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How Long Will A Nectar Mattress Last

Nectar Mattress Reviews On Firmness

Nectar Mattress Review – The Best Memory Foam Mattress Of 2022???
  • I was very hesitant to buy a mattress without trying it out first, but I did a lot of research and decided to take the risk. I tried several different styles of memory foam mattresses in stores and Id say this falls right in the middle. Its not too hard, and not too soft. I sink in just enough to feel supported, but not so much that its difficult to move. It took me about two weeks to adjust to it. I was stiff in different places, but after a month, I sleep much more soundly, I wake up less in the middle of the night, and Im not sore in the morning. I am very pleased with our purchase. W.R.
  • I noticed plenty of reviews from 30 & 40ish people but no senior reviews???? I wanted to know how this mattress affects people over 65! So Ill address it, to fill that void. It is firm enough for those with back issues, but soft enough to cushion the pressure points that I do not wake up in pain! We have only slept in it three nights but my husband and I are VERY happy so far. Joy S.

Nectar Design And Construction

The Nectar mattress is a 12 thick all-foam bed with three layers. Take an inside look at the construction of Nectar mattress.

Starting from the bottom up:

  • Standard Foam Base Support : As the name implies, this 7 layer serves as the beds foundation.
  • Soft Support Foam: The proprietary material is a 2 layer of memory foam that acts as a transition layer from the support foam below.
  • Gel memory foam: A top layer of 3 gel memory foam.
  • Cooling Cover: Wrapping the three layers of foam is a removable, quilted polyethylene cover. The covers cooling technology will quickly wick away superficial heat that was transferred to it through touch. And if this cover could get any better, it is machine-washable! This is a very important aspect, as most beds-in-a-box dont offer this feature.

If youre unsure if you prefer gel foam or memory foam, be sure to read our article Gel Foam vs. Memory Foam.

Nectar Premier Mattress Performance

To give you a more objective view of the Nectar Premier, I used a few of my specialized tools that are meant to mimic real-life experiences you might have in bed, like sleeping with a partner and sleeping with different types of pain. Ill detail the results of those tests below, but first Ill share how this mattress works for different types of sleepers.

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How Is The Nectar Mattress Constructed


The Nectar Mattress has a cover made from a blend of polyester, polyethylene, and nylon. These materials are soft and breathable. The bottom cover has an anti-slip surface to prevent the mattress from shifting during the night.

Comfort Layers

The mattress has a 3-inch comfort layer gel memory foam. The foam conforms very closely to the body without sinking too deeply. The result is a noticeable body hug that can alleviate aches and pains, prevent pressure points from building, and improve spinal alignment for side sleepers.

The foam also distributes weight evenly and consistently, making the bed especially well-suited for heavier sleepers. The cooling gel helps the material resist bothersome heat buildup.

Transitional Layer

The mattress has a transitional layer of dense polyffoam that measures 2 inches. This component enhances the body-hug sensation of the comfort layer and prevents sleepers from sagging too much.

Support Layers

The Nectar Mattress has a support core of high-density polyfoam measuring 7 inches thick. Along with the transitional layer, the polyfoam base provides a firm base for the softer comfort layers. The result is a balanced, medium-firm feel that conforms closely without compromising overall support.

Mattress Height

The mattress measures 12 inches thick. This is slightly thicker than the average mattress, making it a good option for people who struggle getting on and off shorter beds.

Product Name

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Is Nectar A Good Mattress For Side Sleepers

Nectar Mattress Review 2020 : Perfect For Side Sleeper And Couples ...

Most side sleepers, unless you’re a combination sleeper who occasionally side-sleeps, might think Nectar is a little firm. Nectar falls around a medium-firm on the firmness scale, but side sleepers typically sleep best on medium to soft beds that offer more pressure relief.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Nectar Warranty And Trial Period

Nectar is a handful of mattress companies that offer a lengthy one-year mattress trial for you to get acquainted with your mattress. Nectar gives customers ample time to make sure the mattress is right for them. If youre indecisive like me, this can provide a great source of anxiety relief. If you do decide youd like to make a return, a return request for an opened mattress can be made after 30 days and a full refund can be issued in the form of the original payment. Unopened mattresses are eligible for return and refund after delivery, but products must be in a condition where they can be donated.

Nectars Forever Warranty has you covered f something goes wrong with your mattress, This lifetime guarantee extends to all mattresses purchased through the company website or authorized retailers so you can sleep soundly knowing that your warranty doesnt expire in 10 to 20 years like many other brands. It does, however, only apply to the original purchaser.

Does It Need A Foundation

The Nectar doesnt require a foundation however you can put it on a foundation as long as it is firm. It also works on an adjustable bed, wood slats or even the floor. This makes the mattress very versatile and will work on whatever furniture you decide to upgrade to in the future. In fact you can purchase the Nectar Adjustable Base along with the mattress and get everything delivered to your door.

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Nectar Mattress Review: Delivery And Unboxing

Nectar Sleep offers a contact-free delivery with free shipping and returns, and it arrived within a week of ordering.

Unsurprisingly, the mattress box is a bit heavy, so it’s easier to set up if you have someone around to help carry it to the bedroom.

I’d recommend removing the packaging in the bedroom: once out of the box and plastic packaging, the mattress is difficult to move.

You’ll find a handy cutter tool for easy mattress release included in your packaging, and after unpacking the mattress, you’ll need to leave the mattress to expand for several hours.

Don’t stress if it takes slightly longer for your mattress to reach its full size: Nectar says that the mattress expansion depends on many factors including air pressure, humidity, and ventilation.

The mattress I tested , took around seven hours to expand completely and left a slight odor in the surrounding area, so I’d suggest ventilating your bedroom well for a few days once your mattress is out of the packaging.

Layers And Mattress Building

Nectar Mattress Review – Is It The Best Memory Foam Mattress??? (UPDATED!)

As detailed below, the Nectar memory foam mattress is made up of multiple layers. A cooling Tencel layer, 3 memory foam layers, and a breathable base layer:

1. Convenience system Gel-infused memory foam and quilted gel memory foam

It is the upper layer made of gel-infused foam and quilted foam The layers help to circulate air and keep the mattress cool while also regulating body temperature level, enabling you to sleep cooler all night. They also equally disperse your weight on the mattress, easing pressure on your back shoulders, and hips.

2. Transition Layer Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam

The adaptive foam layers task is to keep you from sinking in by supporting your body. It also adds a bounce to the mattress that you wont find in other memory foam mattresses.

3. Layer of support High-density polyfoam

It functions as the structure and offers the Nectar mattress its characteristic firmness that you wont discover in the majority of memory foam mattresses. The polyfoam also contributes to the mattresss longevity.

4. Tencel Cooling Cover

As the name recommends, this layer is a pro at cooling. It dissipates heat by accommodating air blood circulation, and moisture-wicking. Furthermore, its vermin resistant, so you wont have to stress over those pesky parasites.

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Cons Of Nectar Mattress

  • The 365-night trial might not be all its cracked up to be
  • Some may prefer a hybrid mattress for better support e.g. for side-sleepers
  • Not as cheap as some other brands
  • If you only want a mattress, not a bundle, there are cheaper alternatives

Below I will delve into *each* of these positives/negatives and loads more. Please pull up a chair and read through this entire review if you have the time it may pay dividends later.

Check out my full list of Nectar vouchers here.

Nectar Mattress Review Overview How Long Does Nectar Mattress Last


The Nectar foam mattress is an item of the Nectar company, which also makes Nectar Lush mattress, bed frames, adjustable bases, mattress protectors, and pillows. Produced in 2017, the Nectar dense memory foam mattress is developed to offer you contoured support and the best sleep of your life.

The all foam memory mattress is 11 inches in height. The mattress has remarkable qualities that can contour your pressure points and minimize body discomfort, heat, as well as motion transfer.

Falling in between 6 and 6.5 on the firmness scale, this medium firm mattress is perfect for light weight, typical weight, and heavy-weight sleepers. It is likewise ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Although the mattress has actually been built utilizing exceptional quality products, it is economical than most memory foam mattresses.

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Nectar Mattress A Summary How Long Does Nectar Mattress Last

In this article

  • 1.3.1 Last Decision: Is It Worth the Purchase?
  • Nectar mattresses are made by Nectar, a renowned bed producer that also deals in pillows, mattress protectors, adjustable bases, bed frames, and nectar lush mattresses.

    The Nectar deep memory foam mattress was launched in 2017, and it was developed to offer comfort and luxury. It offers customized support by molding your pressure points and eliminating body pains, excess heat, and motion transfer. At 11 inches high, the nectar mattress is said to give you the very best nights sleep of your life.

    The mattress is comprised of 4 layers that include a polyfoam cover, adaptive transition foam, gel memory foam, and quilted gel-infused foam. When integrated offer a soft yet supportive and firm mattress, these layers. On the firmness scale, the nectar mattress falls in between 6 and 6.5 and is for that reason classified as a medium-firm mattress.

    In light of this, it is suitable for light-weighted, moderate-weighted, and heavy-weighted sleepers. It is likewise best for all styles of sleeping positions from stomach sleepers to side and back sleepers.

    We need to state that one welcome surprise was its cost. It is less costly than a lot of memory foam mattresses yet uses the same exceptional quality materials. Lets have a thorough analysis of its benefits and functions:

    Is Nectar The Mattress For You

    9 Reasons Why Nectar May Be Your Best And Last Mattress

    Nectar is a strong choice if youre on a budget but still want a quality, memory-foam sleep experience. It works for all sleep positionseven those who toss and turn at night. Its motion isolation makes it a good pick for couples, plus it has good edge support. And do we even have to mention the year-long trial period and lifetime warranty?

    There are a few reasons Nectar may not be for you, including:

    • If you sleep excessively hot
    • If you prefer the traditional feel of springs
    • If youre a bit heavier

    For plus-size sleepers, we recommend the Titan Plus by Brooklyn Bedding. This bed is built for heavier people, has springs and cooling features, and starts at just over $1,000 for a queen.

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    How Much Is The Nectar Mattress

    The Nectar comes in five mattress sizes ranging from single to super king. When you pay full whack, their prices come in at:

    • Super king – £1,059

    Nectar’s prices are pretty reasonable compared to its rivals.

    The Simba Hybrid, which has an identical depth and makes many similar claims, starts at £749 for a single, and prices reach £1,329 for a super king.

    Brook + Wilde’s Lux Mattress, meanwhile, costs £649 for a single and £1,049 for a super king, and its customers are able to choose their preferred firmness.

    Emma’s two mattress offerings sit on either side of the Nectar, price wise – its Original mattress, which has the same 25cm depth and five layers as the Nectar and comes with a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot, starts at £499, while its more sophisticated premium mattress starts at £749.

    You can usually get a pretty good discount by going direct to Nectar though.

    At the moment the brand is offering 45% off any mattress.

    • Shop Nectar memory foam mattress here

    Who Should Consider The Nectar Mattress

    Not sure if Nectars the right fit for you? Heres who will benefit the most from this mattress:

    Memory foam fans who sleep hotNectar has cooling gel memory foam and a breathable cover. These features wick away heat and moisture from your body so you sleep cooler.

    Side and back sleepersNectars medium firmness give side and back sleepers great pressure relief. Four foam layers support your spine while cushioning your joints and pressure points.

    CouplesFoam beds absorb motion. So if you sleep with a partner, you wont feel them moving around at night. Youll both get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

    Online shoppersYou can buy a Nectar mattress online and choose your delivery. Opt for regular delivery to your doors or White Glove Service, which includes bed setup and removes your old mattress .

    Should you flip a Nectar mattress?

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    Nectar Mattress Reviews On Sleep Quality

    • Ive owned the Nectar Mattress for about 8 months now and its the best purchase Ive made for my back The last few mattresses Ive used sleep well for about 5.5-6hrs and then the backache would kick in and I knew it was time to get up. With Nectar, I simply dont want to get up !! I sleep the whole night. Ive actually changed my sleeping habits, go to bed earlier to get more rest and wake up rejuvenated. To some this all may sound cliche and I think it does to me also, but I honestly have to say that this mattress has made a difference in the way I sleep and wake each morning. Best of all, they have a 365 day guarantee, if you dont like it, return it. Paul H.
    • After months of research into a new mattress an intro to nectar popped up. I took several weeks comparing my choices to nectar and with help from their customer service I chose nectar. I have no regrets. My husband and I have the best nights sleep, the mattress is plush and extremely comfortable and stays cool throughout the night. -S.J.

    How Long Does The Nectar Mattress Last Exposed

    Nectar Mattress Review – The Best Memory Foam Mattress Of 2022? (UPDATED!)

    If youre looking for a supportive, super-comfy mattress at pocket-friendly prices, Nectar might be the best choice for you. How Long Does The Nectar Mattress Last

    But is Nectar mattress really all its cracked up to be?

    Nectar is one of the most popular mattress brands online. But why are they so popular, and do they live up to their reputation?

    Here I expose all in this in-depth look at Nectar mattress.

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    Is It Easy To Set Up

    Nectar arrives at your door in a tall rectangular box. It can be a bit heavy, so we suggest a team lift when taking it up the stairs. Though it comes with a tool to help you unwrap it, it took us about 5 minutes to completely unbox Nectar and free it from the plastic. Nectar also had an off-gassing odor, so we recommend letting the mattress air out for a few days before putting sheets on.

    To see the full unboxing process, check out our video review of the Nectar mattress.

    This Could Be The Mattress For You If:

    • You have a sleep partner and need to keep motion transfer at bay
    • You love that traditional memory foam feel but not the night sweats that often come with it
    • You sleep on your stomach
    • You suffer from hip and shoulder pain

    Spoiler alert: if you carry a lot of weight, youre definitely going to want to keep reading!

    I recently got the opportunity to try out the Nectar mattress and am excited to share my findings. Nectar uses a combination of memory foam, base foam, and gel quilting foam to offer an incredibly supportive sleep surface that still provides the contour expected from memory foam.

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    Nectar Mattress First Impressions

    Reina Glenn/rd.com

    The Nectar mattress arrived at my building in a box that was impressively compact for a king-size mattress . But as efficient as it was size-was, it was difficult to maneuver into my apartment. The mattress weighed upwards of 100 pounds, but it felt even heavier. After a brief attempt at lifting it, my husband and I opted to use a cart.

    Once it was out of the box, we could see why it felt so solidthe mattress was shrink-wrapped into a jelly roll and protected by multiple layers of plastic. The blade Nectar included to help with unwrapping was a nice touch, though it did snap in half almost immediately. We ended up using scissors and, with a little patience, managed to get all the plastic off in a few minutes.

    The moment the mattress was free of wrapping, it was a beauty. Unlike other types of boxed beds, the Nectar mattress inflated in a matter of seconds. Sitting noticeably taller than my previous mattress, I could immediately see how plush and comfy it would be.

    The informational insert warned of off-gassing smells, and I did notice a faint odor when I laid down for the first time, but it wasnt unpleasantit just smelled new. Running my hand along the cover, I felt the cooling sensation of the copper threading and how silky smooth the fabric was. I almost didnt want to cover it with sheets and a comforter. But of course I did, because the most important job was still ahead of me: sleeping.


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