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Do New Mattresses Require Box Springs

When Should A Box Spring Be Replaced

Do You Need A Box Spring For Your Mattress? (FULL GUIDE)

A box spring should be replaced every 8 to 10 years. However, it is recommended to use your best discretion regarding the state of your box spring, meaning ensuring it is still in good condition and not damaged in any way.

It is also best for the mattress placed on the box spring in question to lay evenly and flat without sagging off the sides to provide the most support. If these criteria are not met, replacing your box spring before the eight-year mark would be within your best interest.

If you feel any discomfort that seems out of place due to your fancy new mattress fitting your needs, you may want to re-access your box spring. You may even want to reconsider what type of foundation for your new mattress entirely.

Wooden Slat Bed Supports

These are sets of wooden slats arranged for optimal ventilation on a platform. They’re usually supportive for heavy mattresses, noise-free and offer a remarkable amount of space underneath for storage. They aren’t too pricey and work as a great budget option for those who find full frames too expensive.

When You Have A Foam Or Latex Mattress

These days, most bedrooms have memory foam or latex mattresses. Both are quite heavy, and the box spring is not enough to support them, and the lack of support can cause your mattress to sag.

Foam and latex mattresses require a firm and solid base to support them. Thus, a platform bed would be an excellent alternative to a box spring.

The materials used to manufacture them are already shock absorbent and provide the needed support.

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You Have A Collapsible Bed Frame

Some bed frames require a box spring. If youve ever used a collapsible frame, youll understand why. If it doesnt provide enough support in the center, the mattress will sag and be uncomfortable. Any bed frame that isnt entirely solid or has a support system in the center will more often than not require a box spring.

Do I Need A Solid Foundation

Do You Need a Box Spring with a Memory Foam Mattress?

If you have a memory foam, latex foam, or hybrid mattress, a platform bed frame provides a sturdy support system for these beds. Since slats cant be more than 3 inches apart for foam beds, its sometimes easier to opt for a solid foundation rather than worrying about the distance between each slat. These foundations ensure weight is evenly distributed, and the entire mattress is protected.

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Which Bed Frames Dont Need A Box Spring

There are also a variety of bed frames that do not require a traditional box spring, regardless of the mattress type. Weve already confirmed that slat bed frames dont need a box spring as long as the slats are appropriately distanced. The other options include:

  • Solid platform bed frame
  • Adjustable bed frame

The Different Types Of Box Springs

There are different construction types as well as varying height options and split foundations. Over the last several years, advancements in sleep technology have resulted in mattresses that are a lot taller than they used to be. For this reason, many manufacturers produce low-profile box springs. as well as ultra-low profile box springs.

The difference in height is completely aesthetic. There’s no difference in the amount of support they provide to the mattress. Whether you use standard or low profile, you can count on your mattress getting the support it needs.

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Is A Box Spring Still Useful

Like I said above, a box spring can still do the job of providing a flat and firm structure for your mattress to lie on.

I advise against putting your mattress directly on the floor so a box spring can provide a platform for it. Heres why:

  • Air cant circulate underneath the mattress. This is particularly a problem for foam mattresses because air cant move through the foam support core and mold can grow on the bottom if there is no air circulation underneath it.
  • Allergies. Dust mites and other allergens love to live in our carpets. If you have your mattress directly on the floor, youre putting yourself a lot closer to them.
  • Bed height. Having your mattress directly on the floor will make your bed quite low. Some people will find it hard to get in and out of bed if its too low.
  • Many modern mattresses advise against putting their mattress directly on the floor. You dont want to risk voiding your warranty.

So a box spring will elevate your bed off the floor and do that job. You can get modern box springs that dont actually contain springs but there are loads of other ways you can keep your mattress off the floor without using a box spring.

What Is The Best Wood To Use For Wood Foundations

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

Premium white pine thats finished on all four sides is the preferred wood for RTA wood foundations for a few reasons:

  • No knots
  • Doesnt split, snap or break like cheaper types of wood
  • Its smooth, so you dont have to worry about splinters
  • Naturally resistant to rot
  • Major sustainability benefits


On the other hand, wood foundations made from premium white pine are more sustainable because free-to-grow white pine grows up to four feet per year. When fully mature, these trees climb to heights of 200 feet or more. Very strong! Think about how well this wood will support your mattress, which is not 200 feet in height

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Box Spring Vs Foundation

These two words are often used interchangeably, but what’s the difference? Both provide support to a mattress, and they look the same from the outside. However, box springs have steel springs that add support and shock absorption. They work very well with innerspring mattresses, as that’s what they were designed for. They’re not ideal for mattresses that don’t have a coil system, so work best for latex or foam mattresses.

Foundations are more solid frames, made of metal or wood, and encased in fabric. There are different styles, some are designed with slats and some are solid wooden frames without openings. They’re more suited to non-coil mattresses, which tend to be heavier. They can support more weight than the springs of a box spring but don’t have as much flex.

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What Is The Difference Between A Foundation And A Box Spring

A foundation, also known as a platform bed, is great for supporting most modern mattresses, such as memory foam, whereas a box spring is only recommended to use with older, traditional innerspring mattresses. A foundation comes in many different styles, and even has options with storage containing capabilities.

If You Own A Modern Mattress

Box mattress

Modern-day mattresses can be pretty advanced, with memory foam beds and adjustable bases becoming increasingly popular. However, these high-tech sleep solutions lack traditional beds’ solid inner structures. This makes partnering them with box springs a terrible idea since the coils can wreck the soft surface and void most mattress warranties.

If you’d like some extra height, check out a few modern bed frames or box spring alternatives.

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Measure Your Mattress And Bed Frame:

You need to choose the right dimensions for your box spring. Youll want the dimensions to be the same as your mattress so it isn’t sticking out or allowing the mattress to hang over the edges. Make sure it will fit with your bed frame too if you have one.

For reference, the chart below shows the standard dimensions of each mattress size.


38″ x 75″

Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform

With its coil and wood design, the greatest strength of a box spring is absorbing shock. Foundations are similar to box springs and are sometimes confused for them. The difference is that a foundation is made of wood or metal around the edges and sometimes with slats across the top solely to provide support. But typically, your bed frame can serve as a foundation.

Box springs and foundations are, in essence, an extra layer below your mattress to provide more support and absorb shock. A platform is a bed frame with a solid bottom that supports your mattress. They are usually lower to the ground and dont require a box spring or foundation.

Setting yourself up for a successful night of sleep can be difficult if youre unsure how to create a comfortable environment or if you keep asking, do you need a box spring? and never finding a sufficient answer. Keep in mind that unless youre using a foam, latex, or hybrid mattress, its okay to use one of the various types of box springs if you dont already have a solid foundation with your bed frame or the floor.

While box springs are still occasionally relevant, many people are reverting to foam or hybrid mattresses that dont need one, and the rise of platform bed frames isnt slowing down. If youve decided to make the switch from using a box spring and coil mattress, look through our collection of award-winning foam mattresses to find the right fit for you.

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Best Mattresses Without A Box Spring

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  • Box springs can be expensive, heavy, and harbour allergy-inducing dust mites.

    So unless the manufacturer specifically requires that you use a box spring with your mattress, then it might be better for your finances and your health to buy a mattress that can be used without a box spring.

    Thats why Ive put together this list of the 3 best mattresses that dont require a box spring plus a buying guide so that you can find the best mattress and compatible frame as fast as possible.

    Platform Bed Frame Solid

    Do you really need a box spring or foundation for your new mattress?

    Platform beds utilize a solid surface, so you would not need a boxspring. This solid surface accomplishes the same goal of the boxspring by providing a stable platform.

    Generally, platform beds are lower than a traditional mattress would be with a boxspring, which can be a desirable and modern aesthetic you may want to achieve for your bedroom. However, for older sleepers or those who suffer from back, hip, or joint pain, a low platform bed may be more difficult to get in and out of.

    US Box Spring offers natural wood foundations that will ship directly to your door. Click the link to head over to their site and learn more!

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    What Is A Box Spring

    A box spring is a support for your mattress thats manufactured to be the same size as the bed. It consists of a wooden frame filled with springs and wrapped in fabric. It sits directly under the mattress, providing support.

    The box spring is intended to serve a few purposes:

    • To provide underlying support for the mattress
    • To raise the mattress up to a more comfortable height
    • To protect the mattress by absorbing impact
    • To improve airflow, which helps to keep the mattress cooler

    Box springs provide support, but are also able to absorb some shock from the mattress itself. This is a good feature for innerspring beds, but can be damaging for foam mattresses. A foam bed, which lacks the rigid structure of an innerspring mattress, should be used with a very solid support base, such as a platform bed.

    The term box spring refers to the traditional design that uses actual springs surrounded by a wooden or metal frame. Youll have to replace your box spring when it begins to show signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, warping, or audible sounds when the box spring is compressed. The average box spring performs for 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Additionally, you should think about replacing the box spring if you purchase a new mattress.

    There are other types of supports that you can use under a mattress, including platform beds and foundations. Determining what can be used instead of a box spring depends largely on the type of mattress you have.

    Alternatives To Box Springs

    Due to the lack of storage and aesthetics, a lot of homeowners and interior designers forego box springs altogether. They often settle for replacements and alternatives that can somewhat serve the same purpose as box springs.

    Here are a few alternatives people have been using in place of box springs for years now.

    • Platform beds. As we have already mentioned, these are more aesthetically pleasing, and they offer greater storage area. However, many platform bed designs take up a lot of space in the room. They come in lots of shapes, sizes and makes. You can choose from upholstered designs, metal and wood combinations, rustic pine finishes and simple navy button details. Platform beds eliminate the need for a box spring, and they have been a favorite of interior designers for a long time now.
    • Foundations. They are the solid base for supporting most soft mattresses need to provide complete spinal care. They offer better durability as compared to box springs and adjustable frames. If you are annoyed with your mattress showing dents from continuous sleeping in, you need a foundation to take care of your mattress. Although they are a little more expensive than the platform bed designs, they come in a wide range of materials . Therefore, you can pick one within your budget.

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    Underlying Support For Your Traditional Mattress

    If you own an innerspring mattress, then you know that sustained use results in your bed losing its shape over time. And when people spend an average of 36 years in bed, that means a lot of use. Thats because the actual springs in these mattress models are susceptible to warping caused by body weight, so a sturdy foundation is an absolute necessity. This is especially true if you have a metal frame.

    Adding a box spring can create a well-designed bed surface for better sleep and a longer-lasting mattress.

    Can I Put My Mattress Directly On The Floor

    Do I Need a Box Spring or Foundation?

    Technically, yes, you can place your mattress directly on the floor, but in doing so, you risk voiding your mattress warranty. Using your mattress on the floor does give your mattress even, solid support.

    However, putting the mattress on the floor without a platform bed or box spring makes it difficult to get in and out of bed and compromises your beds cleanliness. Dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens live on the floor, so putting your bed there gives them easy access.

    Most mattress warranties require you to have a box spring or platform beneath your mattress, so placing the bed on the floor would void the warranty. Always thoroughly read the warranty to ensure the best care for the bed.

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    Box Spring Alternative : Platform Bed

    Platform beds are made of a wooden frame with wooden slats on top. They may also be made of a metal frame with steel slats, all of which provide a sturdy foundation for the mattress. Platform beds come in a variety of styles to give your bedroom a modern look in contrast to box springs . Heres a 30 page guide to platform beds that weve written.

    Regular platform beds are generally affordable. Most of these beds have storage options like drawers under the bed in contrast to box springs that have no space for storage. Additionally, platform beds offer better ventilation for the mattress and thus save the mattress from trapped moisture. Heres a great platform bed with storage built-in.

    Platform beds are at a lower height from the ground than box spring beds, which makes it inconvenient for people with physical conditions to get up or get into bed. Wood platform beds can decay and break over time and may not withstand heavyweight sleepers. On the other hand, metal platform beds are more durable because they dont bend or wear over time, and they can withstand weight. Our favorite platform beds are linked here.

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    Can I Use An Old Box Spring With A New Mattress

    If your new mattress is compatible with a box spring, such as an innerspring mattress, you might be able to reuse your box spring if its in good condition. The average box spring lasts about 10 years, which can be longer than a mattresss lifespan. However, the coils inside a box spring will sag eventually, just as the coils inside a spring or hybrid mattress do.

    How do you know if your box spring has worn out? Check for damage or any signs of bending, sagging, or bowing across the base. Squeaky coils can also mean that the box spring is losing support.

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    Box Springs Vs Foundations

    A traditional box spring consists of a frame with steel springs or widely spaced wooden slats and a cloth cover. Most of these bases are made with a wooden frame however, some modern models have metal components.

    Box spring bases absorb shock from the sleepers movements. The coils or slats react to the sleepers weight and evenly distribute pressure to prevent wear or sagging.

    When paired with a foam bed, the box spring flexes, causing the mattresses to sag in the middle, which rolls the sleepers towards each other. Box springs typically have wooden slats more than 2.75 inches apart. This is another issue for memory foam mattresses, as the foam can sometimes dip below the slats and unevenly distribute weight, leading to premature material disintegration.

    Foundations are a completely different product from box springs. They create a solid surface with evenly spaced slats or whole pieces of hard material to reinforce the mattress. Foundations do not flex with weight. The closer spaced slats are more supportive, resulting in less shock absorption.

    Because foundations are sturdy, they can pair well with memory foam mattresses. While there are many different styles of foundations, some are built into bed furniture while others come separately.

    Box springs and foundations come in three different height profiles: standard , medium , and low .

    All box springs and their accompanying foundations come in twin twin XL , full , queen , king , and California king sizes .


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