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How To Box A Mattress For Shipping

How To Prepare For White

TempurPedic vs Purple vs Casper vs Leesa vs Loom & Leaf | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED)

A White-Glove service is a lot less strain on you, but more expensive than a general service. Prices can change between companies so it is suggested that you get a direct quote from your preferred shipping company. How do you prepare for a White-Glove Service then?

Consider your timeframe and location

Create what is called a shipment listing where you choose a timeframe, and take some photos of items and boxes you need to be moved by the company

Choose a company

Find a company that will suit your needs, budget and timeframe for your move. Make sure the company is capable of shipping the mattress and does not have a minimum item requirement.

Read reviews of the company to make sure that you are going with a good organization. The best tool we have is the internet! Make sure that you look at what reviews this company has in regards to its service, through its website and third parties like Yelp or Google.

Communicate concerns

Make sure that you are keeping communication open with the White-Glove company about concerns and additional information.

White-Glove services are a great option if you have more than just a mattress to ship. If your preferred shipping company has a White-Glove service, make sure to check if they have done jobs like yours before. White-Glove services will come to pick up and deliver your items for you.

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Can You Strap A Mattress To The Top Of Your Car

We dont recommend tying a mattress to the roof of your car when moving. Not only can this damage your mattress, but it can also damage your car. Its only feasible if you have a roof rack, and even then, you need to seal your mattress in a mattress bag to protect it from the elements. You also need to make sure you can still see your surroundings clearly.

If your mattress is not properly secured to the roof of your car or it appears to be blocking your front or back views, you may be pulled over by authorities.

Before Shipping The Mattress

Before getting started, youll need to remove bedding like sheets and pillows and take the mattress off the bed frame. You may want to take the opportunity to disassemble the entire bed and prepare all the various parts, from the bed frame to the headboard, for moving while youre at it. This will make for a more streamlined process overall.

Once youve got the bare mattress off the bed frame, vacuum it to remove any crumbs or dirt. You want to ensure the mattress is protected throughout the journey. Otherwise, dust, pollen, pet dander, dirt, and other debris can mar the exterior. Wrapping it in a sheet is one option and can help keep the mattress clean.

Painters plastic is another option. This is preferable because it helps protect against moisture too. A damp mattress can breed fungi or mold, resulting in unsanitary conditions and a musty smell. To avoid this, wrap the mattress completely in plastic and secure it in place so it cant slip and leave parts of the mattress exposed.

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Buying A Mattress Online Was Easy Now About The Return

Web-based mattress retailers vow theyll take the product back if it flunks a comfy-sleep test. And they do, but its not simple.

A baby atop mattresses from several companies that were the subjects of in-home trials.Credit…Cole Wilson for The New York Times

Supported by

Here is your mattress shopping bill of rights, 2016 edition:

You are entitled to a multiple-night sleep test in your home.

Returns should be free.

Getting rid of the mattress should not require turning back flips and begging.

In recent years, a number of new companies, including Casper, Helix, Leesa, Saatva and Tuft & Needle, have declared that they will abide by these rules. This is great news, assuming they actually follow through. So this summer, I put the five companies to the test by ordering a mattress from each one, then returning them all, just to see how painful the process would be.

Why bother? Lets begin with something that should have been obvious to mattress retailers decades ago but apparently was not: Buying bedding in a showroom is absurd. Most of us spend a quarter to a third of our lives on mattresses, and they are essential to our physical and mental health. So testing plastic-covered beds while fully clothed, under the florescent lights of a store with a commissioned salesclerk hovering over us, makes no sense whatsoever.

I offer no recommendations on comfort. Mattresses are like shoes or bras or chairs in that different people with different bodies will have different needs.

How To Wrap A Bed Mattress For Moving House Or Delivery

Full Size Mattress Box

If your business delivers mattresses to customers or you need to move your own mattress for a house move, youll need to make sure its securely and hygienically wrapped.

Start by ensuring you have enough room to move around the mattress and manouvre it, if its your mattress remove it from the bedframe and completely strip it. This isnt really a one person job, mattresses are large and surprisingly heavy and as such are very difficult to support and wrap single-handedly. We dont recommend trying to package one by yourself!

Once the mattress is in a space large enough to allow you to lift and move it, wrap it in a polythene mattress bag. Our clear waterproof mattress bags come in three sizes

  • single
  • double
  • king-size

All our mattress bags come with a depth that fits mattresses of up to 260mm, they are large enough to fully enclose your mattress to make sure it stays clean, dry and protected. The mattress bags open along the short side so here youll need your second pair of hands to help you get the mattress inside.

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Types Of Mattresses Sold In A Box

Every mattress model is unique in terms of materials and construction, but most beds sold today fall into one of five general categories based on comfort layer and support core components. Each type shares consistent features, but there are model-to-model variations in terms of durability, quality of materials, and other performance factors.

Below, well take a closer look at the five most common mattress types.

How To Compress A Memory Foam Mattress At Home

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Youre moving to a new place, and you love your memory foam mattress so much you want to bring it with you, but a mattress is hardly something you can just pack up in a box or is it?

Youve probably heard of bed in a box mattresses, where a mattress company compresses a mattress for easy delivery. What you might not know is you can do something similar with your memory foam mattress, right at home. Compressing your mattress will make it easier to transport and protect it from grime as its moved to your new home.

Before we begin, we want to warn you that it is possible to damage your memory foam mattress by compressing it yourself. Mattress companies have special machines they use to apply tons of pressure to the mattress to avoid causing harm. Using a DIY compression method may compromise the beds support, leaving you with a lumpy mattress or a mattress that wont expand back into its full shape while being transported.

Your warranty may also void if you DIY compress your mattress, so read through your warranty before you decide home compression is your answer.

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What Features Should I Look For In A Mattress

Among our best mattresses picks, Casper, Purple, Helix and Leesa all sell mattresses that arrive at your door in a box or bag. Whats more, these companies offer mattresses with positive reviews from both customers and other sites, good return policies and warranties and quality materials theyve also received notable commendations for customer service.

While many of the bed-in-a-box companies have made some efforts at sustainability, if eco-friendly products and natural mattress materials are important issues for you, consider companies like Boll & Branch, Avocado Green Mattress and Birch by Helix.

Free shipping is definitely a factor you should look for in an online mattress company. Come on, if their main business is online and theyre shipping a heavy product, they should make delivery convenient for you.

If you want more bang for your buck, some mattress companies will throw in free pillows, bedding or other products to seal the deal.

How To Unpack A Mattress

Work With Us! How To List On eBay [DEMO: eBay Listing Step By Step]

The mattress and bed pieces should be among the first things you remove from the truck and set up in the new space.

  • Remove the mattress from the truck and remove all wrapping and tape.
  • Air out the mattress, either by letting it sit outside in direct sunlight, or bring it inside and leave it near an open window.
  • Inspect the mattress carefully to make sure you don’t see any pests.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the surface and let it sit for about two hours, then vacuum it up.
  • Apply a light mist of spray disinfectant to the mattress surface, then wipe it down.
  • Allow the mattress to dry completely while you set up the bed frame, headboard and footboard.
  • Place the mattress back on the bed, then make the bed up with the linens.

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Setting Up Your Mattress In A Box

Most boxed mattresses are fairly easy to set up. Mattress companies suggest you unbox your new mattress in the room you wish to use it.

To set it up, simply place the rolled mattress at the head of your bed on top of your beds base. Next, unroll it to the bottom of your bed. Allow it to expand fully, and it should be ready to sleep on. Most mattresses in a box can withstand any type of bed frame but check online before ordering your new mattress to confirm.

Shipping A Mattress With Ups

Like FedEx, your package cannot weigh more than 150 pounds and cant be greater than 108 in length. UPS also charges $920.00 for packages that are above the maximum limit.

Say you want to ship an 85-pound package from New York to Los Angeles with UPS. Below are the rates available for sending your mattress:

  • UPS Next Day Air: $779.41
  • UPS 2nd Day Air: $563.76
  • UPS Ground: $166.64

Though this 85-pound parcel may not be subject to additional fees, youre still paying a large amount on just shipping. Instead, connecting with a reliable shipping platform can help you save big when it comes to shipping.

Easyship saves users up to 70% discounted shipping rates on 250+ couriers, especially UPS. Well use our Free Shipping Rates Calculator to calculate the shipping cost for the same 85-pound package.

As we can see, it costs $90.18 for UPS Ground shipping with Easyship with over $90 in savings. Alternatively, UPS Next Day Air costs $359.69 for shipping, over $400 in savings.

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Have Your Shipping Quotes Ready

As we mentioned earlier, the first step is to get shipping quotes and decide what service you will be using. After all, does it make sense to box up your mattress and only then shop around for a service to ship it?

As a pro trip, some delivery services offer white glove delivery, where they will come inside your home and pack the mattress for you before taking it away. Naturally, this increases your shipping costs. However, white glove delivery may be worth the cost if you have difficulty moving and carrying your mattress.

Shipping Your Mattress With Tsi


We can ship any mattress or box spring up to 12.5″ thick starting at $475. What do you get for this price?

  • All your packing supplies, including mattress bags, boxes, and shrink wrap
  • Curbside pickup and delivery anywhere in the continental United States

Have more than one mattress or box spring to ship? Each additional mattress or box spring starts at $200 .

Learn more about our mattress box shipping program.

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Genius Tips For Saving Money On Your Shipping Costs

So why Tuft & Needle? THEY DELIVER. What?!? It’s true. They deliver through Amazon.com, and one Wednesday afternoon you will come home to find a giant cardboard box on your porch and inside this giant box there will be an entire mattress rolled up. Boom! Bam! Done! Convenience is everything when it comes to mattress shipping.

Alternatives To Shipping A Mattress

If youre having second thoughts about shipping a mattress, it can be helpful to consider your alternatives.

Renting a moving van is a solid option if you need to transport other items along with your mattress. Upgrading to a larger van that accommodates a mattress will cost more but still may be more cost-effective than shipping the mattress separately.

If you arent up for driving a moving van, you can use a shipping pod. For these, you put your items into the pod, which is normally stored in a driveway or on the street in front of your home, and the company picks up and moves the pod on a pre-arranged day. As with a moving van, this option makes the most sense if you are moving numerous boxes or pieces of furniture.

Buying a new mattress is often a viable alternative to shipping your old one. The price of mattresses online has dropped in recent years while the number and quality of options have expanded. There is great value to be had with online mattress shopping, and these mattresses almost always come with free delivery, as well as a sleep trial that lets you test out the mattress with the option to return it if you arent satisfied. If you go this route, you can try to sell your old mattress or donate it to a local charity.

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Shipping A Mattress Or Bed With Uship

Our beds are our comfort zones and when you need to ship your bed or mattress, you want reliable transport at the best price. Thats our specialty. Well help you find out how to ship a bed or mattress, help you get rates from professional bed and mattress movers, and provide some tips along the way. If you start losing sleep at night, dont worry, just contact uscontact us and we will help you sleep soundly.

The uShip marketplace is great for finding bed and mattress shipping companies that meet your needs within your budget. Create your shipment listing detailing your bed, mattress, and box spring as well as your pickup and delivery dates and locations. Then, carriers who specialize in moving beds will send you rates as they compete for your business. You can talk to the carriers directly and research their profiles. Select the shipping company that works best for you and get ready for your bed delivery.

Are you a business looking for a shipping solution for your online store? Skip to our business section.

Remove Bedding And Disassemble

Work With Us! How To List On eBay [DEMO: eBay Listing Step By Step] The Reseller Workroom

Before doing anything, you should remove and separately pack your comforter, pillows, sheets, and whatever else you have on top of your bed. Then, disassemble the frame and put any small hardware pieces in a ziplock bag to keep important parts from going missing. Make sure to keep all the components of your frame or foundation together also, so you dont have to scramble to put everything back together later on.

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Place Your Mattress In A Heavy

This will help protect your mattress during the move and if youre putting it in storage. Moving mattress bags are sold in standard mattress sizes, but youll need to know the depth of your mattress to make sure the bag is big enough. They usually come in packages of two, so you can use one for your box springs, too.

Find A Reputable Shipping Company

Once the mattress is rolled and wrapped, you will need to contact a shipping company to schedule a pick-up. There are many options available such as UPS and FedEx as well as moving companies that specialize in shipping one-off items items such as a mattress.

Mattresses are just one of the many items that Moves for Seniors can ship. Moves for Seniors not only moves seniors belongings into senior living facilities, but they will ship seniors their items from family and friends. Contact Moves for Seniors today to set up a pick-up of your mattress, and in no time you will have a good nights sleep.

Call today at 800-227-0515 or for a free quote!

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Choosing Moving Supplies And Equipment

When considering how to move a mattress, your first thought should be having the supplies you’ll need on hand.

Each mattress you need to move will need a protective mattress bag, correctly sized for the mattress you will move. You’ll also need packing tape to reinforce the bag and provide additional protection a roll of stretch wrap may also be utilized. A dolly or hand truck might be useful depending on how far your loading area is from your home. Several sets of ratchet or tie-down straps may be needed to secure the mattresses once you have them loaded. And don’t forget to add furniture sliders and scissors to your moving supplies.

Schedule Delivery Or Pickup

Crib Mattress Shipping Box

Once youve selected a shipping provider, you can choose whether you want them to pick it up from your home or if you want to drop it off at their facility. Sometimes there is an extra fee for one option or the other.

Pro tip: If youre purchasing a new mattress, note that some mattress brands include White Glove Delivery. With this service, company representatives will come pick up your mattress, wrap it, and haul it away for disposal for you. Theyll also assemble your new mattress. This service usually costs upwards of $100, although some providers, like Saatva, offer it for free.

White Glove Delivery is a smart choice for those who arent able to physically maneuver their mattress for shipping, or dont have a vehicle they can use to get it to the drop-off facility.

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