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What Firmness Of Mattress Is Best For Toddlers

Why Sleep Is So Important For Children

Best Mattress for Kids – Our Top 8 Picks!

We spend a third of our lives in our sleep . And this is not time wasted: According to One-Stop Mattress FAQ sleep is good for healthy brain function, emotional wellbeing and physical health. Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, behavioural issues, poor concentration, a weak immune system and even depression, particularly in children. Thats why having a comfortable place to sleep is a serious matter. And if our children sleep well, so do we and whats more important for single parents than rest and a good nights sleep?.

How many hours a day do kids grow? All 24! This process is especially intensive during sleep. Whilst several factors affect the production of the human growth hormone, which plays a key role in your childs growth, the most important one is sleep.

What’s The Best Sleeping Position For Kids

While there isn’t one sleeping position for kids that reigns supreme, resting on your back has been regarded as the healthiest sleep position. That’s because it puts the least amount of pressure on your lumbar spine. Side-sleeping is considered the next healthiest, helping to aid in digestion and relieve heartburn. And while many kids find stomach sleeping to be the most comfortable, know that this face-down position can lead to back or neck pain since the spine is more likely to fall out of alignment.

Be sure to select a mattress that best fits your child’s sleeping position, which is the easiest way to ensure a comfortable, healthy night of rest.

Spinal Support Is Crucial

‘When it comes to sleeping, what matters for a child’s spine is support,’ says Dr Bergby. ‘Both their spine and neck have to be in a neutral position, which minimises stress and allows the spine to grow without any restrictions. A toddler’s spine can grow as much as 1.5cm during the night, which mainly comes from the intervertebral discs in between their vertebrae filling up with water. So the mattress has to be soft enough for them to be comfortable, yet firm enough to prevent them from completely sinking into it.’

Dr Bergby says the potential consequence of children sleeping on an unsupportive foam mattress is that their growing spine is placed under stress for prolonged periods of time. ‘A growing spine is very flexible and can adapt to stressors in daily life such as falls,’ he says. ‘However, this flexibility makes the growing spine more susceptible to more permanent deformative issues when placed under a certain load over long periods of time, such as 10-12 hours of sleep per night.’ Dr Bergby says it is hard to predict what type of short-term problems might arise from sleeping on a foam mattress in the early years, ‘However, there is no question that sleeping on a spring mattress allows for better and more natural development of a growing spine.’

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Best For Infants: Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress

Courtesy of BuyBuyBaby

  • Mattress may cave in over time

To ensure safety and a good nights sleep, most infants sleep in a crib and youll want a comfortable and durable crib mattress. This mattress checks those boxes. It has a dual-side design so for the first year or so, the baby can sleep on an extra firm foam side made just for infants.

As the baby grows, flip the mattress to the softer, plusher toddler side. The mattress is hypoallergenic and waterproof, so itll be easy to clean when the inevitable happens. At just over 8 pounds, its easy to lift for changing sheets and the squared edges and corners make that even simpler.

Construction Type: Foam | Firmness: Extra firm | Thickness: 5 inches | Sizes Available: Crib, Twin, and Full

What Other Mattress Materials Are Good For Allergies


Children who have allergies may benefit from synthetic mattresses as their fibres are less likely to attract bacteria and mites, although the same effects can be gained with natural latex, cotton, pure wool or silk these are naturally hypoallergenic, so if your bed doesn’t contain them, think about using these in the future.

That’s not to say open and pocket sprung mattresses are a no-no for children with allergies though antibacterial, hypoallergenic mattress protectors will also stop symptoms in their tracks.

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What Firmness Of Mattress Is Best For A Child

The main thing to remember when it comes to mattress firmness is the heavier your child is, the firmer level of support needed. It also depends on your childs comfort preferences.

The ideal mattress firmness for your child will be individual to them and their sleeping preferences. However, a medium soft or medium-firm mattress should work well for most children, providing a good balance between comfort and spinal support.

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What Is The Best Mattress Size For Kids

Crib, twin, twin XL, or full-size mattresses are typically the best choices for children. When buying a mattress for a growing child, size is an important factor. And since a high-quality mattress can last from eight to 12 years, you want to feel youre making a lasting choice.

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The age of the child youre purchasing for plays the greatest role in this decision. If youre buying a two-year-old child her first post-crib bed, for example, a twin mattress might feel more appropriate than it would if you were buying it for a 13-year-old who might move it into her first post-collegiate apartment.

Crib Mattress

A crib mattress is perfect for a newborn or a toddler thats not quite ready to transition. Kids up until three years old can find comfort in this type of mattress. If youre looking for the most compatible crib mattress for your baby and your lifestyle, check out our list of the best crib mattresses.

Twin Mattress

Parents usually choose a twin mattress for kids and toddlers, as theyre a great fit for smaller bodies and are undeniably the most affordable option . Most children will not outgrow a twin mattress until they are into their teen years.

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Twin XL Mattress

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Full Mattress

If space and budget allow, consider a full-size mattress. It can make cuddling in bed with your child even more comfortable, and although its more expensive, it may take your child all the way to adulthood.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

Best Mattress For Kids & Children (The Top 5 Beds!)

This Tuft & Needle mattress is our top pick for the best memory foam twin mattress. With a flexible sleep surface that adjusts as your little one moves, this medium-firm memory foam mattress is designed to be cooling and free of harmful chemicals. Tuft & Needle calls it a cozy blend of firm and plush.

Since it comes with a 100-night trial period, your child will have plenty of time to decide if this is the right place for them to rest their head.

Available in both twin and twin XL, this mattress is also Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Children

The ideal firmness is subjective for both children and adults alike. However, weight and preferred sleep position may be important factors to consider when selecting a mattress firmness for your child.

A childs weight affects how firm a mattress feels to them. Heavier children put more force on the bed, which can make it seem softer to them. Lighter children usually do not sink in as much, which can make a bed seem firmer. Since children usually weigh less than adults, a mattress is likely to feel firmer to them than it will to their parents. Firmer models may be easier for children to move around on, while softer models will likely provide more cradling.

Side sleepers often prefer a softer mattress to accommodate their hips and shoulders. However, back and stomach sleepers often look for a firmer, more supportive model to prevent their midsections from sinking in excessively.

When testing mattresses, we categorize each one based on firmness level. Read our guides for the Best Soft Mattresses, Best Medium Firm Mattresses, and Best Firm Mattresses to learn about our top picks for different firmness categories.

How To Choose A Toddler Mattress

Toddlers spend 11 to 14 hours a day sleeping, so its important that their mattress is both safe and comfortable. Evaluating a mattress firmness is key, as a toddlers growing body requires additional support. A mattress that is too soft could potentially be hazardous. The mattress also needs to fit snugly within the crib or bed frame in order to prevent entrapment.

Infants and young children are more vulnerable to certain chemicals, and parents may want to prioritize finding a non-toxic option. Well highlight the most important factors to keep in mind before purchasing your toddlers mattress.

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Best Overall Mattress For Kids

Mattress Type: Innerspring

Firmness: Medium and Firm

Sleep Trial: 180 Nights

Mattress Advisor Score: 8.7/10

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full

The dual-sided Saatva Youth mattress is designed to grow with your child, from toddlers to pre-teens. The Years 3-7 Side features a dual-sided coil unit and a five-zone support layer designed to maintain proper spinal alignment for younger kids. Even better, it also has a water-resistant mattress protector to resist spills and bedwetting accidents. For older children, the Years 8-12 Side boasts a high-density foam comfort layer with extra lumbar support. Plus, this mattress is made with a 100 percent cotton cover, so you can rest easy knowing your children are enveloped in hypoallergenic comfort. Just like Saatvas other luxury mattresses, the Youth mattress comes with complimentary white-glove delivery and a 120-night sleep trial.

Finding The Best Type Of Mattress For Your Kids

Butterfly Cotton Comfort Superior Firm

The construction and materials used in your kids mattress should never be overlooked – not all mattresses are created equal! Many families will choose to buy cheaper, low quality foam mattresses in order to reduce the cost of replacing mattresses as their kids grow too big for them but this is a bad idea. Children need proper support for a comfortable nights sleep. Low quality mattresses are not only uncomfortable to sleep on but could hurt your childs physical development.

There are a lot of options out there to choose from, should you buy inner-spring, pocket coil or memory foam? The best way to find out is for you and your little one to visit us in-store and test out some mattresses! Our team of mattresses experts would be happy to help you find the best mattress for your kid.

Check out our memory foam vs spring-mattress blog for a break-down of the differences between spring and memory foam mattresses.

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Should Toddlers Sleep On Memory Foam

Some experts warn against chemical off-gassing from memory foam mattresses. A 2019 study indicated that memory foam mattresses do emit higher levels of volatile organic compounds during sleep.

If this is a concern for you, look for a mattress that comes with safety certifications like CertiPUR-US. Otherwise, opt for natural latex, innerspring, or hybrid models with less foam.

Best Organic: Avocado Green Mattress


  • No lifetime warranty

If an organic mattress choice is important to you, the Avocado Green mattress is a top-of-the-line choice. These non-toxic mattresses are made with organic wool, cotton, and latex. For vegans, they even sell a Vegan Certified mattress.

Sensitive sleepers will appreciate how the natural materials wick away moisture and the air flows better than a polyurethane foam mattress. This made in America brand offers a full refund for up to a year after purchase and has a 25-year warranty.

Construction Type: Organic wool, cotton, latex, and steel coils | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 11 inches | Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

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How Long Should My Child’s Mattress Last

A new crib mattress should hold up fine until your child outgrows it unless it becomes saggy or damaged from excessive wear and tear. “Typically, a crib mattress should last at least until the child has transitioned out of the crib,” says Welch. “But if a child enjoys jumping on their bed often, you might find that it needs to be replaced sooner.”

New twin or full-size mattresses should last anywhere from seven to 11 years, according to the National Sleep Foundation. However, mattresses used by kids can have a shorter lifespan. “Children can be very hard on mattresses from jumping on them to spilling things, having accidents, etcetera,” Mitchell says. “So if I can get a good five years out of a children’s mattress I am usually happy!”

Transitioning Your Kids From Cot To Mattress

Helix Kids Mattress Review (Best Beds For Kids?)

The recommended time for most parents to transition their child from the cot to a mattress is usually from the age of 18 to 36 months.

At this age most parents will find that their child is waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, or performing jail-breaks from their cot! Some kids will make it readily apparent that the cot is no longer appropriate, whilst others may need more coaxing. Patience is key when breaking in any new bed.

If you have a new baby on the way then you might also look to move your older child into their first grown-up bed, its always a good idea to start the process before the baby arrives.

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Best Mattresses For Children With Allergies

If your child suffers from allergies, choosing the right mattress can really help to alleviate their symptoms and grant them a far more restful and comfortable nights sleep. The mattress should be hypoallergenic which inhibits the spread of dust mites, preventing them from causing issues for allergy sufferers. Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and is, therefore, a great mattress solution for any child who suffers from allergies at night.

Our Sleep Sanctuary One Life Memory Pocket Mattress is the perfect mattress option for kids with allergies

How To Find The Best Mattress For Your Kids

Every parent will understand just how important a good nights sleep is for their toddler or childs development. Children need their sleep to stay healthy and happy in fact, studies have shown they need up to 14 hours of sleep each day!

Unsurprisingly, the quality of your childs mattress plays a big role in the quality of their sleep, which is why its so important for parents to take the time to think about their childs needs before purchasing a new mattress.

Whether youre transitioning your toddler to their first big kid bed, or shopping for a mattress to suit a rapidly growing pre-teen, finding the best mattress for your kid is all about considering their sleep habits and the quality, materials and firmness of the mattress youre looking to buy.

At Bedshed were here to help, thats why weve come up with this handy guide to choosing the best mattress for your kid.

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How We Chose The Best Twin Mattresses For Toddlers

We considered many criteria when selecting the best twin mattresses for toddlers, including:

  • Flammability requirements. All twin mattresses included in this list meet standard flammability requirements laid out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Free of recalls and pending lawsuits. At this time, there are no recalls, pending lawsuits, or warnings specific to the safety of twin mattresses included in this list.
  • Verified through certifications. All the twin mattresses we picked are certified by one or more of the following:

How To Choose A Kid’s Mattress

Best Mattresses for Kids

Wed like to let you in on a helpful way to think about buying the best mattress for your child. It comes down to 4 things. We like to think of it as the FAST checklist. Feel, Age, Support and Total . Its quick to read and will hopefully help you make the final decision about which mattress to choose for your child.

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Good For Portabilitydream On Me Carina Collection Mattress

Metal springs create a solid sleeping surface with the Dream on Me Carina Collection innerspring mattresses, which are designed to be portable for playdates and travel. On top of the coils is a foam bed, which includes antibacterial, waterproof binding and stitching, preventing the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. It also repels odors. Steel coils in the core of the mattress make it resilient and sturdy. The vinyl cover makes cleaning a breeze. This mattress meets all safety standards and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Dimensions: 51.7 x 27.5 x 6 inches


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