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How To Get Rid Of Mattress Austin

How To Recycle A Mattress

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Mattresses are filled made from a variety of materials that can be reused once the mattress has reached the end of its life cycle.

Here are some ways you can recycle your mattress or give it another chance:

  • Contact your local recycling company to find out if they pick up mattresses.
  • Check your mattress warranty to see if your mattress can be bought back or collected by your retailer.
  • Haul your mattress to a local recycling center.
  • Give your mattress away online or to someone you know.
  • Find creative uses for your mattress.
  • Proudly Serving Austin And Surrounding Areas

    We provide reliable, convenient and affordable mattress removal in Austin and surrounding neighborhoods. Our hauling services include pick up and disposal from anywhere in your home, apartment or office. We will go anywhere on your property to remove your unwanted mattress, box springs and bed frame. Once we LoadUp your mattress in Austin, we will recycle, donate or responsibly dispose of your old mattress to help reduce landfill waste.


    Disposal Ideas: Craigslist Offerup And Facebook Marketplace

    Another easy way to dispose of a mattress is to list it on Craigslist, OfferUp or . These online exchanges make it easy to sell used furniture, which you might be able to do with a lightly used mattress.

    But for an older model, offering it up for free may be your best bet. You can wait for an interested party to contact you, then schedule a time for them to pick it up. Alternatively, you can list your mattress for free along with the cross streets of your home. If you live in a busy metro area, you can expect it to be gone within an hour or two.

    Are you relocating to a new house or apartment? Our New Home Checklist covers all the essentials you’ll need when moving into a new space.

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    How To Properly Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

    The time has come to welcome a new mattress into your home and say goodbye to your old mattress. If you think simply throwing your mattress out in the nearest dumpster is the way to get rid of it think again. Proper disposal of old mattresses is important, and there are usually city rules and regulations regarding disposal. Keep reading to find out the best ways to get rid of your old mattress after purchasing a new one.

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    How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Bad

    Austin Bed Bug Treatment

    If your mattress is more than eight years old, its time to do some shopping. However, there are other warning signs that signal that it’s time to upgrade.

    Here are six signs that it is time to look for a new mattress:

  • You have allergies from dust mites.
  • Youre waking up with aches and pains.
  • Your mattress has lumps.
  • Youre not getting enough sleep.
  • Your mattress becomes too hard or too soft.
  • Your mattress creaks and squeaks.
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    Whats The Most Responsible Way To Dispose Of A Used Mattress You No Longer Want Or Need

    Because they are one of the bulky waste items that are the most difficult to dispose of in an eco-friendly way, mattresses are often the culprits of illegal dumping, frequently being left on sidewalks, beside dumpsters, and in alleyways.

    The problem here is that hauling a mattress to the landfill means paying extra fees for disposal because mattresses are heavy and bulky, so they dont compact well and end up creating air pockets that fill with flammable and toxic gases when they sit in a landfill.

    Unfortunately, trying to be more green about mattress disposal by having a mattress recycled isnt much easier. Mattresses and box springs are usually made up mostly of wood, steel, fabric, fiber, and various types of foam. While its possible to recycle over 90% of a mattress, the only mattress material that is easily recyclable is the foam.

    Even though an old mattress is difficult to get rid of, that doesnt mean that letting it sit in a dumpsite to rot away is the best way to dispose of an old mattress.

    Need to get rid of an old mattress? BOOK A PICKUP

    Plan Arrival Time W/ Gps Tracking

    We know that your time is valuable and our main goal at LoadUp is to help make your old bed and mattress recycling pickup in Austin as easy as possible.

    Once our local Austin removal team is headed your way, well send you an email and SMS text with a GPS tracking link to monitor our exact arrival time so you can better plan the day. No more waiting around!

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    Option : Resell It Or Give It Away

    If your mattress is in good shape and recycling or donating arent options for you, try reselling it. You may not make a ton of money, but you never know someone in your network might need a used mattress and be interested in purchasing it from you. Take advantage of your social media channels by posting that you have a used mattress up for grabs. You can also utilize online marketplaces like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, or Craigslist. Just post a picture of your mattress on one of these sites and offer up a price. When all else fails, you can list it as free on Craigslist.

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    Hurdles To Mattress Recycling In Austin Tx

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    While there is a focus on greener, more ecologically responsible disposal in Austin, getting rid of a mattress can be a challenge.

    Twice each year, municipal waste management service Austin Resource Recovery accepts bulk waste. Mattresses are among the items accepted, but theyre not destined for a recycling center. Despite the zero-waste goal being eagerly pursued by the city, there are currently no services for mattress recycling. Austin, TX municipal waste management takes all the mattresses discarded on those twice-yearly bulk collection days straight to the local landfill.

    If youre on any kind of a deadline, Austin Resource Recovery is already a poor choice unless your project is perfectly timed. Its also important to note that youll be responsible for lugging a heavy mattress down to the curb, too if youre not able to lift and carry the mattress, then municipal pickup becomes even less suited to your needs.

    Fortunately, there are facilities for mattress recycling in Austin, TX, though theyre not used by Austin Resource Recovery. These facilities rarely offer pickup services, however, which means you will need access to a vehicle large enough to accommodate your mattress and the ability to load it safely. For many, this can mean paying the rental, insurance and administrative costs of renting a truck on top of fueling expenses and recycling fees. When you look at all these stumbling blocks, attempting to recycle a mattress can be a discouraging experience.

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    Safe Secure And Anonymous

    Simply walk up and put your medication into the collection bin. You do not have to answer any questions. The bin is secured to the ground and double-locked for security. Staff periodically empty the bin and the contents are incinerated. The bag is never opened, so any personal information left on medication bottles remains secure.

    Accepted Items

    For more information, download and view our English and Spanish flyers.

    Questions? Call 3-1-1 or 974-2000

    Option #: Bulk Collection Day In Austin

    Check your calendar for the citys next bulk collection date. Mattresses and box springs are accepted for bulk collection in Austin. Austin Resource Recovery customers receive twice-per-year collection of bulk items.

    Place your things on the curb by 6:30 am on the first day of collection week.

    The downside is, unless you can time your new mattress to arrive just before a bulk trash day, you could be stuck storing the old one in your garage for nearly six months.

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    How Long Should Your Mattress Last

    How long should your mattress last? Great question! Over time, every mattress is going to eventually lose its ability to provide the support and comfort you need for a good nights sleep. This means that everyone will need to dispose of their old mattresses a few times during their lifetime.

    While the average life span of a mattress is 10 years, the type and quality of the mattress is going to ultimately determine how long your mattress will last. Lesser quality mattresses tend to last an average of 5 to 7 years.

    Eco Terra Latex Mattresses last an average of an impressive 15 years.

    What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Mattress

    Contact Support

    The best and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of a mattress is to recycle it. Throwing your mattress in the garbage means it will end up in a landfill and add to the planet’s waste. According to the Mattress Recycling Council, more than 80% of mattresses can be recycled…. see details

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    What To Do If Theres No Recycling Center Close By

    If you reside in a place with no mattress recycling center close by and there is no community recycling scheme, here are other environmentally friendly alternatives to repurpose your mattress.

    Sell it off

    If your bed is still clean, neat, and in good physical condition, one very good way to repurpose your mattress is to sell it for a small fee. You can sell it locally in your neighborhood, or you can list it for sale online on some classified e-commerce websites like Offer up, craigslist, garage sales, etc. can help you find another owner for your mattress.


    You can consider donating the old mattress to charity centers, furniture banks, domestic abuse shelters, homeless shelters, refugee homes, or any other establishment that accepts mattresses as donations.

    You can also donate your bed to animal shelters if your mattress is not perfect but still in clean or sanitary shape. You can also check websites like,, and others to search for places in need of mattress donations.

    Recycle the Mattress Yourself

    Another eco-friendly thing you can do with your old mattress is to recycle it yourself by breaking it into its part and taking to places where each component is used.

    Some of these companies can even pay you a little free places like scrap metal recyclers will pay for your bed spring and coils.

    Repurpose Your Mattress

    Is There Formaldehyde In Memory Foam

    Toxic chemicals in memory foamSome memory foam mattresses contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene. Memory foam may contain isocyanates, which, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin…. see more

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    Mattress Recycling Near Me

    Find a facility that will take your old mattress. Locate pickup and drop-off services available in your areas.

    Since close to 15 million mattresses end up in a landfill each year, its essential to take a little extra time to avoid this whenever possible.. You may also want to check that they follow through with recycling old mattress they pick up and they do not just end up at the dump and then a landfill.. There may or may not be a mattress recycling center local to your area.. Ask them about mattress recycling and see what they say.. Call your local recycle center to see if they will take your old bed and mattress or know of another facility in the area that will.. Some recycling centers that accept large bulk items such as mattresses will charge a small recycling fee.. Make sure to check with the facility in your area.. Free mattress recycling is available at some large recycling centers, so try a few different if you want to avoid this fee.. If the mattress you need to get rid of is still in good condition you may want to explore donation.. If you are not able to find a charity that will take your used mattress you still have some options for getting rid of it for free.. Mattress removal service is available in most cities.. Avoid dumping or burning your mattress.. You should be especially careful about burning or illegally dumping your mattress.. Can a mattress by recycled?How can I dispose of mattress for free?How is a mattress recycled?

    Best Way To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

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    If you would rather just skip the hassle and frustration of mattress disposal altogether, you should call a professional mattress removal service like Mattress Disposal Plus to haul away and responsibly dispose of your old mattress set for you.

    Having Mattress Disposal Plus pick up and haul away your old mattress set not only saves you loads of time and energy, but because Mattress Disposal Plus is usually 30% less expensive than other mattress haulers, you save lots of money, too.

    Mattress Disposal Plus is a nationwide mattress removal company offering fast, easy, and affordable mattress pickup and eco-friendly disposal as soon as the day after booking. Using green disposal methods like recycling and donation, Mattress Disposal Plus has already diverted over 2.5 Million mattresses from landfills across the U.S.

    Because Mattress Disposal Plus provides you with an honest and reasonable price before you even book your pickup, you dont have to worry about experiencing sticker shock when they arrive to pick up your mattress.

    Whenever you need to get rid of a mattress, box spring, bed frame, furniture, or any other junk, give Mattress Disposal Plus a call. They will work with you to schedule your pickup at a time that works best for you at your convenience.

    Want to learn more about Mattress Disposal Plus and why were the best mattress removal and disposal service in the U.S. or how you can book a pickup with us? visit us here or give us a call today!

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    Most mattresses won’t fit inside a car’s trunk or hatch. Some vehicles, however, are ideal for moving a twin, full, double, queen, or even king-sized mattress. For example, most mattresses of any size will fit into a typical pickup truck. If you can borrow or rent one, you’re in good shape…. read more

    Environmental Harm Caused By Old Mattresses

    Beyond cost and lack of landfill space, GHG emissions are another issue with landfilling old mattresses.

    Most mattresses contain carbon-based materials. When placed in a landfill, these carbon-based materials anaerobically break down and create methane gas. This methane gas slowly escapes from landfills and contributes to global warming 23 times more than carbon.

    Some mattresses are incinerated instead of rotting in landfills. This process produces environmentally toxic pollution and isnt 100% effective as a disposal method.

    After incineration, 40% of a mattress still needs to be landfilled. Aside from the pollution, both incineration and landfill disposal of mattresses are costly. This is one of the most important reasons why you should care about proper mattress disposal alternatives. The cost of mattress disposal normally falls upon municipalities, governments, and consumers.**

    Ultimately, you as a taxpayer or consumer foot the bill. No thanks! Fortunately, theres a cornucopia of alternatives to landfills and incineration that are not only cost-effective, but environmentally friendly.

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    Extending The Life Of Your Mattress

    There are a few ways you can extend the life of your old mattress but its not recommended. Old mattresses tend to have sleepers tossing and turning during the night, due to sagging and more. They also have the ability to negatively affect a person’s overall health. Dust mites are unfortunately a common mattress issue that can cause many health problems, especially in allergy and asthma sufferers.

    Sleeping on an old mattress can even be stressful, proven by a bed-based study which concluded that sleeping on a new mattress increases sleep quality and reduces back discomfort.

    Is It Safe To Burn A Mattress

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    Burning a mattress releases toxic fumes that can harm you, the environment, and those around you. Burning a mattress is definitely not the way to go. There is a better, environmentally friendly alternative for safely, recycling your old upholstered furniture, couches and unwanted mattresses…. continue reading

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    Option #: Give Your Mattress Away On Craigslist

    The cheapest way to dispose of a mattress is to give it away. If you want to get rid of a mattress for free, but youve had no luck selling it, and no donation locations will accept it, try posting on Craigslist or Freecycle. Remember to list the size as well as any positive features like it coming from a smoke or pet-free home.

    Pro tip: Time your mattress listing for a Friday afternoon or evening when people are planning out their weekend garage sale activities.

    Taking The Mattress To The Landfill

    If your is able to transport your mattress themselves, you may want to take it directly to the landfill rather than waiting for a trash pickup service to collect it. Your local landfill or dump may charge a fee to accept the mattress.


    You may be able to take a mattress to the landfill on your own time, rather than waiting for a scheduled pickup appointment or bulk trash day.


    You need to transport the mattress themselves, which will typically require a large vehicle. You may have to pay a fee for the landfill to accept the mattress.

    Additionally, this is not a great option from an environmental standpoint. Landfills are already overflowing with waste, and mattresses contribute to that problem. According to a Seattle Times article, mattresses can cause issues for landfill equipment during garbage compaction: Mattresses dont compact well. Even worse, the mattress springs pop out and get tangled in the equipment, often damaging it.

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