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Why Does My Mattress Make Me Sweat

Use Cotton Or Bamboo Sheets

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Sheets made from synthetic materials like polyester easily trap heat and are not as breathable. Bamboo or cotton sheets eliminate the moisture that makes you sweat. Bamboo is also a natural, moisture-wicking material that regulates body temperature and cools you down while you sleep.

Wool bedding like duvets, sheets, and pillowcases absorb moisture from your body and control the mattresss temperature, making you feel less hot and clammy. Thick covers reduce the skins surface area, making it harder to cool down. Also, they dont let out as much moisture and air.

How Do I Protect My Mattress From Night Sweats

There are several methods for preventing night sweats before they happen. One of the most effective strategies for avoiding excessive perspiration is to choose a mattress with cooling gel technology embedded in its construction.

These mattresses use high-tech fabrics that are specially designed to keep your body temperature balanced throughout the night, so you dont wake up sweaty or uncomfortable.

Another useful measure you can take to ensure cool sleeping conditions is using a mattress protector.

Mattress protectors arent just waterproof they also have built-in technologies that regulate airflow and dissipate heat away from the surface during rest.

Solutions To Memory Foam And Night Sweats

  • Add a wool mattress protector: Memory foam too hot? Its a little-known secret that wool is an incredibly effective fibre for keeping you cool. As a breathable, natural material, it regulates temperature and absorbs more moisture than other materials such as polyester, down and even cotton. This means that if your memory foam mattress is making you sweat, having a wool mattress protector will help to draw this moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and stopping you from feeling clammy a quick and easy solution for finding the coolest mattress to sleep on.
  • Sleep in wool bedding: Another solution for problems with memory foam mattresses is sleeping in wool bedding. While a wool mattress protector is an effective way to improve the heat regulation in your bed, surrounding yourself in wool bedding can enhance your comfort even further. Replace synthetic duvets and pillows with natural, wool-filled alternatives for a breathable, sleep-enhancing environment. As with the mattress protector, it will keep you cool and draw moisture away from your body.
  • Replace your memory foam mattress: This is the ideal solution, of course, and the best way to be sure that youve eliminated the problem. When choosing your new mattress, look for natural, breathable fibres rather than synthetic alternatives and remember that some pocket-sprung mattresses come with a built-in layer of memory foam too.

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What Is The Best Temperature For Sleep

There is no single sleep temperature thats ideal for all people. Experts suggest that most adults ideal sleep temperature lies is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. There are, of course, many people who fall outside of the norm.

Some people will find they prefer a warmer room, while others who sleep hot might find they need their bedroom even cooler. You can experiment with different sleep temperatures to see what feels most comfortable.

Do Mattress Covers Make You Hot

Sweating While Sleeping

After investing in a good mattress, the last youll want is the mattress protector thats going to disrupt your comfort. You may find yourself asking the question, among others Is the mattress protector going to make me sweat. Its important to mention that not all mattress protectors will make you sweat, but some can. That is due to the quality of the fabric. You must check the protector before you make a purchase. A waterproof layer that protects your mattresses from different accidents is only good if that layer doesnt retain heat too.

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Change Your Sleeping Patterns

If you continue to be hot while sleeping in your bed, consider lowering the temperature of your bedroom by adjusting the thermostat, turning on a fan, or opening a window. You can also wear light and loose sleepwear made of cotton or bamboo to wick moisture away. Avoid wearing silk or polyester pajamas.

If youre having a hard time sleeping, you should also look into the benefits of magnetic mattress pads. Weve also discussed how to use magnetic mattress pads to increase comfort and reduce pain.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Night Sweats

The most common causes of night sweats include taking certain types of medication, menopause, or infections like tuberculosis. You can also be getting night sweats because of your mattress or bedding. Consider looking into a mattress with cooling gel-infused foam that regulates your temperature as you sleep.

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Replace Your Bed Frame For Better Airflow

While you cant change much about the air flow in the areas where your body makes contact with your memory foam mattress, you can improve overall breathability of the memory foam with the right bed frame. According to, the best bed frames for ventilation are ones that have equally spaced slats. This type of frame allows plenty of room for the air to flow freely from the underside of the mattress.

How Your Bed Gets So Hot

CLEAN WITH ME | Watch stains disappear | Removing urine/sweat stains from a mattress

Its strange to think that with all of this technology, we still suffer from extremely warm beds. In order for memory foam to work properly, it has to mold to your body using the heat coming off of you. The level of heat can cause you to feel like youre encased in it, leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. In a lot of industries, the foam is used as an insulator. In the mattress industry, the foam material needs to be dense enough to support and allow air circulation between your mattress and your body. The higher the density, the higher the heat is going to be. You could always invest in a new mattress, but it can get expensive.

Your overall body heat can be an issue as well. If you sleep with a partner, you may also overheat because now you have two bodies creating heat. So, whats the solution if not a new mattress?

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Why Does My Mattress Make Me Sweat

Are you tired of waking up in a pool of your own sweat? If so, youre not alone. Many people experience this problem, and it can be frustrating to say the least. There are a few reasons why your mattress might be making you sweat, and were here to help you figure it out. Keep reading to learn more about why your mattress is making you sweat and what you can do about it.

So, why does my mattress make me sweat?

There are a few reasons why your mattress might make you sweat. One reason is that your body temperature is naturally warmer when you sleep, so you might sweat more at night. Another reason could be that your mattress is not breathable and traps heat, making you sweat more. Finally, if you sleep on a memory foam mattress, it can contour to your body and make you feel hotter. If youre struggling with a hot mattress, try sleeping with lighter sheets, using a fan, or sleeping on a cooling mattress topper.

Lets dig into it and see if we can figure it out.

How To Prevent Yellow Stains On A Mattress

While theres nothing you can do about a mattress that’s turned yellow due to age, you can at least rest assured its not harmful to sleep on. But, if you want to keep your mattress healthy and prevent it from yellowing due to spills, accidents, and sweat for instance, then try the following:

  • Use a mattress topper or mattress protector. These are removable and washable, and provide a tougher barrier for liquids getting into your mattress. Some are also waterproof, ideal for younger family members who are prone to wetting the bed. See our best mattress protector and best mattress topper guides to find one that suits your needs.
  • To prevent sweat and body oils getting too deep into your mattress, set reminders to clean and air the mattress twice a year or so, along with your pillows and duvets too. Also wash bed sheets and pillow cases regularly.
  • Act quickly on all accidental spillages to clean up before the liquid seeps into the mattress too much.
  • Avoid eating or drinking in bed. While this is fun, it also increases the chances of accidental spillages.
  • Avoid letting your pet sleep on the bed. Again, while this might be cosy, urine accidents and worse can happen.

If you’re ready to find something new but are unsure what size you need, read our easy guide to mattress sizes and bed dimensions.

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Why Does Memory Foam Sleep Hot

One of the negative aspects of memory foam is excessive heat retention due to increased sinkage and hug. This can result in sweating and discomfort during sleep.

The reason heat gets trapped inside the foam is because of its unique structure. Memory foam is porous and filled with tiny bubbly spaces. However, it isnt interconnected to allow a greater amount of airflow inside.

The weight of the body compresses and displaces these tiny bubbles of air. This means that there is no more space for it to circulate. Considering how important this problem is, manufacturers have created specialized cooling mattresses in which temperature-regulating features are added to memory foam beds to help make them sleep cooler.

Other Ways To Keep Cool

No..... it seems perfectly reasonable to me. Why, oh, why can it only ...

Changing your bed frame, mattress, and bedding isnt the only way to keep cool. You can take other measures to make your bedroom a chill experience.

A memory foam mattress can cause excessive sweating if it retains too much body heat. Wearing light sleepwear and using breathable, moisture-wicking bedding can help, and talk to your doctor if excessive sweating continues.

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Adjust Your Bed Frame

You would be surprised if you knew how much impact your bed frame could have on how much heat is trapped in the bed. A lot of people dont know that, but if your mattress, mattress pad, or topper trap the heat, it has to escape somewhere, and oftentimes, the encased platform bed frame will make it difficult to escape, which only results in clashing with the heat youre currently generating.

Most cheap bed frames, especially platform and bed in a box kinds of beds with storage trap a lot of heat. Theyre made out of chipboard, instead of full wood which is a much more breathable material whereas chipboard feels synthetic which results in heat being trapped.

If you dont use the storage drawers, you should consider removing them to be able to make more room with your bed. You should also consider airing your mattress and mattress pad during the day to leave it more space.

Also, you could invest in a newer floor system with full wood that would help the heat get out and adjust temperature regulation on your bed.

Editors notes: Consider using an open design frame that gives a lot of space for regulated airflow. Additionally, you should invest in a slated floor system that not only gives you extra airflow but also helps with support and wont make your mattress feel uncomfortable.

Try To Create Space For Air To Flow Freely

If you sleep with a partner, make sure there is enough space between your body and theirs.

People who share their beds tend to sweat more since they decrease the overall airflow.

This can cause moisture to become trapped between bodies where it will eventually lead to night sweats and discomfort.

We recommend at least half of your mattress size should be free from another bodys weight and heat.

If you enjoy sleeping on each side or stomach, consider purchasing a thinner memory foam product so that airflow is not blocked as much by the mattress.

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Why Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sleep Hot

Memory foam beds are well-known for their conforming abilities and alleviation of pressure points. Memory foam is dense and filled with disconnected air bubbles, limiting airflow. When the foam is compressed, air bubbles are displaced, which limits space for airflow.

The bodys ability to self-regulate temperature relies on body-to-air contact. Because high-density materials have limited airflow, overheating while lying on a foam mattress is normal.

Twenty years ago, foam mattresses were very dense with low resilience, resulting in heat and moisture retention. Modern foams are made to enhance breathability and wick moisture.

Hot sleepers also need to be aware of mattress firmness, since a too-soft bed can sleep hot. Firm foam beds dont encourage sinkage therefore, the foam materials dont compress excessively beneath you. Plush materials increase sinkage, causing a hugging feeling. Non-cooling foams can cause the hug sensation to become unbearably hot instead of comfortable.

Using a mattress infused with copper, graphite, or gel can prevent heat retention and sleeping hot.

Uncleaned Vomit Leaves Yellow Marks

How To Remove Yellow Stains Off A Mattress – Pee Stains Sweat Stains

Vomit – from pets or people – on a mattress can leave an unsightly yellow stain. As with urine, its important to clean it up quickly, clearing away as much as you can, then tackling any dampness that’s seeped through onto the mattress.

Dab the area with a rag or sponge to remove the excess moisture, and try not to rub it, as this could spread bacteria. Spot clean the area with a fresh rag, using an enzyme-based cleaner, or white vinegar and baking soda.

Its important to note that some mattresses soak up liquid easier than others, so you may have to spend more time blotting the moisture out first. Also, if you’re cleaning a particularly absorbent mattress, apply the cleaner to the sponge rather than the mattress.

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More Ways To Help You Sleep Cool

  • Lower the Thermostat Experts recommend sleeping in a cool room that is between 60-68 degrees at night. This will help tell your body its time to produce melatonin, the hormone that signals your body to sleep.
  • Open the Window If its cool where you live and you dont want to crank the AC, you can always open a window. You can also open two windows across from each other, or put a fan in front of your window, to create a cross breeze.
  • Wear Breathable Pajamas Pajamas made out of cotton, linen, or bamboo are going to be the most breathable. Avoid flannel or wool pajamas if youre trying to keep cool at night.
  • Turn Off the Lights The energy from lighting adds a surprising amount of heat to a room, so be sure to turn off the lights during the day when you can use natural lighting and keep them off at night. At night, trying to use use candlelight or just one lamp. This will help keep your space cooler.

Choose A Cooling Mattress

Innerspring mattresses may be old fashioned, but they can be the best for keeping you cool at night. With lots of space around the coils for air to circulate, they are the perfect solution for people who sleep hot or struggle with night sweats.

Keep in mind that many innerspring mattresses include a layer of foam on top we refer to these as hybrid mattresses. Make sure the foam has breathable layers or uses some other type of cooling technology.

Memory foam is notorious for absorbing body heat and retaining it. In fact, your body heat is one factor that helps memory foam perform its characteristic contouring. The contouring is great for relieving pressure points but really bad for dissipating body heat.

So if youre set on memory foam, make sure the mattress is constructed with breathable layers that let heat escape or cooling technology that dissipates heat instead of trapping it.

Latex mattresses have contouring benefits similar to those of memory foam mattresses without the troublesome heat absorption. They are a good choice for people who need help sleeping cool.

See Mattress Advisors top picks for the best mattress for night sweats.

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Your Mattress Traps The Heat

Just like memory foam pads and mattress toppers trap the heat, in the same way, mattresses made out of memory foam can get extremely hot. When the mattress gets hot, itll also radiate the heat back into the pad and then against you. This can be extremely uncomfortable and if the mattress has spent quite some years with you, maybe its time for new investment.

Editors notes: But, if you want to replace your memory foam mattress with another memory foam mattress, make sure to go for the one with gel cooling features, or the organic memory foam option. Youll feel much cooler and your pad and body wont suffer.

Air Cooling Memory Foam

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Since one of the biggest complaints about memory foam is the amount of heat accumulation they have. Manufacturers decided to eliminate the heat issue altogether by producing cooling foam. It works by allowing air to flow through the mattress through open cells. Still, there are some mattresses that still retain some amounts of heat.

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Hot Mattress Solutions: How To Keep Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress

  • Keep your room as cool as you can by leaving a window open or running a fan. This should help to reduce your body heat and stop your mattress being too hot.
  • Keep a glass of cold water by your bedside and make sure you take regular sips, particularly if you find yourself beginning to sweat. This should help to cool you from the inside out.


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