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Euro Pillows On King Bed

What Is The Best Way To Style A Euro Sham

How To Style A King-Sized Bed With Basic Pillows

Euro sham pillows are great ways to accessorize the bed. A good strategy is have euro pillows with shams matching the duvet cover used. In this case, usually the euro pillows are placed behind textured or plain complimentary standard pillows. Alternatively, one can flip the motif and have textured or plain euro shams paired with standard shams that match the duvet cover. Be creative and have fun with the options!

Styling Your Bed Is Easy With Our Pillow Formations Chart

Achieving a pulled together bedroom begins with the bed. After all, its the focal point of the space. That doesnt necessarily mean you need to add five hundred frill throw pillows to it. Even if youre a swish-the-duvet-and-be-done-with-it type, with five more seconds spent stacking your sleeping pillows, you can create a clean bedding scheme.

There are many ways to arrange your pillows, some more formal than others. You can stack, prop, mix sizes, add decorative shapes, go symmetrical, or pile with abandon. Weve created a detailed pillow formation chart for your reference, based on the following Matouk sizes for bed pillows, , and pillow protectors:

Euro Shams 2 Standard Pillows 3 Decorative Pillows

The arrangement is quite the same as the previous one, but colorful pillows will make it impressive. Place the Euro Shams in the first layer against the headboard. After that layer, use the Standard Pillows vertically against the previous layer. Finally, add variety to the arrangement by placing three decorative pillows of different colors in the front.

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Pillow Arrangements For Daybeds

These convertible beds are perfect for tweens and teens, offices or guest rooms. Your designs hinge upon how you use them, though, and whether you want your pillows at the head, like a regular bed, or across the back, more like a sofa.

Family Handyman


A variety of pillows in a nice arrangement can provide support while you work on your laptop or read, and also be flexible, to accommodate other uses or arrangements. Since these are functional as well as decorative, make sure theyre soft enough to snuggle up to, but also firm enough to stand on their own.

On the short end of the bed, start with a foundation of larger euro pillows. In front of that, two standard pillows. Stack two smaller Euro pillows in front of those. Choose a lumbar pillow to sit in front of the four-pillow stack.


This pillow arrangement can provide a lovely sofa-style sitting area, but could be rearranged for sleeping or working.

On each short end, lay a bolster pillow lengthwise so the circular end faces out and provides an armrest. Across the back, line up three large euro pillows, perhaps with a furry or shag sham for textural interest. Centered in front of the large euros, line up two smaller euro pillows. In front of that, use one or two smaller lumbar pillows staggered one in front of the other. Dont forget to mix up color, pattern and texture to create an inviting place to relax.

How To Arrange Euro Pillows On A King

Three Euro pillows across a king bed with a skinny lumbar in front ...

King-size beds require several pillows to cover the top of the bed, usually a mix of either king- or standard-size pillows and euro pillows. Pillow arrangements on a king-size bed should reach from one side to the other, but otherwise euro pillows can be arranged in various ways to suit your style and comfort.

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Pillow Arrangements For King Beds

You have a lot of space to cover, which can be a blessing and a curse. The great news is that you can either go super maximalist, or mega minimalist, depending on your personal style.

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Prop two standard pillows upright against the headboard or wall, then prop two king sham pillows on top. Add one euro pillow in front of each sham, and one nice-sized round pillow in front, to finish your design.


Lay four standard pillows flat, two in each stack, just like hotels do. Then choose three bold euro pillows to prop upright against the standards. A lumbar pillow then provides the icing on the cake in front.

Its visually appealing to have odd numbers, so the three euros provide that, while a lumbar pillow that runs from the middle of the left euro to the mid of the right euro provides a visual cue that ties it all together.

Consider a jewel-tone velvet or something luxurious for the euro pillows then contrast that with embroidery, fringe, or other textural touches on the front pillow.

The Difference Between Euro Pillows And Standard Pillows

One of the questions some people ask when they learn about Euro pillows is what the difference between them and the traditional pillows is. Euro pillows are mainly for decorations and adding charm to a bed and the bedroom. They help to make the bed the main focal point and center of interest in the bedroom.

The Euro pillows come with different embellishments and elaborate designs to make their decorative intentions stand out. Euro pillows come in pairs or as individual pieces. The majority of the Euro pillows are square-shaped, with the standard size being 26 by 26 inches. Standard pillows, on the other hand, mostly come in rectangular, and they are longer than the Euro shams.

They are also less costly than the Euro pillow, and they come with fewer embellishments and decorations. The primary purpose of the standard pillow is to support the back, neck, and head while sleeping. They come in different sizes and shapes that go with different types of sleeping positions.

The best place for the Euro pillows is next to the headboard, behind the standard pillows. Besides decoration, Euro pillows also do well as reading and floor pillows.

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Are Euro Pillows Necessary

Euro pillows make your bed look amazing. They also bring life to the whole bedroom. Euros are a mixture of fashion and function as they also help to support the back when you are sitting upright in bed to read or watch TV.

The pillow helps to create a barrier between your head and the headboard. They also help to add height to the bed because of their height. Are they necessary? No, they are not because you can do without them, but if you want to bring out the best of your bed and bedroom, they are an absolute necessity.

Pillow Covers Three 2626 Euros Followed By

How To Arrange Pillows on a King Size Bed

Euro pillows on king bed. 21022017 2 King Pillows 1 Euro Pillow 1 Standard 2 Accents 1 Lumbar. This will look better and enhance the style of your decoration. Finish with two boudoir pillows in front.

This setting will give a traditional and neat look to your bedroom. 22102020 Prop two standard pillows upright against the headboard or wall then prop two king sham pillows on top. 1 Euro Sham 1 standard pillow and a minimum of 1 decorative.

In front of that I used the same pillows I had on our old bed which are two striped decorative pillows from Tonic Living. 2 euro pillows on king bed. 02072020 The ClassicProp three European pillows against the headboard then add two king size shams and finish with three smaller pillows with decorative or boudoir shams.

01122016 King bed pillow arrangements. When maximal meets messy you get messimal. This is mostly used for the king size beds and five pillows are used in this arrangement.

Lay four standard pillows flat two in. How to Arrange Your Pillows. The main purpose of using euro sham is to give decorative look to your bed so it is placed behind the king queen-sized pillows.

Start with three Euros then tow 18 x 18 pillows followed by two 16 x 16 pillows and three 12 x 15 pillows. Arrange your three euro pillows in front of them. Then layer a few of your favorite throws and quilts.

Nice Balance Master Bedroom Interior Design Master Bedroom Interior Bedroom Interior

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King Bed Pillow Arrangement

For a king size bed, use either three standard size pillows or a pair of king size pillows. As for European squares, a king size bed requires three.

1. Prop up three European shams in the back, against the wall or headboard. Add a pair of king size pillows encased in shams, and finish with a trio of smaller pillows fitted with boudoir shams at the very front.

2. Prop three European shams along the back of the bed. Instead of king size pillows, use three queen or standard size pillows with shams for the second layer, then center two boudoir pillows on the gaps.

3. Begin with the same trio of European shams in the back. Add a pair of king size pillows in king size shams. Finish with 20-inch-by-20-inch decorative pillows centered in front of the two king size shams.

4. Once you arrange the foundation of European squares at the back, prop up three standard size sleeping pillows layered with another three standard size pillows outfitted with shams. This is a simple arrangement, but a style with some depth.

How Many Pillows Go On A King Size Bed

Learn how many pillows belong on a King bed & 5 popular pillow styling arrangements.

Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

If youve invested in a King size mattress but have trouble figuring out how to stack pillows in a formation thats functional and beautiful, this article will teach you about the right number of pillows for a King mattress. We also share five interior-designer-worthy King bed pillow arrangements and tips for choosing your arrangement based on the headboard, room size and more.

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How To Arrange Euro Shams

Bridget: Theres one thing about Caseys master bedroom photos that always caught my attention. Her beds pillows.

I would look at my bed and then look at photos of her bed and always ask myself, how does she do that?! How do her pillows always look so full, perky, gorgeous, and so grown up?. I never thought mine looked bad, I just knew hers looked a lot more professional and far more jaw-dropping when compared to my less dramatic, more droopy combo. Hers looked like they belonged in a magazine while mine looked like average, everyday Joes pillows.

I never really thought to ask her about it though, I guess I never figured there was a concrete answer on getting her pillow look. Boy, was I wrong!! I should have asked A LONG time ago because she had a very simple solution that has totally changed my pillow routine . and the WHOLE look of my bedroom.

The secret ingredient? Casey please spill the beans!

Casey: Girl, youre making me blush over here. So happy you like my pillow look. My big secret? I use Euro sized decorative pillows!

Instead of the standard size , a Euro sham is a big square pillow at 26×26. I personally prefer the look of the Euro because its just so much fuller and fluffier. I like them because they hide my sleeping pillows and keep them tucked nicely behind the 2 big white Euro shams.

Once Bridget got on the Euro bandwagon, we decided to play around until we found a look that worked for her bedroom.

So we started with the big ol Euro pillows.

Why Is Choosing The Correct Pillow Important

Pillow Sizes

When it comes to decorative pillow inserts and shams, theres really no right or wrong as long as the pieces fit your personal preferences and have a quality you can rest easy with . However, choosing the correct sleeping pillow is nearly as essential as choosing the best mattress for your body type and sleeping position. Heres a list of the benefits and risks of choosing the right pillow to sleep on:

  • SizeA pillow thats too small can lead to restless sleep. For example, King pillows offer extra room on both sides of the head, making them suitable for people who toss and turn throughout the night.
  • Spinal AlignmentThe right pillow should have a loft thats ideal for your sleeping position and body type. For example, stomach sleepers need a very lofty pillow because too much space between the head and mattress can strain the neck.
  • FillThe right pillow material and fill which ranges from buckwheat to down, latex, memory foam and more can help prevent allergic reactions and improve sleep quality. Read more in our Memory Foam vs. Latex article.
  • Body PillowsOptional pillows, like body pillows and lumbar pillows, can be a great sleep-improving addition for side sleepers and pregnant women. They improve comfort and help align the spine.

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Euro Sham With 1 Lumbar

This arrangement of pillows will bring an elegant look to your bed. It wont take much time to set the arrangement, and its pretty simple as well. Place the Euro Shams against the headboard. The dimension of three Euro Shams will match the wide perfectly. Use the Lumber in the front of the Shams. Use a different color of Lumber to make the combination more attractive.

What Size Pillows Go On A King Bed

Posted on – Last updated: May 7, 2021

Creating a polished look with your king size bed is a little different from other size beds. There are a few ways to arrange your pillows that only take a few extra seconds to accomplish. It will allow you to achieve a sophisticated, pulled-together focal point in your bedroom. We’ve gathered information from design experts to help you figure out what size pillows go best on a king bed.

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You should use king-sized pillows when styling a king bed. Sized 20 inches by 36 inches, these large pillows comfortably fill up the bed when you use two of them. Alternatively, and possibly with an additional decorative row of pillows, you can use 3 standard-sized pillows.

Styling a king-sized bed can seem a little overwhelming. The space is large and using only the necessary number of pillows needed to sleep can make the bed seem empty, plain, and overall just a bit incomplete. Continue reading to discover some easy tips to make this styling process easier!

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What Should You Look For When Buying A Euro Pillow

Euro pillow sizes are universal, which may be intimidating for people buying them for the first time. They may have the assumption that one fits all, and maybe there is nothing else to look out for in the decorative pillows. Buying a Euro pillow is the same as purchasing any other standard bed pillow, and there are many different aspects to consider besides the size. The following guidelines will help you to choose the best Euro pillow for all your bedroom or comfort needs.

What Is A Euro Pillow

Best Pillows for Your Bed | The Home Depot

A Euro pillow, also known as a Euro sham, is a decorative pillow placed on beds behind the larger pillows. A Euro pillow is square, and it stands out because of the decorative pillowcase, also referred to as a Euro sham that covers it. Euro pillows help to accessorize the bed ad add décor to the bedroom.

The best strategy to have a Euro pillow stand out is to pair it with a matching duvet and plain larger pillows. You can also attain more creativity by pairing plain Euro pillows with shams that have the same colors as the duvet cover.

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Best Pillow Arrangement Ideas

This beautiful bedding ensemble from Dallas designer, Avrea Wagner, uses 26 x 26 Euro Sham pillows, instead of 3 standard or 2 king pillows and pillowcases, and a decorative bolster to tie it together.

Notice how the double row of nailhead detailing sits elegantly above the top edge of the Euro shams so it ties into the linear shape of the tape on the front of the Euro Shams. This pillow arrangement has been carefully and expertly planned so all the elements come together. Therefore, the result creates a serene and balanced composition.

This simple pillow arrangement reduces the amount of time spent making your bed every day and its charming!

Tips For Choosing The Right King Bed Pillows

Before you choose an arrangement and take to ordering and stacking pillows, there are a few things to consider that will ensure you choose the best style for you.

  • Measure the HeadboardIf you have a mattress thats taller than average, your headboard may extend minimally above it. Alternatively, some headboards are designed to show substantially above the top of the mattress. If you have a headboard that measures 2 or more above the mattress surface, it will lend itself to a more robust arrangement. If your headboard is short, keep the pillow arrangement simple.
  • Consider Color SchemePlan the color scheme of your bed and throw pillows around your existing bedroom color palette. Choose throw pillows and pillow shams that work with your theme.
  • Review What You HaveWhile creating a look from scratch can be fun, pay attention to what you already have and see if theres a king size bed pillow formation that can incorporate your existing pillows. Reusing what you have is a great way to care for the planet, too.
  • Factor in PriceThe prices of pillow inserts, custom bolsters and decorative shams can add up quickly. Price out the cost of your formation before you order it to make sure its within your budget.

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