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What Is Considered A Deep Pocket Mattress

How To Choose A Mattress For Lightweight Sleepers

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There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress. Lightweight sleepers should primarily consider whether the support level is appropriate and whether the surface provides adequate pressure relief.

Well explore what to look for in a mattress and give you the tools to help determine whether or not a particular model is a good fit for your individual needs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thinner Mattress

Just like thicker mattresses, there are several reasons why a thinner mattress could be more suited to your specific sleep needs.

Reviews from many people with limited mobility say they find that a thinner mattress is easier to get into and out of regularly. If you are short in stature, a thin mattress may also be beneficial.

Additionally, easily being able to sit on a bed instead of having to exert effort makes a world of difference for sleepers with injuries or other conditions which make movement more difficult.

The weight of a thinner mattress is also lesser and it is easier to move. If you plan to move a beds position frequently or dont have someone to help you, a thinner one may be a good choice. For example, you may have a Murphy bed, which is a regular bed that can fold up to the wall. Lori Wall beds are well-known for this, and they recommend mattresses with a maximum thickness of 12 to ensure the bed can properly close. Also, remember that the lighter the mattress is, the easier it would be to pull up.

As mentioned above, thinner mattresses often cost less. When planning to buy, if you are on a strict budget or simply cant afford a big purchase right now, a thinner mattress could also be the right choice for you.

Pocket Sprung Mattress: The Best Mattress For Minimal Movement Through The Night

Our premium pocket sprung mattresses are designed for heavenly comfort with individually wrapped pocket springs. Working independently for each other, they ensure minimal movement and undisturbed sleep. The natural comfort layer and pocket springs work beneath you to provide just the right amount of balance and pressure relief.

Take a look at our 1,000 pocket sprung mattresses for a medium option, or our 2,000 pocket sprung mattresses for a medium-to-firm option.

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Is A 10 Inch Mattress Thick Enough

The answer to this question depends on your sleep style. A 10-inch thick mattress is a popular choice and often provides a good amount of comfort, especially if you’re a back sleeper.

However, if you sleep on your side, you may need additional support, which calls for a 12 to 14-inch thick mattress.

Why Would You Need Deep Pocket Sheets

Extra Deep Pocket 4

It all depends on the thickness of your mattress. Some mattresses are naturally made thicker to provide extra comfort. For instance, pillow top mattresses typically offer an additional two-inch layer to the overall mattress. The standard thickness of a mattress is typically six to nine inches, but there are mattresses that range from 12 to 18 inches thick to offer more comfort, plush, and luxury.

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Deep pocket sheets work best on thick mattresses, mattresses with pillow tops, or mattresses that have been given an additional layer with a mattress topper. Whether your mattress wasnt as comfortable as you were expecting or its gotten flat with old age, a mattress topper offers an extra layer of cushion that makes all the difference in the level of comfort. However, once you add your mattress topper to your bedding, you may notice a difference in the way your standard fitted sheets cover, which leads you to potentially upgrading to a deep pocket sheet set.

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Our Firmness Scale And Sleepers Under 130 Pounds

We use a 10 point firmness scale to rank each mattress we review, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. The majority of sleepers prefer a mattress that falls between 5 and 7 on the firmness scale. However, this is different for lightweight sleepers.

Most lightweight sleepers prefer a softer mattress, as they compress easier than firm mattresses and are less likely to cause pressure points. As a result, many lightweight sleepers enjoy a mattress that falls between 3 and 6 on the firmness scale.

What Is The Difference Between Deep Pocket And Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

There are very few differences between deep pocket sheets and extra deep pocket sheets. The only difference is the depth of the pocket.

Deep pocket sheets usually measure between 16 and 18 inches pocket depth.

Extra-deep pocket sheets have a pocket depth between 19 and 22 inches.

If your mattress is 16 inches deep, its advised to invest in deep pocket sheets rather than regular bedding or deep pocket sheets bedding.

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What Are Deep Pocket Sheets

Deep pocket sheets are bed sheets specifically designed for mattresses over 16 thick.

They have a depth that ranges from 16-22 and keep sheets secure on extra-thick mattresses.

When it comes time to lay down at night, its important to have the proper sleeping essentials like the proper pillow or sheets to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning. One of the biggest sleep disturbances is bunching sheets or sheets that consistently slip off throughout your rest.

Investing in sheets that properly fit your mattress is crucial to preventing this problem. Deep pocket sheets serve as the perfect solution to help your bedsheets stay put throughout the night, making your sleep comfortable and carefree.

So, what are deep pocket sheets?

Top Features Of Thick Bed Sheets

mattress protector that doesn’t make you sweat Premium Fitted Washable Terry Cloth

This type of bedding should have some similarities that make it attractive for those trying to cover thicker mattresses. While most have elastic around the entire sheet, others include extra elastic reinforcement for corners. Well go over the most important considerations to help guide your decision.


There are few letdowns less disappointing than buying a product youve heavily researched only to have it tear or shed within the few weeks of use. The good news is deep pocket sheets that are thicker tend to be more durable. To find the best products, we recommend looking for products with a reinforced elastic around the edges, in a fabric you know you like.

If you tend to toss and turn and wash your sheets frequently, microfiber should hold up well.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Hypoallergenic means the textile is made from fibers that are unlikely to create an allergic reaction. Whether you have pets, lots of dust, or just live in an agricultural area, hypoallergenic linens can be a lifesaver year-round. Deep pocket sheets tend to excel in this arena because they cover more of your mattress, helping reduce the number of bacteria and allergens that could reach your mattress and create allergic reactions.


If you want to be warmer, the flannel or polyester are great choices, while the cotton will likely help you sleep cooler.

Simple Care Taking

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Resistance to Fading

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Main Types Of Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets

Deep pocket bedding comes in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of materials and styles. Because so many brands have begun to make their linens with deeper pockets, you dont need to settle for just fit alone. Well guide you through the important considerations.


Cotton is easily one of the most common materials for deep pocket sheets. If you want your bedding to keep you cool, it might be the right option for you. Cotton is extremely breathable and depending on the weave, it can provide the crisp feel many expect in their linen.

Cotton may not be warm enough for all climates and could be better suited for summer bedding depending on how sensitive you are.

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Another popular option for sheets, microfiber is famous for providing easy maintenance, soft texture, and a versatile nature. Microfiber is similar to cotton, though it tends to be softer than a low thread count cotton and may be cozier in cooler weather. There is no clear answer on which texture is better, rather it depends on personal preference.

If your sheets are going to get lots of mileage and washes, microfiber would likely be a great choice.


Embroidery is usually around the edges of your flat sheets and pillowcases, though you may find it across the entire surface.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is different from traditional cotton because it is made from finer fiber which tends to have a higher thread count.


Depth Of Your Mattress

Before purchasing sheets, make sure you know the depth of your mattress. The depth of your mattress is the thickness and size of your mattress from top to bottom. This is very important to know when shopping for new sheets as it may alter the fit of standard sheets. Mattress depth can be categorized in the following ways:

Standard Mattress: 7 to 12 inches high Deep Mattress: 13 to 17 inches high Extra Deep Mattress: 18 to 25 inches high

Once you solidify the proper sheet size for your bed, the following guide will help you pick out the perfect, cozy bedding for a great night of sleep!

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Mattress Depth Vs Pocket Depth

When referring to bed sheets, what exactly does pocket depth mean? Many people get confused between mattress depth and pocket depth. Simply put, the mattress depth refers to the thickness of a mattress and pocket depth is the length of the corner seam on a fitted sheet.

In order for sheets to fit properly on a bed, the fitted pocket depth needs to be only one to three inches deeper than the depth of the mattress. Many fitted sheets in the stores these days are made with very deep pockets to accommodate all mattress depths. The standard deep pocket sheets work well for the very deep mattresses, however with the new trend of shallow mattresses now on the market, with some being as shallow as six inches, the standard 15 to 18 fitted pockets are too loose and create uncomfortable bunching and wrinkling in the sleep surface.

If you have experienced this problem, believe it or not, there is a solution. Cozytown Linens offers fitted sheets in one inch intervals ranging from 6 up to 25 deep. Its a one-of-a-kind custom service at a non-custom price, allowing you to choose the pocket depth that best fits your specific mattress.

Inch Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets:

Full XL , White 1200 Thread Count 25 inches Extra Deep Pocket 100% ...

These sheets are specially made fully elasticized to Fit mattresses that are up to 22 inches deep.

The regular mattresses range in thickness for ten to fourteen inches and are the most common to buyers, so the regular fitted sheets will fit properly. However, special mattresses can be up to over 20 inches thick and that is good for comfort.

These special mattresses need special sheets with extra deep pocket should be the best as they are deeper fitted than the average sheet set.

So deep pocket sheet sets are created to fit the thicker mattress of today. Also, if you use mattress toppers, mattress pads, or pillow toppers, you will need deep pocket sheets to fit your mattress properly.

Just like regular sheets, Pushplinen offers very beautiful and durable deep pocket sheets that come in variety of colors, designs, constructions materials. These sheets are available in queen, king, and California king sizes.

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Pinzon Plaid Flannel Sheet Set

These deep-pocket sheets are made from double-napped cotton flannel, a wintertime bedding essential. In addition to having deep pockets, each set comes in a rustic plaid style.


  • The fitted sheet in this set is capable of accommodating mattresses up to 16 inches deep, with a strong elastic band that puts a good grip on the bed.
  • This heavyweight flannel is ideal for wintertime or sleepers who run cold.
  • The elastic band spans the entire perimeter of the fitted sheet rather than just the corners.


  • This bedding is made to keep sleepers toasty warm! If youre looking for cooling sheets, Id look elsewhere.
  • This sheet set only comes in plaid, and is not available in solid colors.

The Pinzon Plaid Flannel Sheets are deep-pocket sheets are made from double-napped cotton flannel, a wintertime bedding essential.

California Design Den Pure Cotton Sheet Set

Sleepers looking for a set of cozy cotton sheets with extra deep pockets will be most compatible with this bedding. Theyre soft, breathable, and can accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches deep.


  • This bedding is made from 100% long-staple cotton which makes it soft, smooth, and durable. Additionally, the fitted sheet has very deep pockets of 18 inches, ideal for folks with taller mattresses.
  • These sheets are sateen woven which gives them a silky feel and lustrous sheen.
  • At $40 for a Queen size, this set is a great value considering its high quality.


  • The fitted sheet in this set has extra deep pockets, so those with mattresses fewer than 15 inches deep may find that its too baggy.
  • Sleepers looking for crisp cotton sheets might want to look elsewhere. This bedding is sateen woven, which gives it a silky feel and lustrous sheen.

The California Design Den Pure Cotton Sheets are soft, breathable, and can accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

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Search For The Sheets

Search for sheets in the size of your pillow-top mattress. Sheet sizes are available in twin, twin-XL, full, queen, California king, and king. Its important to get the sheets that are meant for your exact mattress twin-XL mattresses are longer than twin mattresses, and California king mattresses are longer than king mattresses.

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Dont Forget Your Bed Size

Episode 59 – Deep Mattresses and Fitted Sheets

With all the fuss over pockets, you might forget deep-pocket and extra-deep pocket sheets also come in various sizes. Fortunately, the sheets mentioned above come in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes and many colors to suit almost any bed and decor. You can also buy 100% cotton 22 inch extra-deep sheets sets in twin, full, queen, king, and California king.


Whether you want silky, sumptuous cotton or easy care microfiber, choose what suits you and your lifestyle. Choosing sheets wisely ensures youll enjoy them for years.

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Mattress/bed Sizes And Dimensions Guide

June 8, 2022 Filed under: Mattress Guide

Choosing the mattress size that is right for you is just as important as choosing your mattress comfort and construction.

Your current needs, living space and sleeping arrangement will play a role in whether you choose a Full over a Queen, while knowing of future plans might play a role in whether you choose a King-sized bed versus a Queen size.

No matter your situation we know that one size definitely doesnt fit all when it comes to a bed, so consider the information below as your own personal comfort and mattress sizes guide that is here to help you find your perfect fit.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the advantages of each individual sized mattress, heres a US bed size chart to get your started. We broke it down by inches, square inches and even square feet so you can compare them to how much space you have.

Putting The Sheet On Incorrectly

Many people don’t know there is a correct way to put a fitted sheet on the bed, but there is. You’ll first want to look for the sheet’s tag to arrange a fitted sheet correctly.

Then, tuck the side with the tag into the bottom left corner of the mattress. This will ensure that the fitted sheet fits snuggly.

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How Big A Blanket Bedspread Or Comforter Should Be For A Deep Mattress

  • To calculate overhang: Mattress WIDTH + mattress DEPTH x 2 + a minimum of 4 inches to tuck-in or hang just over the top of the box spring.
  • Example: King mattress is 72 inches wide + = 102 inches + 4 inches for a total of 106 inches.

Knowing my mattress is 16 inches deep, I needed a fitted sheets and a mattress pad that is at least 18 inches deep.

Then for the bedspread, it was important to find one that was at least 108 inches wide or MORE so it could be tucked in!

That meant reading EVERY dimension for EVERY item I considered, so I want to make sure you do that as well to make sure you get exactly what will fit.

Ta da! I found a very wide king sized light weight white quilt that easily tucks in for the look I desired.

It also could be left hanging out and there is enough length to cover the top of the box spring too.

The blue coverlet at the end of the bed is more decorative and a standard king size, so it just hangs over the edge.

Shop the Look

You can see I wouldnt be able to tuck in a regular sized coverlet or bedspread.

Now I have bedding that fits perfectly and creates the look I wanted.

Plus it is SO much easier to make the bed in the morning versus stretching a poor cotton blanket.

How Do You Make Deep Pocket Sheets Fit A Regular Mattress

Mellanni Extra Deep Pocket Sheets
  • Use sheet suspenders that will stretch underneath the mattress to hold a fitted sheet in place.
  • Measure the mattress and sheet. Cut the sheet to size.
  • Wash the sheets on a hot cycle, and then dry the sheets on a hot cycle.
  • Measure the mattress and purchase new sheets that will fit snugly on the mattress.
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