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How To Put On Casper Mattress Protector

How To Store Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress Protector Review – 2019 Update!!

Much like with other brands, Casper recommends having the mattress stored as your secondary bed in guest rooms or extra rooms if youre not using it. They dont advise having the mattress as a futon or sofa bed because the models are not meant to be folded. But if you have no extra space or you need to move the mattress, Casper can be propped on its side or against the wall temporarily.

You cant compress or roll your Casper mattress like other beds for a longer transit or storage time. Instead, you have to store it flat to ensure that it wont get damaged.

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Casper Topper Materials And Construction

Weve had several memory foam toppers and one neutral-foam topper come through our doors here at The Slumber Yard, but latex toppers are somewhat rare to see. This topper is also constructed with three layers, another unique trait we dont see too often.

  • Base layer the first layer is made with viscoelastic foam, which is essentially just memory foam
  • Middle layer Composed of latex infused with graphite which is good at absorbing your body heat, allowing you to sleep cooler throughout the night
  • Top layer Made with alt-latex, and it finishes off the topper with comfortable plush feel

We reached out to Caspers customer service for further explanation on the foam, but they couldnt disclose the in-depth details. What they could tell us though, was the foams are hypoallergenic and Certi-PUR certified. That means they were made without mercury, lead, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP . Theyre also constructed with tiny holes for enhanced airflow, which is another feature that helps prevent overheating.

How Do You Prevent Urine Accidents From Reaching Your Mattress

Waterproof mattress protectors are an effective way to avoid urine stains altogether. They are also extremely low-maintenance. After an accident occurs, simply toss your mattress protector into the washing machine with any other tainted bedding. A good mattress protector will also guard your bed against allergens like dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

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Night Risk Free Sleep Trial

You get the opportunity to try the Puffy mattress without risk. If you are not happy with the products comfort or quality you are able to return it. Since the body take a little while to adapt in the first few weeks, it is recommended that you try the bed for three to four weeks, before making your decision. If you decide you are dissatisfied with the Puffy mattress purchase within the 101-day period, Puffy will pick it up for free to you. The mattress is then given to local charity and youre given a full refund. There arent any hidden charges or fees taken out of your refund. Puffy has a Donation policy that guarantees that the mattress is given away not sent to a junkyard.

If youre in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada and you decide to exchange the mattress based on the nights Policy 101 test, the company is not able to refund cost of shipping incurred by the first shipping of the mattress.

You must purchase directly from Puffys website, to get the 101 Night trial. You can do this via this hyperlink. How To Wash Casper Mattress Protector

How To Get Urine Out Of A Memory Foam Mattress

The Casper Mattress Protector

Step 1: Remove sheets and bedding and set them aside to wash.

Step 2: Using gloves, blot the affected area on the mattress by using generous stacks of paper towels and firm pressure. Remove as much moisture as possible, swapping out the paper towels as soon as they become saturated. Dont rub as this will make the stain worse.

Step 3: Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and lightly coat the urine-stained area. Let sit for one hour and then blot dry with the same technique used in Step Two.

Step 4: Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of half water and half color-safe laundry detergent. Repeat the same process as in Step Three.

Step 5: Cover the treated area with a generous layer of baking soda and let it sit for up to a full day. Vacuum it up when dry.

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Just How Much Is A Casper Mattress Model

The price of a Casper mattress depends upon the model you purchase, where you buy it, and whether its on sale.

You can purchase the Casper Element , Casper Original , Casper Original Hybrid , Casper Wave Hybrid , or Casper Nova Hybrid on the companys website.

Caspers other mattresses are available to buy only from partner merchants.

The Casper all-foam Wave and the Casper all-foam Nova are offered on Amazon, and Target uses the Casper Snug .

Note that the return policy is dictated by the seller, not Casper, unless you buy your mattress model on Caspers website.

If you d rather not pay full rate, claim a sale according to Wirecutter Deals editor Nathan Burrow, discounts of approximately 15% off are common enough that you wont have to wait long.

. How Long Does A Casper Mattress Take To Inflate

How Do I Wash The O Mattress Cover

Only the Top white portion of The O Mattress cover is washable. To wash the cover, unzip the cover using the zipper located on the side of the mattress. Wash with cool or warm water on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat. Do not wash the black base portion of the cover. To prevent colour transfer from other clothes, only wash the white cover in its own separate load.

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But What About A Mattress Pad

The main purpose of a mattress pad is to provide additional comfort to the mattress top.

The pad typically covers the top surface of the mattress and lays in between a mattress and bedding.

Typically, new mattresses are super comfortable and will not require an additional mattress pad.

However, some mattress pads have waterproof and hypoallergenic properties along with extra cushioning which may make them worth the added purchase.

Why Should I Opt For Eco

microfiber bed pad mattress protector incontinence casper waterproof mattress protector

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for eco-friendly mattress cleaning:

  • Better for the earth. Green cleaning products are gentle on both you and the environment. Theyre made from plant-based ingredients so they wont irritate your skin, lungs and eyes. Theyre better for the earth too. Green cleaning products arent reliant on fossil fuels. Theyre made with biodegradable surfactants that wont pollute the earth.
  • Safer environment. When you use gentle, natural cleaning methods for your mattress, you no longer live with the threat of harsh chemicals within your environment. You breathe in and absorb chemical cleaning fluids from your mattress, throughout the night. Be safe. Go natural.
  • Air quality. No one enjoys sleeping on a mattress that emits a strong chemical smell. By practicing eco-friendly mattress cleaning, you enjoy improved air quality.
  • Pet and child safety. Pets and small children are typically more sensitive to chemicals found in common cleaning products. Use eco-friendly formulations to prevent any issues or allergies with your pet or your young ones.
  • Cleaning safety. Chemical-based cleaners are often harsh to the skin, lungs and eyes, whereas, eco-friendly cleaners are gentle.
  • Save money. You can save money by making your own, all-purpose, eco-friendly cleaning solution, for not only your mattress, but every room in your house.

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How Long Does It Take Casper Mattress To Inflate

Casper mattress is among the most popular memory foam mattresses right now. The business has won several awards. The Casper mattress has actually included on Business Insider, Fortune, CNN, Tech Insider, Inc. and Forbes among other reputed print and electronic media. You can look for Casper mattress on Amazon, there is the main site and you can now likewise purchase it at Target shops. The company likewise has its own official physical stores at San Francisco and Torrance in California, Denver in Colorado, West Palm Beach in Florida, Atlanta in Georgia, Chicago in Illinois, Boston in Massachusetts, Short Hills in New Jersey, White Plains and Huntington Station in New York and one in the city, King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, Austin and Houston in Texas. How Long Does It Take Casper Mattress To Inflate

Casper bed mattress has been acquired by nearly half a million people. The bed mattress is particularly understood for its engineering task, for inducing a sensation of weightlessness, for facilitating breathability despite being a memory foam mattress and for this reason being a little more comfy than some similar mattresses that tend to get rather hot and uneasy through the night, particularly during summertime and humid seasons. Casper mattress comes with a hundred night trial free returns. You can acquire the bed mattress online or at a store and you would get very same day white glove delivery in a couple of areas.

Tips For Sleeping With Your Mattress On The Floor Safely

If youve weighed out the pros and cons of putting your mattress on the floor and youre feeling enthusiastic about giving this sleep surface a try, then here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Clean your floor regularly to reduce your exposure to dust, dirt, and other allergens
  • Air out your mattress at least once a week by resting it on its side against a wall or other sturdy surface. The more humid the climate, the more frequently you should plan to air out your mattress
  • Ideally, avoid placing a memory foam mattress on the floor. This material is more likely to trap heat and moisture, which increases the risks of the mattress developing mildew or mold
  • Check your warranty before placing your mattress on the floor. Some warranties are voided if you dont use a bed frame and/or box spring, so make sure youre familiar with the terms and conditions of your beds warranty
  • Use a mattress encasement or protector to add a barrier between your mattress and the floor. This is especially important if youre placing the mattress on a carpeted floor, because its possible that accumulated sweat and dead skin cells in the bottom of your mattress could stain the carpet

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Do You Need Mattress Protector For Casper

4.6/5protectionweCasper mattress protectormattressyouprotector

Correspondingly, can you wash Casper mattress protector?

We recommend washing the mattress protector before using it for the best fit on your bed. Please note this could take multiple washes. For best results, we recommend you machine wash on warm and tumble dry low. We do not recommend dry cleaning the mattress protector.

Similarly, do you need a mattress protector for memory foam? Like a conventional mattress, a cover is not entirely necessary between the mattress and fitted bed sheet, but it does help keep the mattress clean. Covers made especially for memory foam are a good choice to protect the mattress.

Besides, is mattress protector necessary?

You will need to replace your mattress more quickly without the protector. Helps prevent dust mite allergies from acting up. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, and there will be dead skin cells in your mattress if you don’t use a protector. Helps protect the warranty.

Do you put a fitted sheet over a mattress protector?

Most mattress protectors cover your mattress like a fitted sheet on your bed. They don’t cover the entire mattress, but do protect it against most accidental spills, bacteria and some allergens.

Tip 1 Follow Manufacturers Directions To Make Your Mattress Protector Last Longer

Casper Mattress Protector Review

Mattress protectors usually have one side that is soft fabric while the other has a waterproof membrane that acts as a barrier to protect the mattress.

Make sure to check if there are special care instructions for your specific protector. Even though some brands recommend dry cleaning, you should avoid dry cleaning most mattress protectors because the harsh chemicals will destroy the waterproof lining and materials. Most mattress protectors can be safely washed and dried in your own home appliances.

We recommend that you wash the protector before placing it on your mattress. This will remove any odors or germs. It will also help with the flexibility and softness of the protector.

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What Is The Thing Under The Mattress Called

The thing under the mattress is a mattress foundation. Some foundations look a lot like wooden pallets placed on top of one another. Usually, wood pallets make good stack boxes for shipping.

They are made in such a way that they can be lifted on. The clean and smooth versions of these wood pallets are what make up standard fabric-covered plywood foundations.

Wooden pallets are affordable and easy to build on ones own. Thus, they are a less costly alternative for other expensive bed support like box springs. Mattresses are expensive enough on their own and adopting a pallet can help save a little chunk of your change. The best part is that they can support any kind of mattress.

Box springs used to be so germane to mattresses that they were indisposable. However, mattress producers caught wind of the fact that buyers couldnt really tell the difference between a real box spring and a spring-less plywood foundation that looks just like a box spring.

Since these plywood foundations are less expensive to produce and yield far more profit than box springs, mattress companies adopted them.

Besides, emerging mattresses are designed to be much thicker and luxurious than the way older ones were designed. As such, box springs became redundant since the thickness of the beds made it impossible to feel them in the first place.

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Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Protector

Pads, protectors, toppers, covers, encasements the list goes on and on. Every mattress owner has faced this confusing stew of product labels, but not every shopper knows what each label really means.

Rest easy, because Caspers sleep experts are here to help answer the frequently asked questionswhat is a mattress protector? and what is a mattress pad? And more importantly, what is the difference between a mattress pad vs mattress protector? A mattress pad is meant to provide extra comfort to your bed while a mattress protector protects your mattress.

From plushy comfort to protective barriers, each product has its place in your bedroom. Youre about to learn where that is as we explain these two main categories of mattress accessories more in depth.

Give your mattress the protection it needs for long-lasting durability.

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Coop Home Goods Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

Best bamboo mattress protector

There’s just something about bamboo-derived products that are irresistible. Pretty much because we can think of few fabrics that are as soft or breathable. Coop Home Goods nails down the combination of soft, sturdy, and waterproof, with its premium mattress protector.

HighlightsThe Coop Home Goods mattress protector offers some of the highest water-proofing protection we’ve seen in a mattress protector like a 5-gallon spill won’t leak through sort of protection. It’s also soft to the touch, quiet, and protects your mattress from bacteria, dead skin, allergens, or really anything that could come into contact with your mattress.

Good to knowWhile marketed as cooling and breathable, some users found it not cool enough, but they were most likely expecting it to add cooling properties, while we’d say it’s designed to stop further heat. People with thinner mattresses also reported having to really tuck in the extra fabric on the sides, since it wasn’t so snug around the rim. It fits mattresses up to 18in thick.

If your mattress require deep-pocketed sheets, it’s likely they will require a mattress protector that is equally as thick. The Bedgear Dri-Tec Mattress Protector keeps mattresses of all sizes protected without changing the feel of your mattress.

Good to knowWhile marketed as good for mattresses up to 18in. deep, we’ve seen it work with mattresses up to 24in in depth.

Wash With Cool Or Warm Water On A Delicate Cycle

Mattress Protector Reviews: Casper Vs. Purple

Washing casper mattress cover. If youre shopping for a bed online, youve most likely been exposed to names like casper. Casper mattress price starts from $550, which is the cost of the twin size. Put the mattress pad in the washing machine.

Twin xl would cost $600, full is $800, queen is $950, king is $1,150 and cal king is also $1,150. Instead, unzip and remove the cover and gently dab and spot clean with a mild detergent. You may purchase additional or replacement covers by contacting us at

To prevent colour transfer from other clothes, only. Before you toss it into the wash there are a few things you should know before you wash a mattress cover. Twin xl would cost $600, full is $800, queen is $950, king is $1,150 and cal king is also $1,150.

It is recommended you regularly launder it due to the buildup of skin cells, liquids and other allergens. If you need to clean your casper mattress, we ask that you do not remove the cover. Twin xl would cost $600, full is $800, queen is $950, king is $1,150 and cal king is also $1,150.

How to wash casper mattress cover. Before you toss it into the wash there are a few things you should know before you wash a mattress cover. My clothes and pillow and blankets were full of fiberglass!

You can look for a casper mattress coupon. How to wash casper mattress cover. Be careful to not saturate the stain with too much detergent, as the foam will soak that up!

Casper Mattress Protector Review Mattress Clarity

Casper Mattress Topper Review

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How To Prevent Mattress Topper Stains

While its hard to completely prevent stains on a mattress pad, purchasing a mattress topper thats more breathable can help reduce sleep sweating and the unfortunate sweat stains that come with it. You can also try out Caspers Hyperlite cooling sheets, which boast 100% TENCEL Lyocell and a unique weave that promotes maximum breathability and cooling comfort no matter the season.

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How Will My Casper Mattress Topper Arrive

The Casper Mattress Topper will show up in a seemingly small box for its size, but itll be rolled up and compact. Just take it out of its packaging and unroll it over your mattress. You dont need to let it sit like you do with most bed-in-a-box mattresses, its ready to go as soon as you unbox it.

Just as a pro-tipput aside your receipts in a safe place just in case you want to return it, or if you want to make a warranty claim later down the line.


How did you get this topper?

Casper sent us their new mattress topper so we could try it out, and offer our honest opinions about it. All of the reviews on our site reflect our real thoughts on the products, and we arent paid by any companies to write good reviews for them.

Are there other products from Casper?

Casper is a huge bedding brand who sells mattresses, sheets, pillows, bed frames, duvets, a night light, and even a dog bed.

Will they ship to the entire US and Canada?

Yes, but there are a few exceptions including Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territory and Nunavut.

What does the Casper topper feel like?

It has a soft foam feel, similar to their mattresses.

What sizes are offered?

McKenzie Dillon has been a member of the Slumber Yard team for two years and counting, and her resume includes hundreds of sleep-related articles from mattress review products to helpful blogs containing sleep tips, news, how-to guides, and more.

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