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Is A Foam Mattress Good For Back Pain

Can Sleep Help With Back Pain

Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Good for Your Back?

Sleep has rejuvenating capabilities. It can heal your body and mind. Quality sleep for 7 to 9 hours at a stretch can prevent or reduce your back pain. Heres how sleep can help:

  • Growth hormone released during deep sleep stages repairs muscles and relieves pain
  • Sleep disruptions make your nervous system over sensitive to pain, reducing pain threshold
  • Insufficient sleep causes depression, and depression can trigger or increase back pain

Why Does My Back Hurt On Memory Foam

What exactly is it? The improper frame, a mattress that hasnt had enough time to adjust to your physical features, or a memory foam mattress that isnt a suitable match for your body weight, body type, or dominant sleeping position are all factors that might cause back pain from a memory foam mattress to occur.

Youre Using The Wrong Base

If youve just bought a new memory foam mattress and plonked it on your existing base then a lack of compatibility might be causing subtle sagging thats leading to your back pain.

Youll typically find that memory foam mattresses dont do as well on slatted bases unless the gaps between the slats are no more than 3-4 inches.

This is because spaces that are too wide may allow the foam to push through the gaps and undermine the support.

Solution Use a Compatible Base

You need to check the warranty or the manufacturers guidelines for the mattress that youre going to buy to find out which bases are compatible with your memory foam mattresses.

Be wary of 3rd party sellers that claim you can use any base.

If you buy directly from the manufacturers website, you can often bundle in a compatible base to avoid issues with sagging and voiding of the warranty.

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What Are The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Could the special properties of memory foam enhance your sleep? Sleep specialist Donna L. Arand, PhD, says that objective studies supporting the claimed benefits of memory foam — or the effects of any particular type of sleeping surface — are lacking.

This is true for a variety of reasons, she says. This type of sleep study can be expensive, if conducted independently. Or it is “chased” by a shadow of bias, if supported by industry.

Also, some sleep technology, such as memory foam, is relatively new, so it hasn’t been well studied. But perhaps one of the more difficult stumbling blocks to testing the health benefits of mattresses such as memory foam is the subjective nature of sleep. It is simply difficult to measure.

Sometimes the brain’s electrical activity, measured with an electroencephalogram , and other findings recorded during a sleep test don’t always match up perfectly with a person’s subjective experience, says Arand, who is the clinical director of the Kettering Sleep Disorders Center in Dayton, Ohio. “They might say, âI had a great night’s sleep,’ but the EEG parameters might not really indicate that.”

Sleep is not only subjective, but preferences for sleep surfaces are individual, Arand says. “There’s quite a bit of variability between individuals in terms of what type of surface — whether it’s firm, hard, or soft — they prefer when they’re sleeping,” she says. “As far as we know, there is no rhyme or reason for that.”

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For Back Pain

Pin on Bedroom

When it comes to back pain, mattress type is less important than mattress firmness. Likewise, the number of foam layers or support coils wont matter as much as how the mattress feels. And if you have back pain, studies show that a mattress that feels medium-firm is the best type of mattress for you. According to one expert we spoke with, thats because a bed labeled medium-firm is likely to support your spines natural curves whether youre a side-sleeper, a back-sleeper, or a stomach-sleeper. Whether youre trying a mattress in a store or testing one you purchased online, ask yourself these questions to get a better idea of how comfortable it really is.

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Is Memory Foam Bad For Your Back When Sleeping

According to health experts, almost 80 percent of the worlds population experience chronic back pain. Eventually, you will struggle with pain in your lower back as a result of improper sleeping positions. So if youre thinking that this is age-related, think again.

Moreover, you wont develop back pain from sleeping in memory foam. Rather, sleeping inappropriately can trigger back pain as well as spine misalignment. And this can get worse if you use a mattress that doesnt provide you with enough support needed for the ideal sleeping posture.

Why Is Memory Foam So Uncomfortable

Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to changes in temperature. Thus, they are capable of responding to the bodys heat and molding to the contour of your body in response. When exposed to heat, they get softer, and when exposed to cold, they become harder. So, if you purchased a mattress during the winter season and are unable to break into it, consider increasing the temperature.

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Sleepwell Sleepx Ortho Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress

Are you planning to buy a top-quality mattress for your back pain? If yes, then Sleepwell Mattress brings to you their best Orthopedic mattress that is specially composed with fine quality bonded memory foam for Ortho-care. The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state so that you can use it immediately after buying it.

This 198.12cm X 152.4cm X 15.24cm dimensioned king size mattress looks great from the outside with its stylish purple color. Premium quality fabrics are the main upholstery material of this ortho effective mattress.

The Ortho comfortable mattress from SleepX is technically engineered with 80mm Flexi rebonded and 25mm Visco rebonded core that enhances the firmness of the product. The improved firmness works according to your sleeping position and provides perfect support on all of your pressure points for long-lasting back pain relief.

Now is this mattress backed with a spine support facility? Yes, you can use this mattress if you are suffering from spine problems. This mattress is designed to adjust according to your spine comfortably to provide you 100% comfort while you are sleeping on it.

For extra comfort and support, this orthopedic model is infused with 8mm PU foam and 15mm memory foam material that make the mattress extra thick for its users. The weight of the product is 24.7 Kg and you can easily move it according to your sleeping needs.

Important Features:

So Which Mattresses Are Better For Back Pain

The Best Mattress for Back Pain and Proper Posture

To get relief from the pain, and to help the back heal and become healthy again, it is important to choose one of the following types of mattresses

  • Medium-firm mattress there is still firmness to the mattress, but the density does not interfere with the spine, lower back, and other pressure points.Moreover, the mattress provides support where its needed, and comfort for other body parts. A medium-firm mattress is not too soft and not too firm, so when buying a mattress make sure to point out that you want a medium-firm density mattress.
  • Latex mattress high-quality latex mattresses are known to be excellent for alleviating back pain. These mattresses also help with chronic back pain by conforming to the bodys natural curves.Latex mattresses are firm enough to provide the necessary support dor bodys pressure points while being soft enough to conform to the curves and contour of the body.
  • Gel memory foam mattress this is relatively new material on the market, but it has been praised for its ability to create a great mattress.Gel memory foam mattresses are known to conform to the body perfectly and help reduce pressure from the bodys pressure points, especially the lower back and hips.Such mattresses also ensure proper spinal alignment and even though they show indentation, they still support the body and follow its natural curves and weight.

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Additional Sleeping Accessories For Sleepers With Back Pain

Besides a mattress, other accessories can play a part in making your bed conducive to quality, pain-free sleep. Upgrading your pillows and your bed base can be done as a lower-cost way of improving your sleeping surface, or you can purchase these along with a new mattress as part of a complete overhaul.


Pillows play an important role in preventing and reducing back and neck pain. Pillows that provide proper support to the neck can improve spinal alignment because the spine extends into the neck . In addition to supporting the head, pillows can be strategically placed to provide cushioning and comfort to other parts of the body.

Numerous factors affect which pillow can best help any individual fight neck and back pain. The amount of loft of your pillow should fit your personal preference and body shape. The right loft level is also largely determined by the firmness of your mattress and your sleeping position, as outlined in the following tables.

Sleeping Position
Medium Firm Firm High

To reduce back pain, pillows can be used to support other parts of the body besides just the head and neck.

Bed Platforms and Bases

The base of the bed can contribute to a supportive overall sleeping surface for people with back pain.

Some people opt for an adjustable bed, which allows for the upper and lower body to be raised at various angles. Many adjustable bed frames also include a heat or massage feature that can be a nice bonus for back pain sufferers.

Where Did The Notion That Air Mattresses Are Bad For Your Back Come From

Back pain is commonplace as part of a modern lifestyle. It can stem from not enough exercise, prolonged periods of sitting, or a bad mattress. I have a friend who went through years of back pain, cortisone shots, and was scheduled for surgery. She bought a new bed as a last resort before having the operation and made an unprecedented full recovery: pain free for years now, all due to the right mattress.

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Conversely, sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause pain, especially back pain. Early air mattresses were a simple affair. They consisted of a vinyl exterior that was inflated with air, and many people found they either caused or exacerbated back pain. They were not very supportive, not good for spinal alignment, and could lead to back pain and stiffness. They offered no deep contouring for the body like what you can now get with pocketed coils or memory foam mattresses. Even current bloggers, who report successful sleep trials on an air mattress, may still caution about back pain.

Some of the concerns over back pain, however, may be a hangover from times gone by. Current air mattresses are nothing like they used to be. They were originally designed as short-term or temporary beds. They were used as guest beds, for camping, or as an interim bed when moving. With new technology, you can now purchase a high-quality air mattresses or air bed that is a viable long-term option.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

Back pain often occurs when your mattress doesnt provide adequate support to your body throughout the night, causing misalignment in your spine. The key to alleviating an aching back is finding a mattress that provides appropriate support.

In general, memory foam and latex mattresses are often considered the best options for back pain, as they conform to your body, cradling pressure points while supporting your spine and keeping it aligned. However, hybrid and coil mattresses can provide similar benefits, as long as you choose one thats specifically designed for that purpose.

What Are The Memory Foam Mattress Problems And Solutions

8 Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2021: Ultimate Buying ...

The memory foam mattress is highly comfortable than other types of mattresses in the market but it may cause few problems due to the wrong choice while buying it. Most people do wrong in the following points such as wrong firmness, lack of support, cool or hot foam. The medium to firm range memory foam mattresses are good for all sleeping styles. The high-density support foam mattresses are great for better back support. The gel foam mattresses are good for cool.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Your Back

Your weight and body type will help you determine the level of support you exactly need during sleep. Also, it will help you find the best mattress that perfectly fits your sleeping position and health condition. If you dont choose your mattress wisely, it can lead to discomfort as well as sleepless nights and chronic back pain.

Here are some helpful tips in choosing the right type of mattress for your back:

  • The mattress should keep your spine properly aligned throughout the night. Proper sleeping posture is essential in maintaining a healthy body while getting adequate sleep. The right mattress also helps you feel well-rested after waking up in the morning.
  • Choosing a mattress is not one-size-fits-all, so you have to determine whether a too soft or too firm suits your body shape and weight. You may feel comfortable sleeping on a softer mattress, but not on something firmer.
  • Check the bounce level of the mattress by applying pressure on its surface. It should go back to the original form after several seconds. When you consider this feature, you can guarantee that your mattress will allow you to freely move while changing positions during sleep.

How To Choose A Mattress For Lower Back Pain

There are a few things to consider when choosing a mattress for back pain: Is the mattress firm enough to support your lower back when you sleep on your back, and is it soft enough to follow the contours of your body? To sleep on your side you need a slightly soft mattress to soften your shoulders and hips.

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What’s The Best Pillow For Back And Neck Pain

While a good mattress can go a long way towards relieving your back pain, you’ll need to combine it with the right pillow to get the best results. This is especially important if you suffer from neck pain: if you wake up most days with a sore or stiff neck, then its likely because your current pillow doesn’t provide the correct support, or forces your neck out of alignment with the spine.

Proper alignment of the spine is key to maintaining neck health and function, so opt for a memory foam pillow, which will mould to fit the shape of your head and neck. This makes them a brilliant at relieving or preventing neck pain, because they provide comfortable support while keeping the neck in alignment with rest of the spine.

How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Causing My Back Pain

Is orthopedic mattress good for back pain? – Dr. Kodlady Surendra Shetty

In general, memory foam mattress doesnt usually cause back pain. Most sleepers prefer memory foam to innerspring mattresses. The only thing that might trigger your back pain is your body weight and shape. Some people easily sink into the memory foam while creating misalignment on their spine which can cause your back pain.

In other words, not all sleepers can take advantage of memory foam mattresses. If your weight is evenly distributed through your body, then you can benefit from memory foam. Heavy sleepers, on the other hand, may not enjoy the same experience as their weight is heavier in specific areas. As a result, they easily sink into the memory foam which gives them spine misalignment and back pain.

Ideally, a memory foam mattress can adjust to different body shapes while making sure that bodyweight is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the mattress. In return, it relieves your spine and neck from extra pressure. If you keep on having back pain issues upon waking up, then its likely that your mattress is causing the problem.

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Sunday Ortho Latex 4 Mattress

The modern lifestyle is the primary contributor to human stress that often leads to disruptive sleep. In addition to that, if someone has neck, back, and muscle pain, sleeping becomes an uneasy task on its own. The Sunday Ortho Latex 4 Mattress assists and catalyzes your sleep by relieving any sort of body pain caused due to a stiff and inflexible mattress.

The Ortho Latex 4 mattress has a lot of unique things that make it our favourite.

Latex in an Ortho This is the only Ortho mattress that uses Latex. Latex is known to keep the bed from heating. So, combining Latex with Memory foam gives excellent back support while keeping the mattress cool. We say, why not?

Natural Materials The product tries to use natural materials like latex, organic cotton cloth, whereas most other brands use chemical foams and polyester cloth. Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress is great for those with kids or who suffer from allergies. Despite the better quality, the price is very affordable.

Non-Compressed One of the unique things is that Sunday mattresses are not compressed. This gives much longer life. Other products are sent in compressed form to save courier costs, but the life of the bed is compromised significantly.

Best Ortho Support The five-zone construction ensures much better back support and also provides zero partner disturbance. It is recommended for those who suffer from back ailments.

The key features of the product

  • Price: Rs. 22,999

Sleepeezee Ultrafirm 1600 Pocket Sprung Mattress

If youre looking for a quality mattress, then Sleepeezee is always a very goo bet. They are one of the few mattress brands to have a royal warrant. If that isnt a sign of quality then I dont know what is. Sleepeezee are also highly scored all over the internet and on reviews websites such as TrustPilot.

When it comes to firm mattresses, most of them are pocket sprung as opposed to memory foam. The Ultrafirm 1600 is no exception. With a spring count of 1600 this mattress is going to be very firm and supportive. It has 200 more springs than the previously mentioned Rest Assured mattress. Bit its £100 cheaper so it is definitely a good buy.

Another good thing about the Ultrafirm 1600 when compared to the Rest Assured Adleborough 1400 is the fact that it can be flipped. This means that it can be turned over every once in a while. This reduces the risk of it sagging and therefore makes it last longer. At 240mm thick, its a pretty standard for other similar mattresses within the same price bracket. Like the Adleborough 1400 the Ultrafirm 1600 comes with a 5-year guarantee. In addition to this you can also take advantage of Sleepeezees 100-night guarantee. This all helps you to ensure that youve made a good decision when you buy this mattress.

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