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Where Are Sutera Pillows Made

Sutera: The Best Pillow For All Sleepers

Are Sutera pillows made in China?

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Are Sutera Pillows Made In The Usa

Asked by: Ambrose Leffler

We are a proud American family-owned business, based in Newport Beach, California. While our products are currently assembled throughout manufacturing partners in the USA and Asia, we conceptualize, design, develop, and test all our products right here in the United States.

Who Is It Best For

Before you explore the sleep experience associated with the Sutera pillow, you must understand your best fit. You will not want to be frustrated with the experience for reasons you were little aware of. Which is why you need to know who is fit to use the pillow?

People having neck pains are the category to prioritize the Sutera pillows for their night sleep. The pillow construction and efficient design guarantee a cradling feel that can help alleviate the neck pain. Also, individuals with chronic pain and orthopedic issues related to the upper part of the body should go for Sutera pillows.

People suffering from spinal issues are also a potential consumer of Sutera pillow. The pillow allows all sleepers to lie properly without straining the spinal code. The pillow is featured with soft and gentle materials that offer healthy support to curb spin alignment issues.

Lastly, consumers seeking adequate sleep performance can opt for the Sutera pillow. The specifications that come with the pillow offer all-round comfort to prevent restlessness.

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Sleeping Is One Of The Most Important Things One Can Do According To The National Sleep Foundation Guidelines Healthy Adults Need To Rest For 7

Sleep is not only necessary but should be made a priority. Improving your sleep will allow you to gain many incredible health benefits that have a long-term impact on life span. Using a pillow that fits your sleeping needs is one of the ways to focus on how to optimize your quality of sleep. Every person is different in how they position themselves when sleeping and this is a point that needs to be addressed.

What Is So Unique About Sutera


The unique butterfly shape supports all kinds of sleepers, including side, back, and stomach sleepers with their neck problems.

The company is shipping articles over $50 for free of cost. Also, the brand provides exceptional COVID-19 shipping for fast and emergent deliveries.

The site issues a newsletter and asks customers to sign up for its subscription. It helps in increasing brand loyalty.

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Best Cervical Pillow For Back Sleepers: Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow: $6999

Still searching for that ideal pillow to keep you cool at night during hot nights? The Eden pillow features soft gel infused memory foam with microfiber fill blend for a cooler sleeping experience. Coupe Home Goods EdenPillows are green guard gold certified, which means they ensure that strict guidelines were met for safety and quality of materials used. There are no toxic or harmful chemicals that were used in the production of the pillow. Interesting enough, it is also vegan and animal cruelty free. The case is made with Lulltra fabric that blends bamboo derived viscose rayon and polyester to provide softness and breath-ability during your sleep. This excellent product comes with a 5-year warranty so if you don’t like it, You can contact Coop home directly for a full refund.

Best Discount Cervical Pillow: Roscoe Cervical Pillow

This pillow provides cervical indentations that offer incredible neck support and promotes healthy sleeping posture. The Roscoe Cervical Pillow is perfect for either a side sleeper or back sleeper since the contour design compliments these postures. The pillow also helps with other common ailments such as shoulder pain tension, headaches, whiplash, post spinal surgery, and snoring. The polyester fiberfill material feels smooth enough to feel like you’re on a cloud. One thing to note is that this pillow does not come fitted with memory foam, so it may lack in some areas where support can be reinforced.

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The Pillow Made Back Sleeping More Comfortable

I am a natural stomach sleeper, but I experimented with different sleeping positions to test the Dream Deep Pillow. It made resting on my back noticeably more comfortable, thanks to the dip in the center of the pillow. That contouring held my head and neck in place, and made me feel supported in a way standard pillows do not. I didnt feel as if my head was lolling to one side or the other, which often happens as I drift off in this position.

The pillow worked well for side sleeping, too, though the improvement wasn’t as noticeable as it was for back sleeping for me. Using the arm notches afforded me a bit more stability on my side than I have with my cheap home pillows.

Saatva Natural Latex Pillow

Sutera Pillow Review

As our top rated pillow, the Saatva Latex has many impressive features. It feels lofty and luxurious, and thats thanks to its unique construction.

First, youll notice its soft cover made out of organic cotton. When you unzip the outer pillowcase, youll feel plush microdenier fiber sewn all around the edges. This gives the pillow the fluffy feeling of down feathers.

The core consists of shredded Talalay latex foam. This provides ample support and durability. This material feels much softer than traditional latex, and its great at relieving pressure.

With a medium firm feel, this pillow will work well for back and side sleepers.

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Best Value Cervical Memory Foam Pillow: Cradle Me Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is made with polyester material that makes it completely machine washable and also hypoallergenic. The Cradle Me Countour Memory Pillow best fits those who sleep on their back or on their stomach. It’s excellent for reducing shoulder pain and also leaves your neck with less tension build-up. It also offers therapeutic relief for all sleepers and has you feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day.

Made from premium memory foam, this pillow can also cater to your body’s sleep position by allowing your muscles to ease into the material. The biggest drawback is that it does flatten over time with repetitive use. Make sure to not overuse or over fluff the pillow when laying it out in bed.

Dream Deep Pillow Features

  • Butterfly shape provides ergonomic support for back, neck and shoulders
  • Works with side, stomach and back sleepers
  • Never goes flat or loses its shape
  • Removable machine-washable cover

Both my husband and I have been really happy with our Sutera pillows. If youre experiencing neck and shoulder problems when you sleep, I would highly recommend you try them out.

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Traditional Pillows Make The Problem Worse

To help relieve the pressure on their side, most side-sleepers typically grab the nearest spare pillow and place it between their knees. Problem is… this doesnt really help.

Most pillows are stuffed with generic fiberfill or down feathers which simply dont offer good support. They quickly lose their shape and force your body into an irregular position, resulting in even more soreness.

Special pillows that target proper spine alignment do exist, but most available options have four big problems: they come in blocky shapes with poor flexibility they lack proper elevation, they flattenwith minimal use, and they cause overheating.

Fortunately, a team of Americas top sleep specialists have finally found the perfect solution to help side-sleepers wake up pain-free and refreshed

What Makes The Purple Harmony Pillow Stand Out

SUTERA Dream Deep Memory Foam Pillow, Cervical Orthopedic Contour ...
  • This pillow comes in three different loft optionslow, mid, highmaking it suit all sleeping positions and a variety of body types.
  • The open structure of the grid and the perforated foam ensures that this pillow wont trap heat.
  • Both the grid and the latex used in this pillow are durable materials, so this pillow will last you quite a while!

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Heres What American Sleepers Have To Say About Sutera Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Check out these astonishing reviews from verified customers:

I workout almost every day, and I can definitely say this pillow gives the right support for tired knees and legs. Its been super helpful in relieving tension and muscle strain, and I feel it helps me recover faster every time. Great product. Paul K.Im 6’2″ and this pillow is the perfect size, shape, and softness! My hip gets painful at times, and this allows me to sleep on my side comfortably. I could really tell the difference it makes in my sleep quality. When Im traveling for business and dont have it with me, sleep just doesnt feel the same. It also stays in place even without a band and doesnt flatten out. Mike P.Ive used a super expensive T*********c knee pillow for a couple of months but somehow it never worked for me. The shape wasnt quite right and it was difficult to tuck between my knees. By contrast this pillow is very soft, retains its shape, and sits firmly between my knees. My back and pelvic area have felt so much better since using this. It also stays cool and the cover is smooth and feels nice to touch. Thanks Sutera! Kay O.

Is An Orthopedic Pillow Better Than A Traditional

The purpose of an orthopedic pillow is to make sure that the users body is in the proper position while sleeping. This helps improve the alignment of the upper body such as the neck, shoulders, head, and back. While you sleep, you may not have control of the way your body twists and turns, and you wake up finding yourself in the oddest of positions. A regular pillow does not help you maintain the right posture while sleeping, but when you use an orthopedic pillow, it molds into the shape of your body placed on it. This helps keep your body in proper placement while you sleep, with the pillow supporting your figure.

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Softness Levels And Conforming Properties

The Sutera pillow is incredibly soft. They are made using soft polyester fabric. However, they can retain their original shape after three to five seconds. The softness of the pillow also adds extra comfort for the user.

This unique pillow also conforms to the neck and head closely. It cradles them to help alleviate pressure and encourage spine alignment. The conforming properties of the Sutera pillow are almost the same as other standard memory foams.

What Is A Dream Pillow

UPDATE: Ergonomic Pillow | Sutera Dream Deep Sleep Pillow Review & Pillowcase Unboxing

A ‘dream pillow’ is a small pillow filled with relaxing herbs, like catnip, lavender and mugwort. They were once called ‘comfort pillows’ and used in the sickroom to ease the nightmares that may come with medicine and the smells of illness. A dream pillow is meant to prevent nightmares and promote restful sleep.

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What Makes The Tempur

  • The ergonomic design will keep your neck in a neutral position, which will help prevent and alleviate neck pain.
  • TEMPUR also sells this pillow in a cooling version made with gel-infused foam and a breathable cover for hot sleepers.
  • Its made of firm, dense foam that has some give but overall is very supportive.

Read about the most popular TEMPUR-pillows!

What Is The Sutera Dream Deep Pillow

An image from Sutera’s website showing how different sleepers are supposed to use the pillow.

This pillow is the flagship item of Sutera, a home goods company that sells bed and bath items. Its other products include silk sleep masks, bath towels, aromatherapy, and luxury hair products.

Made of firm-yet-breathable memory foam, the Dream Deep Pillow is designed to help you sleep more comfortably by molding to fit your head and improving your spinal alignment. Different sleeping positions often require pillows of different firmnesses for maximum support and comfortat Reviewed, we make recommendations to suit your preferred sleep position for this reason. The Dream Deep Pillow aims to be a one-size-fits-all solution for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers alike.

One of the pillows main features is its contoured edges, which the company dubs its butterfly design. Notches at the side of the pillow create small pockets of space that allow you to snuggle the pillow as you drift off without causing circulation problems for your arms. Back sleepers can tuck one arm under the pillow using one of the contoured rests side sleepers can hug the edges. The pillow also has a slight dip at its center which creates a nook for your head.

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Does Cube Pillow Actually Work

David Perna of Back and Body Medical agrees that a cubed pillow makes sense for side sleepers, as the shape will allow less stress on the neck and bottom shoulder. But Jaffe cautions that cubed-shaped pillows are really best for true side sleepers not combination sleepers who roll onto their stomachs or backs, …

Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

SUTERA Lavender Zen Pillow, Lavender Scented Cooling Adaptive Memory ...

Side sleepers take note! Eli & Elms popular cotton pillow has a special U-shape design, which helps people maintain the proper spinal alignment in this sleeping position.

This pillow has a thin cotton cover, so it shouldnt make sleepers overheat at night. In the filling, youll find two materials: soft polyester fiber and responsive latex noodles. The interior fluff gives the pillow a balanced feel.

To make things even better, this pillow is especially versatile. You can easily remove some of the filling to adjust the loft. This means it will work well for both small and large people.

Plus, you can remove the cover and wash it on the cold cycle. Its easy to maintain and should last for many years.

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Functionality/effectiveness Clear Winner Dosaze

Sutera and Dosaze make similar claims, but after we tested them, we prefer the Dosaze pillow, especially when it comes to relieving neck pain and tension headaches. There are actually slight differences in the shapes of the pillow, and we thought that the orthopedic contour of the Dosaze pillow wasnt as rigid as that of the Sutera, which allowed for a bit more freedom of movement while also having enough support to cradle your neck and maintain alignment.

Some people on our team tend to wake up with headaches an added benefit of Dosaze is that it helps prevent tension headaches. Users do not report this additional benefit with the Sutera Dream Deep pillow.

Sutera Sleep Pillow Vs Close Competition

The Sutera Sleep Pillow packs comparable performance to other top-of-the-line cervical pillows like the Mediflow Fiber Pillow and the Xtreme Comforts Pillow. Plus, all three pillows retail at a similar price point.

Consequently, the one defining factor that sets the Sutera apart from the competition is its unique shape and ergonomics. Otherwise, you get a reliable supporting pillow that works and is an easy pick to recommend.

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Sutera Lavender Zen Pillow

Im a big fan of aromatherapy and lavender is by far my favorite sent. In fact, I often spritz my pillow with a lavender linen spray before bed! The Lavender Zen pillow is a plush, high density foam pillow that molds to the contours of your head and neck to relieve pressure. It is infused with real lavender essential oil to give off a subtle lavender scent.

Im a back and side sleeper, often trying to sleep with two pillows, but I ditched them both after trying the Lavender Zen pillow. It is uber comfortable on my neck! Here are its features:

What Makes Dream Deep Everyones Favorite Pillow

Sutera Lavender Zen Pillow | Memory Foam Pillow Unboxing & First Look Review

Hear from verified customers who are finally getting the sleep they deserve.

Its so nice to wake up in the morning and not have my neck and shoulders hurting. Definitely changed the way I sleep. So comfortable. Feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Sutera Dream Deep Pillow

I love my Sutera pillow. It is so restful to use and I love how the design cradles your neck. It really does kind of lull you to sleep. I love it so much that I even bought a second one just in case. Never want to be without one!

Pam T. – Verified Buyer

Sutera Dream Deep Pillow

I have tried several different pillows throughout the years and these Sutera pillows have surpassed all the others with quality and comfort. I have the neck support I have always needed for a good night’s sleep.

Tina C. – Verified Buyer

Sutera Dream Deep Pillow

The pillows are great. I love the fact that my neck is supported when sleeping on my back or side I am totally comfortable. I have not slept this well in years. Thank you

Sherry A. – Verified Buyer

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Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Side Sleepers:Most side sleepers look for a pillow with a medium to high loft and medium firmness to fill the gap between the bed and their head and neck, without forcing their head too far upward. This should feel comfortable while promoting proper spinal alignment.

For most side sleepers, the Sutera Pillow fits the bill. At 5 inches thick, it is a medium loft model with a medium firm feel that should provide contouring while limiting sinkage. Additionally, its unique butterfly-shaped design gives side sleepers a spot to rest their arms.

The Sutera is particularly suitable for side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds. These individuals are likely to get a strong balance of contouring and support. Side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds may prefer a firmer pillow for additional support, though individuals in this category may still find the Sutera Pillow to be comfortable.

Back Sleepers:Back sleepers usually need a medium loft pillow to lift the head enough to align the spine without forcing it toward the chest.

The Suteras medium loft and medium firm feel should be appropriate for most back sleepers. Those who weigh under 130 pounds will likely get exceptional support. Back sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds could sink into the pillow more deeply, but they should still get enough support to prevent notable strain or pressure.

The Sutera Pillow


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