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Is A Memory Foam Mattress Good For Side Sleepers

What To Look For In A Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers (Top 6 Beds For Pressure Relief!)

Regardless of the type of mattress you choose, you can further customize it to your needs. Think about extra features and considerations like:

  • Size. Most mattresses come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Some brands also sell other sizes like twin XL, Olympic queen, California king, or Alaskan king.
  • Toppers or pillow tops. Some brands will let you add extra layers built into the mattress. Or, you can purchase a separate mattress topper to fit your unique needs.
  • Cooling features. Some materials, like gel foam, or features, like extra air chambers, will allow for better cooling.
  • Price. You can find budget mattresses, or go big with a luxury mattress.
  • Firmness. If you have back pain, some research suggests that medium-firm mattresses may be better than firm. Your choice of firmness largely comes down to preference and sleep style.
  • Coil count. If youre buying a spring mattress, the International Chiropractors Association recommends at least 375 coils for a queen.

In addition to evaluating individual mattresses, you may also want to do some research into the brands youre considering.

Look at sites like the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and Yelp to get a sense of how buyers feel about the company and product. Some companies wont show anything but positive reviews on their site, so it can be helpful to look at a broader range.

Finally, before you make a purchase, make sure you know what to expect as far as delivery, trial period, warranty, and customer service.

What Are The Pressure Points For Side Sleepers

A pressure point is the area of the body that is sensitive to pressure, and these are the parts of the body that press against the mattress while youre sleeping.

For side sleepers, pressure points are usually the shoulders, and hips, making these the areas you need to ensure are taken care of while you sleep.

Pros And Cons Of The Casper Original

Not a good pick for larger sleepers
Good motion isolation properties Middle-of-the-road firmness might not be a suitable option for sleepers with back pain or who enjoy a firmer sleep experience
Sleeps cool

When it comes to choosing the right mattress firmness for you, Layla offers a two-in-one deal that is hard to refuse. It is dual-sided with a soft and firm side that you can flip between. The Layla mattress is also infused with copper, which is a naturally antimicrobial element.

Laylas foam layers offer outstanding pressure relief, alleviating any demand put on hips and shoulders. Its also very responsive, keeping up consistent support and cushioning as you move.

  • Material: Copper-infused memory foam
  • Firmness: Medium-soft andMedium-firm
  • Customer Rating: 4.5/5
  • Delivery: Delivered in 3-7 business days
  • Lifetime warranty

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Rest Comfortably Tonight With These Top Beds For Your Needs

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Raise your hand if youre a side sleeper still slumbering on your childhood mattress . Is your hand up? If so, you need a new mattress.

Mattresses are designed to last for a long time, but not a lifetimeso if you havent upgraded to a new one in the last 10 years or so, nows the time to start shopping. It wont be easy, though side sleepers, in particular, need to find just the right balance of softness and support to be comfortable at night, and like most other big purchases, there are a dizzying number of mattresses to choose from.

What Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers (Sep 2020) Top Selling Models ...

Shoulder pain can occur when your mattress isnt offering enough pressure relief. You want a mattress that gently cradles the shoulders instead of pushing against them.

Many people experiencing shoulder pain may be drawn to the cushiness of a softer mattress, but thats not necessarily the right solution. In fact, the wrong soft mattress could increase your shoulder pain, by lacking the supportive properties of firmer beds. Instead, seek out a hybrid or foam mattress with the proper pressure relieving system.

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Faqs On The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Q. What are the benefits of buying a mattress for side sleepers online?

Buying a mattress for side sleepers online is convenient, efficient, and cost effective. You can take the time to research and skim unbiased reviews to find a mattress with all the features you need at the price point youre looking for. Best of all, you can do all of this from home!

Q. What is a mattress trial period and how do I use it?

One of the best features of ordering from an online mattress company is the trial period that comes with your mattress. Mattresses often take a month or two to be broken in, so you may not understand what sleeping on a new mattress will feel like until you have slept on it for about 60 nights.

Most companies will offer generous trial periods of 100 or more nights to sleep on the mattress before making a full commitment. During the trial period, take note of whether your sleep quality improves and how your body feels waking up on your new mattress. After a couple of weeks, youll know for sure and be able to commit to your new mattress without concern.

Q. How soon will I have to replace my mattress?

A Cushy Mattress For Under $: Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon Ii Pillow Top Plush

*At the time of publishing, the price was $697.

Who its for: The Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Pillow Top Plush will likely satisfy side-sleepers who enjoy sinking into a decidedly soft top, though itll probably prove more durable for those who weigh less than 200 pounds.

How it feels: This affordable innerspring is on the soft side of medium-soft.

Why its great: The Pillow Top Plush version of the Kleinmon II is the plushest under-$1,000 innerspring mattress weve tried. Its fluffiness felt more nuanced and pillowy than the sensation we got from the similarly inexpensive IKEA Hesstun . The Kleinmon II is substantial and supportive because of its 882 pocketed coils, and the coils around the perimeter create a surprisingly stable edge for such a soft mattress. When I slept on the Kleinmon II, my shoulder not only felt cushioned but also cradled, thanks to the quilted layers of foam.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: We analyzed dozens of negative online reviews for this mattress and primarily noticed complaints about sagging or body indentationsa common problem for mattresses that cost less than $1,000 , particularly those with such a soft feel. To help stave off body impressions, rotate your mattress frequently and try to sleep in the middle from time to time, even if you share a bed with someone. Unfortunately, this mattress is available only through third-party retailers, which may offer different thickness options and return policies.

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How Do You Choose The Right Pillow For Side Sleeping

Side sleepers need to take care of choosing the right pillow to provide the right support to prevent neck pain. It is important to take into consideration the loft, or height, of the pillow. For side sleepers, it is recommended to use a pillow with a higher loft that will sit in line with the height of the shoulder. With the pillow at the right height side sleepers get the much-needed support to prevent pain.

Pressure Points Cause Pain

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers (Our Top 4 Picks!)

When it comes to side sleeping, there is one significant drawback to account for pressure. The truth is that as much as people enjoy sleeping on their sides, the position causes significant weight concentration over a small area and can create pressure points in the hips and shoulders and even lead to lower back pain. Some mattress companies claim to provide the right balance between pressure relief and support to avoid these issues.

One of the most common targets for pressure relief is the lower back. The more constant the pressure is, the more severe the pain can become. The risk of continually repeating this cycle is developing chronic pain, which could significantly hinder your well-being.

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Which Is Best For Side Sleepers Firm Or Plush

A beds firmness level will significantly impact how comfortable it is. Of course, firmness is highly subjective, and it greatly depends on body type. But overall, we recommend that side sleepers look for a mattress thats slightly softer than average about 6/10 on our firmness scale.

Plush mattresses typically have thick comfort layers, which help alleviate pressure along the shoulders and hips. If a bed is too firm, you may sink straight through the comfort layers into the support section. This could strain pressure points and cause pain over time.

Youll want to avoid especially soft mattresses, too. Its important to sleep on a supportive foundation so the body stays in the proper alignment.

Our Pick: A Slightly Soft Or Medium

Memory foam creates a balanced feel for all side sleepers offering both support and comfort. It contours to the bodys shape while letting sensitive areas sink a little. This is vital to avoid shoulder, hip, neck, and back pain.

Side sleepers are also advised to trial a mattress to find whats right for them. The Ecosa memory foam mattress comes with a 100 day trial. If its not the best sleep of your life, well pick it up and give you a full refund. Try it now.

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Best Overall: Loom & Leaf

Handcrafted from four layers of functional, sustainable foam, Loom & Leaf blends comfort with spinal support. Beneath an organic cotton cover, the Loom & Leaf features a top conforming gel memory foam that cradles the hips and shoulders as you sleep on your side. By providing pressure relief around these heavier regions, the Loom & Leaf is able to help keep your spine in natural alignment.

The Loom & Leaf comes with two firmness options: Relaxed Firm and Firm. We recommend the Relaxed Firm for side sleepers, as the softer surface allows your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress just enough to keep your spine in healthy alignment.

  • Designed from eco-conscious, functional foam with organic cotton cover
  • Gel comfort layer promotes contouring and regulates temperature, preventing overheating
  • Free white-glove delivery and mattress removal, plus 120-sleep trial

Best Overall: Helix Midnight Luxe

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers
  • Medium firm
  • Luxurious Euro-top design with a plush surface and strong support system
  • Zoned coils reinforce the midsection and protect the perimeter

Helix Sleep specializes in hybrid mattresses specifically designed for certain types of sleepers. One of our favorite models from this brand is the Helix Midnight Luxe. While this medium firm mattress is geared toward side sleepers in the range of 130 to 230 pounds, its balance of cushioning and support makes it an appealing option for sleepers across different weight groups and preferred sleeping positions.

The Midnight Luxe is constructed with two layers of adaptive memory foam encased in a Euro-top cover. These elements give the surface a plush feel, but transitional polyfoam and pocketed coil layers provide adequate support to prevent you from sinking too deeply. The coils are zoned to reinforce the midsection where many people carry extra weight and prevent deep sinkage along the edges.

During our mattress tests, the Midnight Luxe fared very well with side and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds, as well as stomach sleepers under 130 pounds.

Other Helix Sleep mattresses with mid-range firmness include the Dusk and Moonlight. You can also choose a standard Helix Midnight model, which costs less but does not feature the Euro-top or zoned coils of the Midnight Luxe.

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Best Mattress Materials For Side Sleepers

Theres no single mattress type that will suit side sleepers across the board. From innerspring to hybrid, memory foam, and latex, each type has benefits, so long as quality materials are used in the beds construction. Whether or not a mattress is ideal for an individual is dependent upon the mattress construction and the sleepers preferences, size, and build.

Memory Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Memory foam beds provide a hugging feel that can lead to greater pressure point relief in sensitive areas for side sleepers. Despite this softness, memory foam mattresses usually have a dense layer of base foam that provides the durability that is necessary to keep larger people from sinking too far into the surface, which is why many of the best mattresses for heavy people often contain dense support foam.

If youre one of the many people who get uncomfortably warm during the night, it should be noted that memory foam tends to trap more heat than innerspring or hybrid mattresses. For more information, take a look at our article on the best memory foam mattresses.

Latex Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Latex is a mattress material that is naturally hypo-allergenic, temperature neutral, and very supportive. The durability that latex provides contributes to longer-than-average lifespan, as well as solid structure for heavier side sleepers.

Innerspring Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Hybrid Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Dr. Keith Poorbaugh is a licensed physical therapist and physical therapy clinic owner in Alaska. Dr. Poorbaugh is a member of our Sleepopolis Expert Network.

For many folks, theres no cozier sleeping position than one in which theyre curled up on their side with a cuddly blanket or pillow. So the best mattress for side sleepers should greet their bodies with a mixture of pressure relief and support, ensuring a comfortable drift to dreamland free of any tension or pain.

Unfortunately, many mattresses arent actually built to meet the side sleepers specific needs. Theyre either too firm or too soft . So what are these Goldilocks snoozers supposed to do?

Thankfully, its not all bad news for those who doze primarily on their sides as there are a TON of fantastic mattresses out there designed specifically for their slumber preferences. Below, well highlight some of our favorites and dive into all the factors that contribute to a sound side-sleeping experience.

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Sleeping Cool And Airflow

When shopping for the best memory foam mattress for side sleeping, be sure to also consider the specific cooling technology in each mattress. Youll likely be taking advantage of different sleep night trials from mattress companies. While youre doing this to gauge firmness levels and comfort, make sure your new mattress isnt trapping heat.

Plain innerspring mattresses with steel coils are the winner for the best airflow because of their hollow construction. But they dont work well for some side sleepers seeking more contouring and less irritation at their pressure points.

Even though memory foam has a harder time releasing heat, the construction is much better suited to side sleepers. Be sure to look at individual mattress reviews to understand the cooling elements in the mattress.

Side sleepers using memory foam should consider cooling sheets made from organic cotton or other breathable materials. These can pair with breathable pillows made of natural materials like latex.

Did You Find Your Next Mattress

Nolah Signature Mattress Review 2021 – Is It Good For Side Sleepers?

Because side sleeping is such a popular sleep position, there are a variety of mattresses sold today specifically tailored to side sleepers. When youre searching, keep your budget and personal sleep preferences in mind, and it will help guide you towards the right mattress. Dont be afraid to ask retailers questions and read online mattress reviews during your search to make sure youre buying the best mattress for a good nights sleep.

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Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Side

Theres no actual best mattress for side-sleepers, but we do think people who regularly sleep in this position are likely to feel most comfortable on a medium-soft to medium mattress. It should be plush enough to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, but supportive enough to keep the spine in a roughly straight line. Because side-sleepers load their body weight onto their hips and shoulders when lying on their side, those areas press more deeply against the bed. Mattresses with a cushioned top layer may help relieve these pressure points. The mattresses we recommend in this guide are all medium-soft to medium-firm, and we think they feature sufficient cushioning in the upper layer to appeal to most side-sleepers.

Can A Side Sleeper Sleep On A Firm Mattress

We dont recommend firm mattresses for side sleepers because they dont provide adequate cushion for the shoulders and hips. Side sleepers over 230 pounds will need a firmer bed to receive proper support and maintain alignment, but even then, very firm mattresses arent necessary. Usually, plus-size side sleepers find medium to medium-firm mattresses best.

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A Bed With Springs And Sink: Leesa Hybrid

Use promo codeWIRECUTTER

Who its for: The Leesa Hybrid should appeal to side-sleepers who like that memory-foam sink with some firmness and springiness to it, as well as those who tend to shift positions as theyre falling asleep. Its suitable for people of most weights, including those who weigh more than 200 pounds.

How it feels: This hybrid mattress is on the firmer side of medium.

Why its great: The Leesa Hybrids memory-foamspring combination relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips without that assertive, sinking-in sensation youd typically experience in an all-foam mattress. The 1,000-plus pocketed coils offer conforming support, and the 4-pounds-per-cubic-foot memory-foam layer suggests good durability, even for those who weigh more than 200 pounds. During testing, I found that this mattress provided a foamy hug around my shoulders and hips, while the coils offered a lifted feeling. Compared with the hybrid in our list of Notable contendersthe Tempur-Adapt the Leesa Hybrid feels much more resilient. You can try it before you buy it in select retail stores, and returns are free.


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