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Does Lowes Sell Mattress Toppers

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âMattress Topper: Best Cooling Mattress Topper (Buying Guide)

Moving a mattress by yourself isnt a great idea. Not only are mattresses heavy, but theyre also large, making it difficult to see whats in front of you when moving the mattress. Make sure you have at least one friend, family member or professional to assist with the heavy lifting in and out of the home.

Need Help Moving Your Mattress To A New Home

Moving a mattress often requires more than one person. Fortunately, those in need of moving day assistance can find a reliable moving company through Moving.coms extensive network of movers. Our website makes it easy to find and book the best moving company for the job. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands. In addition to labor assistance, you may need help with planning and coordinating the actual move. For customizable moving checklists, personal tasks list, email reminders and coupons to help you stay organized during the move, check out our move planner tool. Best of luck and happy moving!

Use Caution When Moving The Mattress Upright

If your home has tight doorways, steep stairs or narrow hallways, you should exercise extreme caution when moving a mattress. We recommend opening all necessary doors ahead of time, clearing hallways of clutter and measuring the distance between the ceiling and floor in stairways to ensure that you wont get stuck. Make sure you also carry the mattress in an upright position from the bedroom to the moving truck.

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Do I Need A Mattress Bag Or Cover For Moving

Think moving a mattress is as easy as throwing it in the back of your moving truck? Think again. Unfortunately, both innerspring and memory foam mattresses are prone to damage when moved, making protective mattress bags an absolute essential. Without mattress bag covers, your floppy mattress will likely become dirty and bent out of shape while in transit. If this happens, you can say goodbye to those sweet dreams and hello to a myriad of sleep problems. Your mattress is, after all, one of your most underrated and valuable possessions. In fact, high quality mattresses dont come cheap. These bedroom items cost anywhere from $500 to upwards of $5,000 or more, making them more valuable than the bed, itself. So while protecting your mattress may not be at the top of your moving priority list, we think it should be. Heres everything you need to know about mattress bags, including where to find them.

Mattress Toppers Pads And Protectors

California King Mattress Cover : Mypillow 3 In D Polyester California ...

Mattress toppers, pads and protectors can be made of cotton, bamboo, polyester, down, latex or memory foam. They are similar in many ways, but offer different benefits.

  • Mattress toppers are very thick cushions that can change how a mattress performs and feels. Some can be as thick as a mattress itself and are attached using straps.
  • Mattress pads are usually thin, quilted and cover your mattress like a fitted sheet.
  • Mattress protectors protect your mattress. They are made of plastic or other waterproof material. The most effective ones for blocking allergies and microscopic pests encase your mattress and zip up.

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Wipe Down The Mattress And Place Inside The Mattress Bag

Before placing your mattress inside the bag, be sure that it is clean and dry. Otherwise, you could end up with a mildew problem. After wiping down the mattress, slip it inside the mattress bag. Seal the bag completely. You may even want to tape over the openings to ensure that the bag stays on the mattress.

Sizing And Weight Options

Many customers only look at a mattresss dimensions to make sure it will fit their space. However, the size and weight of a mattress can affect much more than how well the mattress fits in the bedroom.

The size of the mattress influences how much space the sleeper has to move around, which may be particularly important for couples sharing the bed. Being able to lie farther apart could lead to a more comfortable nights sleep and reduce how much motion transfer each partner feels when the other moves. However, smaller mattresses are usually lower in price and easier to move.

A mattresss height can also influence its performance. Thicker models have more room for ample comfort and support systems. This may be especially beneficial for sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds and need the extra support to prevent the bed from bottoming out underneath them. Some people may also have an easier time getting into or out of a higher- or lower-profile model, though this varies between individuals.

Additionally, shoppers may want to take a mattresss weight into account before making their purchase. Many companies use the mattress-in-a-box shipping method, meaning the bed is compressed into a box and is typically delivered to the customers door, so selecting a heavier model may make it more difficult to move your new bed into your room of choice. However, the extra weight could make a heavier model feel more securely situated on its foundation.

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Best Mattress Memory Foam Topper

Some of the best mattress toppers are made from memory foam. Memory foam conforms to the body, easing pressure points and providing even support for the spine. However, traditional memory foam traps heat and can become uncomfortable. The best memory foam mattress toppers for hot sleepers will feature “cooling” specialty fabric options for a cooler night’s sleep.

Finally, use a mattress topper to upgrade the comfort and support of an older or too-firm mattress.

Construction And Materials Comparison

Comfort Evolution Down, Feather & Memory Foam Mattress Topper on QVC

The materials used to craft a mattress affect its performance, durability, and overall quality. Memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and coils are some of the most common components used in mattresses today. Virtually all models on the market today use at least one of these materials, and many combine several to enhance the beds performance.

Memory foam and polyfoam are both synthetic foams. The former is common in comfort and transition layers, while the latter may be used in any layer. Memory foam is popular for its close conforming, but it is also usually slower to regain its shape when the sleeper changes position. This conforming could lead to heat retention or a trapped in the bed feeling, though many models are carefully constructed to avoid these drawbacks. Polyfoam tends to be more breathable and faster to respond, but low-density polyfoam may also deteriorate more quickly.

Latex can be used in any layer of a mattress. It has a more buoyant feel than most memory foam or polyfoam and tends to be quite durable and breathable. Natural latex is particularly popular with shoppers who prefer eco-friendly options. However, customers can also expect to pay a bit more for mattresses with latex.

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Remove And Pack All Bedding

The third step is to remove all bedding from the bed, including sheets, quilts, blankets and pillows. We recommend washing linens prior to packing them in moving boxes. Once the bedding is packed up, remove the boxes from the bedroom in order to free up space for the mattress. This will also prevent you from tripping over moving boxes while moving the large mattress.

Why Do I Need A Mattress Bag When Moving

Plastic mattress bag covers provide an easy way to preserve and shelter one of your most valuable household items. Three important reasons why you will need a mattress bag when moving include 1) to prevent bed bugs, 2) to protect your mattress from water damage and 3) to keep your mattress in tip-top condition when stored.

Unfortunately, bed bugs and pests can be a big problem when moving or storing a mattress. After all, you never know whats inside a moving truck or storage unit. If youre moving to a large, urban center where pests are prominent, youll need to be especially aware of any bed bug problems. Otherwise, you could end up with quite a few unwelcome house guests. Water damage is another big factor to consider when moving or storing a mattress. Moving a mattress from one home to another means having your mattress exposed to the outside elements . If your mattress becomes wet while in transit, it could get damaged before it even makes it to the new home. Finally, keeping your mattress in tip-top condition requires the use of a mattress bag when moving. In addition to protecting your mattress from the elements, it will keep the springs inside your mattress in good working order.

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Who Sells Mattress Bags And Where Can I Find Them

Disassembling a bed and moving a mattress isnt easy. However, protecting these items from damage while theyre being moved is plenty doable, thanks to mattress bags and other moving supplies. Fortunately, finding a plastic mattress protector for moving and storage isnt difficult. Curious who sells mattress bags? Heres a list of five easy-to-find retailers selling mattress bag covers.

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

Henredon 3

If back pain is a problem, add an extra-thick, luxurious down mattress topper. It’s soft enough to sink into, but dense enough to offer firm support. An added benefit is that a down mattress topper rarely feels too hot or too cool. If allergies or budget are a concern, consider an alternative filling, such as polyester or wool.

Tip: The best mattress topper for back pain is one that gives your body medium firm to firm support.

No matter what type of sleeper you are, the right mattress accessories will aid in a better night of sleep. When you’re ready to find the best mattress topper or pad, use The Home Depot Mobile App to locate products and check inventory.

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Best Mattress Topper For Hot Sleepers

Hot sleepers should avoid toppers made with wool, traditional memory foam and other fills that don’t allow air to circulate. Opt instead for special cooling foam gel inserts or cotton, bamboo and other natural materials that breathe. Another tip for hot sleepers is to choose a mattress topper with a cotton or rayon cover that’s cool to the touch and wicks away sweat.

Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

The best mattress toppers for side sleepers are ones that have enough cushion for hips and shoulders. Without enough support, slide sleepers experience more pressure points and thus more pain. Thick, plush toppers are a good option for these types of sleepers and anyone who likes to sink into bed but still have some support.

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What Are Mattress Bag Covers

If youve never used a mattress bag to move, we suggest starting now. These heavy-duty, plastic bags accommodate a variety of mattress sizes, including twin, full, queen and king sizes. No matter how big or small your mattress happens to be, you wont have trouble finding a cover that fits. The heavy-grade material protects mattresses from dust, dirt and light exposure. If you plan to place your mattress in storage, mattress bag covers will also provide protection from moisture and water damage as well as pests . When choosing a mattress bag, just make sure to pick a product made of thick, waterproof plastic from a well-reviewed and reputable company.

Lie Mattress Flat When Storing

Helix Mattress Topper Review – The Best Pillow Top Comfort?

Finally, if you plan to store your mattress for a long period of time inside a storage unit or garage, we strongly recommend lying it flat while its being stored. The reason? Lying your mattress flat prevents the coils inside from moving and becoming distressed while in storage. If its stored upright, you run the risk of messing up your mattresss inner parts.

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