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Should You Rotate Your Mattress

How To Rotate A Pillow Top Mattress

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? And Should You Flip It?

You can rotate a pillow top bed yourself if it is relatively small, like a twin size mattress. However, bigger pillow top mattresses such as queen and king size beds will be easier to rotate if you have someone assist you. Have another person hold the other end of the mattress and then rotate it onto a full 180 degrees.

Step : Rotate: Fresh Rotation Fresh Bed

Before rotating a bed, you strip the mattress of linen and bed covers. This is also a good time to remove the bed skirt to clean. Think of this as a great occasion to seasonally clean your bed area.

  • Vacuum under and around bed.
  • If chosen furnishing, place clean bed skirt in place.
  • After rotating, make up mattress with fresh sheets and bedding changed for each season as well if desired.

As you sleep in place your bed will memorize your body, possibly forming an indent. By rotating your bed regularly, the mattress will have a chance to recover as you spread your bodys weight to new areas. Rotating your new mattress on a regular basis will prolong the life of your bed in order to continue to give you the best sleep possible.

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Why Is It Good To Flip Your Mattress

Its smart to flip your mattress so that youre not constantly applying pressure to the same spots, thereby wearing it down. This is especially true for people who weigh more than average. By distributing your weight across all parts of your mattress over a long period of time, you even out the pressure applied so it will stay in better condition for longer.

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How Many Times A Year Should Your Flip Your Mattress

Like rotating, you can flip your mattress once a year or every three months, depending on the material, use, and brand recommendations. You can schedule when to flip or rotate your mattress, so the wear and tear are well-distributed. Keep in mind that how you use your bed can also affect the frequency of these maintenance practices.

Which Types Of Mattresses Should And Shouldnt Be Flipped

How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress ...

Most mattresses these days are one-sided as they tend to have a base layer that works from the bottom up to give you plenty of support. However, there are still mattresses that are designed to be flipped. These have a softer side and a firmer side, with a support core providing the stability. All you need to do here is simply choose your side and then rotate it every so often.

Most one-sided mattresses will have the label or brand name clearly marked, so you know which way up it should be. If you are unsure about whether you can flip the mattress, check the brands website or contact them directly.

Its worth bearing in mind that just because you cant flip a mattress doesnt mean you wont be getting proper support throughout its use, as one-sided mattresses are designed that way to give you plenty of stability. Its this foundational layer that is key to keeping your posture aligned, so rotating it every so often and keeping it the right way up is important.

As mentioned, some traditional mattresses can and should be flipped, as they have identical construction on both sides. These should be flipped every six months or so and rotated at the same time to boost your comfort.

To recap, the mattresses that should be flipped are:

  • Traditional mattresses with identical construction on both sides
  • Mattresses that offer different firmnesses on each side

And the mattresses that should not be flipped are:

  • Those constructed in layers with a firmer base

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How Often Should You Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress

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If youre like me, you grew up rotating or flipping your mattress over every now and then always after a gentle reminder from Mom, of course.

Weve been told that rotating and/or flipping your mattress is often the key to its healthy performance and long lifespan. When we sleep in the same spot every night, our body weight leaves an impression in that spot. If we do not rotate our mattress and give that space the ability to recover, we may need a new mattress sooner rather than later.

Now, with a new generation of bed in a box mattresses made with specific and customized layers, rotating and flipping may no longer be necessary. That being said, weve put together a general guide to rotating and flipping a mattress to help address the following questions:

  • Why should I rotate my mattress?
  • Does my mattress need to be rotated or flipped?
  • How do I do it?
  • How often should you rotate your mattress?

Keep in mind that more likely than not, the folks who make the mattress will tell people whether or not it needs to be rotated or flipped. To keep your mattress warranty in good standing, were going to suggest that people go with the manufacturers recommendation above everything else.

How Often Should You Rotate A Pillow Top Mattress

If you want to know how often should you rotate a pillow top mattress, it should be monthly. But what is the benefit of this maintenance practice? Is it mandatory, or can it be more often or not?

You might also like this complete guide on how to fix a pillow top mattress. Rotation would be fantastic for damage prevention, but its always helpful to know the solutions to common mattress problems.

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How Often Should I Rotate My Mattress

We recommend that you rotate your mattress at least once every three months. However, check the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular mattress, as this can vary.

You can rotate your mattress more frequently if you feel that it isn’t offering the comfort or support that you expect. The most important thing is to rotate it regularly. The more often you rotate it, the more evenly distributed the fillings will be.

Rotate The Pillow Top Regularly

Should I rotate my mattress?

You can easily keep your pillow top mattress from sagging by ensuring that you rotate it every month. This will redistribute the wear and tear throughout the bed, so youre not only targeting one part of the mattress that leads to sagging. You can also check if your pillow top is double-sided, and then you can also flip it.

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Step : Ready For Rotation

A large mattress will need a large space to rotate into. You will be turning the mattress a full 180-dgrees which means you should ready the room for the rotation. If not, you may find that your mattress may turn into a bull in a china shop knocking and breaking items in its way.

  • Remove bedside lamps and breakable items from atop nightstands.
  • Move bedside tables, desks or vanity into area away from bed
  • Remove all bedding.

Why Rotate Or Flip

Some models need to be rotated now and then because by doing so, you would even out the overall wear and tear that the bed is subjected to. This is not only going to prolong the overall usability period, but it would help you keep your spine in a rather neutral alignment.

This is a critical aspect of getting a nights sleep thats good and relaxed. Its also playing an important role in the prevention of wake-ups through the middle of the night.

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On the other hand, flipping the mattress requires you to turn it on its other side. There are certain older beds which require this. Typically, innerspring mattresses which have no pillow top could be flipped to enhance their prolonged performance as they’re going to wear out as time passes.

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The Benefits Of Rotating Your Mattress

Ever wonder how long does a mattress last or how often you should replace your mattress? If youve been considered with mattress lifespan, mattress rotation can help.

  • Lumps and bumps By evenly distributing your weight across the mattress, you can prevent lumps and bumps from forming. Lumps occur when the internal structure of the mattress gets bunched up, so this is a risk for sleepers who toss and turn often.
  • Sagging When you strip your mattress bare, always look for evenness. Any sagging, or lower parts of your mattress can cause improper back supporteven if the mattress only sags an inch or two. If you tend to sleep on one side of the bed or sleep with a partner, you can stop sagging in its tracks with semi-frequent rotation. A sagging mattress is no fun, especially when you are trying to get a good nights sleep.
  • Hammocking Have you ever climbed into bed, laid down for a good night of rest, only to roll towards the middle of the mattress by the time morning comes? This is called hammocking, and it can be prevented with rotation. Its similar to sagging, but can wreak extra havoc if youre a side sleeperhammocking reduces how much hip support you get. Hammocking is also one of the clearest signs you need a new mattress, so make sure to rotate your mattress to avoid this.

Do I Need To Rotate My Mattress Or Flip It

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

Regardless of the type of mattress you have, you should always rotate your mattress from end-to-end at least every three months.

If your mattress is double-sided, you’ll need to flip it over when you rotate it too.

Mattress type
Double-sided Rotate from end-to-end and turn it over

You shouldn’t turn over a single-sided mattress. This is because the other side is not designed to be slept on.

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Can You Flip A Memory Foam Mattress

Most memory foam mattresses have a top-down build. This means the top of the mattress is the comfort layer and the bottom is the support layer. If you flip a memory foam mattress, youll sleep on the uncomfortable support layer. Using a mattress upside-down also causes the mattress to sag quicker than expected.

Avoid flipping a memory foam mattress unless the brand says its flippable or dual-sided.

Do I Need To Rotate Or Flip My Mattress

How do I rotate my mattress?
How do I flip my mattress?

it’s always best to do a flip-and-rotate so that the mattress is used more evenly

Why do I need to rotate or flip my mattress?

This evens out the pressure on the mattress, which leads to a longer lifespan for your mattress

Which is better: rotating or flipping?
Beware: not all mattresses out there can be flipped

No need to flipNo flipping requiredWhen you are buying a mattress, you will get a longer lifespan out of a mattress which can be flipped

How often should I rotate and flip my mattress?

every six months

Your bed base plays a role in the wear and lifespan of your mattress

A good quality bed base will also help distribute the pressure of the mattress more evenly

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Mattress Care And Maintenance By Size And Material

Theres no one-size-fits-all routine because every mattress can be different. One memory foam mattress may be eight inches thick another may be 12 inches. Some have smooth tops others, seamed designs. The cover can even be made of different fabric types.

Victoria Wildhorn, a sleep health content specialist with Mattress Clarity, identifies six types of mattresses: firm, soft, innerspring, memory foam, hybrid and coil. Each individual mattress will wear differently, which is why its so important to follow the manufacturer recommendations for mattress care.

Small, soft mattresses can wear quickly, Wildhorn says, while large, firm mattresses hold their form longer. As with different floors and countertops in your house, you should use the right cleaning products on foam versus plush material, Wildhorn says. You wouldnt want to make a mattress stain worse by mistake.

Should You Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress

Rotation or Flipping: How often should you rotate your mattress?

For decades, the common advice in the mattress industry was to rotate and flip your mattress regularly to help extend its lifespan and improve comfort. However, changes to the design of modern mattresses mean that this advice is no longer necessarily true. In the 21st century, should you flip or rotate your mattress?

The answer depends on the design of your specific mattress. Generally speaking, most mattresses should be rotated regularly, but should not be flipped. Well break down the basic guidelines for flipping or rotating mattresses, and explain how regular rotation or flipping can help extend the lifespan of your mattress.

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Flipping An Innerspring Mattress

Most innerspring mattresses have identical padding on both sides.

I’ll bet your first “big kid” bed used an innerspring mattress — they have been the most popular choice of mattress for decades. Because they generally have identical padding and support on both sides of the mattress , you are supposed to rotate and flip them a few times per year. Doing that ensure the mattress wears evenly on both sides so that you can get more life out of it.

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This was a regular practice for me with the two innerspring mattresses I’ve owned, and I always felt like my bed felt more comfortable and more supportive once I flipped it.

But today’s innerspring mattresses from some of the top brands — like Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest and Spring Air — aren’t designed to be flipped. They are constructed of several layers of padding on top of a base of coils, and so they should always stay right-side up.

How Often Should I Flip Or Rotate My Mattress

First, we suggest reading your mattresss care tag, as this will provide the best instructions for maintaining your new bed. Beyond tips for cleaning your bed, these instructions should state how often your mattress needs flipping or rotating. Note that some mattresses should not be flipped at all, since this would change the feel and order of the layers. We do not recommend flipping a mattress unless its marketed as dual-sided or flippable.

If you dont have access to your care tag, we suggest flipping or rotating your mattress every three to six months.

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How Should You Flip Your Mattress

Since flippable mattresses can usually be rotated as well, its better to flip and rotate your mattress at the same time. Follow the steps below to flip and rotate your mattress without damaging it.

  • Remove adjacent furniture, such as nightstands and floor lamps.
  • Remove accessories such as pillows, mattress toppers, pads, and protectors.
  • Rotate the mattress 90 degrees clockwise, so the longer side is parallel to the headboard.
  • Raise and prop the mattress on its side.
  • Vacuum your mattress, bed base, and unreachable areas beneath your bed.
  • Gently flip the mattress.
  • Lower it gradually so the face-up side now rests against the bed base.
  • Rotate 90 degrees clockwise again to align the mattress with the bed base so the head is now at the feet and vice-versa.

Step : Plan Bed Rotation

How often Should You Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress ...

Twin sized beds are fairly easy to rotate as they are small and manageable for one person. As the mattress gets larger you may want to have someone help you with the rotating responsibilities. Plan rotating the mattress and set reminders for every three months that will be easy to remember.

  • Start the new year rotating the mattress.
  • Celebrate independence by rotating your mattress for July Fourth.
  • Get ready for fall snuggling with the last mattress rotation of the year on October First.

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Why Do Mattresses Need To Be Rotated

If you sleep on the same mattress night after night, the weight of your body will eventually cause wear and tear or unevenness in the parts of the mattress where your body digs in most .

To keep the mattress surface more even, you should rotate the mattress to make sure it is still supporting you well. Also, by rotating the mattress you will switch to a part of it that is used less, which keeps the top layer fresher.

Not all mattresses can be rotated. This includes models that have a special zoned top layer with support aimed at specific parts of the body. So if you rotate top to toe, then you might experience discomfort or fail to get the proper support of pressure relief the mattress has to offer, so check before you rotate.

However, if your mattress can be rotated, then you should set a reminder to do this essential chore, as it not only makes your mattress last longer, but it keeps you healthier too. Heres a recap of why you shouldnt put off rotating your mattress:

  • It helps keep the mattress in good condition
  • It helps keep the mattress surface even
  • It maintains proper support for your body
  • It provides a more hygienic surface to sleep on

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress

We’re sure you’ve heard that you should replace your mattress once in a while, but at what intervals? Dont worry: we will tell you everything you need to know. This article will discuss when you should replace a mattress and why you should do it. We’ll go over the most popular types of mattresses and the durability of each one.

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