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How To Store Latex Mattress

How Does It Feel To Sleep On A Latex Mattress

The Anatomy of a Mattress: Ikea Latex Mattress

Thinking about what it might be like to sleep on a latex mattress? These core characteristics help give you an idea:

  • Spring Into Action: When you move on a latex mattress, the material quickly bounces back to its full shape, providing a spring-like feel. This exceptional responsiveness makes it easy to move around on the bed when youre changing sleeping positions or taking part in intimate activities.
  • A Little Hug: Latex has a modest amount of contouring. It doesnt have the significant sink of memory foam, but you will notice a light hug. For many customers, its just enough to feel supported, stable, and comfortable.
  • Keep Your Cool: Latex does not accumulate heat like memory foam, and its more moderate contouring means that air can move more freely around your body to keep your temperature steady.

Is It Better To Fold Or To Roll The Topper Up

You don’t want to fold your mattress topper. These mattress pads are designed to be laid flat, so crunching it up in a way it’s not intended to could result in damage. If you fold your topper, you may unwrap it to find cracks in the material or permanent creases, creating an uncomfortable mattress pad, ruining your mattress accessory.

When you store it, store the topper lengthwise or upright, and roll it up tightly in a vacuum-sealed bag, securing it with ratchet straps or a secure tape to preserve the material and protect it from the elements.

How To Store A Custom Mattress

Sleep is an essential human activity. It plays a vital role in our physical health and mental well-being. Getting adequate enough sleep has numerous benefits, including improving your physical and mental health, quality of life, alertness and focus.

Doctors agree that we should get a healthy average of seven to nine hours of sleep each night. This is over a third of our daily lives spent lying down and asleep. This adds up to a lot of time spent on a surface you ideally enjoy. A component of a healthy sleep space is keeping everything in tiptop shape. Custom-made and natural mattresses may be a bit expensive but they contribute a lot to the overall quality of your sleep. The myriad of benefits this allows are more than worth it.

This is why we should know how to properly put away and store our mattresses, especially when we are not using them. When you dont use mattresses, they are more susceptible to damage, especially when storing them carelessly. It is advisable that you store your mattresses in storage facilities to ensure their safety. Here are some steps on how to properly store your mattresses in a storage facility.

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Store Your Mattress In A Temperature Controlled Storage Unit

Have you ever thought of storing the mattress in a basement, a garage, or a shed? Well, you shouldnt, as these areas are sensitive to temperature changes and affect the lifespan of your mattress.

A temperature-controlled storage facility prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi from humid weather. You can also place a dehumidifier near your mattress, which removes the moisture in the air and prohibits mold growth.

Do Rearrange Layers As Needed To Adjust Firmness

The 10"  Nu

One of the beautiful things about a natural latex mattress is that the layers arent glued together. Even better, there are multiple layers of varying firmness levels that make up your latex mattress. This means you can remove, or swap, a soft layer if the mattress is too soft, or a firm layer if the mattress is too firm, to customize your mattress to meet your needs.

If you buy your mattress from PlushBeds, you can even order additional layers to make one half of your mattress softer or firmer to meet the needs of couples with different sleeping needs.

Plus, the 100-night comfort exchange program gives you 100 nights to exchange layers and customize your comfort, for your best nights sleep.

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Move In A Covered Vehicle

If you are moving your mattress to a storage area, then be sure to transport it within a covered vehicle to avoid compromising the awesome wrapping job you applied. This also helps to keep it from getting inadvertently exposed to moisture or other dirt, liquids, or sharp objects.

What to Remember: If you must transport it in the open, consider protecting it even further with the added mattress protector.

How Do You Store A Wooden Bed Frame

Dust and clean your wooden bed frame before storing it. A vacuum cleaner, dry cloth, or duster can remove any surface dirt or dust while water with vinegar or an antibacterial cleaner, like dish soap, will sanitize it. Once you have cleaned the frame, allow it to dry, then treat it using a wood polish to lock in moisture. Locking in moisture will prevent your frame from drying out and cracking.

After sanitizing and polishing the wooden frame, disassemble it to simplify transportation and save storage space. Ease future reconstruction by placing any screws, bolts, nuts, or washers in a Ziploc bag then taping it to the headboard. Next, protect the wood by securely covering it with moving pads or old blankets. Avoid plastic wrap as it may create condensation from the locked-in moisture and lead to mold or mildew growth during storage. Lastly, opt for a climate control storage unit to prevent extreme heat from disintegrating the wood.

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With The Help Of Others

Consider professional movers, who can secure and move a mattress without problems, or at least enlisting able and willing family member, friend, or neighbor. The mattress isn’t just heavy, but mattress moving is also designed to be a two-person job because it has awkward dimensions. Trying to handle this job by yourself could result in you hurting yourself or damaging the mattress.

Reasons You Might Roll Up A Mattress Topper

Spencer’s Ventura Mattress Store | Latex Mattresses | Organic Mattresses

This mattress topper is rolled up before packing it in a vacuum sealed storage bag to store it away easily. Image from MemoryFoamTalk.

It is advisable to roll up a mattress topper whenever storing it. Avoid folding the topper as this may damage the delicate materials. Once the mattress topper is rolled completely, place it in a plastic storage bag for protection.

Rolling up a mattress topper leaves no creases on the mattress topper and makes the mattress topper easier to carry into another room. This prevents the mattress topper from being damaged during storage and moves.

Rolling up a mattress topper protects the fabric and prevents the filling from getting damaged whereas folding a mattress topper might create creases which could ruin the coils, bend the edges, and damage the foam encasement. This tri-fold mattress topper from Amazon is the exception to the rule, because it is constructed in a way that allows for folding it up. But other than these specific types of toppers, it is always recommended that you roll up a mattress topper.

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Place Your Mattress In A Mattress Bag

You’ll want to place your bed against a wall or flat on the group. While you’re lifting one end, have a helper slide the mattress in plastic by placing the bag over the mattress.

Make sure you push all of the air out of the bag, folding the flaps down, and using tape to seal the open ends. Once you’ve sealed it, look for small rips or holes in the bag, and if you find any, tape those up as well.

Ways To Care For Your Latex Mattress

With a little care and attention, an all-natural latex mattress can last for 15 to 20 years or even longer. However, if you don’t properly set up and maintain your latex bed, you can shorten its lifespan significantly. Latex FAQ: Is there anything you need to do to maintain a latex mattress? Here are a few tips for keeping your foam latex mattress at its best for years to come.

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How To Store A Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses also consist of foam materials, meaning the same considerations for foam mattresses should be taken for hybrid ones. Similar to foam mattresses, its best to avoid upholstery cleaner and should not be stored on its side.

These mattresses also have coils that need to be rotated every few months in storage to prevent them from creating raised spots from pressure being applied to one area for too long.

What Is The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

Making a Mattress  100% Certified Organic latex ...

When side sleeping, the hips and shoulders bear most of the body weightthis can cause pressure and tension to build-up in these areas. Therefore, side sleepers need a plush sleep surface that molds to the body for instant pressure relief. In most cases, the best mattress for a side sleeper is soft to medium. However, if your bed is too firm for side sleeping, you can add a soft to medium mattress topper to increase comfort and contouring.

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Do I Need To Do Anything Special To Remove The Mattress From Storage

When you’re ready to remove a mattress from storage, follow the same process you used when putting your mattress into storage.

  • Clean the mattress with baking soda, then let it air out.
  • Completely wrap the mattress in a breathable plastic material such as a high-density polyethylene mattress bag.
  • Finally, rent a truck to transport it safely to your home.

There you have it: a concise yet extensive guide on how to store a mattress. Follow these tips for a smooth and worry-free mattress storage experience every time.

Thinking of upgrading to a larger apartment or looking to buy a house? You’ll have to figure out how to move your mattress in the process. Check out our expert tips for moving a mattress to your new home.

Wrap The Mattress In Plastic

Before moving a mattress to its storage location, thoroughly wrap the mattress in plastic and secure the plastic with packing tape to create a tight seal. If possible, do not use thick plastic covers, as these are more likely to trap in the moisture. A light, breathable plastic is more ideal.

Similarly, the mattress needs to stay covered the majority of the time its in storage. For long-term storage, consider purchasing a high-quality mattress bag , which should cost less than $20. These covers are designed to prevent mold and ensure the mattress stays dry.

Bonus Tip: When storing a mattress long term, open up the plastic wrapping every few months to air out the mattress. Make sure to reseal entirely afterward.

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Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And A Mattress Pad

Mattress pads are usually less than one inch thick and are used to add a layer of plushness to a mattress. Many are machine-washable and some materials can help protect your mattress from spills and liquids.

Mattress toppers are usually much thicker than mattress pads and more effective at offering protection from wear. They are used to alter the feel of a mattress, enhance comfort, and add support. Often, toppers are made out of the same materials as mattresses like memory foam and latex. This, however, makes them more difficult to clean and store than mattress pads.

Can I Store A Mattress With Its Frame Box Spring And Topper All Together

Spindle Mattress – All Natural Latex Mattress Set-Up – Mattress Reviews

You can store the mattress on top of the frame and box spring as long as they are on a flat and steady surface. Make sure both items are wrapped separately, though, to avoid dirt and keep out germs. Don’t place heavy items on top of the mattress and box spring, as this may cause damage if stored for an extended period.

As for the mattress topper, it’s best to clean it, then roll it up and place it into a protective bag to prevent damage.

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You May Pay A Premium

It seems as though you can find a traditional innerspring mattress at dirt-cheap prices these days. Thats because they often contain substandard materials. You get what you pay for. When you buy a high-quality latex mattress, youre investing in durability, comfort, and reliability. Even though some traditional mattresses may cost more than latex mattresses, they may not offer the same level of performance.

How Do I Store My Mattress

The best mattresses in the world are made with organic, 100% natural latex rubber. In addition to being incredibly supportive, natural latex is known for its resiliency. Still, following these tips will help ensure your mattress stays in great shape.

When storing the mattress, it’s best to lay it flat rather than upright. If it must be upright, we recommend laying it flat against a wall so it doesn’t bend or fold over.

It’s ideal that the mattress is in a temperature-controlled setting, but latex can survive below freezing temperatures as well as extremely hot and dry temperatures. If latex gets cold, it may take a bit longer to regain its original shape but in the long term it will be fine. If the mattress will be stored for an extended period of time, we recommend using a breathable case. If storing for a shorter period of time, a thick poly bag, like this one, would also work

Our wool and cotton layers will not move or shift during storage. Our layers are ticked together before being assembled to prevent any type of shifting.

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Store A Mattress On A Flat Surface

Mattresses have a structure: they consist of top, comfort layers, transitional layers, and base. And the best way to maintain your structure, and therefore the comfort of your mattress is by laying it on the floor or another flat surface.

Placing a mattress on the side, folding, or rolling it may cause the structural elements to shift or bend under their weight, which will result in lumps or broken coils. Thats why your storage room should have enough space to place your mattress as youd typically put it on the bed.

Strip The Mattress Bare

8"  Nu

This may sound like common sense but you cannot bundle the mattress together with bed sheets, comforters, and pillows for storage. This is why it is important to strip it bare of any bedding and accessories before as a first step.

The stripped off sheets, pillowcases, and comforters can be washed and stored differently but make sure the mattress is completely bare before moving onto the next step.

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Load Your Mattress Into The Vehicle

If you’re using a pickup truck or moving van, you’ll simply just lift your mattress off the dolly, and load it into the vehicle’s cargo hold.

If you need to place the mattress on the roof of the vehicle, it’s super important you’re using a mattress bag to keep the mattress protected from the elements. When placing your mattress on the luggage rack or roof, be very careful and double-check for any possible tears.

How To Store A Memory Foam Mattress

As stated previously, it is essential to store your mattresses flat and clear of any items on top of it. This is especially important for memory foam mattresses because of their soft exterior. Memory foam cannot hold its weight on its side and will create a permanent hunched shape if left upright for an extended period of time.

Another consideration is how to clean memory foam mattresses before and after being put in storage. Do not use upholstery cleaners on this type of mattress because the porous material will allow the cleaner to seep through, making it hard to dry. To avoid this problem, try cleaning it with baking soda instead.

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Vacuum Storage Bags For Mattress Toppers

Vacuum storage bags or compression bags have become quite popular in the last few years as more and more people have started compressing mattress toppers and mattresses to save space.

The benefits of using vacuum storage bags for mattress toppers include their ability to protect the topper from dust and dirt, and their ability to suck the air out of the bag to save more storage space. Vacuum storage bags help lessen the bulk of mattress toppers which makes it easier to move them from one place to another.

However, storing mattress toppers in vacuum bags for a long timesay six months to a yearis not advised as some materials need air to keep their shape and some other materials may develop severe creases due to excessive compression. Read our article on how to use a mattress topper, where we discuss the different types of mattress toppers and their materials, this knowledge will help choose the correct storage solution based on the toppers composition. You may also enjoy our article on the comprehensive list of mattress topper types.

Below are three examples of vacuum storage bags for mattress toppers:

Vacuum Storage Bags available on Amazon Price of the product

Place In An Attic Basement Or Store Bedroom

Naturally Nestled Review! Inexpensive Natural Latex Mattress Toppers

Congratulations on a clean and dry latex mattress that is firmly wrapped and ready for storage. It is time to decide which area of the house to store it. The majority of consumers store their mattresses in their attics, basements, and spare bedrooms.

Wherever you choose, make sure it is completely clean, airy, and dry. Additionally, do not forget to clean whichever part of the home your latex mattress is being stored periodically.

Also, be sure to check up the storage area a few times each week to ensure everything is working well. Any signs of water spills or moisture should be wiped dry right away.

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