loud, springs can start to squeak over time. You wont have this issue with memory foam. It does not creak or make audible noises when you move around on the mattress.
  • Memory foam cuts down on motion transfer- Memory foam is known to absorb movement in a mattress. If you move around on a memory foam mattress, your motion should be more isolated to that specific area. This can be especially valuable if you sleep with a partner and dont want to disturb each other in the night.

Exchange For A New Mattress

If youve spent most of your Helix sleep trial tossing and turning, you may have the wrong mattress firmness. After trying all the steps above, you may decide to exchange your bed for another mattress that better suits your needs.

With the Helix return policy, you can send your mattress back any time during the 100-night trial period. You can then select a different mattress with the proper supportperhaps a lower firmnessand give that a try. Have questions about which mattress is right for you? Take the Helix sleep quiz to find out what is best.

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Adjust The Temperature Of Your Bedroom

Memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive. When in contact with heat, memory foam grows soft, while cold air causes memory foam to stiffen.

Raising your room temperature may be a good idea to loosen up the memory foam and help you sleep comfortably, at least until youve properly broken in your mattress.

However, avoid making your bedroom overly hotover 70 or 80 degrees. The best temperature for sleep is 60 to 67 degrees, and any temperature hotter than this makes it increasingly difficult to fall asleep.

How Long Does It Take To Break In A New Mattress

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Ideally, a mattress should be tested for at least one month after purchase. Some types of mattresses can be broken in more quickly, depending on the design and the material used. For example, high density memory foam can take much longer to break in than the comfort layer of a traditional innerspring mattress. While innerspring mattresses can take as little as a few weeks to break in, high quality memory foam mattresses may need to be slept on for up to eight weeks before they are fully broken in. Here are a few guidelines to help you determine the break-in periods of a few specific mattress types, and how long you can expect to break them in.

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Back Support & Spinal Alignment

When you lie down, your spine should maintain a similar position as when youre standing. When people sleep on the wrong surface, their spine tends to jut out or collapse in at unnatural angles. If you wake up sore or stiff in the morning, it could be your mattresss fault. However, with memory foam, the contouring effects allow the spine to maintain its natural shape.

The best way to test your bed to see if it allows for proper alignment is to lie down on your side and have someone take a picture of you from behind. If youd prefer to work alone, then set a timer on your smartphones camera and take a picture that way.

Then, take a look at the angle of your spine. It should be a nearly perfectly horizontal line. If your hips and shoulders are raised up or sinking down, then you know its time for a different bed.

People looking into this type of mattress should make sure they get one that has the proper density. If its too firm or soft, youll miss out on the benefit of proper spinal alignment. As a general rule, the higher the foam density, the firmer the mattress. All mattress companies and web sites will specify what the density specs are. Look for something thats at least 3.5, if not closer to 5.0.

Want to know more? Check out our complete mattress firmeness scale and guide here.

Will My Memory Foam Mattress Get Softer

One of the most common reasons why people are choosing memory foam mattresses is because of their ability to adjust to the sleepers weight and position. Once you lie on it, the foam automatically molds itself according to your weight and body shape.

Also, the support system that memory foam provides is much better than other types of mattresses out there. So dont be a surprise when you buy a new mattress and then feel much firmer bed than the one youve tried in their showroom. Normally, it will take a while before your memory foam become softer and comfortable to sleep on.

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Use Continuously For Up To 60 Nights

It takes between 7 and 60 nights of continuous use to get used to a new memory foam mattress this is because when memory foam is new, it tends to be quite stiff and inflexible.

But once exposed to heat and pressure every night, the fibers begin to loosen up which leads to the mattress feeling softer.

More specifically, the rate of softening will typically be the most noticeable in the first 30 days as the fibers begin to adapt to your physical characteristics after which, the softening will become less noticeable because the foam begins to stabilize.

Furthermore, the foam will soften in the areas that are put under the most pressure typically around the shoulder and hip regions to create natural body impressions that can enhance comfort.

However, if excessive body impressions and sagging occur, then you may have a defective mattress that you can return under the warranty or the sleep trial which you should look into because sleeping on an uneven surface can lead to pain and discomfort.

If your new memory foam mattress feels firm and uncomfortable, then after a week of continuous use you should see a significant amount of softening and the mattress should start to feel much more comfortable.

Put Some Extra Pressure On It

Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses – Which Is Better For You?

For a latex or memory foam bed, you can actually walk around on it to help soften the mattress and loosen it up so that it can start conforming to your body. For a bed with springs, its probably better to crawl on your hands and knees to do this, so you dont wear on the springs too much.

You can also roll around on it. Just moving around on the mattress will help get it to soften up a bit. No jumping!

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Enable Some Breathing Time

After the delivery of the mattress, it can feel very stuffed due to the way it was packaged. Many are vacuum sealed. Immediately open and place it in an area in your room and then let it expand for a few hours. During this time, freed from its packaging and plastic wrapping, it freely absorbs air. This can help get the break-in process started faster.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Get Softer

Many people fear they have made a mistake once they receive their memory foam mattress and hop on it, only to realise that it’s harder than they thought it would be. There’s no need to worry! The initial hardness won’t last forever. Providing you with the time and patience to decompress, you will eventually find the mattress becomes the comfortable sleep aid you envisioned when you first purchased it.

Something many people don’t know before purchasing a memory foam mattress is that it is temperature-sensitive. This means that they react to your body heat and mould to your body shape, which is why such patience is required to get it to the level of softness you need for your body. If you can remain patient, then you will be enjoying the best night’s sleep of your life in no time!

That being said, there are ways you can make your mattress softer if you just don’t feel you can wait. While time is still the best way to soften up that mattress of yours, you can take the following steps to speed up the process.

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Adjust Your Bedroom Temperature

Memory foam is temperature-sensitive. This temperature sensitivity is why the mattress reacts to your body heat. When temperatures in the room are higher, the mattress will respond by becoming more viscous and more flexible. At cooler temperatures, the bed will be more firm and inflexible. This means that a memory foam mattress in a cooler environment will feel harder and take longer to soften up. By raising the temperature in your bedroom, you can help soften the memory foam and help it mold to your body more efficiently.

If your new mattress is causing discomfort, try to break in your memory foam mattress by following these tips. Many owners of memory foam mattresses are initially uncomfortable, only to find that their issues soon go away once the mattress is broken in.

So: Does Memory Foam Wear Out

Leesa: if you want to sleep in luxury  Ask a Manager ...

The simple answer to this question is yes: it does wear out. Of course, it does but when and by how much is the question! Your memory foam mattress may sag or compress too much. Because of the way it works, memory foams can be repeatedly compressed with heat and pressure. Its very nature means that memory foam mattresses compress much faster than a latex or hybrid foam mattress.

How do you minimize the sag or dip in your memory foam mattress? How do you prevent it from compressing to the point that it can no longer recover to its original shape? You cannot prevent it completely, but you can take steps to ensure that the sag in your mattress is reduced to a minimum and that you extend its life by as much as possible. Heres how:

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Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

At All American Mattress, we have the expertise and great prices to help you choose the perfect pillows and foam mattress for your bedroom. We have mattresses and bed frames available made from a variety of materials to suit your needs, whatever they are. Stop by our showroom, visit us online, or give us a call at 451-9006 to see how we can get your toddler sleeping through the night. We offer brand names at affordable prices, and we will always work hard to keep your whole family comfortable. For more mattress shopping tips, be sure to follow us on , , and .

Use A Mattress Pad Or Mattress Topper

The simplest and most effective way to solve a sagging memory foam mattress issue is with a mattress topper. While this might not be a permanent fix, it can sometimes improve the quality of your sleep.

Many folks turn to memory foam to solve lower back pain, backaches, neck pain, and for extra support. Your new bed wont do you any good if youre sleeping on an uneven surface full of mattress sag. Adding a mattress topper can help improve your saggy mattress.

Most mattress toppers have foam or latex mattress material, so they share a lot of the contouring capabilities of a memory foam mattress. You wont be sacrificing any of your pressure points by going out and purchasing a good quality mattress pad.

Keep in mind that this tip will work best if youre dealing with a mild sag in the mattress. Were talking a sagging area of around one or two inches but anything more, and youll still notice a dip even with the memory foam mattress topper. If youre experiencing any sagging more than that and you still have a warranty on your mattress, use it.

There is a bit of a difference between a mattress pad and a mattress topper. The topper is usually thicker and contains more material to create a barrier between you and the mattress.

The pad does not provide as much support, and they typically have different materials such as polyester, wool, or cotton. Youll want to keep all these factors in mind when choosing how you plan on tackling the saggy memory foam mattress.

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Give It At Least 30 Days

The quick answer is that it usually takes at least 30 days for you to adjust to your new memory foam mattress.

This may seem like a long time but in the grand scheme of things, 30 days is nothing.

It usually takes this long because night after night, your memory foam mattress is slowly adjusting to the contours of your body.

In the long run, this will mean better sleep with proper support for your bodys pressure points. However, in the short run, you need to give the mattress time to adjust.

How Can I Reduce Compression And Avoid Dips In My Bed

How to Break In a New Mattress – Finding the Time to “Break-In” Your New Mattress | The Bedding Mart

One way is to make sure you rotate and turn your mattress regularly, once a month if possible. This will even out the wear. With a traditional mattress, you are guided to turn and rotate the mattress, with memory foam some mattresses construction methods make this unnecessary. With our unique dual construction method, the topper is fully turnable and can be rotated as well to increase the longevity of your mattress.

Always look for a model with a separate removable topper this ensures that not only can you rotate the core mattress, but turn and rotate the topper. The topper takes the brunt of the compression and you can even this our with turning. It means that if years down the line the topper has compressed beyond whats comfortable, you can simply replace this and not the entire mattress!

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What Should I Do If I Dont Adjust To The Mattress

If you dont adjust find the mattress becoming any more comfortable after at least 30 days, there are a few things you can do. The first, of course, is to return the mattress.

Many memory foam mattress companies offer a free 60, 90, or even 180 day trial period where you can return the mattress free of charge.

If you think the mattress has potential but isnt quite comfortable enough yet, consider adding a mattress pad or a mattress protector to add the desired softness or firmness to your mattress.

Is It Normal For A New Mattress To Cause Back Pain

While there could be discomfort associated with a new mattress, if you are experiencing back pain every morning, theres probably another explanation. You might have purchased a firmness level thats not compatible with your weight or sleeping position.

Another explanation is that the back pain could be caused by your lifestyle. Take a look at how much time you spend sitting or slouching or whether you engage in high-impact athletic activities. Any number of these factors could be responsible for your back pain.

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Invest In A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a layer of memory foam, polyfoam, or latex which you put on top of your mattress to add more cushioning. There are many different types of mattress toppers today, and each of them comes with different features. But theyre all similar in one thing they can make your bed more comfortable and mask possible imperfections of your mattress surface.If you want to change how your mattress feels, be sure to choose a thicker topper with a soft feel, and youre all set.

Take Advantage Of The Trial Period

Give your tired muscles a break and slumber peacefully ...

Most mattress companies will offer a lengthy trial period just for this purpose.

They know it takes more than a few days to determine if the mattress you just purchased is the right one for you. It takes time to break a mattress in.

The longer you use it, the softer it will get. That is because the fibers will begin to adapt to your physical characteristics. The softening will become less noticeable because the foam will start to stabilize.

Check with your seller to see how long the trial period is and take full advantage of it. It will run anywhere from 30 to 100+ days. However long it is, you will most likely need the entire period to determine if it is the right mattress for you.

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