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Can A Firm Mattress Cause Hip Pain

Should You Get An Adjustment

Mattress firmness for back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain? Bed firmness breakdown

It is a very wise idea to get a wellness adjustment from your chiropractor before you go mattress shopping. This can help relieve pain and help you have better posture and body support while you sleep. Ask your chiropractor for advice on sleeping positions, as well as recommendations for mattresses. Not only is your chiropractor a back expert, but he has probably heard a lot of recommendations from his patients who suffered from mattress-induced back pain.

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep With Knee Pain

Make sure you dont oversleep if you want to get a good nights sleep. If you sleep on your stomach or side, your knees may feel bruised. Try sleeping on your back or using a firm mattress instead. If you have trouble sleeping, you may be able to get relief by talking with your doctor about medication or therapy.

Life Expectancy Of A Mattress

How long you can reasonably expect to keep your bed varies depending on who you ask. Mattress manufacturers will tell you once every eight years, but Consumer Reports says a quality bed should last for ten years. Call it paranoia, but it seems like the manufacturers are trying to steer us into replacing our beds more quickly than needed.

That being said, there are a lot of factors that can affect the life expectancy of your sleeping surface:

Type of mattress: Natural latex and high-density memory foam last longer than innerspring and low-density memory foam.

Quality: Usually, you get what you pay for.

Your age and weight: Heavier people will naturally make a mattress compress or sag more quickly. And as you age, you become more sensitive to subtle indentations.

Lifestyle: If you use your bed only for sleeping and take good care of it, itll outlive something that has kids jumping on it or sustains other bouncy extracurricular activities.

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The Right Mattress For Hip Pain

While the causes of hip pain vary, they all lead to interrupted sleep, causing even more pain and impacting the quality of life. Sufferers of hip pain should look for a mattress with pressure-relieving qualities that supports their sleep position. Typically, memory foam beds are the best for pain relief across different parts of the body, and a medium or medium-firm mattress maintains an even sleeping surface over years of use.

If your mattress causes pain or makes your current pain worse, it may be time to look for a different model. After all, everyone deserves to sleep pain-free.

About the author

McKenzie Hyde is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and a full-time writer focused on sleep health and the mattress industry. She currently writes articles on a variety of topics, ranging from sleep hygiene to the newest trends in the mattress and bedding industry. Just some of the topics she has covered include best sleep practices for students, the consequences of going without sleep, and choosing the right bed if you suffer from back pain. McKenzie Hyde holds a Master of Arts degree from Utah State University where she studied literature and writing. While there, she taught argumentative writing and wrote a variety of articles and analyses for literary and academic journals.

What Else Can I Do For Back Pain

Firm Or Soft Mattress For Hip Pain

Changing your mattress will most likely do wonders for your back pain, if that was the cause. You can also implement a short stretching routine into your day. Aim to do a few stretches before you go to bed and after you wake up to help with spine flexibility. Also, it is important to learn how to sleep in the best position possible. Many experts recommend sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to support the hips and lower back. Certain pillows can also help promote less neck and back pain while you sleep.

For sweeter dreams and less back pain in the morning, consider getting a new mattress. Your sleep is essential, so make sure you are getting a mattress that will improve your sleep, not make it worse. When mattress shopping, bring your own pillow and spend a good ten to fifteen minutes on each mattress. It may seem silly, but it is the best way to ensure you get the right mattress for you.

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Hip Pain And Sleep Position

Now that weve chatted about basic mattress terms, lets look at another key element of choosing the right mattress: sleep position. Sleep position can have a profound effect on the joints and spine. Even healthy joints can be strained by asleeping position that causes poor spinal alignment or orthopedic stress. Each position has benefits and drawbacks that can affect the sleep and comfort of hip pain sufferers.

Is A Bad Mattress Able To Cause Shoulder Pain

A bad mattress can cause shoulder pain.

This allows your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress, aligning the spine. Your mattress that is too firm will place pressure on your hips and shoulders , causing your spine to bend or arch. Constant arm pain due to sleeping, shoulder pain and lower back pain are all possible.

What about shoulder and neck pain caused by a bad mattress? You can adjust the firmness of your mattress to suit your needs. However, if your shoulder pain is already severed by a firm mattress, it can cause more back or neck pain. Mattresses will eventually soften, but if your shoulders feel too pressured, you can move to the next mattress.

Afterwards, you might also wonder, “What kind of mattress is best for shoulder pain?”

You should instead consider a memory foam mattress, natural latex, or a memory foam topper. These mattresses not only provide the support you need, but also offer a comfortable landing spot for your shoulders as you move and adjust throughout sleep.

Are there any side effects of a poor mattress?

A mattress that is too soft or too hard might cause pain. This can also be caused by a poor mattress quality, which may not provide the support your body requires. The pain is usually less when you walk around.

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Our Picks For The Best Mattresses For Hip Pain:

Why Its the Best Mattress for Hip and Shoulder Pain

People who suffer from hip pain can often experience shoulder aches, as well, particularly if they are side sleepers. But the Casper Wave Hybrid was designed to accommodate all sleepers by relieving pressure and pain no matter your sleep position.

The Casper Wave Hybrid has four foam layers above a layer of supportive wrapped springs. Atop those springs, gel pods positioned under the waist and lower back help promote neutral spine alignment, and a layer of zoned memory foam contours to the body for a softer feel under the shoulders and firmer around the hips, waist and lower back. Two top layers of perforated and gel foam promote airflow and add additional support.

The one drawback? The Casper Wave Hybrid is a bit pricier than many hybrids on the market, so it might not be a good choice for those on a budget.

The Casper Wave Hybrids Construction

The Casper is a hybrid with an innerspring support layer. Polyfoam bumpers surround the individually-pocked coils to reinforce edge support. Next, an aerated foam layer adds airflow and a memory foam layer adds contouring and support. The cover, a sustainably-made polyblend knit, is made from upcycled materials like cotton and lycra.

Top Scores

The Testing Teams Feedback

Understanding Support & Comfort Level

How to Choose a Mattress & Pillow (For Neck, Shoulder, Hip, or Back Pain)

Mattress comfort and support level understand these two basic mattress principles and youll be able to select a sleep solution tailored to your needs every time. In the case of choosing the best mattress for lower back and hip pain, there are two key takeaways to consider: plush versus firm, and how much support you need.

But first, a note on comfort level versus support level.

Comfort level: A mattress comfort level indicates how it feels to the body. For instance, a mattress with a plush comfort level will feel cloud-like, soft, and with a lot of give on the surface. These mattresses are ideal for those sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds and side sleepers, but not so much for sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds or stomach sleepers.

Support level: Think of mattress support level as a correlation to how it responds to your body, whether its the position you sleep in or how much weight is being supported. A mattress with a low support level will sink more than one with a higher support level.


  • Sleepers who weigh 130 pounds and under will do fine on a plush mattress with a low to medium support level.
  • Individuals weighing over 130 pounds who experience back and hip pain will benefit from sleeping on a mattress with a medium-firm comfort level with a medium support level.

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How Do I Know If My Memory Foam Mattress Is Bad

However, over time the cellular structure of memory foam breaks down, becoming softer and losing its ability to bounce back, aka to support you. If your memory foam mattress has a body impression that stays long after you’ve gotten up, or if the impression is deeper than two inches, it’s time to replace it.

The Best Mattresses To Put Hip And Back Pain To Rest

When sleeping is consistently interrupted by aches in the lumbar spine and hips, a bedtime routine can start to feel like a living nightmare. Having two parts of the body experience discomfort can make it tricky to find a solution for both areas from a single mattress. A plush mattress might be good for supporting the hips and back, but back sleepers are prone to aches in the lower spine when sleeping on a mattress without more stability.

To help you discover the best mattress for back and hip pain, weve put together this comprehensive guide that answers common questions about sleep discomfort, how to solve each problem, and which mattresses to shop for. Read more to see which brands we recommend, along with a look at bedMATCH, our exclusive sleep assessment only found at a Bob Mills Furniture near you.

At a Glance:

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The Mattress Advisor Testing Process

A team of testers with diverse body types evaluates each mattress, and combines their first-hand mattress knowledge with customer feedback. After a beds sleep lab metrics and brand policy considerations are compiled, Mattress Advisor assigns its score out of 10. The beds performance in lab-tested categories are weighted more heavily than factors beyond the labs periphery, like the brands warranty or social impact.

Heres an overview of seven mattress performance factors that testers lab test, and why the results in those categories may be important to consider for sleepers with hip pain:

#reason : Your Mattress Cant Give Enough Support

Best Mattress For Hip Bursitis Of 2020

Another reason for creating back pain is that your mattress cant provide you adequate support to your back, spine, hip, and other joints of your body.

Solution: Choose The Mattress That Provides Perfect Support

Support is an essential part of all kinds of sleepers such as heavy sleepers, light sleepers, side & back sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc. The memory foam mattress that gives you a lack of support can cause lower back pain. You must choose a mattress for the right support. If you are a heavy sleeper like over 200 lbs, you must sleep on a mattress that has high-density base foam. It will give you the highest support and prevent sinking and safe your spine and back.

Most memory foam mattresses use multiple layers for different purposes such as top foam layers for comfort or feel, the base support foam layer for providing adequate support, etc. When you choose a new mattress that has high-density support foam, it will give you more support than others. If you feel your mattress sinks, you should change it quickly and get a good high-density supportive mattress. So, I recommend you choose a mattress that will give you enough support. You can check my researched list of top-rated highest supportive memory foam mattresses.

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Remedy For Body Aches

The solution for bad mattresses that causes body aches is getting the right one for your bed. In fact, until you get the most popular ideal mattresses, it is time you are going to improve the sleep experience. A good mattress is supposed to offer you full-body support and does not create any pressure on your back and neck to make sure you have a sound sleep. You can also buy a new good mattress from our well-researched list of top 10 best mattresses for back pain.

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Too Firm Prevents Natural Sinkage

A mattress thats too firm can cause hip pain by increasing the amount of pressure on your hip joints and preventing you from sinking far enough into the mattress materials so that you can rest in good posture.


If your mattress is brand new, then its quite normal for your mattress to feel too firm due to the materials having not yet softened in response to your body weight and physical characteristics.

The solution here is to sleep on your mattress every night for at least 30 nights to allow the materials to break in and adjust to your body type.

If the mattress is still too firm for you, then you should be able to return it under the terms of the sleep trial for a refund or exchange if you bought a mattress online that comes with a generous sleep trial.

Alternatively, if your mattress is too firm and you cant return it, then you could buy a soft mattress topper to help decrease the amount of pressure being placed on your body and potentially experience a reduction in hip pain.

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How Do You Find A Mattress For Hip And Shoulder Pain

Because your injury is likely localized, finding a mattress will depend heavily on how it affects your shoulders and hips. Put another way, you need to consider the rest of your body, but you should think critically about how the mattress makes your hip and shoulder feel. With this in mind, there are a few chief considerations:

  • What exactly is your injury? Is your pain in your shoulder and hip, or just one?
  • What is your sleeper type? Are you a side sleeper suffering from hip pain?
  • Do you have a preferred mattress construction? For example, if you love memory foam, youll want to pick the best mattress for back and hip pain with memory foam.
  • Where Does Your Hip Pain Stem From? A bone injury is far different than a strained muscle. Something structural like a broken bone will probably cause a lot more pain than a strained muscle. That will affect your sleeping positions, movement during the night and sensitivity to motion from others in your bed. Before you go mattress shopping, you should really hone in on your injury.

In general, you need to try a few beds to get things right, especially when youre dealing with should and hip pain.

Can Your Bed Cause Hip Pain

Great Mattress for Relieving Back Pain, Shoulder Pain & Hip Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

If you wake up with hip pain and you are not sure the source of the pain, you might want to check your mattress. A bad bed can cause hip pain.

If your mattress is unsuitable for your body, it can cause a sore hip. You will always wake up with hip pain if you do not change your bed.

A bad mattress can cause more problems if you sleep on your side it can activate your pressure points since most of your body weight concentrates on your bed.

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Set And Stick To A Routine

Establishing a routine is actually a form of treatment for severe insomnia . Essentially, you need to set a bedtime and wake time for yourself every day and follow it to a T that includes weekends. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could restrict yourself from taking any naps, as well, or at least limit your nap length.

We recommend limiting your daytime naps to no longer than 20-30 minutes.

How Do You Sleep Comfortably With Hip Bursitis

Your sleeping position or the mattress may cause hip discomfort that frequently wakes you up at night. Try sleeping on your back or, if you prefer to sleep on your side, choose the side that doesnt cause you any pain.

Place a pillow between your knees to maintain your hips in a neutral position. The cushion should be firm enough to support the head while still being soft enough to promote good blood flow between your hips to avoid unnecessary pain.

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How Does Mattress Construction Affect Hip Pain

The materials and design of a mattress play a big role in how your body will feel after sleeping on it. Sleep experts say firmer mattresses to help with and prevent back pains. Hybrid mattresses tend to provide more support for longer. Foam mattresses have the lowest motion transfer and can provide more pressure relief. With sensitive injuries, light sleepers and people who feel too much pressure from hybrid mattresses, a good foam mattress can provide a reprieve.

Here is how the materials stack up:

Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Hip Pain

Best Mattress Toppers 2020 (Guide) â AMZREVIEWS

Mattress firmness is subjective, so its difficult to know what will work best for you.

But as a general rule, choose the firmest mattress you can sleep on deeply and comfortably. That is especially true when you have hip pain and need to keep your spine stabilized throughout the night.

For most people, the firmest bed that feels comfortable is a medium-firm option something thats a 5 or 6 out of 10 on a firmness scale.

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