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Do You Need A Mattress Topper

Mattress Toppers Are They Worth It

Do I Need A Sheet On Top Of A Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers aren’t quite marmite, but they do seem to divide sleepers some will swear by them, while others don’t quite see the benefit. As with the mattress itself, everyone will have different preferences, and different needs while you sleep, so there’s never really a yes or no answer.

But if you think you could be sleeping a little bit better, mattress toppers are worth considering you might find it’s just the solution for you.

It Protects Your Mattress

Some of the biggest culprits of mattress damage include spills, dust mites, pet hair, sweat, and allergens. Though we recommend using a mattress protector as well, a mattress topper adds a layer of protection between the world and your mattress, and therefore helps it last longer.

The Bear Pro Mattress Topper is also made with copper-infused memory foam. As a natural antimicrobial agent, copper can help prevent the build-up of all that yucky stuff in both your mattress and the mattress topper itself.

Do You Need A Mattress Protector With A Topper

Thanks for your question. The mattress protector will need to encase the surface that your body is in direct contact with. This is to simply protect it the same way as if you were sleeping directly on the mattress. As such, your mattress protector will need to go over the top of the Mattress Topper.

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Should I Buy A Mattress Topper

If youre looking to rejuvenate your mattress and enjoy a more comfortable sleep, then we recommend that you invest in a mattress topper. It can give you luxurious comfort, protect your mattress and help to extend its lifespan.

But, if your mattress is looking worn down and lumpy, you should buy a new mattress rather than a topper. This is because your topper wont be able to give you the same support as a brand new mattress. Read our guide on when to change your mattress.

If you feel like you need a little bit more from your mattress, then a topper is a great investment. Youll be able to feel the benefits immediately.

How Do You Choose A Mattress Topper

Do You Need a Mattress Topper or a New Mattress? â Zinus, Inc.

When you decide to look for a mattress topper to add to your bed, you want to make sure that the topper is a good match for your mattress. If you pick the wrong topper, your bed may actually become less comfortable.

To choose a mattress topper, first consider how you want to improve your mattress. Get a firm mattress topper made of latex if your mattress is too soft. Get a pillow top mattress topper to make your mattress softer. Gel foam memory foam mattress toppers make your bed cooler. Wool mattress toppers can increase heat retention and thermal regulation if your mattress is too cold.

Picking the right mattress topper is a great investment if you want to improve the comfort level of your mattress. There are a number of factors to consider in choosing the right mattress topper for your needs. The main qualities to consider are materials, thickness, size, budget, and extra features, such as cooling qualities.

When you choose a mattress topper, start by considering the material you want it to be made of. Mattress toppers are made of latex, memory foam, wool, cotton, polyester, egg crate foam, or feathers. Pick the material according to what you are looking for. Memory foam toppers for instance, will increase the level of firmness while feather provides a softer sensation. Choose the thickness of the topper according to how much you want to change the feel of your regular mattress.

Mattress Topper Material

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When Should You Not Buy A Mattress Topper

You already have an expensive mattress. Do you really need a mattress topper? Not always.

You should not buy a mattress topper when your mattress is new or already comfortable. Also, you should not buy a mattress topper when your mattress is too old and too far gone since your topper wont make any difference. In this situation, you should buy a new mattress.

A mattress topper is optional. It is beneficial in a lot of circumstances. If your regular mattress is still in good shape but needs a little comfort adjustment, purchasing a topper is the right move. If your existing mattress is old, and you are unable to replace it with a new one, a topper may be the answer temporarily until you can make an investment in a new mattress. However, dont plan on a mattress topper being a long-term solution as it cannot always restore a mattress to its glory days.

There are two main situations when you should not buy a mattress topper.

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Benefits Of Mattress Toppers

A few leading benefits of mattress toppers are:

  • Mattress toppers are so thick that they can add at least 30% of the mattress height. Because of this and the material used, it is excellent in providing customizable comfort without replacing the old mattress.
  • The two to four inches thickness of the mattress topper is sufficient to provide additional support to a sagging or too soft mattress.
  • The support and comfort level of the mattress topper proves a blessing to sleepers suffering from back and neck pain.
  • The mattress topper works as a protective barrier to your mattress and helps maintain its integrity and enhance its durability.

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Do Mattress Toppers Need A Cover

Is your mattress topper Okay to sleep on directly? or do you need to use a cover to protect the mattress topper?

Your mattress topper is an extension of your mattress. As such, it is a good idea to use a mattress cover. The mattress cover can be easily cleaned, whereas the mattress topper is not suitable for regular laundry.

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Worth It If: Your New Mattress Needs Softening Up

Why use a mattress pad? Here’s why!

With the proper research, you should be able to find a mattress that suits your body and sleep style . Its really important to buy a mattress that offers you the right kind of support for the way you sleep and that helps you wake up pain-free.

However a new mattress can be a bit of a shock to the system if youve been sleeping on an older, softer and more worn-out bed. In this case a mattress topper is worth it. How come? Whilst youre waiting for your new bed to soften up and adapt to your body, the topper will provide a softer comfort layer that prevents you from waking up feeling sore.

Do check with the mattress manufacturer first as some of them, such as mattress in a box brand Emma Sleep, will send you a free comfort layer if the firmness isnt quite right for you at present.

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Types Of Mattress Pads

A variety of materials are used in making mattress pads, including cotton, wool, feather, fiber, latex, and memory foam.

Cotton Mattress Pads

Cotton mattress pads are popular because of their plushness and durability. These mattress pads last long and are affordable too, though prices are higher for organic cotton. However, cotton mattress pads may not offer robust protection from spills and stains because cotton is absorbent, causing spills to soak through the mattress. Unless backed by special treatment or blended with another material, cotton mattress pads may not offer much protection.

Wool Mattress Pads

Wool mattress pads are soft and breathable, wicking away moisture. Wool, made from shearing sheep, is an expensive natural material. Maintenance of wool mattress pads may be difficult because most cant be machine-washed. Wool mattress pads are also unable to prevent spills from soaking through.

Feather Mattress Pads

Feather mattress pads contain feathers from duck and geese. Sometimes down, softer feathers found under the plumage may be used too. Feather mattress pads are soft, cozy, and warm, but are expensive and ineffective in blocking spills.

Fiber Mattress Pads

Polyester, rayon, and down alternatives, known as fiberfill, are used in making these mattress pads. Some synthetic fibers offer excellent stain-resistance, but the fiber mattress pads may be noisy. Their maintenance may be difficult too because they cant be machine washed.

Latex Mattress Pads

The Type Of Mattress You Have

The type of mattress you have will determine which mattress topper is right for you. For example, if you have a firm mattress, you will want a softer topper such as feather or down. You will want a firmer topper such as latex or memory foam if you have a soft mattress. Ultimately, you want a topper that provides the right support and comfort.

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Mattress Toppers Vs Mattress Pads

If youre saying to yourself, Ive got a mattress pad, Im all set!… Think again. There are some big differences between toppers and mattress pads.

While a topper is usually thick and designed to offer support, a mattress pad is typically on the thinner side. While it does add some softness, its not going to add that next-level comfort. Its design is like a fitted sheet with a little bit of padding, and you may see it marketed as a pillow-top mattress pad.

Do You Need Both A Mattress Topper And A Protector

Mattress Pad Vs Topper: Which One Do YOU Need?

This is a personal decision. Mattress protectors can make you sleep hot unless you are purchasing a mattress protector made from natural products.

You may be using a breathable mattress protector under the mattress topper. Keep in mind your mattress topper will only be 1.5 inches thick. Although the mattress toppers extend the bed mattresss life, they can be slipped off for cleaning and maintenance.

It makes sense to use the mattress protector under the mattress topper and then use a breathable mattress cover for your topper.

Try to maintain the comfort of your mattress topper for the best sleep experience.

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What Is A Mattress Topper And Do I Need One

Is your bed too firm for your liking? Is your mattress sagging under your weight? A mattress topper is exactly what you need! But what is it? What does it do? Is it the same as a mattress pad? What are the different kinds of toppers? All of your questions will be answered to help you understand why you need this particular bedding item.

Can You Sleep Only On A Mattress Topper

Yes. Mattress toppers make an excellent temporary solution for sleeping if you have an unexpected sleepover.

However, is it a long-term solution for your sleeping arrangements? It could be. There are benefits for some people sleeping on just a topper mattress.

If you love a firm mattress, then a topper on the floor will deliver that firm sleeping experience.

If you are expecting the mattress topper on a floor to contour your body, you may need to think again. Mattress toppers are thin, and an adults body weight will compress the memory foam to the extent that it can not contour to your curves and may be uncomfortable for some users.

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Can You Use A Mattress Pad And Mattress Topper Together

While mattress toppers can help prevent wear and tear on your mattress, they’re still susceptible to spills and stains. Using a mattress pad that covers both your mattress and topper can help extend the life of both products. Make sure to choose a deep pocket mattress pad that can fit the full height of your mattress and topper.

When Do You Need To Replace A Mattress Topper

What is a mattress topper and how to choose the best one?

As any other product, a topper has a lifespan. On average, it can be expected to last three to five years. There are different factors that could impact the longevity of the topper, such as its thickness, the frequency of use, how well it is maintained, and the condition of the existing mattress underneath.

You need to replace a mattress topper when it gets old and shows signs of wear and tear. Toppers are expected to last five years on average. After that time, they will start showing signs of wear and tear.

In fact, the topper requires maintenance to remain in good conditions. Make sure to clean and protect your topper from spills and dirts. If the damage is not well addressed, you will have to replace your topper sooner than expected.

You might need to replace a mattress topper if you find that it is too thin. Mattress toppers are thinner than regular mattresses and are placed over the mattress. Therefore, they tend to wear out quicker. In general, the thicker the topper is, the longer it will last. So a two inch topper will need to be replaced sooner than a thicker topper. You will also want to replace the topper when it has lost its supportiveness. Applying so much pressure on the topper everyday will cause its internal structure to deteriorate over time. The topper will sag and wont support the body evenly after a while.

In this case, make sure to replace your topper with a new one that is designed to support your weight.

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Topper Vs Mattress: Your Current Bed Is Sagging

If your mattress is stained, sagging, ripped or has an unpleasant smell, then its time to get a new mattress. Putting a topper on top of an unstable, sagging mattress means it will have no solid base to rest upon and you wont get proper support.

Meanwhile adding a topper onto an unhygienic mattress is just masking the problem. If your mattress is more than seven or so years old then the staining could be age-related, which is another indication that its time to upgrade. Learn more in our feature answering why is my mattress yellow?

Winner: New mattresses win here, no contest. You’ll be wasting your money if you buy a topper to sit on an old, stained, smelly or sagging mattress. It won’t be that effective, you won’t get the boost in comfort you’re craving, and you’ll be back to square one in no time. Check out our Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review for an affordable choice for all sleepers.

Need Something More Specific

Some mattress toppers are specifically designed for individual requirements.Cool mattress topper – A cool mattress topper is specifically built for summer. It creates a cooling sensation which can help keep you comfortable in warmer weather.Anti-allergy mattress topper – If you suffer from allergies, this anti-allergy topper can help to protect against bacteria and dust-mites.Extra thick mattress topper – Is your mattress in serious need of a lift? Try this extra thick mattress topper, offering 5 to 7.5cm of depth.

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You May Need A New Mattress If

  • Your mattress is over 10 years old
  • You no longer feel well rested after a night’s sleep
  • Your body weight has changed dramatically since the time you bought your current mattress
  • Your mattress squeaks with movement
  • There is a noticeable sag or indentations where your body tends to rest
  • You’re suffering from dust allergies

If none of the above conditions apply to your mattress, then a topper may be just the trick.

Its An Affordable Way To Enhance A Mattress


If your mattress is on its last legs, we dont recommend getting a mattress topper as a last-ditch quick fix no mattress topper can fix a saggy, unsupportive mattress. But it is an affordable way to optimize the firmness level of a new mattress, or add extra support to a mattress that still has a lot of life left in it.

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Can A Mattress Pad Be Used On A Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, a mattress pad may be used on a memory foam mattress, as previously mentioned.

A traditional mattress pad, on the other hand, provides a thin layer of cushioning that works well with a traditional spring-based mattress but is not recommended for use on a memory foam mattress because it may operate as a filter that keeps your natural body heat away from the memory foam mattress.

We may not want this since memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive, and the heat from your body softens them and helps them to conform and mould to your body, providing full-body support.

Placing a mattress pad on top of a memory foam mattress may simply eliminate this vital function.

While mattress pads may be used on memory foam mattresses, you can get a better result using a breathable mattress protector instead.

Mattress Pad Vs Topper: Which One Do I Need

So, which one do you need?

If youre generally happy with your mattress and you just want a touch of softness then a mattress pad will be sufficient.

If you want to change the feel of your mattress, for example if you want more contouring and softness or you want to make it firmer, then a topper will be your best choice.

No matter which way you go, make sure youre choosing a high quality, breathable pad or topper to help you keep cool through the night.

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Do Waterproof Mattress Covers Work

Keeping your mattress dry and clean is essential since mold, bacteria, and mildew can grow in wet mattresses. You should purchase a waterproof mattress cover like this one, to ensure that your mattress remains in top condition for a longer time.

Waterproof mattress covers work to protect the mattress because they repel liquids, spills, urine, dust, and allergens, and prevent them from being trapped within the mattress.

Waterproof mattress covers can be removed and washed separately while keeping the mattress clean and dry. Furthermore, 100% waterproof mattresses incorporate plastic lining in the material such as vinyl and polyurethane, which provide maximum protection. Read this article entitled Reduction of colonization of new mattresses with bacteria, molds and house dust mites by complete mattress covers, to learn more about how synthetic mattress covers can eliminate dust mites and allergens.


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