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How Often To Turn Mattress

Why Should You Flip Your Mattress

Should I rotate my mattress?

Sleeping on the same surface for a long time means your body eventually leaves a big imprint. Flipping the mattress or even rotating it can prevent these indents as you distribute weight across the bed.

But now this principle works only on double-sided innerspring mattresses. Flipping prevents the steel coils from wearing out prematurely, causing sag.

Why Should I Flip My Mattress

The truth is that most modern mattresses are not meant to be flipped. For the most part, they are designed with specific layers and will not operate correctly if turned upside down. Typically, only older mattresses and innerspring mattresses with no pillowtop should be flipped.

The steel coil springs inside an innerspring mattress will wear out over time if someone sleeps in the same spot on the same side every night for the entire time they own their mattress. To help remedy this, it is recommended that people not only flip their innerspring mattresses over but rotate them as well.

Take a look at our list of the best innerspring mattresses for information.

How Often Should I Rotate My Mattressprint

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Foam and latex mattresses should be rotated every 46 months, especially if there is a significant weight difference between the people who use the bed.

Hybrid mattresses should be rotated every 34 months, regardless of the weight difference between people who use the bed.

To rotate a mattress, turn the mattress 180 degrees . Rotating a mattress allows the surface to recover from prolonged body indentations. This will help the longevity of the mattress.

Note: Due to the ordering of the layers of mattresses, they should ONLY be rotated and never flipped.

Hybrid mattresses should be rotated every 34 months, regardless of the weight difference between people who use the bed.

To rotate a mattress, turn the mattress 180 degrees . Rotating a mattress allows the surface to recover from prolonged body indentations. This will help the longevity of the mattress.

Note: Due to the ordering of the layers of our mattresses, they should ONLY be rotated and never flipped.

Our mattresses should be rotated every 46 months, especially if there is a significant weight difference between the people who use the bed.

To rotate a mattress, turn the mattress 180 degrees . Rotating a mattress allows the surface to recover from prolonged body indentations. This will help the longevity of the mattress.

Note: Due to the ordering of the layers of our mattresses, they should ONLY be rotated and never flipped.

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How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress

ByDavina Frankspublished 7 September 21

How often you rotate your mattress depends on what it’s made of, but some can’t be rotated or flipped here’s why

For a mattress to stay supportive and even, its advisable to turn it every so often. But how often should you rotate your mattress, and what happens if you dont? Here well go through the main things you need to know, including which ones can be rotated and which cant, plus well look at some easy care tips to keep it in shape.

As we explain in our best mattress guide, not all mattresses should be flipped and some cant even be rotated. Why? Because certain types, such as hybrid mattresses, have been designed with a foundation and a top layer that work in a specific way – and in a specific order.

These can be still rotated though as the top layer will still be the right way up if the end that used to be beneath your head is now beneath your feet and vice versa. However, some special mattresses cant be flipped or rotated . Lets now take a look at how often you should rotate your mattress to keep it supporting you properly each night.

Why Do Mattresses Need To Be Rotated

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

If you sleep on the same mattress night after night, the weight of your body will eventually cause wear and tear or unevenness in the parts of the mattress where your body digs in most .

To keep the mattress surface more even, you should rotate the mattress to make sure it is still supporting you well. Also, by rotating the mattress you will switch to a part of it that is used less, which keeps the top layer fresher.

Not all mattresses can be rotated. This includes models that have a special zoned top layer with support aimed at specific parts of the body. So if you rotate top to toe, then you might experience discomfort or fail to get the proper support of pressure relief the mattress has to offer, so check before you rotate.

However, if your mattress can be rotated, then you should set a reminder to do this essential chore, as it not only makes your mattress last longer, but it keeps you healthier too. Heres a recap of why you shouldnt put off rotating your mattress:

  • It helps keep the mattress in good condition
  • It helps keep the mattress surface even
  • It maintains proper support for your body
  • It provides a more hygienic surface to sleep on

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You Wake Stiff And Sore

Poor sleep can contribute to chronic back pain. If you wake up stiff and sore every day, your mattress could be part of the problem. If your back pain is worse when you wake but subsides when you stretch and move around, thats a sign that the mattress is causing or contributing to your pain.

A firm mattress may not be the answer. A study from the Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca found that medium-firm mattresses provided better comfort for chronic low-back pain. Experts recommend sleep testing different types of mattresses before buying if you suffer pain while sleeping or when waking.

How Often Should I Flip A Mattress And Why

People used to flip their mattresses for the same purposes to make their mattresses last longer. However, today, it is like a tradition because most modern mattresses just dont need to be flipped. They contain special layers, and one of them is usually supposed to be on top. In other words, it may work only for two-sided mattresses.

You should flip your mattress from time to time if you have a two-sided innerspring mattress. Dont forget to rotate it as well coils can wear out over time, especially if you sleep on the same spot. Do it every 6 months.

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How Often Should You Rotate Memory Foam Mattress

It is generally recommended that innerspring and memory foam mattresses be rotated once every three months.

How Often Should You Rotate Memory Foam Mattress?

The majority of memory foam mattresses are constructed from the top down. This indicates that the comfort layer is on the top of the mattress, while the support layer is on the bottom. Flipping a memory foam mattress means youll be sleeping on the unpleasant support layer. In addition, using a mattress upside-down accelerates the sagging process.

So, It is always better to rotate a memory foam mattress than flipping it.

Mattress Care And Maintenance By Size And Material

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? And Should You Flip It?

Theres no one-size-fits-all routine because every mattress can be different. One memory foam mattress may be eight inches thick another may be 12 inches. Some have smooth tops others, seamed designs. The cover can even be made of different fabric types.

Victoria Wildhorn, a sleep health content specialist with Mattress Clarity, identifies six types of mattresses: firm, soft, innerspring, memory foam, hybrid and coil. Each individual mattress will wear differently, which is why its so important to follow the manufacturer recommendations for mattress care.

Small, soft mattresses can wear quickly, Wildhorn says, while large, firm mattresses hold their form longer. As with different floors and countertops in your house, you should use the right cleaning products on foam versus plush material, Wildhorn says. You wouldnt want to make a mattress stain worse by mistake.

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Extra Mattress Care Tips

Aside from rotating your mattress there are several other things you can do to prolong the life of your mattress and keep it feeling fresh.

First, if your mattress has a removable cover that you can machine wash, its worth taking advantage of this to keep your mattress hygienic. If it doesnt have a cover, invest in a mattress protector to help your mattress last longer. For extra cushioning, pop the best mattress topper you can afford on top as this will breathe new life into an old bed. Some of these have washable covers too.

If you have an accidental spillage or find a stain on your mattress, then dont panic. Our excellent guide on how to clean a mattress has plenty of tips and tricks that will help, whether your mattress needs a deep clean, a quick freshen-up after a recent spill, or something in between.

Not all mattresses can be cleaned in the same way, so always check the label for instructions. For instance, you should avoid getting memory foam too wet, so take care when cleaning those stains. Generally speaking, its worth freshening up your mattress every six months or so, and this can be done easily with baking soda and a vacuum cleaner.

Why Turn Your Mattress

There are a number of benefits to regularly turning your mattress.

Most people tend to sleep in the same position night after night. As you can imagine, this can lead to dips in the mattress and sagging, making your mattress uneven.

This often occurs around the hips and shoulders and it is in these areas where the mattress can sag prematurely.

Rotating your mattress regularly can prevent this – giving you better support for longer, consistent comfort and ensuring the even distribution of fillings.

Regularly rotated mattresses are said to outlast non-rotated mattresses by a year or more. However, this will depend on the particular type of mattress you have, so be sure to always read the instructions.

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Benefits Of Flipping Your Mattress

As covered above, most modern mattresses cant be flipped. But, if you have a double-sided innerspring mattress, there are benefits to flipping.

  • Extends mattress life When you constantly sleep on one side of a mattress, that side will wear out and start to sag more quickly. When you flip the mattress, you give one side a chance to even out and recover while the other side gets a turn to support your body.
  • Prevents coils from wearing out If you have an innerspring mattress, you may know that keeping the coils intact is essential for your mattress. Flipping the mattress can help extend the life of the coils and prevent them from breaking.
  • Prevents sagging Over time, your mattress may start to sag in the middle. Not only does this damage the mattress, but it can also lead to poor and uncomfortable spinal alignment at night as you sink into the bed. A saggy, unsupportive mattress can even cause back pain.

If your mattress is flippable, switching the side you sleep on can help hold back the wear and tear and keep your bed in prime condition.

Sagging: The Enemy Of Good Sleep And Support

How Often Should You Flip or Rotate your Mattress?

The number one thing we want to avoid is a sagging mattress. It can cause back problems and be an overall uncomfortable experience.

From our article on sagging mattresses

The main cause of sagging is simple wear and repetitive pressure being placed on both the springs and fillings.

The great thing about a turnable mattress is that every few months, you can simply flip your mattress to sleep on the other side, thus spreading the wear and allowing your mattress to keep its shape for longer.

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Why You Should Turn Your Mattress

Turning your mattress regularly allows the memory foam or springs to recover. If you constantly lie on the same spot for months, it will eventually conform to the shape of your body. Youll end up with dips and lumps that can ruin a good nights sleep.

Rotating a mattress evens out the wear patterns and allows the foam layers and springs to recover. This prolongs the lifespan of your mattress. It also ensures that you keep your spine in that all-important neutral position and prevents pressure points from developing.

How Often Should You Turn A Pocket Sprung Mattress

You should turn over your mattress once every four weeks, or if you do not have that much time on your hands, once every three months.

When turning it, make sure to also rotate the mattress, so that it experiences equal wear throughout.

This can help to prolong your mattress and you won’t have to throw it away and find a new one anytime soon.

Doing this task will help in having consistent comfort whenever you go to bed, have an even distribution of fillings when you’re on your mattress and reduce the risk of having dips or getting your mattress sagged.

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Do I Need To Rotate My Mattress Or Flip It

Regardless of the type of mattress you have, you should always rotate your mattress from end-to-end at least every three months.

If your mattress is double-sided, you’ll need to flip it over when you rotate it too.

Mattress type
Double-sided Rotate from end-to-end and turn it over

You shouldn’t turn over a single-sided mattress. This is because the other side is not designed to be slept on.

So Should You Flip Your Mattress

Rotation or Flipping: How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? Mancinis Sleepworld

It all depends on if your mattress is designed for flipping.

Many of todays designs only have comfortable and supportive layers on one side, with a firm layer of foam or metal springs on the other. Flipping this type of mattress would result in an ultra-firm surface and a pretty uncomfortable nights sleep.

Reversible designs, however, can be flipped. In some cases, each side will have a different firmness level, so this may impact your decision. But, if both sides are equally firm, then flipping will only be a benefit.

If youre not sure whether your mattress can be turned over, check out the label or manufacturers site.

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How Often Should You Turn Your Mattress

Tags: pocket sprung mattress, bedroom, mattresses

Mattresses can have a long life if taken care of. Some mattress types like pocket sprung distribute pressure better than others, like open coil, thus having a longer life.

One trick can help extend the life of your mattress across types: Turning & rotating. Before you start feeling that turning and rotating your mattress is another unnecessary addition to your weekend to-do list, let us explain how this 5 minute task can improve the longevity of your mattress.

Should You Ever Flip A Mattress Instead

Unless specifically stated by the manufacturer, the general answer for modern mattresses is no.

The Sleep Foundation states this is because “the majority of modern mattresses are designed to be one-sided, meaning that their design is not conducive to flipping.”

Having said that, there are exceptions to the no flip rule. Some mattresses are designed with varying firmness levels on either side of the mattress and can be flipped to customise your sleep experience. Mattresses designed to be flipped are now more lightweight and often have handles on either side for ease.

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The Benefits Of Rotating Your Mattress

Ever wonder how long does a mattress last or how often you should replace your mattress? If youve been considered with mattress lifespan, mattress rotation can help.

  • Lumps and bumps By evenly distributing your weight across the mattress, you can prevent lumps and bumps from forming. Lumps occur when the internal structure of the mattress gets bunched up, so this is a risk for sleepers who toss and turn often.
  • Sagging When you strip your mattress bare, always look for evenness. Any sagging, or lower parts of your mattress can cause improper back supporteven if the mattress only sags an inch or two. If you tend to sleep on one side of the bed or sleep with a partner, you can stop sagging in its tracks with semi-frequent rotation. A sagging mattress is no fun, especially when you are trying to get a good nights sleep.
  • Hammocking Have you ever climbed into bed, laid down for a good night of rest, only to roll towards the middle of the mattress by the time morning comes? This is called hammocking, and it can be prevented with rotation. Its similar to sagging, but can wreak extra havoc if youre a side sleeperhammocking reduces how much hip support you get. Hammocking is also one of the clearest signs you need a new mattress, so make sure to rotate your mattress to avoid this.

Consider How Much It’s Being Used

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

Before flipping your mattress, it’s important to check that it’s a turnable mattress. The amount you need to flip a mattress depends on how often you use it. For example, a guest mattress will need flipping a lot less frequently than your actual bed. And the amount your guest mattress will need turning will depend on how often you have guests stay over.

If you sleep on a mattress daily, it’s recommended that you turn it once every three months. Some manufacturers advise turning and rotating a mattress at the end of every week for the first three months to ensure the materials settle properly. As for a guest bed, if you only have a few guests a year you probably won’t need to turn it for a few years. If it’s used quite regularly, turn it once every three to six months.

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