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Tempur Ergo Cooling Neck Pillow

What Is The Tempur

TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow Review – The Coolest Pillow?

The TEMPUR-Neck pillow has just two main components: the cover and core. Lets go over what theyre each made of.

Cover: The TEMPUR-Neck has a polyester knit cover. Its hypoallergenic, removable, and machine washable. It has a zipper along the edge that allows you to take it off the foam core.

Core: The pillows core is a piece of TEMPUR material foam, which is Tempur-Pedics proprietary memory foam. Its molded into a wavy shape, which is meant to support the natural curvature of the body. The foam core is covered in polyester netting.

How To Choose A Cooling Pillow

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cooling pillow, including its cooling properties and the quality of materials used. Every sleeper has unique needs, but there are common elements that can help each person determine if a pillow is right for them. These include price, loft, firmness level, and pressure relief. Keep in mind your sleeping position, weight, and personal preferences when shopping for a cooling pillow.

What Should You Look For When Shopping For Cooling Pillows

First, think about the qualities of your current pillow that you like, and keep those things in mind when browsing for a new one. Also, consider the way you sleepare you a back sleeper? If so, look for a low-profile pillow . Side sleepers should look for a high loft pillow and something that’s a little bit more firm. The goal is to ensure that your neck and head are aligned straight over your shoulders when sleeping, Srikant Kondapaneni, MD, chief of pulmonary medicine at Englewood Health, previously told SELF. Stomach sleepers should look for a lower-loft pillowor no pillow at all, per the Mayo Clinic.

Cooling pillows specifically should have either ventilation or other features that promote breathability, or some kind of cooling technology. They can be filled with memory foam, cooling gel, latex, and down alternatives, all of which promote temperature regulation. The pillow shell should be made out of breathable or cool-to-the-touch materials like viscose, cotton, or mulberry silk. If you have sensitive skin or are allergy-prone, keep an eye out for a hypoallergenic pillow.

Using this research, we found the 13 best cooling pillows for year-round use. You’ll find ice-cold picks for stomach sleepers, and side sleepers, firm pillows for reading, plush pillows for cloudlike comfort, and more. Enjoy your temperature-regulated z’s!

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Cooling Pillow

Many shoppers are drawn to cooling pillows for their temperature-regulating properties. These pillows reduce heat retention and are an important part of creating a comfortable sleep environment. However, due to the cooling properties and materials used, cooling pillows are more expensive. There are a few pros and cons shoppers should consider before purchasing a cooling pillow.


Loft Measurement Tall Side


The neck role of each of these is approximately 1 to 2 inches taller. The small roll measured about 4.5 inches from top to bottom but only about 4 inches seam to seam. This filled the gap between the head and neck very well, and it also responded to shoulder pressure from the side without creating a hard surface to press against.

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% Polyester Breathable Removable Cover

The cover is a thicker, micro vented polyester casing that provides air flow and a soft, smooth feel. It can serve as its own cover, or you can use it with your own pillowcase. Stamped with the TempurPedic logo, it is a quality material that is not easily snagged- nor does it pill from what I can tell.

The seams are double stitched within for durability and are also piped for added quality aesthetics. Plus, the zipper runs along the length of the seam and is a lay flat design. It also is located at the bottom of the pillow side and blends into the design of the pillow. This aids in easy cover removal as well, which is an improvement over other TempurPedic zipper designs in various pillow models.

How Do Neck Pillows Help

Tempur-Pedics neck and support pillows are appropriate for people who need more neck, back, and shoulder support when sleeping.

Companies make neck pillows specifically to support the curvature of the neck, which may help improve sleep for people who experience neck pain or discomfort. Neck pillows usually consist of materials that mold to the shape of the spine, such as memory foam or latex.

Neck pillows may also help with certain medical conditions. For example, a 2018 preliminary study found that, out of 22 patients with spondylosis of the neck, those who used an ergonomic latex pillow for 4 weeks and received physiotherapy for 12 weeks reported less disability than those who only received physiotherapy.

However, more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of neck pillows across a larger group of people.

There are several factors that a person may wish to consider when deciding which pillow to purchase. These include:

  • their sleeping position
  • whether a pillow offers the right level of comfort and support
  • product durability, which may be something the manufacturer promises with a warranty
  • sustainability or eco-friendly certification
  • price

Sometimes, companies offer a trial period, during which a person can try a pillow out and send it back if they do not like it. Tempur-Pedic does not offer this. They only accept returns if an item arrives damaged or has a defect.

Neck to shoulder

Here are some answers to questions people often have about neck pillows.

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Breakdown Of The Tempur

The quarter-century run The TempurPedic Company has within the sleep industry is still going strong and is characterized by the influences in innovative, technological changes that have occurred within the last 3 decades. TempurPedics patented memory foam that was first created for NASA space flight comfort, influenced the sleep industry to view sleep comfort in an entirely new manner. The introduction of this new material has led to a variety of products to help you get a better nights sleep.

The Tempur-Neck Pillow was designed by doctors for proper cervical support and alignment to help neck and shoulders muscles relax and alleviate back and neck strain. The ergonomic shape was created to meet a wider variety of body sizes and is also offered in multiple measurements for a wider consumer coverage. The memory foam is also highly responsive, and although is considered an extra firm support, it provides excellent contouring without any hard surface feel.

How To Choose A Tempur

TEMPUR-Neck Pillow Review – The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

Most Tempur-Pedic pillows are best for back and side sleepers looking specifically for foam pillows with good pressure relief. Theyre also best for folks that are willing to spend a pretty penny to upgrade their bedding.

But how to choose between all of the pillows Tempur-Pedic has to offer?! Heres what youll need to consider.

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How Long Do Tempur

Tempur-Pedic provides a 5-year warranty for its pillows. So a Tempur-Pedic neck pillow should last at least this long.

In addition to neck pillows, Tempur-Pedic also offers:

2016 study suggested that people may be at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes if they do not receive enough quality sleep.

The study indicated this risk occurs because a person needs a minimum of 8 hours sleep for proper metabolism function. As a result, participants who regularly slept less than 6 hours per night showed reduced glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. The research concluded that this could increase a persons risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

How We Chose The Best Pillows For Neck Pain

To choose the best pillows for neck pain, we did a deep-dive into dozens of the top brands on the market and rounded up their top-selling pillow models. Next, we narrowed down the field using factors like customer reviews, comfort ratings and overall value. We also spoke with a physical therapist, who confirmed the qualities we should be looking for in the best pillows for neck pain. Finally, several of our staffers shared their own personal experiences and favorite purchases, helping us to further narrow the field of top contenders.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Cooling Pillow

Below are some key factors to keep in mind when purchasing a cooling pillow. A cooling pillow draws heat away from the body, and certain materials do this better than others. That being said, each person is different and what works for one may not work for another.

In addition to regulating temperature and providing a comfortable sleep environment, a cooling pillow may also relieve pressure and provide ample support for the head, neck, and shoulders. While the focus of this guide is a pillows cooling properties, there are additional factors that determine if a pillow is a good purchase or not. Shoppers should consider what type of pillow they want, and what is most important to them in addition to cooling properties.

Who Should Try The Tempur

  • Back sleepersshould find the TEMPUR-Neck to provide comfortable neck support without causing any craning.
  • Side sleeperswill also likely appreciate the firm support the TEMPUR-Neck provides, which will help to keep their necks in line with their spines.
  • If you like the slow-sinking-in a memory foam pillow offers, but also prefer a firm feel from your pillow, youll probably like the TEMPUR-Neck.

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Ergonomic Shaping Comfort Claims

The ergonomic shape of the Tempur-Neck was developed by doctors to specifically address the promotion of cervical alignment. When sleeping on your side or back, it is important to properly position your head between your shoulders, and make sure your neck is cradled upon a surface that allows for proper support. This causes a relaxation of those soft tissues and lets your vertebrate relax into a more natural position. In turn, this allows a promotion of muscle and tendon relaxation through your shoulders and back for a more restful sleep.

This design is similar in nature to their Tempur-Contour Side by Side Pillow that is made specifically for side sleepers, but the softer, more responsive foam of the Tempur-Neck allows for greater variation of use in multiple positions. I was personally surprised by the soft cradling the raised side lent to my neck. Where I have been expecting to get used to a more sturdy pressure underneath my neck, I was pleasantly happy to find this support did more to stretch and comfortably support the space between my head and shoulders- both on my back and on my side.

Which Pillow Is Best For Neck Pain

There isnt one single pillow out there thats perfect for everyone, but the best pillow for neck pain has two main characteristics: its firm enough to keep your head at a neutral angle so your spine stays aligned while you sleep, but yet somehow soft enough to allow some give to help alleviate pressure points. Thats why we like the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Neck Pillowit checks all the boxes.

Memory foam and feather pillows are excellent options because they provide support, but also cradle your head to keep your spine neutral. Cervical pillowsthe ones that have a depression in the center and raised edgesare also top picks. Keep in mind that the best pillow for neck pain may not feel totally comfortable at first. It can take some getting used to, so give it a little time.

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My Final Thoughts About The Tempur

If a supportive pillow is what youre after, the TEMPUR-Neck is a great, high-quality pillow option. Its a firm pillow, but it still allows for some pressure relief by sinking into the memory foam. And the molded shape is effective at providing neck support for back and side sleepers. I especially appreciate that Tempur-Pedic offers the pillow in multiple sizes to ensure that the ergonomic design works for people of different sizes and body types.

I also like that the TEMPUR-Neck has a washable cover, as thatll help you keep your pillow nice and clean.

However, this pillow probably isnt a great choice for hot sleepers, as the memory foam does trap heat. Its also not a good option for stomach sleepers, as the rounded shape will only cause their necks to crane upwards. Additionally, if you like an extra-soft pillow that you can really cozy into and mold around you, the TEMPUR-Necks firm, ergonomic form isnt probably the best fit for you.

What Materials Are In A Cooling Pillow

TEMPUR-Pedic Pillow Review Round Up – Every Pillow Reviewed!

A cooling pillow uses materials in its fill and cover to regulate temperature and dissipate heat. Well break down common fill and cover materials here. It should be noted that certain materials are highly conductive and draw heat away from the body. Others allow air to flow through them to dissipate heat. There are multiple options available, and certain pillow types will work better for some than others.

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How To Select The Best Pillow For Neck Pain

At night when you lay down to sleep, you want your head to be properly supported so that your neck muscles can relax, says Nicole Nagle, DPT. With the wrong pillow, your neck muscles are working overtime at night and this is not going to help your neck pain, she says. Nagle recommends keeping the following factors in mind when looking for a pillow to help ease pain:

More To Consider From Our Brands

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Offers low and high profile edges to find the perfect sleeping position Contoured shape promotes proper alignment Contoured shape promotes proper alignment Contoured shape promotes proper alignment Firm
Firm Edges with a Soft Center Firm A formed piece of TEMPUR Technology that ergonomically contours to your head, neck, and shoulders.
Size Fits a Standard Queen Pillowcase Best for Larger Frames Best for Medium Frames Best for Smaller Frames A conforming shape for side and back sleep positions and for those who prefer a controlled sleep posture.
Tempur Material

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What Is Tempur

The Tempur-Pedic brand was founded in 1992 by a guy named Bobby Trussell, but the famous Tempur foam has been around for much longer than that.

Tempur foam was originally created by NASA to help reduce the effects of G-force on astronauts during legit rocket launches and returns. The material was designed to have a slow spring back .

Later on, NASA released the formula for this foam to the public and a couple of Swedish scientists adapted it for use in sleep products. Thats when founder Bobby Trussell swooped in he apparently loved it so much he wanted to bring it back to the United States. And he did just that.

Today, the company has a range of sleep products, including pillows and mattresses, that all use the OG NASA-made pressure-relieving foam. But over time, the company has introduced other foams to give customers a wider range of products to choose from. Talk about outta this world!

Who Are Tempur


Tempur-Pedic pillows are oftentimes a bit more expensive and more specialized versus alternatives. This means that they are truly for those that want something tailored to a certain way of sleeping and prefer something a bit different than a traditional pillow feel, but with added benefits for those that are willing to research the right Tempur-Pedic pillow option for them. For those that want more traditional options, see Our Full List of Pillow Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

Love our pillows!

Good product overall, not for me

My neck doesn’t like this pillow, wish I could change it to another pillow since quality seems good but no return policy for a pillow is something you should think about twice.

Best pillow I’ve ever had

Absolutely amazing and comfortable. Cooling keeps my head from sweating

No more neck pain

I began using tempur pedic products as a Physical Therapist years ago and love our mattress and pillows!

I would buy this product again.

Great sleeping pillow.

Comfy but smell strong

The pillow is really comfortable, but it takes a long time to air out to remove the bad chemical smell.

It’s hard to go on vacation

This bed, and pillow, is so comfortable it is hard to enjoy vacations. Other beds don’t stand up to our tempurpedic. My children are also addicted and don’t want to sleep in their beds. I wish i had enough money to buy them their own beds.

Super Comfy Pillow

Sleeping better than ever!

very comfy

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Is The Tempur

Memory foam is known for trapping heat easily because it molds around you by absorbing your body heat. Because of that natural heat-trapping, the TEMPUR-Neck isnt the best option for hot sleepers. When I was testing the TEMPUR-Neck, I didnt notice it being overly hot, but it definitely didnt feel particularly cool. However, I did feel the foam contouring and molding around me, so I can tell it was soaking up some heat.

If youre a hot sleeper, take a look at our best cooling pillows for more options.


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