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Throw Pillows For Navy Blue Couch

Choosing Throw Pillows That Are Asymmetrical

How to Style Couch Pillows to Look Expensive

While we typically prefer a more orderly arrangement, you can play with asymmetry, especially if your space is already very polished and cohesive. In the living room above, we chose simple solid pillows as our largest pillow and to set off a fun floral print. Since this space has a very buttoned-up color palette, a little asymmetry works well.

Picking The Right Throw Pillows For Your Grey Couch

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Looking for throw pillows for a grey couch?

The wrong grey couch pillows can be an expensive mistake. Or worse, you keep buying more and more throw pillows, never feeling like its quite right yet.

We dearly love our massive grey couch . But the grey couch pillows it came with flattened out over time.

Which, honestly, is okay, since a gray couch with identical grey couch pillows arent exactly poppin in home decor trends!

We decided to mix our grey couch with blue pillows but finding the right combo can be overwhelming!

My Grey Couch Pillows Used Above:

  • Layer your throw pillows to hide imperfections!
  • Add Details If Desired On Your Decorative Pillows

    I dont get too crazy with added details typically on pillows, as I want my fabric patterns and colors to do more of the heavy lifting. I think it just makes more impact to have a bold pattern or color, rather than some extra trim on a pillow and Im typically out to get the biggest bang for the buck for my clients.

    However, I do love a nice welting to just outline a shape or add some texture. And goodness knows, theres so much you can add to a pillow to give it more detail!

    I did this combination of pillows for a recent project and added the cord welting on one of the fabrics to define the edge and relate to the neutral sofas they were sitting on. The other striped patterns were strong, visually, on their own.

    A corded welting was used on the smaller patterned pillows to add some definition and relate it to the sofa fabric. |

    These twin beds were designed with some boxed Euro sized pillows to help with sitting up in bed in a guest room. They were welted to match the headboards.

    Boxed euro sized pillows were welted to match the upholstered beds in this twin bedroom. |

    I used a bold tape trim on my own pillows in my breakfast room. I wanted something graphic but still wanted a bold blue color there. This tape fit the bill perfectly.

    Graphic tape trims out the face of these blue chair pillows to make a statement in my breakfast room.

    I do love a pillow with a little mini-flange, especially for a bedroom.

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    Dont Forget The Throw Pillows

    Although it may seem obvious, you dont want to forget about whats on the couch when youre decorating around it. Accent, or throw, pillows can transform the tone of your sofa and the rest of the living room so theyre a great way to tie the couch to the rest of the room, or vice versa.

    Look for pillows that mimic features in other furniture or decorations in your living room. Consider color, texture, style, and even shape. Especially if your couch is the pop of color in the space, your throw pillows can make or break the whole look ideally by helping your couch blend in with the rest of the room.

    Striped Blue And White

    Topfinel Boho Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Tassels for Couch Bed ...

    A combination of white and blue striped pillows on a blue couch has to be our top favorite. Who doesnt like the blue elements of the throw pillow with a clean white hue to blend in seamlessly with the furniture? Any modern living room is bound to feel harmonious with this color palette.

    Whats more, the blue and white striped throw pillow stands out thanks to the bright white feature that highlights the pillow. Whether you pick turquoise with white striped or a sky blue with white striped throw pillow, it is sure to provide a comfy vibe in a modern living room.

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    Light Blue Throw Pillow

    If you want a harmonious and flawless living area, then any throw pillow with a lighter blue shade than your blue couch can be a perfect choice. Using this similar shade can make the throw pillow and the sofa look flawless and incorporate perfectly.

    However, this approach can be quite tricky. Any throw pillow that is too similar to the couchs shade can make them hard to distinguish.

    Furthermore, the throw pillow wont be stand out visually and do its main job as a decorative accent. So, you had to be very careful when choosing a blue throw pillow for your blue couch.

    Make sure to find the sweet spot where there is still enough contrast, but at the same time still looks flawless.

    Use Accents That Match The Couch

    When decorating around a blue sofa, its a great idea to hold onto the color of your couch and use accents that mimic it. Your space will have better aesthetic unity if the same shade of blue shows up in the carpet, on a colorful throw pillow, or in the art on the walls. You can even mimic in reverse and have these accent details show up on your couch in the form of throw pillows or blankets

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    Similar Items On Etsy

    S To Select And Design The Perfect Decorative Pillows:

    How To Mix and Match Throw Pillows – HGTV Handmade
  • Select Fabrics – patterns and colors, tie in with other elements in the room.

  • Design the combination – pair the colors and patterns together and think about where they will sit on the upholstery in the room.

  • Select Sizes – sizes and shapes, square or round, lumbar, etc. Every inch matters on a piece of upholstery or bed.

  • Add details if desired – trim, welting, buttons, and special details can make pillows interesting

  • Now if youre going for a boho vibe and want that truly random look, a more carefree approach can be taken as to how to pick your pillows. However…

    Even that look can be intentional.

    Heres a grouping of pillows I did for my Showhouse daybed, several years ago. These pillows varied in sizes and patterns, yet I guarantee you: I was super focused on how those pillows would be arranged, as well as how the patterns and colors would work together.

    MUST-SEE: Showhouse Bedroom For a Teen Girl – Designer – Carla Aston, Photographer – Miro Dvorscak

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    Layer Your Throw Pillows To Hide Imperfections

    My 75lb dog loves to sit on the back corner cushion. He looks so cute with his head hanging over it, watching us in the kitchen that Im not even mad about it.

    But that back cushion is now slightly smushed, while the others still look perky and full. I always layer a large pillow in that corner and you cant even see that it is smushed. Large throw pillows will cover up any worn-out areas of your sofa for you!

    I have 12 navy throw pillows from Serena & Lily rounded up that would look great on a grey couch. These are all navy pillows that I own or would happily buy- and they would look great together. Head here to see all 12 of the pillows.

    Is the room cozy and well put together? Or cold and blah? Throw pillows can be the deciding factor. Picking the right throw pillows can make-or-break a room. Your throw pillows should highlight other colors you are using in the room, and reflect a cohesive and designer look for the whole space.

    Shop All Pillows In Post:

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    Comfy Casual Blue Sofa

    Theres something about a blue couch that is incredibly comforting. Going with an upholstered blue couch makes a space feel casual and laidback, perfect for informal spaces and family-friendly homes. An upholstered blue sofa is also a great alternative to lighter sofas because theyre very forgiving of stains! ProHINT: When going with an upholstered blue sofa, it is that much more important to accessorize with throws and pillows to break up the blue. Be thoughtful with your accessories do you want to reinforce the comfy look of an upholstered blue sofa, or do you want to elevate it with more luxurious materials?

    Design by Summer Thornton Design.

    In this colorful and sophisticated mid-century home, we paired a Room & Board sectional with side tables from Dot & Bo and a chartreuse armchair from ABC Home. The blue sectional, paired with the ottoman and rug, creates a comfy ambiance. Details like the throw, pillows, and paintings help to cohesively tie the blues and greens together. Design by .

    Design by Amy Kartheiser Design.

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    What Color Pillows Match A Navy Leather Couch

    A navy leather couch provides a plain background to show off decorative throw pillows in almost any tone. Look to the room’s existing furnishings such as artwork, upholstery, draperies and area rugs for pillow color and style clues. In addition, use a color fan deck and fabric swatches to help narrow down your favorite hues.

    A Walk On The Wild Side

    Navy Blue Couch Pillows
  • Take your dark-blue couch on a decorating walk that’s a bit on the wild side with dazzling hues such as electric yellow, kiwi green, hot pink and lipstick red. Flamboyant accent pillows are bursts of color against the navy backdrop. Intensely saturated hues provide the brightest visual contrast alongside the dark leather. Select wild-animal prints such as zebra stripes or leopard spots to feel the decorating drumbeat of an African safari. Select accent pillows dotted with motifs of parrots, gorillas or lions.

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    A Blue Shade Lighter Or Darker Than The Couch

    For a flawless and harmonious look, consider a blue throw pillow in a lighter or darker shade than your couch. Just like you can see here, the light blue pillow stands out on the dark blue couch and is easy to distinguish.

    The throw pillow serves as a decorative accent, but only if you pick a light or darker blue shade than your couch. Otherwise, the pillow will look lost on the couch and appear visually bland.

    For an even bigger impact, you may want to pick a different pillow material for your couch, like a suede or wool pillow for an upholstered or leather couch.

    S To Remember When Decorating With Throw Pillows

    Special thanks to Edith and Ediths puppy parents for allowing her to briefly model at our Clintonville Store.

    Lets face it, we all cant be Chip & Joanna Gaines . The struggle is REAL when it comes to decorating your space and finding ways to incorporate color, design, and texture. Weve heard from several people on social media you know who you are that they wanted more of a behind the scenes perspective on some tips and tricks on how we style our spaces here at elm & IRON. This past week, we sat down with Alethea, our AMAZING stylist, to discuss how to decorate your furnishings with throw pillows.

    We decided to break down the tips into three categories: neutrals, monochromatic, and black & white.


    Oh, nudes, nutes , neutrals its easy to sway towards the word, boring. However, that is clearly not the case when done well! When you are working with neutrals, try to focus on the mix of patterns and textures, stated Alethea during our styling tip session. Think of including tonal neutrals, such as ivory & champagne, as pictured below. Bringing in neutral pillows can add a sense of balance to a bold, colorful sofa.


    Black & White:

    So, how do you decorate with black & white pillows? Start by mixing sizes and patterns. Keeping a balance of the same pillow on each side notice the cowhide patch pillow on both sides of the sofa and add a variety of mix, so it looks more natural.

    Question: How do you decorate with unique throw pillows?

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    Olive Green Throw Pillow

    Blue is comparatively an easier color to work with. And when talking about greens, olive is an exotic tone that works beautifully. However, ensure that this green is not just a standalone piece rather a mix of yellow, green, and plum will work wonderfully together.

    Note that this contrasting combo must also be incorporated on the rug. This will ensure a well-balanced and cohesive look in the living room.

    Minty Greens And Creamy Off

    Stylish Navy Blue Sofa Ideas. Navy Blue Decor and Design for Living Room.

    Looking for a refreshing vibe in your living room? Well, why not commence by styling with minty green and creamy off-white throw pillows. They will give your space a perfect sense of detail they deserve while exhibiting a sense of warmth and airiness.

    At this time, the cool blue and green tones are totally getting neutralized by the warm macrame and tasseled edges of the throw pillows. Yes, theyre absolutely instagram-worthy!

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    Add White For A Country Coastal Feel

    Navy and white are a classic coastal combination, but there is still plenty of room for variety in the seaside category. For a more traditional country feel, be sure to play up the lighter side in your décor.

    Embrace eggshell white and beige throughout the room as if everything just got a fresh coat of whitewash and keep the navy to a noticeable minimum. Add just the slightest hint of darker colors, like a black or dark wood frame, to bring out the lighter colors and your space will look just like Grandmas with a little upgrade, of course.

    Red And Yellow Chevron

    Your yellow throw pillow can be further enhanced with a red companion for a touch of elegance. We recommend a red chevron pillow to contrast the blue and yellow.

    This fun-looking color combo provides an eclectic edge to any modern or traditional living room as shown in this example. Include a red or yellow throw blanket to the mix for a welcoming vibe.

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    Floral Patterned Throw Pillow

    Lets think outside the box from solid hues to stripes to something soft and chivalrous the florals. They could either be monochromatic or contrasting depending upon your overall color palette. In particular, this floral throw pillow will definitely add detail and dimension to your blue couch or accent chair.

    And its so unique and versatile that you can almost pair it with any color palette without the pillow feeling outdated or old.

    Choosing Throw Pillows With Bold Solids

    Phantoscope Luxury Mongolian Fluffy Faux Fur Series Square Decorative ...

    If your room already has a lot of patterns, like a patterned sofa, dramatic curtains, or a vibrant rug, take your pillow fabrics down a notch. Or if you really like color but dont want to use a vibrant hue on large pieces just use solid pillows in very vibrant hues.

    Here, we chose two colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel , a spicy orange and a cool blue. Colors look extra rich and vibrant when placed next to to complimentary colors, making the overall look much more dramatic. Individually, they look nice, but together they really sing!

    If youre starting from scratch, find a fabric, an art print, or an accessory as a jumping off point. For example, we picked the gorgeous plaid throw on the back of the sofa and let it inspire the rest of the space. The spicy orange and navy are both found in the blanket, so we picked pillows in solid shades for maximum color impact!

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    Buy High Quality Throw Pillow Inserts

    I have spoken about this again and again- and I will still shout it from the rooftops.

    Sometimes, you just cant help putting a Target pillow in the cart. I get it.

    But really- it is so, SO much better to wait and buy 1 or 2 high quality down-filled pillow inserts, than 3 adorable Target pillows that come with a crappy insert inside. A cheap poly filled pillow cant be washed, and worse- will end up sitting sad and lumpy. Your high end feather insert pillow will look so much more lux on your sofa, the perfect karate chop and weight. You can zipper off the cover for cleaning and will get a decade of love out of a good one!

    Down filled pillows stay plumped up! They dont turn lumpy.

    Where I Buy My Pillow Inserts Affordable & High End

    A high end choice I love is the Serena & Lily inserts they are exceptional. Heavy, thick, substantial. I promise you, you will never go back to poly. You will be a pillow snob! Its such a big difference.

    I dont find that the feathers come out and stab you, either.

    For my most reasonable insert that is still good quality, I also like these pillow inserts on Amazon currently, these are more affordable than the price of Serena and Lily inserts.

    Make sure you buy the inserts a size bigger than your pillow if available! You want the overstuffed look!

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