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What If My Mattress Is Too Firm

Add A Mattress Topper Or Mattress Pad

My mattress is too firm, how can I make it softer?

If youre looking to sleep smarter and are wondering how to make a firm mattress softer, consider adding a mattress topper or mattress pad to your existing mattress. By adding a topper that adds to mattress thickness, you can experience enhanced pressure point relief and optimal spinal alignment to avoid waking up with aches and pains.

Mattress toppers are available in a variety of materials, so you can choose a topper thats tailored to your comfort needs. Our Casper Foam Mattress Topper is created for deep relaxation. With three inches of breathable comfort, youll be kept cool and snug all night long.

Our luxuriously plush topper adds Casper comfort to any type of mattress. Sleep comfortably through the night with an extra layer of soft support.

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No. Instead, we’ve focused on making our mattresses better from the start and included a longer sleep trial. We also dont recommend ever using a cheap topper, which may cancel out all of your mattress’ cooling and comfort benefits.

If your mattress isnt right for you, you can return it during your 120-night sleep trial.

Yes. The free Comfort+ kit is available to order after you’ve slept on your mattress for 30 nights. It comes in either a softening or firming option. For king-size mattresses, you can also choose a split-firmness option if you and your partner prefer a different firmness level.

To order the Comfort+ kit for your Novosbed:

  • Log in to My Account and go to the Orders tab.
  • OR you can request the kit from our customer care team via email or chat. Once we confirm some details, we will place the order for you.

No. Instead, we’ve focused on making our mattresses better from the start and included a longer sleep trial. We also dont recommend ever using a cheap topper, which may cancel out all of your mattress’ cooling and comfort benefits.

If your mattress isnt right for you, you can return it during your 120-night sleep trial.

Use A Mattress Topper

Getting a soft mattress topper is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to alter your mattresss firmness. Mattress toppers are 1 to 3-inch pads covering the entire surface of your mattress. They function as an additional comfort layer for your bed. Toppers usually cost between $100 to $300, though thats inexpensive compared to buying an entirely new mattress.

Choose a topper thickness based on how firm your mattress is. If your mattress is much firmer than you need, use a thicker, 3-inch mattress topper to drastically soften your mattress. If your mattress is slightly too firm, use a 1 or 2-inch mattress topper for a mild change.

Some common materials for mattress pads include memory foam, latex, down, and down alternative.

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Or A Fleece Topper Also Made With Organic Knitted Cotton Backing And Eco

Promising review: “I sleep so peacefully, this pad melts away the stresses of the day. Unfortunately I cant sleep with it directly under my sheets, its a little scratchy. But under the mattress pad is perfect. It has also helped with temperature regulation and my spouse doesnt get as hot during the night.” Erin

Get it from Holy Lamb Organics for $95+ .

Understanding The Mattress Break In Process

Edblo: the perfect bed for your guestroom

We want you to fully understand how the mattress will change over time. Our mission is to show you how it will actually feel throughout the majority of its lifespan rather than the short-term initial feel. Every mattress is different and some will even have little to no body impressions. Some naturally begin to sag sooner than others due to the quality of the materials. This presents us with the opportunity to have an open dialog about what to expect and how well the mattress will fit your sleep needs and body shape as you sleep.

We believe a mattress should age like a fine wine rather than going sour shortly after sleeping on it. So we present reality in all its glory to prevent you from waking up frustrated and confused as your mattress begins the natural process of softening up and taking on your form.

To be perfectly clear, you may not fall in love with your new mattress at first. It may not feel like the bed you tried when you visited our showroom. But the good news is that your mattress will adjust to your body and it will take on the showroom feel after the proper amount of time and pressure. In the end, your new bed will feel like it did the day you first fell in love with it. This way, you will continue to fall in love with it again and again every night.

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Soft Mattress Buying Tips

A mattress is a great investment for a good night of sleep. So before buying a mattress, you should follow some tips. Here are some of the mattress buying tips

  • Before head to the mattress market, you can do some research online about the mattress. Thus youll have some idea which mattress could be the best choice.
  • As there are different types of mattresses are available, before buying a mattress decide the mattress type you want according to your personal preferences.
  • Consider your body size, sleeping position, if you have a sleeping partner or not, your bed foundation before buying a mattress.
  • Try the mattress at the shop, lie on the mattress for 15 minutes at least, thus youll get to know if the mattress is perfect for you or not.
  • Budget is the most important thing, so decide it first before making your decision on which one to buy. According to your budget, try to choose the best mattress for yourself.

Final words

As a general rule, all the new mattress is firm. So when you buy a new mattress, have some patience. Sometimes it takes up to one month to break in a new mattress. Let your new mattress some time to breathe. Even after one month if your mattress is yet firm then try the above-mentioned tips. And if these tips also do not work then you should consider replacing this mattress with a new one.

You Wake Up With Pain Or Numbness

If your mattress is the wrong firmness for your sleeping position or size, it can lead to pressure build-up and pain. The intense pressure on your body can cause you to wake up feeling numb, such as having a dead arm or tingly foot.

For example, if you sleep on your side and your mattress is firm, you may develop pain around your shoulders and hips as both body parts need lots of cushioning. Similarly, if youre a petite sleeper using a firm mattress, your body wont put enough pressure on the mattress to be properly cradled, leading to sore muscles.

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What To Do When Your Mattress Is Too Soft Or Too Firm

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? She tried three different beds, trying to find one that wasn’t too hard or too soft, but “just right.” Turns out, she was really on to something.

Of course, “just right” bed firmness is a subjective thing about which opinions will vary wildly, andas we saw with Goldilocksmost people would have to lie down on the bed before they could even say what “just right” means for them. So how do you find your “just right” when it comes to mattresses? And what can you do if you realize that the mattress you have doesn’t fit the bill?

Why mattress firmness matters

Why should you care about how firm your mattress is? Because the right firmness can help prevent back pain and protect the quality of your sleep. Lying with your spine in a crooked, unaligned position for eight hours every day is a big contributor to back pain and can also ruin the quality of your sleep. This is why finding a mattress with the right firmness for you is so important.

What’s bettera firm mattress or a soft mattress?

Firmer mattresses provide better support, but they can also apply too much pressure to certain points of the body, leading to discomfort and pain. Soft plush mattresses, on the other hand, can cause your spine to sink into the mattress, which can lead to spine alignment issues down the road.

To make it all even more complex, your firmness needs may vary over time as injuries, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations change your sleep needs.

What Can You Do To Make A Hard Bed Softer & More Comfortable

Firm vs Soft Mattress – Which One Should You Get?

There are several ways to make a hard bed softer and more comfortable. This may depend on whether the mattress is hard because it is new or it is just made firm.

A new mattress almost always feels harder. In this case, the best way to soften it is to sleep on it night after night till it softens!

Other tricks that work with a new mattress include warming it up , stepping on it , and rotating it for even wear.

On the other hand, if your mattress is too hard regardless of whether its new or not, the quickest and most effective way to soften it and make the bed more comfortable is to use a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers come in varieties of materials such as memory foam, down, wool, down alternative, latex, and cotton, to add softness and relieve pressure points.

On an impressive note, keep in mind that buying mattress toppers costs way less than replacing beds and mattresses!

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A Plush Hypoallergenic Mattress Topper From The Cult Favorite Mattress Company Helix Sleep This Mattress Topper Is Made Of Softer Bamboo Blend Fibers And Is Also Designed To Be Allergen

Promising review: “I have serious cervical, thoracic, and lumbar back issues including failed back surgery syndrome. I shopped and researched for a quality mattress topper that was not gonna be like just buying a simple mattress pad with little to no results. So I took the chance by spending more on this Helix and have nothing but good things to say! It made my bed much more comfortable, morning pain is reduced, and is still holding its fit and form three months later with my 63 250lb. self on it. My teenage daughter even hijacks my bed when Im gone. Spend more because it has been worth it.” Brian C.

Get it from Helix Sleep from $110+ .

Making Your Mattress Softer

If your mattress is too firm, there are a few things you can do to help make it a little softer:

  • Check your foundation and beddings Your bedding foundation can affect how firm or soft your mattress feels. Solid foundations like wood planks, firm platforms or the floor provide less give to your mattress, making it feel considerably firm. So if your foundation is very firm, your mattress may be so as well. Consider changing your foundation. Also, tight sheets can create a firm sensation on your mattress. Consider loose sheets or mattress protectors.
  • Use a mattress topper One of the easiest ways to make a mattress softer is a mattress topper. A mattress topper can add extra contouring or pressure relief to the surface of a mattress thats too firm.
  • Break it in Some mattresses, like memory foam, with time will soften on their own. If your mattress is new, it just needs time to soften. In the meantime, you can help it along by walking across the surface of the bed repeatedly before going to bed.
  • Rotate it You can also try rotating the mattress or flipping it over. This promotes even wear and can help the mattress stay comfortable longer.
  • Warm it If you have a memory foam mattress, which is temperature sensitive, its firmness could be due to a cold room. A gently-heated mattress pad, or a warmer room temperature can help soften the mattress.

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Mattress Too Firm Learn How To Soften Your Mattress

By Andrew Russell, Wellness Writer

Sleeping on too firm of a mattress is not only uncomfortable but harms both your sleep and health. However, mattresses are expensive. Realistically, not all of us can afford to replace our mattresses just because theyre a bit too firm.

Buying a mattress often requires budgeting and saving for many months. Also, if your mattress is new, but turned out to be too firm, its not always worth it to buy a second mattress. The bottom line: if your mattress is too firm and uncomfortable for you, you dont have to suffer.

Softening an overly firm mattress isnt impossible and wont cost you a boatload of money. We run through some simple solutions to soften your mattress and get you sleeping comfortably.

How To Make A Firm Memory Foam Mattress Softer

New Mattress Too Firm? 10 Best Tips on How to Soften a New ...

Most of the time, the reason it is too firm is due to its temperature sensitivity and heat reactive properties. In other words, the qualities that make memory foam the best type of mattress can also cause it to be firm. It is important to understand how it works, as this will ensure you realise why it is firm sometimes.Some techniques you can use to make it softer include 1. Ensure your room isnt too coldFirst up, because memory foam is highly sensitive to heat, the ambient temperature can completely change the firmness of your mattress. If you have had a cold spell, this could account for your mattress feeling firm. Use a heater in your room before you go to bed and this will help to soften the mattress up.

4. Walk across your mattressYes, it may sound unusual to walk on your mattress, but one of the best ways to reduce its firmness is by walking gently on your mattress a few times a day when you first get your mattress. The pressure of you walking on the mattress will help break the mattress in and help it become softer.

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Quick And Cheap Ways To Make Your Firm Mattress Softer

Have you bought a new mattress and are discouraged by how firm it is? Or maybe youve had your mattress for a while, and it just hasnt given you the soft firmness you were looking for. It could be the style of mattress is not for you, but there are ways to work with the mattress you have before you run out to drop a thousand dollars right now on the right one. Whether youre looking to make a firm mattress softer or a soft mattress more firm, we have a few easy, quick fixes for you to try before replacing your entire mattress.

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How Long Do Mattresses Last

On average, most mattresses last about 7 to 10 years. However, many factors can influence the durability and lifespan of a mattress.

The quality and materials of a mattress significantly impact how it performs. Mattresses made with denser foams, natural latex, thicker coils, or higher coil counts are better equipped to accommodate the weight of the sleeper and rebound back to their original shape time after time. By contrast, lower-quality foams and coils may break down sooner.

Certain types of mattresses may last longer than others. Natural latex is durable and tends to hold up the longest. Low-quality innerspring mattresses often start sagging after a few years, and foam mattresses may soften and develop permanent body indentations. Hybrid mattress manufacturers often attempt to circumvent these problems by using higher-quality comfort layers and supporting them with sturdier coils.

How much pressure the mattress supports also influences its lifespan. Single sleepers and individuals who weigh less than 130 pounds exert less pressure on the mattress, and may find their mattresses last longer. Likewise, a mattress that is used nightly sustains more pressure than a guest room bed. While a low-density polyfoam model may provide a perfectly comfortable option for a mattress intended for occasional use, your everyday bed should be made with sturdier materials that can hold up to consistent wear.

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Just unwrap it, let it expand for a few hours, then put your mattress pad and sheets on and enjoy! It’s backed by a three-year warranty.

BTW, while this topper is infused with a cooling gel that some reviewers say helps, memory foam in general is notoriously warmer to sleep on because it’s so dense. So if you’re usually a hot sleeper, this may not be the best choice for you!

Promising review: “My current bed is old but still in good shape, except I wake up every morning with my arms asleep or pain in my hips. I wanted to hold off on buying a new mattress because I may be moving next year and I don’t want to have to take a lot of stuff with me. I wasn’t sure if I should try two- or three- inches but after reading the reviews it seemed like two would do the trick. And it does! This topper transformed a bed that was headed to the trash into a great nights sleep. I’m excited to get in my bed at night! I can’t believe I’ve went this long without it. It barely has a smell I could only smell it when I put my nose up to it. It fit perfectly! It’s amazing!” Cheryl D Holmes

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