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Pillow Arrangements On Queen Bed

How To Layer Pillows On A King And Queen Bed

How to Arrange Bed Pillows

I know that sometimes its so overwhelming to figure out what sizes and styles go on your king or queen size bed. I have created some examples of my go-to sizes to style your king or queen bed.

At first your husband/boyfriend might think, Ummm thats a lot of pillows that we wont even use to sleep! TRUE. However, adding layers of pillows to a bed gives the room warmth and makes it feel cozy. Everyone wants a bed that screams, jump in and tuck in!

How To Arrange Pillows On A Queen Bed: Five Simple Formulas That Work

Styling and decorating comes naturally for some but for most people, it really doesnt. I definitely dont consider myself a natural if you saw what my house looked like 15 years ago, I promise that youd agree :). Its only through years of trial and error that Ive developed a style thats truly me and can make design decisions with confidence. When I was newly married and started trying to decorate our home, I remember being frustrated that decorating advice was vague and really not very helpful. With that in mind, several months back I started a series of posts to help everyone out there feeling the same decorating frustration that I used to by sharing easy to follow decorating formulas that work! My first post was on simple formulas for decorating your shelves & bookshelves and today Im back with another formula post, sharing five simple formulas for arranging pillows on a queen bed.

Ready to get pillowfying your queen beds?? .

How Do You Arrange Pillow Sizes On A Bed

Typically you want your pillows to go from largest in the back to smallest pillows in the front, forming a triangular shape.

Euro pillows are typically the largest, so if you use them, you will want 3 lined up in the back.

Then, if you have king sized pillows, they would go next. 2 side by side should match the width of the euro pillows, but be slightly shorter.

Standard or queen sized pillows go next usually 2 side by side.

Finish with any throw pillows in the very front. They should be smaller than the sleeping pillows one centered or two total, one on either side.

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Pillow Arrangements For Daybeds

These convertible beds are perfect for tweens and teens, offices or guest rooms. Your designs hinge upon how you use them, though, and whether you want your pillows at the head, like a regular bed, or across the back, more like a sofa.

Family Handyman


A variety of pillows in a nice arrangement can provide support while you work on your laptop or read, and also be flexible, to accommodate other uses or arrangements. Since these are functional as well as decorative, make sure theyre soft enough to snuggle up to, but also firm enough to stand on their own.

On the short end of the bed, start with a foundation of larger euro pillows. In front of that, two standard pillows. Stack two smaller Euro pillows in front of those. Choose a lumbar pillow to sit in front of the four-pillow stack.


This pillow arrangement can provide a lovely sofa-style sitting area, but could be rearranged for sleeping or working.

On each short end, lay a bolster pillow lengthwise so the circular end faces out and provides an armrest. Across the back, line up three large euro pillows, perhaps with a furry or shag sham for textural interest. Centered in front of the large euros, line up two smaller euro pillows. In front of that, use one or two smaller lumbar pillows staggered one in front of the other. Dont forget to mix up color, pattern and texture to create an inviting place to relax.

What Size Pillows Go On A Queen Bed

20+ Cozy Perfect Pillow Arrangement Decor Ideas for Queen Bed #bedroom ...

Do king pillows fit on queen bed? Now, you know the answer is yes. However, this also depends on various factors, such as the bed pillow sizes, which vary among brands. You can learn more about what common pillow sizes go on your queen bed.

The standard size pillows on the queen bed are 20×36 inches, but it also depends on their brand.

King size pillows or queen size pillows are 20-21 x 36-41 inches. So, king and queen pillows are perfect on your queen bed.

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Formula #: 4 Sleeping Pillows + 2 Different Shapes/sized Accent Pillows

If you like yourself a throw pillow then this formula is for you. We love using 2 or 3 different sized pillows in front of your base four. Its important to have one that is around 24 to really ground the mini collection especially on a king .

A good formula we use is one large, one medium and one small. Hand me the Pulitzer prize NOW. Also yes, they can all be different colors, patterns, and textures. Certainly, pull in the colors of the headboard and your blankets/throws at the end. You dont want a really saturated or strong color as a quilt and then nothing to balance it out at the top of the bed. Again, pull from those colors. We wrote a whole post about mixing pillows HERE and rounded up many combos that we love.

HOT TIP: We love a round pillow. It really breaks up all the squares and rectangles that are innate in a bed. Also looking back at that bed , it could have used a quilt at the end and it does defy the formulas below you are about to see, but its ok and we didnt get arrested for our lack of layering. But if we could go back in time Id add a quilt or blanket to break up the line of the bed frame and give it more of an inviting and relaxed look. Here are some of our favorites:

See? Proof. PHEW.

Here is a handy graphic to help you remember our pillow formulas:

Why Are Pillow Sizes Important

Choosing king size pillows on queen bed that fit very well is important. King-sized pillows are 10 inches longer than the standard pillow sizes and 6 inches longer than the queen pillows.

So, king-sized sleeping pillows cant no way fit into standard-size pillowcases. Thus, you need to order them separately with the proper size to cover your pillows.

The right king size pillow on queen bed has a significant impact on your normal sleeping position and health. Specifically, the two king pillows are spacious enough for you to toss and turn at night, so it improves sleep quality.

A good and soft pillow of the right size will protect your head, neck, and even back to prevent pain. The right type of pillow is also crucial for spinal alignment.

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Sleek & Simple Pillow Settings

Lets talk about the simplest option. If youre the type that doesnt like having a ton of decorative pillows on the bed to arrange in the morning, go the hotel route, and stack four standard pillows horizontally for a sleek, simple arrangement.

We typically think this looks nicest when you have a lower headboard. Our beautiful Isabella Bed has a pretty tall headboard, for instance, so we wouldnt love this look on this bed. It would look great on our Camden Bed, though, which has a lower profile.

How To Arrange Pillows On Bed

Decorative King and Queen Bed Pillow Arrangements

Experimenting with your home and bedroom décor is both, interesting and necessary to bring in freshness and novelty in their interior styling. When moving ahead with the idea, it becomes important to pay requisite attention to every element that is a part of your tranquility den. It is, however, a common mistake to mix and match odd pieces of décor, being influenced by one or the other reason. Talking of bedding spaces, in particular, the aforesaid discrepancy is often encountered when choosing style alternatives for your king, twin, queen bed pillow arrangement and full bed pillow arrangements.

Interior experts believe that pillow sizes matter a lot when attempting to style your bedding spaces with a new and chic look. As you begin renovating the king size bed pillow layout, take care to bring in the right size in line with the dimensions of your resting areas. This will help you to determine how many pillows on a full bed are needed. Not adhering to the same may render your bedroom with a not-so-perfect look, as you end up pondering about the missing element. The value of conformity between pillow arrangements and bed sizes should, therefore, be properly understood.

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How To Arrange Pillows On A King Bed

Styling your king sized bedding spaces is a cause to reinvent the bedroom décor to considerable levels, concerning the large customization space offered by these resting areas. When moving ahead to address the query of how to arrange pillows on a full bed, there are a series of patterns you can play with. Owing to the expansive styling space, you can attempt endless combinations of sleeping and decorative pillows for giving a posh look to the bedroom interiors. Discussing along the line, here are some of the choicest king size bed pillow arrangements in what follows next:

Ways To Arrange Bed Pillows

The most frequently asked questions we received from ourlinen bedding clients are about arranging and size of the pillows. A fewquestions like this: how many shams do I need for my king size bed? How doarrange my sleeping pillows with decorative pillows on the queen bed? What sizeshould I choose for the euro insert? Sowe made the chart below to visualize potential combinationsand answer the questions above, we hope youfind it useful.

King bedpillow arrangements:

Option A: Never fail 5 pillows combination:

This is mostly used for the king size beds and five pillowsare used in this arrangement. 3 euro size pillows on the back and then 2 kingsize pillows on the front in a horizontal way. This setting will give atraditional and neat look to your bedroom. You can also enhance the beauty ofthis pillow arrangement with the help of the decorative pillows placed in frontof the five pillow setting.

Option B: Never fail 5 pillows combination 2:

With the never fail 5 pillows, you can also place 2 smalleuros in front of the five pillow settings.

Option C: Stacked and standing mixed:

This is a mixture of two types of pillow arrangements inwhich you set the pillows in the standing position in front of the horizontallylaid pillows. You can cover the sleeping pillows in this way. You can alsodecorate it with the decorative pillows on the front and it will give a neatand complete look to your bed.

Queen andFull size bed pillow arrangements:

Option A: Standing pillows:

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Sleeping Pillows Vs Decorative Pillows

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, lets briefly go over a few basics. Youll want to include a mix of decorative and sleeping pillows in your bed arrangement. Sleeping pillows are the basic rectangular pillows everyone has. Normally youll see 20 x 26 standard pillows on twin beds, 20 x 30 queen pillows on queen beds, and 20 x 36 king pillows on king beds. I would recommend purchasing the right sized pillow for your bed so that your mattress looks proportional. If youre on the hunt for new sleeping pillows check out our best pillows of 2022 roundup.

Modern Styling Of King Bed Pillows

How to Arrange Pillows on a Queen Bed: Five Simple Formulas That Work ...

If you prefer to put the focal point on the larger square euro pillows, bump them up a bit to make sure they are what catches the eye.

  • back row 2 king pillows
  • 2nd row 3 euro pillows
  • 3rd row 2 standard pillows
  • front row throw pillow

Any more questions about how to arrange pillows on a king sized bed?

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How To Arrange Pillows On A Bed

How do you choose the layout for the pillows for decorating a bed?

Ive found this bed pillow arrangement chart, by , very helpful. It illustrates the many different ways you can arrange pillows on your bed for function and decor. I hope you will find it useful!

First, the basics:

Sleeping pillows are readily available in 3 standard sizes and there are pillow manufacturers who will make custom sizes for you if thats required.

  • Standard Size Pillows are: 20 tall x 26 wide
  • Queen Size Pillows are: 20 tall x 30 wide
  • King Size Pillows are: 20 tall x 36 wide

Here is another pillow chart that shows standard pillow sizes, as well as some standard sizes for decorative pillows.

Bed Pillows Arrangement: Basic Schemes

If for a small bed, two or five pillows, placed in a row or laid flat, are sometimes enough, then this will obviously not be enough for a queen or king bed. In this case, you will need more pillows, as well as knowledge of specific layouts. However, there is no need to panic: designers have already invented everything before us. It remains only to choose the option that seems most attractive to you. So lets talk in more detail about the most popular arrangement options for a large number of pillows on a large bed.

So, which scheme of the above is suitable for king-size or queen-size beds? In general, you can use all of them while remembering to focus on the color and style of your bedroom. However, if you need a more straightforward guide to action, below, we will describe in more detail the most harmonious schemes.

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Pillow Arrangements For King Beds

You have a lot of space to cover, which can be a blessing and a curse. The great news is that you can either go super maximalist, or mega minimalist, depending on your personal style.

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Prop two standard pillows upright against the headboard or wall, then prop two king sham pillows on top. Add one euro pillow in front of each sham, and one nice-sized round pillow in front, to finish your design.


Lay four standard pillows flat, two in each stack, just like hotels do. Then choose three bold euro pillows to prop upright against the standards. A lumbar pillow then provides the icing on the cake in front.

Its visually appealing to have odd numbers, so the three euros provide that, while a lumbar pillow that runs from the middle of the left euro to the mid of the right euro provides a visual cue that ties it all together.

Consider a jewel-tone velvet or something luxurious for the euro pillows then contrast that with embroidery, fringe, or other textural touches on the front pillow.

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The Timeless Pillow Balance

How To Make the Perfect Bed | Southern Living

This arrangement of decorative pillows for a bed works for nearly any room. Choose two euro shams to create height in the back, then add two standard shams in the front. Try shams in different bedding collections to balance and add dimension to the arrangement. When were mixing bedding collections on a bed, we like to use equal amounts of both collections. Balance is always an important part of mixing and matching, so its a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when youre shopping!

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Pillow Arrangements For Queen Beds

Queens are the middle road: Plenty of space, but not too much. Depending on the headboard, you can go bananas or make like Calvin Klein and be barely there.

Family Handyman


Set up two queen sham pillows the standards go behind these and one long lumbar pillow that spans the length of both shams. This lumbar pillow, while it can be a splurge, is a great way to bring in a little style without a lot of commitment, and its also easy style to tuck away next to the bed when sleeping. Dont be afraid to have fun with the lumbar pillows color, pattern or textile.


Against a headboard, arrange two large euro pillows. Spanning the seam between the two, place one smaller euro pillow. In front of that, place two standard pillows, and in front of that, one smaller lumbar pillow. This provides a lot of potential for mixing textures and patterns without getting too wild or having to remove too many pillows to go to bed. Fashion and function!

Tips For Choosing The Right King Pillows On Queen Bed

Before deciding on the pillow placement, stacking, or ordering, you should consider some criteria to pick the proper king pillows for your queen bed.

The first thing is measuring your bedhead. If your bedhead is more than 2 feet, it is ideal for a more rugged arrangement. If it is short, keep the pillows in a simple placement.

Consider your queen bed color and put the king pillows matching to your current bedroom color. Use the standard pillowcase size and cushion that are compatible with your theme.

Besides, you should consider the prices for custom bolsters and decorative pillowcases. Calculate the cost you must pay before ordering your products and ensure it is suitable for your budget.

We suggest choosing organic, natural pillows for the best quality and safety possible. These pillow types use organic quality materials, including wool, cotton, latex, buckwheat, or kapok fiber. They are safe without toxic chemicals and good for your health and sleep.

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