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What Kind Of Mattress Do I Want

Twin Size Bed Foundation

What Type Of Mattress Do You Need?

38 inches by 75 inches

Twin size mattresses are a popular choice for kids and toddlers who have outgrown their cribs. These mattresses offer enough room to accommodate them as they grow, but wont take up valuable floor space in their bedroom. With a 11 by 12-foot bedroom, a twin bed leaves plenty of open space around the bed.

What Mattress Firmness Should I Choose

Firstly, in the mattress industry, there has to be a precise definition of soft, medium or firm which there isnt. Youll see all sorts of sliding scales and rating but without knowing whats exactly inside that mattress its just a guess.

This is because most of the time the retailers are using the spring tension to explain the relative firmness of the mattress which is incorrect. Most mattress firmness ratings are based on the upholstery layers on top of the spring unit. So when youre looking for a medium-firm mattress you need to be looking at that upholstery as well as the spring tension to work out the right mattress tension.

What Are The Potential Risks For Body Impressions

All types of mattresses are prone to body impressions . For foam and hybrid mattresses, the cheaper and less dense the foam, and the heavier your weight, the higher the risk of depressions over time. For innerspring mattresses, the thicker the pillow or Euro top, the higher the imprint vulnerability. Its hard to completely avoid body indentations if you want a plush-feeling mattress, but you can minimize the effect by rotating the mattress at least every six months and varying where you sleep on it. Quilting on the top of the mattress does help make indentations less noticeable, and the steel coils found in innerspring mattresses also offer additional support to prevent sagging, even if body impressions are bound to happen over time. Mattress makers have told us its hard to quilt through dense polyfoams .

Compared with memory foam, all-latex mattresses or innersprings topped with latex are more resistant to sagging and body impressions, regardless of a persons weight. Even great components wont guarantee the mattress will last that long , but theyll decrease the risk of disappointment in the long run.

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What Is The Best Mattress For A Heavy Person

For sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, having a medium-firm or firm mattress is generally considered best. A firm mattress provides more support for your weight to keep the body in proper alignment during the night. However, the best mattress is really subjective based on an individuals sleep habits, movement patterns and temperature preferences.

What Level Of Firmness Do I Need

What Type of Mattress Do I Need for a Platform Bed? 5 Pg ...

As a rule of thumb, heavier people should avoid mattresses that are too soft as they wont provide sufficient support, while lighter people should steer away from very firm mattresses . Medium support suits most people best and you could consider a topper if you find it needs slightly softening or firming up.

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Is The Edge Sturdy Enough For You

If you like to sit on the edge of your bed, youll likely want a mattress with dedicated edge support. Innerspring mattresses are typically constructed with a high-density foam encasement or stiffer coils around the perimeter. Even though some people may prefer the feel of the foam encasement, it could soften slightly over time. If you sit on the side of your bed a lot, you may want to consider a mattress that uses stiffer coils around the edge, which will probably prove more durable. The edge support in foam-forward hybrids and foam mattresses typically depends on the density of the foam in the support layers. So you cant assume a mattress will have good edge support without trying it out for yourself. Both the Tempur-Adapt and the Leesa Hybrid, two of the picks in our guide to the best hybrid mattresses, have foams that are at least 4 pounds per cubic foot and thus offer strong edge support.

Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses

As long as youre using one thats compatible, theres little risk of adjustable base ruining your mattress. However, you should be aware that it might wear out faster. The pressure and weight exerted on specific parts of it can cause quicker degradation.

Avoiding extreme angles and putting the mattress flat when not in use can prolong its life.

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How To Choose A Mattress

Experts agree that getting good sleep is one of the single best ways to maintain and improve our health. A mattress is a huge factor in our ability to sleep well, yet many people overlook its importance and keep using a mattress that fails to provide enough support and comfort.

A new mattress can be a sizable investment, but taking this step can unlock your ability to sleep better. As with any major purchase, you want to make sure that you choose wisely.

To help you get a handle on how to choose a mattress, we break down the key information piece-by-piece. With this guide, youll have the knowledge to find the best mattress with the right firmness and features to suit your needs and deliver great sleep night after night.

How To Choose Your Mattress Firmness

Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

As you shop for a new bed, you will need to decide if you need a plush vs. a firm mattress. The mattress firmness levels are comfort terms used to communicate how something feels it does not indicate the quality of support a mattress will provide you. Determining the right support for your body, size, and shape is an important first step. A comfortable mattress will help you fall asleep quicker, while the support system will keep you from tossing and turning or waking up in pain.

Your body composition plays a huge role in how a mattress will feel and perform for you. Unfortunately, its not as simple as knowing that you like a soft or firm mattress. You need to consider the support level your body needs and how the comfort level will play a role in improving your quality of sleep.

Plush vs. Firm Mattress

A plush mattress has a softer feel. This is achieved by adding layers of pressure-relieving materials on top of the support core or by varying the thickness and density of the padding. These layers contour to your hips and shoulders, cradling your body throughout the night. Sleepers often describe this feel as if theyre sleeping in or getting hugged by their bed. Plush mattresses are a great option for side sleepers.

Medium vs. Plush Mattress
Medium vs. Firm Mattress

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What Is Your Sleeping Position

Now that weve got the age question sorted, its time to think about you, the sleeper. While well be digging into a lot of different factors that have to do with you and your unique slumber style, the first thing to figure out is what position you sleep in.

Though a majority of folks tend to toss and turn between different positions in the night, most people favor certain positions over others. Maybe youre someone who likes to start off on your back and roll over to your side. Or perhaps you spend most of the night on your side and then finish things off on your stomach while hitting snooze in the morning. If youve never really thought about your preferred sleeping positions before, Id encourage you to pay extra close attention to how you sleep over the next week. Youll likely find that youre either a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or some combination of the three.

This information is important because all mattresses endear themselves to different kinds of sleepers. Below, Ill walk you through the types of beds best-suited for each position group.

What Is The Return Policy

Most online mattresses come with a free trial period of about 100 days or so, if you buy it directly from the company. You might be required to try a mattress for 30 days before you can initiate a return, though. Third-party retailers, such as Amazon, department stores, and mattress stores, might have their own rules, whether you purchased the mattress online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

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Ready To Choose The Right Mattress

Next time you find yourself in search of a mattress, approach the process strategically to cut stress. Take inventory of what you want, learn about the main categories, and do a little research into the basics. Remember, a new bed is something you will be using for several hours a day and many years, so its worth the time.

Equipping yourself with information and focusing on what you find comfortable makes it easier to sort through options, compare quality, and analyze reviews all of which will help you choose the right mattress for better sleep.

When did you purchase your last mattress? Have any mattress shopping questions or tips to share?

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How To Choose The Right Mattress Size

What Type of Mattress Box Spring Do I Need?

If youre on the fence about which mattress size to get, it makes sense to go big, if it fits within your budget and space constraints. Though a queen or king isnt crucial when you have the whole bed to yourself, most people find its worth the upgrade if you feel more comfortable sprawling out. And if you sleep with someone else, a bigger bed could greatly improve your quality of sleep. With more room, youll be less likely to notice the other person moving around. Youll also be less scrunched up, which means that if youre prone to muscle and joint pain, your back, neck, and shoulders will probably feel better in the morning. This is particularly true if your kids or pets join you in bed.

As you can see in the chart below, for couples, a king-size mattress provides each person the same amount of space as a twin. In contrast, if they opt for a full, each will end up with as much elbow room as they would have in a crib, as The Better Sleep Council reminds us.

California king 72 by 84

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Can You Put A New Mattress On An Old Foundation

We recommend replacing your foundation when you get a new mattress. Most mattress foundations wear down faster than mattresses, so if your mattress is showing signs of wear and needing to be replaced, then its safe to say your foundation also needs to be swapped with a new one. If youre working on a tighter budget and dont want to buy both a foundation and a mattress, look for bundle deals or brands offering freebies with a mattress purchase. Sometimes, you can score a free foundation with your new mattress. Alternatively, you can give an old foundation new life by pairing it with a bunkie board.

What Mattress Sizes And Thicknesses Are Needed For Platform Beds

You dont need any specific mattress size or thickness for a generic platform bed because they are able to fit any mattress. However, you may not be able to find many platform beds for uncommon mattresses sizes such as Full XL. Also, the thickness of mattress you choose should depend on whether you get a low-profile or standard platform bed height.

A suitable platform bed can be found for all standard sizes of mattresses which include Twin, Twin XL, Double, Full, Full XL, Queen, Eastern King and Cal King. Read more about Platform Bed Mattress Sizes.

Depending on whether the platform bed has a head-board, foot-board or storage area, the overall size of a platform bed can vary from model to model.

In most cases, you will be able find the suitable mattress size mentioned on the platform beds user guide.

Although most mattresses are available in all the aforementioned sizes, it is harder to find platform beds with all the different sizes.

There are some bed sizes which are more popular than other sizes . The more popular a mattress size is, the more the variety of platform beds that are available for you to choose from.

Twin, Queen and King sizes are more common and hence youll find a lot of beds suitable for them whereas youll find it hard to see more variety for the remaining sizes.

Therefore it is always better that you first choose a suitable platform bed size and model before looking for a suitable mattress.

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Do I Need A Solid Foundation

If you have a memory foam, latex foam, or hybrid mattress, a platform bed frame provides a sturdy support system for these beds. Since slats cant be more than 2.75 inches apart for foam beds, its sometimes easier to opt for a solid foundation rather than worrying about the distance between each slat. These foundations ensure weight is evenly distributed, and the entire mattress is protected.

Eve Sleep Premium Hybrid: 782 Evesleepcouk

Mattress Buying Guide: Foams and Gels Explained

Sizes available: Double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 28cm

Material: Memory foam and springs

Trial period: 100 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

This extra-deep, vacuum-packed hybrid mattress is next level, in our opinion, especially when it comes to people who sleep at least part of the night on their backs and, unlike the Emma hybrid that goes for folk of any shape and size. This is particularly good news for tall and/or overweight back sleepers, for whom no other mattress came close in our tests.

The durability is outstanding, so it should last you longer than other mattresses. It also gets 10 out of 10 from us on breathability, comfort and support, being just slightly firmer than medium. Eve says its down to the combination of special layers and years of product development, focus groups and testing. The top provides a comfy lift, followed by a contouring memory foam layer, then a firmer foam support layer and a sturdy foam base layer that also encloses full-sized pocket springs. You wont disturb your partner when you roll over and the cover is washable. It does smell a bit at first, but not for long, and no mattress scored higher for edge to edge support.

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What Kind Of Mattress Do I Need

There are many factors to consider when deciding what kind of mattress you need, from your sleeping position to your budget. The firmness of a mattress is probably the most important factor, and the level of firmness is directly related to your comfort. Beds can range from very soft to extremely firm. There is a spectrum of firmness levels that encompass every degree of comfort. Your budget and sleeping style should be considered when choosing a mattress, as well.

Prices are usually listed at the MSRP, or sticker price. There are also regular sales, which are often found online. The most popular brands run sales during holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are also online deals that are typically offered immediately. The price of a mattress should be within your budget, but you should also consider the type of sleep you want and need. You should always remember that the higher the profile, the higher the price.

Regardless of your budget, you can find the perfect mattress based on your sleeping style. A medium firm mattress is great for side sleepers, while a medium firm bed is best for back sleepers. Those who sleep on their stomach need more support and a thicker mattress. There are several types of mattresses and the choices are virtually endless. You can even get a discount if you purchase your mattress online.

Do You Really Need A New Mattress

Many people change their beds after just a few years, and thats perfectly fine if you can afford it. The fact is, its not a small investment, so take a moment to determine do you really need a new.

Generally, after seven or eight years you will most likely need a new mattress. Of course, it depends on the quality and material . And if you feel back or neck pain it might, your bedding is a good place to start.

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Here is the average mattress lifespan in years based on material and type:

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Consider Mattress Type And Size

The size and type of your mattress will play a key role in what type of bed foundation you purchase. Most bed foundations accommodate all mattress sizes, but make sure you check with your mattress store before picking a specific base. Most bed foundations will also work with any type of mattress, except for a few exceptions. Use only box springs with innerspring mattresses.

Use flexible mattresses, like memory foam or latex, with adjustable bed frames. And bed slats are great for helping you stay cool with memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

Purple Bed Foundations For Everyones Preferences And Needs

What Type of Mattress Do I Need for a Platform Bed? 5 Pg ...

Purple offers several options of bed foundations for your specific needs and wants. Our bases offer the best support and stability to maintain and extend the life of your mattress. Each foundation is built with quality and comfort in mind. Our bases are stylish, durable, easy to assemble, and fit your specific budget. We understand how important a good sleep foundation is. Your mattress deserves a strong foundation, too.

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