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Is Mattress Firm A Scam

Introduction To Simba Hybrid

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Unlike some other brands, Simba actually offer a hybrid mattress as standard and not as an additional add-on. If youre not familiar with what exactly a hybrid is, then let me quickly explain: its a mixture of memory foam and pocket springs and is meant to give the benefits of both, without the drawbacks. Essentially, there is a layer of memory foam, and another layer of pocket springs, and usually several other layers too.

The Simba website blurb describes their hybrid mattresses like this:

The Air Cool Hybrid® mattresses from Simba provide the comfort of reflex foam alongside the support of pocket springs. Designed and made in the UK, five innovative layers work together to support all sleeper types and comfort your body while keeping you cool throughout the night.

But what does all this actually mean?

Firstly, I strongly suggest you read my article on memory foam and what specifically it is .

But in a nutshell: Simba Hybrid is just a cross between two mattress types.

Up until a few years ago, pocket sprung were the only type of mattress you could buy. Nowadays the market is mainly made up mostly memory foam mattresses. Thats the type of foam that remembers your body shape and wraps around your contours. A hybrid is just a combination of them both.

St Purchase From Mattressfirm

Only bought from Mattress Firm, one time. I needed a 6″ thick, folding Millard mattress but was shocked by the prices on Amazon. Prices almost tripled in 2 years since, I last purchased one from Amazon. Kept checking MattressFirm everyday until I saw the Millard mattress as a ‘daily deal’. Also found a 10% off coupon code & bought it for a fraction of the cost of Amazon prices. It arrived in 3 days despite our remote location. Arrived in perfect condition. I’d never buy a mattress online that I’d never seen/used before but knew this particular folding mattress was a good one.

How Is Firmness Measured

It might be tempting to assume that a firmer mattress means a more supportive mattress, but that isnt really the case. Firmness doesnt refer to overall support. Rather, it refers to how the top layer of the mattress feels.

Mattress firmness is generally rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. However, not every company rates their mattresses the same way, meaning one companys level 5 may feel different from another companys.

The firmness of a mattress is ultimately measured by the amount of give it has when someone lies down on it. The firmest mattresses have the least amount of give. In contrast, the least firm mattresses feel soft and plush, and they sink down when someone lies on top of them.

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How To Shop For A Firm Mattress Online

Buying a firm mattress online is both convenient and cost-effective. With a range of options to choose from and the ability to shop from home at your own pace, finding a great mattress is easier than ever.

It might seem odd to buy a firm mattress without feeling it in-person first to actually know how firm it is. Because of this, online mattress companies provide generous return policies known as sleep trials. This lets you use the mattress for a set period of time, usually 100 nights or more, with hassle-free returns. The sleep trial allows you to try the mattress in your own home, which gives you a far better sense of whether it will work for you.

Because theres less overhead than with brick-and-mortar stores, its easy to find great deals for mattresses online. Mattress manufacturers frequently run promotions, and third-party sites, like, often provide discounts or coupon codes to help you get the best price. Our sites buying guides and reviews can also be a handy resource for finding the mattress that best fits your needs and budget.

Shipping is almost always included in your purchase price, and some companies even include installation or offer it for an extra charge. Ordering is as easy as a few clicks, and payment with a credit card or methods like Paypal makes finalizing your order simple. Some retailers even offer financing programs as well.

What Else Do I Need To Know

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  • Airflow comfort layerSimbatex foam makes up the second layer of this mattress. Developed by Simba, its open-cell structure uses graphite technology to aid air flow through the mattress to tackle overheating and enhance coolness.
  • Pocket spring systemProduced in a head-to-toe format, cone-shaped pocket springs provide structure and extra support across this mattress. Each spring moves individually, mapping to the shape of your posture to adjust with you as you move through the night. A strengthened border edge also provides good stability when you sit on the edge of your bed.
  • Reflex layerThe Reflex support layer acts as a springboard to the pocket springs, boosting them to ensure they respond to all sleeper types. It also moulds to your body as you sink into the mattress.
  • Zoned base layerThe grooved foam base is designed with seven individual zones to ensure that different levels of support are provided.
  • Supplied rolled in a space-saving boxYoull receive a straightforward manual to guide you through the set up.

For the full specs, view the Simba FAQ here.

A few important drawbacks to be aware of

Note that the *BOTTOM* layer is NOT machine washable. That doesnt mean its completely unwashable Simba suggest using a damp cloth to wipe the bottom grey cover:

The bottom cover is not removable or washable. The grey base fabric can be cleaned with a soft, damp and clean cloth using small circular motions. Using a mattress protector could help extend the life of your mattress.

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Apollo Premium Copper Mattress

The Apollo Premium Copper Mattress is a spring-and-foam mattress with a slightly softer medium rating of 4.5. The mattress is one of the most advanced and feature-rich that is offered by top Canadian mattress manufacturer and consists of 5 layers of comfortable, high-quality materials specifically chosen for sleep satisfaction. Apollos top comfort layer is even infused with copper, which is designed to keep you cool at night by rapidly transporting away excess heat.

The 5 layers of the Apollo include the manufacturers trademarked CopperGel memory foam, which uses two powerful cooling agents micro-gel beads and antimicrobial copper the 5G open-cell memory foam, which provides pressure point relief and encourages airflow and the aeroduct pocketed micro-coils, which contour to your body and offer thermal regulation. There is also the high-density support foam, which offers motion isolation across the whole mattress. The edge support limits sloping sides and sagging corners, helping you to feel safe no matter where you lie on the bed.

First Impressions: Straight Out Of The Box

The Arrival

Logan & Cove delivers to your door in a box that is easy for two people to carry. In some regions, you can waive the necessary signature and have the mattress dropped off while youre away from home. Shipping is free to all major cities and many surrounding regions, though FedEx may charge a shipping fee to some remote areas.

The Unboxing

Once unboxed and removed from its packaging, Logan & Cove springs to its full, 14-inch height in a few minutes.

The Look

Logan & Coves attention to detail puts it in the same class as some of the finest showroom mattresses. Three highlights are its plush pillow-top, diamond-stitched sidewalls, and sewn-in handles that make it easy to adjust the position of the mattress on your bed frame.

The Feel

Three things immediately stand out as you lie on the bed for the first time: the quality of the materials, the softness of the quilted cover, and the strong support of the hundreds of pocketed coils. Logan & Cove is indeed a hybrid, but you definitely wont confuse it for an all-foam mattress.

If you think the firmer the mattress, the better, then the Luxury Firm model can feel supremely firm without aggravating pressure points. You feel like youre sleeping on the mattress, not in it. Slightly softer, the Medium Plush option lets you sink in a couple of inches deeper, perfect for side sleepers or people who experience pressure-points.

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Do You Need A Box Spring With Winkbed

You dont need a box spring with your WinkBeds mattress, but you can use one if you like. WinkBeds sells their Adjustable WinkBase 2.0, platform foundation, and heavy duty bed frame that are designed to support the WinkBeds mattresses, but any sturdy bed frame or box spring should work well with your WinkBed.

The Nerds Take: Whats The Bottom Line

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The WinkBed is a solid mid-range hybrid mattress. With some great features like temperature regulation, strong edge support, and responsive materials, as well as having a variety of firmnesses to choose from, the WinkBed will work well for a wide variety of sleepers.

We particularly love it for hot sleepers because of its great temperature regulation, and its great for combination sleepers because of its responsiveness. WinkBed is also a good choice for heavier sleepers who need firmer options.

Additionally, with a 120-night sleep trial and Lifetime warranty, theres little risk in purchasing the WinkBed if you think it might be the bed for you.

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Motion Isolation: Is The Winkbed Good For Couples

If you sleep with a partner, chances are youve been woken up at night by the other person tossing and turning or getting out of bed. A mattress with good motion isolation will stop motion at the source, preventing motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

When we tested the WinkBed at the Sleep Lab, we saw a significant amount of motion transfer across the mattress. That means its not the best fit for light sleepers who share the bed. Otherwise, we consider it one of the best mattresses for couplesits supportive, bouncy , has great edge support, and is offered in four firmness levels for couples to choose from.

Medium Levels Of Firmness

On Dormeos official website, youll find that there are a few options in regards to the Octaspring mattress. SoWhy is the Octaspring 9500 considered to be the best and most popular choice, then?

Well, a big part of the reason lies in the firmness level of this particular model – it provides sleepers with optimal, medium levels of firmness.

Mattresses that are too soft will inevitably break your spine alignment. On the flip side, a firm bed is often going to feel quite uncomfortable, and can cause some aches and soreness .

Following that train of thought, its pretty clear that a medium-firm mattress is the best alternativea middle-ground, if you will. Well, thats exactly what youll get purchasing the Octaspring 9500.

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Ask About Products Not On The Sales Floor

Beautyrest BR800 Firm Mattress Expert Review

Brick and mortar stores tend to use their display space for higher-end products. If you find something you like, ask if you can see a lower-end model. Believe it or not, online stores will often have boxed deals also, say for mattresses that were sent back, without ever being opened or touch. Ask in an online chat.

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Can I Try Simba In Store


Unlike many other mattress companies, Simba have a deal with John Lewis. This means you can test out the Simba Sleep in-store first to make sure that it is to your tastes. They have both the Hybrid and the Hybrid Pro available, depending on the store. Give the mattress a press, or lay on it, its often best to physically try out a mattress beforehand if you can. This is certainly a big plus for the Simba, compared to other brands, and why we rank them in our best mattress guide here.

The other good thing about this is you get to see more reviews on the Simba mattress, rather than just the ones on Simbas own website. Personally, I am always a bit suspicious of reviews on the vendors own website, but in this case you can see that John Lewisreviews are still very good mostly 5 stars.

If you are one of those people, make sure to check for Simba discounts and vouchers first.

Huge Discount Mattress Selection

Mattress Depot offers memory foam mattresses which are known for their excellent support and comfort. The memory foam actually forms around your body to keep you extremely comfortable. This feature is great for aching joints and also reduces tossing and turning at night. Another option is the pillow top mattress which is perfect for those who like to sink in to a comfortable sleeping position. The pillow top mattress features an additional level of padding sewn on the top and is ideal for side sleepers who have hip and shoulder pressure points.

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How To Shop For An Extra

Firmness is just one of the factors that can add to the comfort level of your mattress. Here are some other factors to keep in mind as you shop:

  • Mattress type. Whether you choose an innerspring, foam, or hybrid mattress is based on personal preference. If youre not sure what you like best, hybrid mattresses can be a great option, since they incorporate elements from both innerspring and foam mattresses.
  • Motion isolation. Motion isolation refers to a mattresss ability to absorb motion. If you share a bed with a partner, a mattress with good motion isolation can ensure you dont wake each other up if you toss and turn a lot.
  • Pressure relief.Mattresses with pressure relief allow for some contouring near areas that bear the most weight at night, like the hips or shoulders. Extra-firm mattresses dont allow for a ton of sinking, which can make pressure relief harder to find. If you know you need pressure relief, look for mattresses made with foam on top for some added comfort and contouring.
  • Temperature control. Some mattresses use specific materials to prevent body heat from trapping or create a cool-to-touch feeling. If you tend to sleep hot, try looking for mattresses that incorporate this kind of technology.
  • Edge support. This term refers to the amount of support on the edges of a mattress. A mattress without good edge support will sink if you sit on the edge of it. This can cause sagging over time or make your bed less comfortable if youre sharing with a partner.

Final Thoughts On The Logan & Cove Mattress


Not only does Logan & Cove get impressive scores for both its value offering and performance, but its high-end appearance will undoubtedly appeal to buyers, especially for a mattress in its price range. We dont award points for looks, but with that said, we know many style-minded shoppers are likely to factor this into their decision. As mentioned earlier, Logan & Coves design is unique within the growing mattress-in-a-box industry, though perhaps this will change in the future as other companies seek to replicate Logan & Coves success.

Final word: At $1,099 CAD for a queen, Logan & Cove is a safe, smart purchase for anyone who needs to upgrade their current mattress while getting the highest possible return for every dollar spent.

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Bought And Paid Cash For A Very

Bought and paid cash for a very expensive queen bed and Ergo base. Waited for more than 2 weeks for delivery. Delivery guys did their job with notifications but when they came they saw the base for the mattress was incorrect. The store person put the wrong base down. I paid CASH for this, and now they tell me that it takes weeks to get my refund. In the meantime, have had to miss work for delivery, put up holiday guest in a motel, and now must cancel other guests because I do not have my cash to go purchase something from another store. I give MattressFirm an “F” grade. They do not seem to care how they inconvenienced me. Cannot get anyone except store personnel on phone. Have to go through writing this and a complaint. I will make sure I write this same review on a non-company website. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS FIRM TO DEAL WITH, EVEN IF YOU PAY CASH!UPDATE: After raising hell and searching for some corporate person, I finally got an email back from the Corporate Tx offices. I explained what happened twice but on the second time, I was told I would be refunded my money via check sent overnight. It came. I cashed it and went to the Fort Collins Store and the manager Jason saw to it that I received the bed and base I wanted, and at a further discount. But had I known how sloppy some business activities are, I would never have shopped at this company. They have many, many local complaints.


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