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Is A Box Spring Required For A Mattress

Eco Terra Latex Mattresses

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is a luxurious natural latex mattress that offers you the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience! The overall design of the mattress is one that is specifically made with your well-being in mind. While this flawless combination of comfort and firmness is one that makes for a perfect nights sleep, it must be paired with the right strong and supportive foundation.

Three Eco Terra Mattress benefits that customers love include – no motion disturbance, a cool sleeping surface, and edge-to-edge cushioned comfort.

The warranty for an Eco Terra Latex Mattress requires sleepers to use a supportive mattress foundation. It will enhance this luxurious sleeping experience, and allow sleepers to enjoy all of its benefits.

May Increase Body Pains

This issue goes both ways. Some individuals may feel better while sleeping on the floor, while others may develop these pains instead.

This is because the floor is stiff, and depending on the comfort and support your body needs, sleeping on the floor might be good or bad for you. Additionally, the quality of your mattress also matters – thinner mattresses may feel too uncomfortable while on the floor.

Box Spring Vs Mattress Foundation

A lot of the time, people use the terms box spring and foundation interchangeably. But whats the difference? The short answer is the way you mattress is supported: box springs allow you more flexibility and give, while foundations are more rigid and firm.

Box springs are perfect for combination sleepers looking for responsiveness and innerspring beds. Foundations are ideal for stomach and back sleepers on a memory foam mattress.

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Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers Of 2021

What Happens To A Mattress That Doesnt Have Support

Do You Really Need Box Spring in Your Mattress ...

Without the right support, your mattress will sink and become uncomfortable. Along with the discomfort, you also end up with a mattress that doesnt have the proper support. If your mattress doesnt evenly support your body as you sleep, its likely you wake up with aches and pains.

Aside from all of this, without foundation support for your mattress, you will be sleeping on the floor, which in itself could be harmful. When you sleep on the floor, you inhale dust and dirt that can be harmful to your health.

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Where Can I Buy A Box Spring

You can purchase box springs in a variety of stores, from mattress showrooms to big box discount stores, but the best source may be wherever you bought your mattress. If you purchased your mattress from a brick-and-mortar store, the staff there can guide you in selecting a box spring that works well with your existing mattress or a brand new one.

If you purchased your mattress online, be sure to research what types of box springs will work with the model you selected. Many brands manufacturer and offer their own foundations made specifically for each mattress model they sell. If not, they will provide details and information about what sorts of foundations will work with each mattress model.

What Mattress Firmness Is Best For Sleeping On Your Stomach

Firmness preferences will vary from person to person, however, different types of sleepers will share similar needs that are better met by certain mattresses. We find that firmer mattresses in the 6-8 range on our firmness scale are most satisfactory when it comes to meeting the needs of stomach sleepers. As people carry much of their body weight around their torsos and hips, sleeping on the stomach puts more pressure on the mattress compared to other sleeping styles.

A firm, supportive mattress will keep the body from sinking too far into the mattress and throwing the spine out of alignment. Lighter stomach sleepers will likely be happier with a mattress on the softer end of the 6-8 range, while heavier stomach sleepers should opt for a firmer model.

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Is There A Way To Use A Box Spring With A Memory Foam Mattress

While you shouldnt directly use a memory foam mattress with a box spring, you can still use it to make your bed taller by slipping a bunkie board between your mattress and box spring. Bunkie boards are pieces of plywood or particleboard that are two or three inches thick, which provides a flat surface with enough support to prevent your mattress from sagging.

If you choose to shop for a bunkie board, double-check that its moisture resistant. Since a bunkie board is a solid base, its difficult for air to flow through and remove the moisture that collects at the bottom of your mattress. This is how stinky mold and mildew can grow underneath your mattress.

Box Spring Vs Foundation: Whats The Difference

Consumer Reports: Is a box spring really necessary?

People often mistake box springs for foundations, and they really arent the same thing. They look similar from the outside, but the support materials inside are different box springs contain, yep, springs, inside, but foundations usually contain wooden slats.

Foundations are usually used to support more modern types of mattresses such as memory foam models, but box springs are used to support innerspring mattresses and create a barrier between the mattress and bed.

When we move around and lie on innerspring mattresses, we put a strain on the coils. Box springs are intended to absorb some of that shock and strain and ensure that the mattress lasts for as long as possible without weakening or sagging prematurely.

Box springs also have an aesthetic purpose because they add some real height to the bed. Some people prefer the look of a taller bed and when we add in a box spring, the mattress can rise quite far off the ground.

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Foundation + Metal Bed Frame

One of the most common foundation setups youll find is a foundation and metal bed frame duo. Since basic wood foundations dont have legs, putting it on a metal bed frame lifts your bed off the ground and gives you room under your bed for extra storage. This is a low-profile, basic bed base option and you can usually get both of these pieces without breaking the bank.

Under Memory Foam Latex And Hybrid Mattresses

Mattresses without coils, like memory foam, latex, and hybrids, dont need the same assistance absorbing shock. The materials used to make them are already inherently shock absorbent. Box springs only change the feel of the mattress rather than provide any noted benefit.

When purchasing any of the mentioned mattresses, be sure to look at the warranty. Unlike coil mattresses that often require box springs, sometimes foam mattress warranties will be void if you use a box spring.

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Why Have A Box Spring

So there are a few reasons that people have historically bought box springs. Yes, they provide additional support , but they also bring up your bed to a desirable height. Its not always fun to have to creak out of the most comfortable mattress, and then prop yourself up to get up some people just want to swing out of bed and start the day.

For those people, a box mattress is a good idea. It will keep your bed at the height you desire, and it will create a level surface for your mattress to lie on. The added support and height isnt required, but sometimes people enjoy configuring their bedding in this manner. If you like some verticality when you snooze, maybe having a box spring is for you.

Reinforced Metal Bed Frame

How To Make A Box Spring (10+ Top Pictures)  BreakPR ...

More supportive that a collapsible metal frame, a reinforced metal frame would not generally need a boxspring. The additional metal supports across the frame help provide even weight distribution throughout the frame. This limits sagging or uneven wear on the mattress and essentially offers the same supportive foundation that a traditional boxspring would provide.

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What You Dont Know Could Void Your Warranty

The point about voiding your warranty is no small consideration. Many newly designed options, especially among the memory foam and latex varieties, require you to use something beneath the actual mattress and even list the types of bases and frames that comply with or void the warranty.

Why? Because bases that do not support your mattress will cause it to deteriorate prematurely. And that would be your fault. And the fact that you caused the wear and tear beyond normal use, you yourself will have voided your own warranty.

Steel Grid Platform Foundation

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Deluxe Platform Bed Frame

A steel grid platform foundation is just what it sounds like a solid metal grid, often mounted on legs that sits underneath a mattress and provides solid, but lighter weight support. They have well-placed slats positioned in a grid style that provide the solid support that is needed for a memory foam mattress without the complication of extra springs.

Steel grid mattresses are extremely popular with those looking to replace an old box spring without spending a great deal of money. The fact that they are also easy to move and quite easy to set up are also big pluses for some.

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Get Nod By Tuft & Needle If

  • Youre shopping on a budget. Tuft & Needles Nod was specifically made for and is only sold on Amazon. The Nod is âsmaller but comparable compositionâ to Tuft & Needleâs original mattress. With a queen size selling for $395, the Nod is a top budget choice.
  • Youre a side sleeper. Side sleepers will especially enjoy the firmness and support of the Nod.
  • Youre a hot sleeper. Sleep cool throughout the night on their open-cell foam infused with graphite and cooling gel to wick your body heat away from you.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Box Spring

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxsprings

A box springs main purpose is to provide stable support for a mattress. It also adds comfort and back support. One other purpose of a box spring is to raise the height of the bed to make it easier to get into and out of.There are two types of box springs:

1. Traditional Box Springs

  • Thinner and lighter than traditional box springs
  • Easy to move

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What Is A Boxspring

A boxspring is a support for your mattress and is typically constructed from a wooden frame, covered in cloth with springs in the middle. It is usually built the same size as the mattress it will support and thats why you often are able to buy a mattress and box spring as a set when you buy a new mattress.

The boxspring fulfills three needs:

  • To raise the mattress higher off the ground so youre not stuck in your bed like a turtle on its back.
  • To absorb impact and reduce the wear on the mattress.
  • To give the mattress a strong, flat surface to sit on.
  • These days, the word boxspring is somewhat of a misnomer, because most dont use springs. The term foundation is a more apt description. This has changed in the past decade or two. Up until the early 2000s, most boxsprings used actual springs in them and acted as a shock absorber for the mattress. Now, most mattresses use foundations that are just sturdy, inflexible boxes that support the mattress. These can be made of wood or metal.

    Some Brands Make Their Own Box Spring Alternatives

    Some companies are creating their own alternatives to box springs. Casper makes a “box spring alternative” called The Foundation that works with its foam mattresses, while GhostBed sells a box spring/metal frame/foundation combo called the All-in-One Foundation. Brooklyn Bedding creates a Ready-To-Assemble Box Foundation that looks and feels like a traditional box spring with the added center support box springs typically lack. Tuft & Needle also makes its own version called the Box Foundation, a product which its site refers to as an upgraded box spring.

    One benefit to buying a box spring alternative directly from your mattress company is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s compatible. While some companies recommend using the foundations or bases they manufacture themselves, others suggest that anything sturdy will work, from a box spring to a wooden frame to the floor itself. Again, to know for sure, check the fine print on your mattress.

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    Finding A New Mattress Foundation

    You may want to alleviate back pain and yet feel that sleeping on the floor is more than you can handle. If so, don’t worry! Other alternatives offer a middle path.

    Instead of using a box spring mattress, you can use a new foundation for your mattress that offers increased support for your back. These alternatives may also include better ventilation and durability.

    One such example is a wood slat foundation for your bed. Wood slat foundations offer each of these benefits.

    For example, they provide significant airflow and ventilation for your mattress. This ventilation makes these frames resistant to mold and mildew growth under the bed.

    Wood slats also provide more reinforcement for your sleep posture. As a result, you won’t have to worry about dipping or sagging. Our Arcadian frame utilizes this design, making it one of the best sleep tools we have.

    Do You Need A Box Spring Everything You Need To Know

    Platform vs. Box Spring: Which is the best for your ...

    If youve ever found yourself asking the age-old question, do you need a box spring? youve come to the right place. With so many different bed frame and mattress options out there, how are you ever to know if you also need a box spring?

    The answer is both simple and complex. Whether or not you need one depends on what type of bed frame and mattress you have. Some bed frames dont provide enough support for your mattress to stand alone, and some mattresses function better without a box spring.

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    When Mattress On The Floor

    If your mattress is on the floor, you may not require a box spring, provided you are okay with the height and the shock absorption. However, it decreases the lifespan and quality of the mattress as the mattress goes through extra strain.

    Check out our guide on how long does a mattress lasts to understand when to replace a mattress.

    What Is A Box Spring Do You Really Need One

    What is a box spring? A box spring is a support base for your mattress. Generally, build with strong wood and covered with a cloth cover. In the past, a set of thick gauge springs were used inside the box spring for added support. Modern box springs are referred to as foundations and no longer feature interior springs.

    Not necessarily. Box springs are protection found underneath your mattress. They afford your brand new mattress a good layer of protection from the bed frame. A box spring helps absorb the body weight and offer you and your mattress better support.

    Box springs are also referred to as bed bases. They do not, in fact, include springs, instead they have a steel grid that is responsible for distributing weight across the surface of the mattress. As of this writing, only high-end mattress manufacturers produce box springs with spring coils in it.

    Since it is an added cost, some consumers skip purchasing box springs. Many find buying platform beds beneficial as it eliminates the need to buy a box spring.

    For those who intend to purchase the spring free memory foam mattress, then there is no need to buy any box spring to support it. These kinds of mattresses are already very firm underneath. They come with solid surfaces without any springs, grids, or coils around them. Since they are already set fit to the form of the body, there is no need for a box spring.

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    Alternatives To Box Springs And Foundations

    Alternatives to standard box springs and foundations include the following:

    Bed Frames and Platform Beds

    A bed frame provides sturdy support mattresses and sleepers. Depending on the type of bed frame, it might also include a foundation or support a box spring off the ground. Bed frames are often made of a combination of wood and metal, with foam or fabric upholstery. The most common type of bed frames include:

    • Canopy beds: Frame with four posts connected to an overhead frame from which you can hang curtains, drapes, etc.
    • Four-poster beds: Frame containing four posts which are not connected using an overhead canopy.
    • Panel beds: Also called box spring beds, these include flat wooden panels for the headboard and footboard as well as side rails to support both a mattress and base.
    • Sleigh beds: A bed with a curved headboard and footboard that resembles a wooden sleigh.

    Aside from using bed frames, a platform bed is another possible choice. These are designed to support a mattress without the use of a base. Platform beds use evenly spaced wooden or metal slats or lattices in place of a foundation.

    Adjustable Bases

    Adjustable bed bases feature foundations that can be raised at the head or foot to create different angles for sleeping. Some adjustable beds are split lengthwise to allow both halves of a mattress to operate separately.

    Putting a mattress on the floor


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