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Where Can I Buy A Cheap Mattress And Box Spring

Body Type Equals Mattress Type

Best Cheap Mattresses That You CAN Afford! (UPDATED!)

Your body shape helps determine the style of mattress that works for you. Even if you have a bad back, a firm mattress is not your only choice try a plush mattress and feel how the coils fill up the space between your curves. This full-body support may help eliminate back pain. If two people with differing body types are sharing the bed, shop together, test together, and consider buying a mattress set that allows different comfort settings for each.

Mattresses & Box Springs From Amazoncom

Amazons Mattress Store showcases hundreds of mattresses to suit any sleeping style. Sleep is one of the most important aspects in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a quality mattress that fits your unique sleeping style is an important decision. Browse a wide range of mattress styles to find your ideal bed. Whether you are looking for or , you will find a wide and distinctive selection of mattresses from top brands.

Looking for more than a new mattress? How about a as well? Or a ? A mattress is just one aspect of a good night’s sleep complete your perfect bed by browsing our mattress , as well as our and . Our gives you everything you need to find your perfect sleeping environment.

Do you want to dress up your new mattress, or update your current one? We have a wide range of bedding options to go along with your mattress. Shop our to find , , , , and much more.

Find your perfect sleeping environment with mattresses and box springs from

Should You Consider A More Expensive Mattress

It all depends on your personal needs. As we note above, if you dont have specific sleep concerns and are on a tight budget, if you move frequently, or if you otherwise dont need a mattress to last for more than a few years, you can get a decently comfortable mattress for under $400 . A cheap mattress can also be a good choice for an infrequently used guest room. However, if you do have more-specialized needs or are looking to make a long-term purchase , a cheap mattress might not be the greatest idea.

If you buy a more expensive mattress, youll likely be happier with your purchase long-term. This is especially true if youre shopping for an innerspring mattress. After testing several cheap innerspring mattresses, we found that most priced under $500 were almost unbearably uncomfortable. Though some cheap foam and hybrid mattresses still feel reasonably comfortable, more expensive oneslike those we recommended in our guide to the best foam mattresses and the best hybrid mattressestend to be made from denser foams and are more durable. Companies that sell pricier mattresses also tend to be more transparent about how their mattresses are made, offer longer trial periods, and have easier return policies .

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What To Look Forward To

Were testing a new round of mattresses to replace our current picks. Were testing two new hybrid mattresses: the Zinus Green Tea Hybrid and the Wayfair Medium Hybrid, and retesting the 12-inch version of the Linenspa Memory Hybrid Plush. We will also be testing two new foam mattresses: the Wayfair Medium Memory Foam and the Tulo Memory Foam Lavender, and retesting the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam. We plan to update this guide soon with our results.

What Our Customers Say

Box mattress

Skylar was extremely helpful explaining the difference between the mattresses and properties of the materials used in construction of the products. This information allowed us to make an informed decision that we are very happy with. No pressure and great advice we will be back.

Ryan Cannon

After a run around on delivery of mattress from another store, I went to Mattress Depot on Monday afternoon and bed was delivered and set up Wednesday morning! Similar bed for cheaper and better customer service!

Sheila Daniel

I was searching for my son’s first mattress recently and went into many furniture stores in London. It wasn’t until I went into Mattress Depot that I felt truly taken care of. I was helped by the owner and shown different mattresses at different price points with no pressure felt at all.

Janice Hall

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Are Cheap Mattresses Comfortable

Comfort is subjective. But in general, a mattress that’s comfortable to most people would provide adequate pressure-point relief and good back support . There are certainly cheap mattresses that meet those criteria. Anything beyond that is completely dependent on a sleeper’s build and preferences. In truth, perhaps the bigger concern with cheap mattresses is durability and how long that initial comfort will last.

Top Quality Mattresses For Sale

Tired of mattress stores prices? Are you driven crazy by the fact very few furniture stores offer brand-name mattresses at reasonable prices? Well, the madness ends here with Weekends Only! We work directly with mattress manufacturers like Sherwood, Classic Brands, and Restonic to bring you the quality of brand names without the high prices. Save up to 50% off your new mattress when you shop at Weekends Only.

We are delighted to offer memory foam mattresses for the best kind of sinking feeling,innerspring mattresses to put the spring back in your step, and hybrid mattresses for the people who just love to mix it up a little. Were the one-stop online and in-store mattress outlet!

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Mattress Protectors & More

Dont forget to protect your brand new mattress with a mattress protector! From comfort plush to total defense, we have protectors for any mattress size. Visit our stores or shop online for king size, queen size, full size, and twin size mattresses in the comfort level of your choice, including firm, plush, and ultra plush mattresses.

And finally, we come to your last step . Get ready to fall asleep as soon as your head hits your comfortable new pillow. We carry a great set of bedroom pillows including quality memory foam, gel foam, and ultra cool bed pillows because turning your pillow over to get to the cold side can get slightly cumbersome.

Better Mattress Foundation: Platform Beds Vs Box Springs

Box spring DIY under $20 l Mattress Without a Box Spring

Though they have a higher upfront cost, consumers who invest in a quality platform bed can save money in the long run for the same reasons we discussed with non-platform wood foundations. They wont break down over time like box springs do.

And depending on the exact model you choose, you may not have to worry about spending more money on a headboard and footboard. Most platform beds come as one unit, meaning the headboard, footboard, and bed frame are all attached as one unit. Keep this in mind as youre considering how much platform beds cost.

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Recapping This Box Spring Alternative

In the world of mattress foundations, ready-to-assemble wood foundations provide the best bang for your buck. When compared to a box spring, they provide more ventilation, last longer, and look better. If you decided to buy one, make sure the wood is made from premium white pine instead of cheaper alternatives. Doing so will protect your investment and make you wonder why you ever even considered a boxspring in the first place!

I recommend wood foundations as the best boxspring alternative for most folks, but if a modern-looking bedroom is extremely important to you, then you may want to keep reading. With a little extra money to spend on a high-quality mattress foundation, you may find exactly what youre looking for in a platform or adjustable bed.

What Is The Best Wood To Use For Wood Foundations

Premium white pine thats finished on all four sides is the preferred wood for RTA wood foundations for a few reasons:

  • No knots
  • Doesnt split, snap or break like cheaper types of wood
  • Its smooth, so you dont have to worry about splinters
  • Naturally resistant to rot
  • Major sustainability benefits


On the other hand, wood foundations made from premium white pine are more sustainable because free-to-grow white pine grows up to four feet per year. When fully mature, these trees climb to heights of 200 feet or more. Very strong! Think about how well this wood will support your mattress, which is not 200 feet in height

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Wood Slat Foundations Vs Box Springs

Comparing a wood foundation and a box spring is easy when you consider the main points

Take a look at the picture of our premium RTA mattress foundation above. The design leaves ample room for airflow compared to an outdated box spring, which greatly decreases the likelihood youll experience mold and mildew growth under your bed. And if youre like me, Im sure you can agree that this is a positive!

Is your old box spring contributing to your poor sleep quality? Theres a high likelihood it is!

Box springs create pressure points, dipping, and sagging because certain areas are either more firm or softer than others. There isnt an even distribution of pressure, which is necessary with latex and memory foam mattresses.

Keep in mind that even though these pressure points wont be obvious when you first sit or lay down on a bed, youll definitely notice them after a night or two of sleep. After months of sleeping on it, youll recognize this as normal, but it certainly is not. Lower back pain is usually a manifestation of this issue.

You dont deserve an uncomfortable sleep just because of a product thats unrelated to your mattress quality!

The strong core of an RTA wood foundation when compared to a box spring is clear. Especially when made from the right kind of wood, RTA foundations will provide better support for you than a box spring ever could even if it wanted to!

As long as theyre made from high quality materials, foundations made from wood also last longer!

Understand The Types Of Queen Mattresses

22 Amazing Mattresses You Can Buy Online That Won

A traditional queen mattress is constructed of steel coils in a variety of configurations. These configurations include different layers of cushions, including eurotop, pillow top and gel memory foam. A hybrid mattress has one or more foam layers on the top of the coils.

Foam is often a better choice because it softens when you lie on the queen bed. Once you move from the bed, it springs back to its original shape. Its a myth that the more innerspring coals in the mattress provide for a better nights sleep. The comfort of a mattress, whether it’s a firm mattress or a medium mattress or an extra firm mattress, can only be decided by you.

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Best Bed Foundations For Latex Mattresses

Type of Mattress Foundation
Low Free

Even though companies still manufacture box springs, dramatically improved mattress technology has almost nullified their value. The latest beds are designed with inclusive features that render the traditional box spring a need of the past.

Latex mattresses are a great example theyre thicker, more resilient to applied pressures, and anatomically superior to the innerspring mattresses of the past. If youre looking to buy a new bed, then its important you know these details! Box springs are no longer enough if you want reliable support!

The bed foundation comparison table Ive included above will help you get a clearer picture about the differences between box springs and newer, more reliable foundation types. As you consider which foundation is right for you, remember this

Below, Im going to outline important facts about each of the bed foundations listed in the table. So if youre on the fence about which foundation to order with your new mattress, then keep reading. This information will help you choose which foundation best fits your needs.

Why Trust The Spruce

This article was edited and researched by Cristina Sanza, a lifestyle writer specializing in home products and organization hacks. She has contributed to The Spruce since 2020. To research our retail selections, she reads customer reviews, third-party articles, and brand websites to help you choose a new mattress you’ll love sleeping on night after night.

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How We Picked And Tested

We started our research for this guide by evaluating about two-dozen cheap mattresses, using criteria similar to what we use for our main foam, hybrid, and innerspring guides. This is what we look for:

We also considered the quality of each mattress companys customer service, but in the end that didnt factor into our decision process. With the exception of a few standouts, customer service was subpar across the category compared with that of companies selling more-expensive mattresses. I got disconnected from multiple customer service calls after being on hold for several minutes, and most of the companies I contacted wouldnt reveal information, such as the foam densities of their mattresses. Several companies had average or poor ratings with the Better Business Bureau . On the whole, when you buy a cheaper mattress, you can expect to get less-personalized treatment and less access to customer service.

Eventually, I settled on five finalists: the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam, the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam, the Vibe Gel Memory Foam, the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid, and the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam. I then slept on each mattress for at least one week in my apartment, and I spent a week sleeping on the Novaform ComfortGrande to assess how a more expensive mattress compared.

Some Brands Make Their Own Box Spring Alternatives

Can I purchase a split box spring?

Some companies are creating their own alternatives to box springs. Casper makes a “box spring alternative” called The Foundation that works with its foam mattresses, while GhostBed sells a box spring/metal frame/foundation combo called the All-in-One Foundation. Brooklyn Bedding creates a Ready-To-Assemble Box Foundation that looks and feels like a traditional box spring with the added center support box springs typically lack. Tuft & Needle also makes its own version called the Box Foundation, a product which its site refers to as an upgraded box spring.

One benefit to buying a box spring alternative directly from your mattress company is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s compatible. While some companies recommend using the foundations or bases they manufacture themselves, others suggest that anything sturdy will work, from a box spring to a wooden frame to the floor itself. Again, to know for sure, check the fine print on your mattress.

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Sizing Up Your Mattress

Size counts don’t buy a mattress just for your immediate needs — think of the future. A queen-sized bed is ideal for two medium-built adults but gets crowded when children want to turn it into a family bed. At 78-by-80 inches, a king mattress is the widest non-custom bed on the market, while a California king is narrower but longer. If you tend to sleep with your head touching the headboard, then the shorter length of the king bed is sufficient, but the sleeper whose head is several inches away from the headboard won’t find his feet dangling when he sleeps on a California king.

Wooden Slat Bed Supports

These are sets of wooden slats arranged for optimal ventilation on a platform. They’re usually supportive for heavy mattresses, noise-free and offer a remarkable amount of space underneath for storage. They aren’t too pricey and work as a great budget option for those who find full frames too expensive.

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Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform Bed

Most mattresses require something between the mattress and the floor. While many beds actually function just fine when placed directly on the floor, this restricts airflow and can lead to unsanitary conditions. So, most people will want to use some sort of foundation whether thats a box spring, a foundation, or a platform bed depends on the type of mattress you choose, as well as personal preference.

A box spring is a simple support consisting of a wooden/metal frame, filled with metal coils/springs or a metal grid, and wrapped in fabric. They are primarily used for innerspring mattresses. Typically box springs are designed to sit on top of a bed frame.

A foundation is another type of support system that usually consists of wooden slats or flat solid frames. They function similarly to box springs, but they dont actually contain metal springs. Foundations offer a very firm surface for mattresses to rest on, making them a good choice for foam beds. Most foundations are designed to be used with a bed frame, although some companies offer free-standing versions.

A platform bed combines both a foundation for your bed as well as a frame to keep it off the ground. Most have wooden legs to elevate the frame, while some include storage drawers reaching down to the ground level. Platform beds offer an all-in-one solution, but they can be pricier than other options.

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Wood Slats A High Or Low

Twin Size Mattress &  Box Spring for Sale in Florissant, MO ...

Its true, wood foundations are amongst the best bangs for your buck in the bed foundation world!

Not convinced? When compared to a boxspring, add some extra storage space into the mix

When you add 7 inch bed legs to a KD foundation, youll instantly create additional space between the wood slats and floor. This means extra bedroom storage for odds and ends that otherwise would have cluttered up your living space. Check it out:

Because of the storage benefits, foundations made with sustainable wood are a winner for families looking to maximize available living space without splurging on a more costly platform bed. But keep in mind, for the extra space to really become a factor youll need to choose from a higher-profile bed leg like out 7 inch option.

On a structural note, take note of the gap space between each wood slat on the foundation. If youre shopping around, then this is very important. If spaces between the slate of wood are more than three inches apart, itll cause gaps that make your mattress sink. And as we discussed earlier, sinkage is bad! Make sure your wood foundation has slats that are at most three inches apart because this spacing will provide a sturdy, long-lasting infrastructure for your mattress.

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