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Best Pillow For Side Sleeper Cooling

Shape Size And Height

Bear Pillow Review – Is It The Best Cooling Pillow For Side Sleepers??

Some side sleeper pillows are unconventionally shaped and may not fit in your beautiful linen pillowcases that match your bedroom aesthetic. Be mindful of this! Check the size too. Many side sleeper pillows are only offered in larger sizes.

Heres a quick rundown of the common pillow sizes:

  • Standard: 20 by 26 in.
  • Queen: 20 x 30 in.
  • King: 20 x 36 in.
  • Body: 20 x 54 in.

Dont forget, though: for side sleepers, youre more worried about height than pillow size. No matter what size you purchase, it needs to be tall enough on the bed to keep your neck supported and straight with your spine. One small study from 2015 suggests that 4 inches is ideal for most side sleepin folks.

Beautyrest Absolute Rest Pillow

Neck pain can make it feel like you didnt sleep at all. Many pillows now feature adjustable heights, and our favorite cooling pillow to help with neck pain is the Beautyrest Absolute Rest pillow.

This pillow has a removable fill, meaning you can adjust the height. If the pillow, as is, is too tall, remove the fill to find a height that works for you! Sleeping in a comfortable, neutral alignment will alleviate neck pain.

Hot sleepers can enjoy this pillow, too. The memory foam fill is shredded, which makes air flow much easier, and the cover is cool to the touch.

What Makes the Beautyrest Absolute Rest Pillow Stand Out?

  • The adjustable fill means you can find the height that works for you to sleep in a neutral position, which will alleviate neck pain.
  • The removable cover is cool to the touch and machine-washable.
  • The foam fill will contour to your head, which makes it feel very comfortable.

Full review to come!

Unique Comfort Features Of Purecares Softcell Chill Pillow

Have you ever felt like you need to make sacrifices to achieve the rewarding sleep experience you need? At PureCare, our goal is to take sacrifice out of the equation for you for good.

Our Cooling SoftCell® Chill Pillow has three distinctively different comfort features that allow you to tailor your sleep experience based on your unique sleep needs and preferences.

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Best Budget Pillow For Side Sleepers

  • Fill: polyester down alternative
  • Firmness: medium-firm

With a whopping 166,000+ reviews on Amazon , these supportive pillows have a serious side sleeper cult following one reviewer even described them as the crack of pillows. And if thats not a glowing review, we dont know what is.

You can choose from queen or king size, so theyre larger than standard pillows. However, they very much have that comfy high-end-hotel vibe . Theyre also MAJORLY inexpensive.

Some customers have received dirty or damaged pillows, though, so be cautious. It looks like there may be some quality control issues.

Do I Need To Wash My Pillows

9 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers With Neck and Shoulder Pain

As well as bed sheets, you should also be washing your pillows but there are different washing rules depending on the filling and material.

While its generally recommended that you wash your pillowcases at least every week or two, along with your sheets, you can get away with leaving your actual pillow for longer. You should aim to wash it at least every six months, if not more often .

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Who Should Buy A Cooling Pillow

Truthfully, cooling pillows are great for almost anyone. There are a number of brands and models for every preference and sleeping position. Of course, a strictly hot sleeper should buy a cooling pillow for obvious reasons. Additionally, those who experience hot flashes or even those who just need something a little extra during warm summer months can benefit.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow

“Many doctors recommend replacing pillows every two years,” Dautovich says. Odors, stains, lumps, and flattening are all signs that it might be time to replace your pillow. Increased neck pain or allergy symptoms can also be signs that your pillow is no longer serving you. When cleaning, be sure to refer to the care label on your pillow to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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Most Breathable Pillow For Side Sleepers

  • Fill: copper-infused memory foam
  • Firmness: medium

This pillow made specifically for side sleepers is crafted from cooling, copper-infused memory foam, features a wide gusset and an adjustable fill level , and is shaped with shoulder cut-outs. Its a sweet dream to a side sleeper.

The pillow also comes with a 60-night trial, which is a rarity for pillows but gives you plenty of time to see if its your match made in dreamland.

However, some reviewers say that over time the fill can flatten out.

Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow

4 Best Cooling Pillows – Hot Sleepers, Check This Out!

Price: $$

Customer rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If youre looking for a green pillow thats specifically made for side sleepers, you may enjoy the Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow. It has an ergonomic design that protects the neck and shoulder from cramping, plus its handcrafted in the United States with organic cotton and hemp. The fill is made from organic latex and poly silk.

Users like this pillows complete lack of chemical smell. They also like how easy it is to adjust the amount of fill in the pillow to a preferred height.

Unlike other pillows with a curved side, this pillow fits comfortably into a standard pillowcase.

The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.

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Best Medium Firm Cooling Pillow

Made in the UK, these John Lewis Cooling Standard Pillows offer medium firm support for those who prefer to sleep on their side or back. The pillow is carefully made up of layers of foam core filling, a cool-layer of hillowfibre and a cotton casing. The foam layer is really breathable, allowing air flow to move throughout the pillow and regulate body temperature.

Next on our list is Dusk’s Cooling Medium Support Pillow. The bedding first retailer have recently expanded their range, offering mattresses, bed frames and pillows alongside their crisp cotton sheets. The Cooling Medium Support Pillow is encased in 300 hundred thread count cotton, so you’ll have a truly luxury pillow wrapped up in your pillowcases. This pillow feels more like a normal pillow it’s filled with lightweight hollowfibre, rather than heavier gel layers. But don’t fear, the tencel outerlayer and hollowfibre are still very effective at drawing heat away from you. Did we mention it’s hypoallergenic too?

Columbia Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

This product is manufactured by Columbia Sportswear Company, a brand-name company that has been producing gear for outdoor activities for 80 years. These guys do their best to keep their customers dry, cool, or warm, depending on the weather environment. Given their professional approach to the matter, I was not surprised to learn that two advanced technologies were simultaneously applied in the production of this pillow.

These are Omni-Freeze and Omni-Wick technologies, with the former keeping you cool and the latter keeping you dry. The cool surface of the blue side allows the bottom of the pillow to remain cool even after many hours of sleep. On the other hand, the white side with a breathable surface eliminates moisture and makes perspiration evaporate faster. That is why this dual-side memory foam pillow will be a saving grace in the heat of summers!

Another advantage of this product I would like to highlight is the comfort it delivers, no matter what your favorite sleeping posture is. Being neither too hard nor too soft, the pillow supports your shoulders and neck, helping you to relieve the body strain and relax. In case you are not satisfied with the product, bear in mind that the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty, something that gives customers more confidence in its quality.

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Do Memory Foam Pillows Make You Hot

While its true that memory foam has the tendency to trap heat and warm up, there are some ways to avoid this! For example, shredded or ventilated memory foam promotes more breathability as compared to one solid piece. Additionally, memory foam pillows made with advanced cooling textiles like Phase Change Material or cooling gel pads do a great job of dissipating body heat.

What Were Looking For:

Get Cooling Pillow Side Sleeper Images

Loft: The loft, or height, of your pillow is a crucial factor for side sleepers to consider. Dr. Toussaint-Keshinro explains that keeping your head, neck, and shoulders in a neutral and even position is most important. If a pillow is too flat or too high, it can create an uneven muscle tone in the neck and shoulders, leading to spasms over time. While there isnt a formula to figure out the ideal loft of your pillow, Dr. Dennis Colonello, celebrity and professional-athlete chiropractor at Peak Wellness and all33 co-founder, suggests that your pillow be around four inches off of your mattress. But dont go breaking out your ruler just yet, as there is wiggle room with this number. For taller people with broader shoulders, a higher loft may be more comfortable, and conversely, a petite person with more narrow shoulders will likely rest comfortably with a lower loft.

Firmness: All of our experts agreed that medium-firm pillows tend to be the best option for people sleeping on their side. While there is room for personal preference here, a medium-firm pillow helps your head stay in the right position without sinking while you sleep. For people who like to dream on a bed that feels like fresh brioche buns instead of a firmer surface, gusseted-down and down-alternative pillows can be a plush compromise. Additionally, Cushner and Foley suggest memory foam pillows, as they sort of mimic the softness of down by contouring to your body, while still providing support.

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Best Cooling Pillows In Canada

Do insomnia and fatigue haunt your nights? Stressed out from work and too tired to fall asleep? Cooling pillows might be the perfect solution for your sleep problems. If you want to learn how cooling pillows can help, how they work, and what things to look for when shopping, then youve come to the right place. This exhaustive buyers guide will cover all sleeping basics and review the TOP 17 best cooling pillows.

Who can benefit from cooling pillows? Anyone who suffers from anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, other conditions that make you run hot, can benefit greatly from the cooling effects of such a pillow.

What is the best cooling pillow? The product should be made by a brand-name company that uses advanced technologies, otherwise, it will be just another pillow. Choosing between gel and water-based products, you should better opt for the former as they are more effective and require less maintenance. Make sure that it provides good air circulation and is made of quality material. The product should fit your body well, offering head and neck support all night. We believe that Tempur-Pedic Breeze Dual Pillow fits these criteria best.

Tempur-Pedic Breeze Dual Pillow

Best Cooling Pillow For Back Sleepers And Side Sleepers

A winning formula of cooling air holes and memory foam make Eve Sleep’s Memory Foam Pillow a truly brilliant addition to your night’s sleep. Described as more supportive than squishy,” this pillow is heavier than a normal pillow, which is definitely something to take into account before purchase. However, this does make the pillow ideal for back sleepers and side sleepers, as it’s designed to keep your spine and neck aligned.

The Everdene Cooling Pillow from Brook + Wilde would be an excellent choice for side or back sleepers. The sleep experts have come up with this clever, thermoregulating pillow, encased in 100% Egyptian cotton and filled with hollow fibre pockets that improve airflow.

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How To Position Your Pillows As A Side Sleeper

Before you drift off to sleep, consider positioning your pillows like this to improve your sleep posture and prevent pain.

  • When you lie down on your pillow, make sure your ears are in line with your shoulders and your chin is neutrally positioned. Tucking your chin against your chest or curving your neck down can lead to pain over time.
  • Place a second pillow between your knees and lift them up towards your chest. This helps keep pressure off your knees and hips, which means your back will stay straighter at night.
  • Make sure your arms and hands are below your shoulders. Some people find hugging another pillow near their waists can make this more comfortable. You can also try using a body pillow as a between the legs and under the arm solution.

Take These Factors Into Consideration Before Purchasing Your Pillow For Side Sleepers Cool

Best Cooling Pillows 2020 – Our Top 8 Pillows for Night Sweats!

Usually, before buying anything, we often consider having opinions from others who have purchased it before. Our first step of research start from Word of Mouth. That is why reviews matter so much in todays marketing strategies, as people love to buy the facts used as practical examples by users.

Dont worry you dont have to knock door to door to ask if the pillow for side sleepers cool is worth buying or not. Instead, just open your browser and type in the name of your product, and youll find a variety of platforms selling it.

Amazon tops the priority list as it has become one of the best online selling platforms around the world. You can also lookup other online selling platforms and go to their review sections to get a good idea about your product.

Another useful way of finding authentic reviews is Reddit threads.Usually, people around the globe seek help for a product review or share their thoughts on how that product is as a whole. Almost all types of product threads are available if it isnt too rare of a kind.

Therefore, by searching on Reddit, it becomes easier to know about pillow for side sleepers cool more as all of the comprehensive details of it are available, be it the function, size, or brand.

Although reviews will give you a wide range of criteria to look into, they are not the only thing you need to do to conduct perfect research of your pillow for side sleepers cool before buying it.

You should also get the answers to few questions first:

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What Is A Cooling Pillow

As the name suggests, a cooling pillow, or cool pillow, is one that stays cold throughout the night. Gone are the days of flipping your pillow over to find the cool side. With these pillows, every side is the cold side. Cool pillows feel rather like the best memory foam pillows do, except the former will have a gel pad, or layer of cooling technology over the foam core.

Top 10 Best Cooling Pillows For Side Sleepers

Are you a side sleeper who have been wondering whether there is any pillow that stay cool all night long? How to sleep well especially for those who is a side sleeper with shoulder pain? Buy the best cooling pillow for night sweat! A cooling pillow will help you sleep better .

Remember that not all pillows are made the same. The cool gel creates a cold sleeping surface. That would help those who suffer from hot flashes or overheating at night. The best cooling pillow for side sleeper is great for sweaty head, side sleeper, and your comfort. Read on to learn more about our selections of the pillows that help cool down the night for night sleeper.

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According to Daniel Gartenberg, a sleep scientist, sleep is actually a recent discovery. Scientists only started looking at sleep 70 years ago. You can read more about Why eight hours a night isnt enough, according to a leading sleep scientist on Quartz.

How to avoid neck pain when you wake up in the morning? Spinal alignment is very essential of any pillow, which helps ease neck pain. Thus, if neck pain is your current critical issue. You should get one of the contour memory foam pillow from our list of recommendations. The best cooling pillow is a good choice for night sweats.

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How To Choose A Cooling Pillow

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cooling pillow, including its cooling properties and the quality of materials used. Every sleeper has unique needs, but there are common elements that can help each person determine if a pillow is right for them. These include price, loft, firmness level, and pressure relief. Keep in mind your sleeping position, weight, and personal preferences when shopping for a cooling pillow.

Do Cooling Pillows Lose Their Cool

The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Unfortunately, some do lose their cool, and its all about what materials and technology are used and the quality of them. This is where trial periods come in handy – it allows sleepers to give the pillow or pillows a chance to stay cool and to discover if it fails after a few hours or a few days.Ive personally had the best luck with pillows that are made with Phase Change Material and have core fillings that promote airflow, like the aerated core of the Gel Memory Foam GhostPillow.

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Finding The Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

All products featured on Architectural Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Since the side sleeping position is by far the most popular among adults, its only natural that weve been investigating what the best pillow for side sleepers looks and feels like. And though there are many reported benefits to sleeping on your sidelike reduced sleep apneawhen done improperly, it can cause neck and shoulder strain, potentially leading to nerve pain and soft tissue issues in the spine.

Pittsburgh-based Premier Chiropractic Clinic owner and chiropractor Dr. Brian Meenan regularly advises his over 1.6 million followers on TikTok and treats patients for sleep-related pain everyday. According to him, your ideal pillow should put the least amount of stress on your spine and neck. You want your neck mostly in neutral, not bending too far to the right or left when lying on your side, he says. So to help you achieve the most restful nights sleep, weve rounded up the 16 best side sleeper pillows we could findincluding recommendations from Dr. Meenan, top-reviewed online picks, and cushions my colleagues at AD and I have tried ourselves.


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