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Where Do Casper Mattresses Ship From

Layla Sleep Trial And Warranty Information

The PROBLEM With Casper Mattresses

Layla Rest offers a commendable 120 Evening Rest Trial. This is on the same level with most bed-in-a-box companies.

They also supply you a life time service warranty, which covers:

Sagging of more than 1 .Loss of form.Splitting or fracturing foam.Loss of mattress height.

It deserves noting that this service warranty is only legitimate for the life time of the initial buyer. So, if you acquired this mattress from another person, the service warranty would be void.

A Look At The Luma Mattress How Do Casper Mattresses Ship

The Luma Mattress is an 11 hybrid mattress consisting of 3 layers.

  • 1.5 convenience layer: The leading layer of the Luma mattress is 1.5 of aerated Talalay latex. This layer supplies shape assistance for the back, neck, and joints, in addition to a comfortable surface for sleeping.
  • 8 innerspring assistance layer: The bulk of the Luma Mattress is its innerspring coil core. Each spring is filched separately so regarding act individually from the others. This helps the bed mattress to form-fit to a sleepers body.
  • 1 base layer: An extra-dense layer of HD base foam makes up the base layer of the Luma Mattress. This serves as a protective structure for the innerspring coils as well as a responsive foam surface for assistance.

The Luma Mattress likewise features a mattress cover. The cover is made from Tencel fabric, which is moisture wicking and soft to the touch. The cover can be unzipped, eliminated, and cleaned, however it is not maker washable. It covers the bed mattress totally and also functions as a bed mattress protector.

The Luma Mattress was created and is made in the USA.

Casper Vs Layla Mattress Comparison

If youre looking for the contouring comfort of a memory foam mattress, youve come to the right place. In this mattress comparison, were putting our magnifying glass up to two favorite foam beds: the original Casper and the Layla.

The original Casper mattress is an all-foam mattress that combines a latex-like foam top layer with a middle memory foam layer and dense foam base layer. Unlike the Casper, the Layla has two sides with different firmness levels. The firm side features a thin layer of pressure-relieving memory foam, while the soft side has a thicker layer of memory foam, plus a convoluted foam transition layer.

The Layla is an ideal choice for those new to the bed-in-a-box market who arent sure if they like a soft or firm mattress and want multiple firmness options. Its also the best mattress for side sleepers in this comparison. Youll like the Casper if you want a memory foam feel without feeling stuck in your mattress. The Casper is also a great pick for combination sleepers who change their sleeping position throughout the night.

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Casper Mattress Discounts Deals And Coupons

There are a variety of ways to get a discount on Casper mattresses, as well as a number of ongoing deals through the brand. Delivery is free in the contiguous US and Canada as are returns.

  • Other deals and coupons for Casper mattresses
  • Sleepopolis offers a $50 promo code discount on Casper mattresses.
  • provides a variety of discounts and offers for Casper.

The Casper Mattress Price

Casper: the Most Comfortable Mattress for Less Than $1,000

The original Casper mattress, known as surprise the Casper has been around for several years with a starting price of $590 for smaller mattresses. Since the original release of the Casper, Casper has updated their Casper mattress as well as released two other mattresses: their most affordable mattress, the essential, and their higher end The Wave. The range of prices for these mattresses encompasses $350 for the smallest model of the Essential all the way to $2,395 for the California King and King sizes of the Wave. With that said, most Casper mattresses are firmly in the middle of this range. Perhaps the largest differences between these three models are their relative thickness, with the Wave being the thickest mattress, the Casper in the middle, and the Element on the thin side. This corresponds with additional Zoned Support in the Casper and even more expansive Hyper-Targeted Support in the Wave. As of the time of writing of this article, the complete lineup of Casper mattress prices may be found below from Amazon and are subject to change.

The Element Mattress Pricing

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What Does It Cost To Ship A Mattress

The average cost of shipping a mattress ranges from $0.70 to $2.50 per mile. All in, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to upwards of $700 to ship your mattress, depending on the size and distance.

Thats because the cost of shipping your mattress not only includes the actual cost of shipping the mattress, but also:

  • The cost of packing materials
  • The cost of gas, if youll be driving your mattress to the shipping facility
  • The cost of shipping insurance, if you choose to purchase it

That last one is optional, but one worth considering. Shipping insurance is normally available for a fraction of the cost, and it may give you some peace of mind if your mattress is still in good shape and worth more than the cost of shipping.

How Is The Construction Of The Casper Mattresses

Casper mattresses are designed and assembled in the United States. Casper makes hybrid and foam mattresses. Their beds are constructed using a blend of proprietary materials, gel, coils, and polyfoams.

Each Casper model is made to enhance sleep quality. Better sleep quality and duration can help improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. You should have more energy, better cognitive function, and a happier mood when you sleep well.

To ensure better sleep, you must determine which Casper model best suits your needs. Hybrid mattresses are beneficial because they provide the advantages of both foam and coils. Foam creates a conforming cushion for pressure relief, and the coils provide a durable support system. All-foam mattresses are beneficial because they offer quality pressure relief and support, and they tend to perform well with motion isolation.

Caspers Zoned Support design means that this brand is also a good choice for those who need solid support, such as back sleepers. Casper is good for hot sleepers because each model has cooling AirScape foam, and the coils in the hybrids provide additional cooling.

Casper offers quality designs in each of their mattresses. Here you can see the layers of the Casper mattresses.

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Copper Infused Memory Foam Layer 2

Unlike the softer side of the mattress, this layer is only 1 thick. It is also made up of copper infused memory foam.

Nevertheless, considering that it is 2 thinner than the various other memory foam layer, you do not have as much sinkage, before getting to the stronger parts of the mattress.

Layla uses a cover, made up of a polyester blend:

  • 66% polyester
  • 30% viscose
  • 4% lycra

The cover is likewise instilled with ThermoGel, as well as has cooling representatives inside which stops heat accumulation. This is another reason Layla is such a great option, if you are in the marketplace for a mattress that sleeps cool.

With the polyester cover being blended with viscose, the cover is an actually soft as well as deluxe feel.

How To Get Items From Casper Mattress Usa Delivered To Puerto Rico

Casper Mattress Review | 3 Things You Should Know (MUST WATCH)

In order to purchase items from Casper Mattress and then have them shipped internationally, youll have to have a US physical address. Casper Mattress will ship your order to this US location.

What if you dont live in the US? How can you get ahold of a physical US address to use?

Did you know that there are lots of US-based companies that will provide you with a physical US address and help you with shipping internationally? These companies are known as Freight Forwarders.

Once you join a Freight Forwarding service, theyll send you a US address that can be used during the checkout process with any US-based retailer. is our favorite Freight Forwarder as they ship to all cities in Puerto Rico, like:

Aguadilla, Arecibo, Barceloneta, Bayamón, Caguas, Toa Baja, Carolina, Catano, Cayey, Fajardo, Guayama, Guaynabo, Humacao, Manati, Mayaguez, Ponce, San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Vega Baja, Yauco.

Well tell you why we think theyre the best. Firstly, they dont add any hidden fees, unlike other companies. This means they offer very low rates. And secondly, they provide an ultra-reliable service to their customers.

Weve used them for years, and in that time, weve shipped many packages.

You can use your address when ordering from any US-based store, including Casper Mattress.

Now you can use these services to purchase things from American-based brands and get them delivered to your door, even if youre living abroad.

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Who I Dont Recommend The Casper Mattress For

  • This all-foam bed may not be quite right for heavy people in need of firmer support. Id recommend they check out one of our best innerspring mattresses to find a more supportive option.
  • Similarly, stomach sleepers might find this bed a bit too soft. Id recommend one of our best hybrid mattresses instead.
  • The Casper mattress doesnt feature much body-contouring. If youre looking for sinkage, one of our best memory foam mattresses might be a better fit.

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Can You Sleep On A Mattress While Its Expanding

Truth is, you can sleep, roll around, and step on your mattress as much as you want while it expands. Regular mattress use will only decrease the materials expansion time. If you want to sleep on it before the 24-hour mark, just remember the mattress wont feel its very best until it expands to its full size.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is better for those who want optimal support, pressure relief, and cooling. The Casper Wave Hybrid sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

The average cost of this bed is around 2,800 dollars, but the price is dependent on the size The larger the size, the higher the price. The difference between this model and the other Casper mattresses is in the design.

The Casper Wave Hybrid is a hybrid model with Zoned Support Max foam + gel pods, three AirScape foam layers, and coils. This mattress should improve sleep quality by providing ample support, pressure relief, and cooling.

The mattress tops that go with this bed are the brands Waterproof Mattress Protector or Breathable Mattress Protector, which should help keep your mattress in mint condition. The Wave should last about seven years. For more details, visit our full Casper Wave review.

Casper Mattress Performance For Couples Casper Original Foam Full Mattress, 2020 Model: Furniture ...

Couples need a mattress that combines motion isolation, mobility, cooling properties, and edge support. Read on to learn more about why, and to find out how the Casper performs in those areas.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to the amount of movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other. All sleepers will want to pay attention to this feel factor, though it will probably be most relevant for those who and dont want to feel disturbed at night.

To illustrate motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

These motion transfer results tell me that the Casper does a pretty decent job of isolating motion across the structure. While youre still likely to feel your bed mate moving around, it shouldnt be so major as to seriously disrupt your slumber.


Generally, the best mattress for sex is fairly responsive, so its easy to move around and change positions on it. The Casper is a responsive bed, so it should be a nice option for couples looking for a bed that is easy to move around on during sex. Its combination of motion isolation and mobility should hit a sweet spot for many couples.


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Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain: Casper Mattress

If youve been browsing through beds online, youve likely come across the Casper brand name. Launched in 2014, Casper has quickly turned into one of the most popular brand names on the marketplace. It features a vast variety of different bed mattress, in addition to bed frames, bedding, sleep devices, and more.

The Casper Original is an all-foam mattress thats medium firm. I d suggest it as a great alternative for back sleepers, who want a balance of support and pressure relief, in addition to mix sleepers, who will be able to easily change positions throughout the night.

Can I Buy A Casper Mattress In The Store

Casper is one of the most original mattress brands on the Internet and one of the most popular. Some Target stores now have Casper products, but you cant try Casper mattresses at most Target stores. You can also try Casper products from Raymour and Flanigan, where they are on display to try and buy.

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Casper Original Vs Casper Wave Hybrid

  • Billed as Caspers luxury model, the Wave is made up of five layers of foam and springs to create a structure thats as pressure-relieving as it is supportive.
  • This bed is a great option for sleepers who struggle with aches and pains at the shoulders and hips thanks to special gel pods in its center that promote healthy sleep posture.
  • The Wave is more expensive than the original Casper, so budget shoppers might want to stick with the original bed.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress Construction

Lull vs Casper Mattress Comparison – Which Should You Buy?

The Casper Nova is a hybrid mattress with a more plush feel. The first layer is AirScape foam for softness and cooling. The next layer is a supportive AirScape foam. The third foam layer features Zoned Support Pro for targeted support and pressure relief. The bottom is a coil unit with a firm border to foster edge support.

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Where To Buy Casper Mattresses

You can buy Casper mattresses online directly from the manufacturer or in-store. Buying directly from the manufacturer is beneficial for customers because they should save more money. Buying in-store allows you the opportunity to test the bed out on the spot.

Casper Website: You can buy a Casper mattress on the companys official website. Here, you can also see more details about the company, additional products, and chat with an online representative.

In-Store: Casper mattresses are available for purchase in-store. You can locate the store nearest you on the Casper website.

Testing The Casper Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

Everyone has different mattress needs depending on their preferred sleeping position and body weight. Take a look below to see if the Casper could work for yours.

Is the Casper Mattress Good for Light Sleepers ?

  • Light Back Sleepers Light back sleepers should feel great on the Casper! Its zoned support system will do a great job keeping their spines in a nice even alignment in this position.
  • Light Side Sleepers Light side sleepers might find the Casper a bit too firm. I dont think theyll sink through its foams enough to get the pressure relief they need.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers The Casper should work well for light stomach sleepers. Its firm enough to keep their hips lifted up in line with their shoulders.

Is the Casper Mattress Good for Average Weight Sleepers ?

Is the Casper Mattress Good for Heavy Sleepers ?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers Heavy back sleepers might want something that offers firmer innerspring coil support. Id recommend they opt for one of our best mattresses for heavy people instead.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers Heavy side sleepers might like the Casper, its zoned support could offer the right balance of sinkage and support for them. But, if you think youll need more support you might want to stick to a hybrid mattress.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers The Casper is too soft for heavy stomach sleepers, and will likely let their hips sink into the bed too far, throwing their spines out of alignment and leading to pain.

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More Of The Best Casper Mattress Prices

There’s a good reason why the Original Mattress is Casper’s most popular bed-topper not only is it designed to offer a great balance of support and cooling, it’s also the cheapest Casper mattress outside of the Element and the Essential . You might also want to consider the Original Hybrid Mattress, which marries foam with resilient springs for extra bounce and breathability.

If you sign up with Casper at the moment, you can get 15% off your first order. With that discount, if you opted for the Original Mattress in a queen size youd pay $1,165 . Keep an eye out for other deals, too, as the cheapest price weve seen on the Casper Original recently was $995 for a queen size.

If you like the sensation of sleeping on clouds, then Casper’s Nova Hybrid is the one for you. The company’s softest mattress, its foam is divided into seven ergonomic zones for optimum spinal alignment, while its encased springs provide extra lift and support. With Casper’s AirScape 2 technology also on board, you can be sure of a cool night’s sleep.

Suffer from back pain or sore joints? The Wave Hybrid is a premium-priced mattress but comes packed with smarts designed to help people like you sleep. Using gel pods, Casper’s Zoned Support Max system creates continuous ergonomic zones that work to lift your waist and lower your back for exceptional alignment. With AirSpring 3 cooling technology also on the spec sheet, this is the ultimate Casper mattress for cooler, pressure-free sleep.


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