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Do Ikea Mattresses Come In A Box

Side By Side Comparison: What The Dimensions Look Like

IKEA SLÄKT Folding Mattress Review, What’s in the Box?

To make sure you dont get the wrong length and width mattress for your bed or wrong size bed for your IKEA bed mattress check out the sizes chart above. A classic mistake on size comparison is the full vs double sized mattress. IKEA double bed mattress is referred to as twin and a three quarter mattress from IKEA as full To visualise and compare what they look like alongside each other see the following:

Can You Roll An Ikea Mattress Again

Yes, you can roll an IKEA foam mattress again. However, it may prove difficult as once a mattress is unrolled, its incredibly hard to roll it back up.

Alternatively, you can fold foam mattresses in half and tie it off with a piece of rope which allows for better transportation.

If you are moving houses and need to transport an IKEA foam mattress, this video showing how to dot it is very helpful!

Keep in mind that you should not bend or roll a spring mattress as this can damage the springs internally.

Which Ikea Bed Slats Should I Get

There are three types of basic slats to choose from:

  • Luroy slats are curved a little and made of birch wood. You would use these with a mattress alone, and they provide a softer feel.
  • Lonset slats feel the plushest, and you would also use these with the mattress alone. Note: These come with their own wood frame, are adjustable, and need to be assembled. They are a lot of work, but if you like the softer feel, they are worth it.

Each slat or slat and box spring/foundation combo can work with any mattress, be it spring, foam, or latex. The thicker the mattress , the less you feel the slats the thinner the mattress, the more you have to pay attention to the slat choice. Alright sound good, am I missing anything else?

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How Long Does An Ikea Mattress Last

While it depends on your tastes and the mattress in question, IKEA recommends that you always change your mattress every 8 to 10 years to maintain your comfort.

However, IKEA also offers a 25-year guarantee with their mattresses, which covers any defects in the material and workmanship of the product.

If you find you cannot afford a new mattress that often and you come across a fault in the mattress, IKEA can repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you.

If you want to know more about IKEA mattresses, you might also be interested in reading up on the IKEA mattress return policy, IKEA pillow & duvet return policy, and if IKEA sells Murphy beds.

Micro Or Hd Springs From Ikea

GLADSTAD upholstered bed with 4 storage boxes, 160x200 cm

The second spring that IKEA uses is the micro spring, which has recently started to appear in mattress showrooms and retailers. Were not a fan of micro springs, as theres been a move to start using them to hyperinflate the spring counts in mattresses. This is not the case for IKEA, who typically use them as a secondary comfort layer and to increase loft in their one-sided mattresses.

Caution, however, should be taken when you see other mattress models claiming 4,000, 6,000 or even 8,000 springs. The maximum single layer count of Pocket Springs you can fit in a mattress is 2,000. After that, its either a dual-layer of pocket springs, like our Artisan Bespoke 002, or Micro/HD springs.

The minimum number of regular Pocket Springs you can fit in a mattress is 600 springs.

This is why some of IKEAs models have around 550-570, as they use a foam tray to house them in rather than a perimeter wire.

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Ikea Mattresses: How Long Do They Last

While it depends on your tastes and the mattress in question, IKEA recommends that you always change your mattress every 8 to 10 years to maintain your comfort.

IKEAs mattresses come with a 25-year warranty. It covers all defects in materials and workmanship.

IKEA will repair or replace any mattress that is damaged or worn if you cant afford to buy a brand new one.

IKEA Mattresses: You can also read about the IKEA Pillow & Duvet Return Policy, IKEA mattress warranty, and whether IKEA stocks Murphy beds.

IKEA Mattresses arrive rolled so you can transport them easily. The rolled up mattress saves you money on shipping to different stores in the United States and reduces customer costs.

For the best mattress experience, it is recommended that you wait at least 72 hours before your mattress inflates again.

Top 10 Best Ikea Mattress Picks Reviewed In 2022

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If you are looking to upgrade your mattress or you are making a fresh start, IKEA has a wide array of mattresses to meet your needs and preferences. Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd is one of the most renowned furniture stores in the world.

The retailer offers an array of bedroom products including bed frames, bedding, box-spring and slatted mattress bases, toppers, mattress and pillow protectors. They are planning to continue their success by adding and promoting new features to their product line-up.

IKEA mattresses tend to be affordable and can accommodate all type of sleepers. The company offers a variety of mattresses, ranging from ultra firm to pillow tops. The mattresses also range from three inches to 17 inches in thickness and can accommodate all types of sleepers.

Apart from usually being budget-friendly, IKEA products are often backed by a money guarantee and have generous return and exchange policies. This includes IKEA’s mattresses.

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Why Trust The Spruce

Erica Puisis has been researching the best mattresses for every sleeping style and budget for more than three years. Having recently purchased a new bed, she is sympathetic to the challenge of finding a mattress that is comfortable yet affordable. Every night she settles into the soft, squishy comfort of the plush 12-inch Zinus Green Tea Mattress.

For additional background on mattresses, we spoke to Dr. Samantha March-Howard, doctor of chiropractic at 100% Chiropractic office in Dunwoody, Georgia, who spoke about mattress firmness.

  • The Best Cheap Mattresses Are Easy on Your Back and Your Wallet. GQ.

  • The 11 Best Affordable Mattresses in 2022. Healthline.

  • What Have I Said In This Article

    Tips & Ideas: How Roll-Packed Mattresses Work | IKEA Australia

    I started this article by giving a brief account of the transportation of mattresses and the difficulties involved in it. Following this, I mentioned how long can a person leave his IKEA mattress rolled up so that it is not damaged. Later, I clarified if IKEA delivers the mattresses in a box. While answering the next question, I explained if it is possible to roll the IKEA mattress again and how rolling it up again could be a difficult task. In the next section, I mentioned the waiting duration before a person starts using IKEA mattresses. After this waiting period, the IKEA mattress would have regained its original size and shape. The next query was about the compatibility of fitting an IKEA in a cars trunk. I discussed the possibility of fitting IKEA mattresses inside a sedan and hatchback car. While answering the last couple of questions, I clarified if a person has to carry the mattress by himself to the car and the average life span of IKEA.

    I hope the information provided in this article regarding the delivery of the IKEA mattress was useful to you. Thank you for reading this article.

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    Ikea Matrand Mattress Review Editor’s Choice

    • Material: Memory Foam and Latex
    • Thickness: 7 1/8
    • Other Features: Cotton / poly cover Polypropylene lining Poly / rayon fiber


    • Memory foam for those who want firm, pressure relieving comfort.
    • Latex for those who prioritize heat dissipation and a slightly soft feel.
    • Works well for both child and adult use.


    • Latex version only available in Queen size.
    • Some issues with sagging and deformity.

    The memory foam variant of the Matrand series is 7 1/8 thick, and incorporates 3.1 lb/cu.ft. polyurethane memory foam, as well as 1.7 lb/cu.ft. regular polyurethane foam. Supporting the memory foam with a layer of regular foam extends the lifetime of this budget product, and lends it a firm feel that the latex variant cannot achieve with its single 1.7 lb/cu.ft. polyurethane layer.

    That said, the 7 1/7 thick latex version will appeal more to sleepers who are particular about heat dissipation and prefer a slightly soft feel on their mattresss surface. Unfortunately, it is only available in Queen size. The memory foam version is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes, and offers far more freedom of choice.

    Purchasers have generally been very pleased with the comfort and support offered by these mattresses, and have especially commended its suitability for children. Naturally, given the low price, some complaints about sagging and deformation are to be expected.

    Is It Possible To Re

    The IKEA foam mattress can be rolled again. However, rerolling a mattress after its been unrolled is extremely difficult.

    To make transportation easier, you can fold foam mattresses in half and tie them together with a rope.

    Its extremely helpful if youre moving and need to transport an IKEA foam mattress!

    Avoid bending or rolling a spring mattress because this can damage the springs inside..

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    Is It Really Necessary To Wait 24 Hours Before Using Memory Foam

    It is recommended that you open your new memory foam mattress as soon as possible after receiving it. To achieve 90% growth, it may take another 4-6 hours, and it may take another 4-6 hours to get close to complete expansion. It is advised that you wait 24 hours before sleeping on it, but dont be concerned if you are unable to wait that long.

    Are Ikea Spring Mattress Rolled Up

    GLADSTAD upholstered bed with 4 storage boxes, 160x200 cm

    The bed comes rolled up in a box, and you can easily carry it home, but be prepared to smell a bit of off-gassing once you remove it from its original packaging. Due to the way of packaging, it is recommended to wait at least 48 or 72 hours before sleeping on it, so that the mattress can regain its shape and comfort.

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    Cot Mattresses: Standard One Size For All

    The famous swedish retailer does indeed sell mattresses for your baby cot which are affordable, comfortable and safe. All meet specific strict safety standards and are machine-washable so that you can easily clean up any accidents you toddler may have had such as urine in on the bed. Crib IKEA mattress sizes are standard across their entire range in the US and are as follows:

    Metric measurements:

    Width: 70 cm

    Mattresses In Different Sizes

    You wont have any trouble finding a mattress in a size that perfectly fits your sleeping quarter, whether its an enormous master bedroom or a small and cosy space. See below the most common mattress size dimensions

    • Single mattresses 92 x 188cm
    • Double mattresses 138 x 188cm
    • Queen mattresses – 153 x 203cm
    • King size mattresses 183 x 203cm

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    Can You Sleep On An Ikea Mattress Before 72 Hours

    Alright, so youve just bought this brand new mattress, and youre excited to sleep on it, but wait! It says it needs 72 hours to expand. I know what youre thinking: Do I really need to wait three days before I can use my new mattress? The answer is no! While IKEA notes that its mattresses need 72 hours to fully expand and take their shape, they are good to use right out of the package.

    Spunbond Pocket Springs In Ikea

    IKEA rolled packed spring mattresses

    The first is Spunbond pocket springs . Unfortunately, they dont specify the spring wire gauge so were not 100% sure which tension the springs actually are. From testing out the range, we guess they are a firmer gauge at somewhere between a 1.4-1.6 gauge spring. Without it being confirmed we cant be sure.

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    Should I Wait For 72 Hours Before I Start Using An Ikea Mattress

    Be it foam or a spring mattress, it needs some time to get back to its regular size and shape. It has been advised by IKEA to wait for at least 72 hours before you could sleep on the mattress. However, you can start using it after 24 hours of unrolling. However, you should note that the IKEA mattress would have not regained its original shape or size yet. After using the mattress for a few days, the mattress will regain its original size and shape. According to IKEA, this happens after 3 to 4 days of usage.

    How Long Do You Have To Wait After Buying An Ikea Mattress Before Sleeping On It

    Because an IKEA mattress is rolled up for transport, it must be unrolled and allowed to expand for a maximum of 72 hours before use.

    Form mattresses and spring mattresses both benefit from this feature, which allows the mattress to return to its original size after a brief period of deflation. Customers can begin using their mattress after 24 hours, but it is recommended that they wait 72 hours.

    Roll-packed mattresses, according to IKEA, should regain their shape within three to four days of use.

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    Is Ikea Bedding Compatible With Standard

    No. IKEA mattresses and bedding are not designed to suit ordinary European bed frames. IKEA pillows are the only ones that are regular European sizes. Recently, I discovered that the duvet on the extra bed is from IKEA, and I took it out of the normal-sized cover to measure its dimensions, which were 190×135 inches.

    Whats The Best Ikea Mattress

    GLADSTAD upholstered bed with 4 storage boxes, 160x200 cm

    Based on our testing and delving under the covers the best all-rounder which features some natural fibres and spunbond pocket springs is the IKEA HIDRASUND mattress. However, its a one-sided mattress and features the pretty pointless micro springs and the issue of the obvious perimeter bar being felt. You will probably want to couple this mattress with a deep topper to overcome the issues associated with one-sided mattresses that cant be turned. Ie settlement and potential dips.

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    Can You Carry An Ikea Mattress

    In most cases, one person will be able to carry a double IKEA mattress. When in-store, most IKEA mattresses come rolled up with 2 handles on them for transporting onto the cart and into a car.

    Additionally, when in-store, an IKEA team member will be happy to help carry larger queen and king-size mattresses to your car.

    Are Ikea Beds Any Good

    The quick answer is yes, for an entry-level mattress price point using synthetic upholstery and pocket springs IKEA beds are fine. For the price point up to £650 they are good value.

    If youre on a budget then the IKEA range of beds is a solid group of mattresses with some nice beginner bed features that other retailers could take a lesson or two from. However, if youre looking for a bespoke mattress, a bed thats breathable, tailored to your bodyweight or something to help you sleep when you have a bad back/health issue you should probably look elsewhere.

    IKEA mattresses are most suitable for:

    • Mattresses on a budget
    • A mattress if you have no health complaints
    • People who find it easy to sleep on anything
    • Mattresses for your first home
    • Beds for buy to let
    • Student accommodation

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    Do You Have To Wait 72 Hours To Sleep On An Ikea Mattress

    As an IKEA mattress is rolled up for the convenience of transport, this will mean that your mattress will need to be unrolled and left to expand for a maximum of 72 hours.

    This is to allow the mattress to inflate back to its regular size, both with form and spring mattresses. Customers can wait 24 hours and begin to use their mattress, but the recommended time is 72 hours.

    In addition, IKEA also advises that roll-packed mattresses should regain their shape within 3-4 days of use.

    Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

    How to unpack an IKEA Morgedal mattress

    The soft profile of the Zinus provides strict side sleepers with plenty of pressure relief in the hips and shoulders. If you love to sink into your mattress and prefer a classic memory foam feel, the Zinus should be right up your alley. The Zinus also isolates motion very well.

    Read my full Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress review to learn more.

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    Ikea Morgedal Mattress Review

    • Other Features: Cotton / poly cover Polypropylene lining Poly / rayon fiber


    • Available in both firm and medium-firm varieties.
    • High resilience layer enables it to last longer than other cheap foam options.


    • Only available in Queen size.

    It has a high resilience polyurethane foam layer with a 2.2 lb/cu.ft. density in its core, besides the expected 1.7 lb/cu.ft. regular foam layer. The high resilience layer enables this otherwise ordinary foam offering to withstand a good degree of punishment before it starts to sag, and is reflected in the positive feedback about its performance from consumers.

    Other than that, the mattress has an overall thickness of 7 1/8, with a cotton / polyester cover and polypropylene lining that are pretty much standard fare. One other thing I admire about this product is that it is available in both firm and medium-firm varieties to cater to a larger segment of sleepers.

    Its a shame that it is available exclusively in Queen size though, since this combination of thickness and resilience at such a low cost isnt available in other IKEA offerings.

    Moregdal is IKEAs cheapest foam line, intended for those who want a reasonably comfortable queen-sized bedding solution that wont break as quickly as most cheap foam mattresses..


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