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Where To Try Leesa Mattress

Choosing Between A Foam Hybrid Or Traditional Mattress

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review

With so many different types of mattresses on the market and new technologies being released every year, how do you make a decision? In general, mattress size and firmness profiles can differ quite dramatically each of these mattress types has unique characteristics that you should be aware of before you make your next big purchase.

Most mattresses on the market can be broadly categorized into three types:

Inner Spring


Leesa Mattress Construction And Technology

Below are the construction details of the mattress as listed on their website.

3-Layer Foam Construction

  • 2 Cooling Foam Top Layer IFD: 13. DENSITY: 3.0 PCF
  • 2 Contouring Memory Foam IFD: 9. DENSITY: 3 PCF
  • 6 Core Support Foam Base IFD: 32. DENSITY: 1.8 PCF

Seamless Iconic Four-stripe Cover

You can see the three distinct layers in the picture below.

The polyester fabric lycra blend cover feels silky smooth and cool. It is very supple so you really get a feel for the actual mattress. Often mattresses have thick covers that stiffen the overall feel of the mattress.

Heres a picture of sinkage without the cover on to show you how each layer supports you.

Heres a video showing how each layer of the Leesa mattress reacts.

Remember, you get a 100-night satisfaction guarantee. If you dont like it they will give you a FULL REFUND and make the return process hassle free which means no trips to the post office or anything like that. Its like they bring the showroom to you!

Heres their return policy from the Leesa website:

First, try your Leesa for at least 30 nights. This allows your body ample time to adjust to the feel of a new mattress.

What Happens To Inverted Purple Mattresses

As soon as we have received and confirmed the receipt of the donation, you will be refunded the full amount. * Thats right, 100% – no withdrawal fees, no withdrawal fees and no fees just for compensation. We give you your money back, we give you a mattress as a gift and those who need it can sleep well at night!

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Leesa Hybrid Vs Casper Hybrid

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid and Casper Hybrid have very similar constructions. Theyre two of the best hybrid mattresses that layer foam comfort layers over support layers made from pocketed coils. One major difference? The Casper features a Zoned Support system in its comfort layers, which creates a firmer feel toward the center of the mattress and a softer feel near the head and foot . The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is not zoned.

Because the construction of these beds is similar, its probably not surprising that they also boast similar feels. Both mattresses have a balanced foam feel that is bouncy and responsive.

When it comes to firmness, we found that the Leesa Sapira Hybrid feels a touch softer than the Casper Hybrid. We ranked the Leesa Sapira Hybrid right around average firmness at 6.5/10. Meanwhile, we ranked the Casper Hybrid around 7/10, or a bit firmer than medium-firm. Also , the Caspers Zoned Support system means that it feels a bit firmer near the center of the mattress and softer near the head and foot.

These mattresses also differ when it comes to price. At full price, a Queen-size Leesa Sapira Hybrid costs around $1899.00, while the same size Casper Hybrid costs a bit less at around $1695.00.

Who Should Get The Leesa Sapira Hybrid?

  • Side sleepers
  • Folks who want a mattress thats around average firmness

Who Should Get The Casper Hybrid?

  • Back sleepers who need more lumbar support
  • Folks who are looking to save some money

Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Leesa Vs Leesa Legend

Leesa Mattress Is The Real Deal For Exhausted Parents
  • The Legend is Leesas luxury hybrid mattress and is made with high-quality materials, like its organic cotton and merino wool cover.
  • The Leesa comes at a more affordable price point than the Leesa Legend.
  • I think side sleepers who love the feel of a plush mattress would really like the Legend.
  • Interested to learn more? Check out our full Leesa Legend review.

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How To Buy A Leesa Mattress

Purchasing the Leesa Mattress was a seamless experience. To shop Leesa, just pick your size, enter your address and credit card info and presto! a new mattress in a tidy little box arrives at your doorstep in about a week. You get tracking information once your mattress ships so that you know when to expect it at your doorstep. Very convenient for knowing when to ditch your old mattress or at least get it out of the way for the upgrade. The mattress arrives in a box which makes it easy to transport to any room in your house without worrying about moving furniture or navigating narrow corridors.

How Much Weight Does The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Support

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress works well for sleepers of every body shape. The soft comfort layer ensures a plush enough surface for lightweight sleepers, while the supportive innerspring coils offer the structure needed by heavier people. The mattress is designed for people who weigh up to 350 lbs.

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What Goes Under A Leesa Mattress What Base Should I Pick For It

First, you dont need a box spring under the mattress. You shouldnt also put it on the floor. You can use a traditional foundation, bed frame, a bunky board, a metal or a wood base, and even an adjustable base. By the way, Leesa produces a few pretty good bases, so if you want your mattress to match the base perfectly, take a look at them.

How Long Does A Leesa Mattress Last

Leesa Mattress Review 2022 – Best/Worst Qualities!

Leesa mattresses come with a 10-year, nonprorated service warranty in Washington, which is similar to service warranties from brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Purple. It covers physical flaws affecting the mattress and mattress cover, but it doesn’t cover wear and tear or issues that result if you do not use the recommended base or structure.

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How To Buy Casper Purple And Other Online Mattresses In Store

Want to try out an online mattress IRL before you buy? Here’s where you can test popular brands before you commit.

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Long gone are the days of the dreaded old-school mattress shopping experience. From the pushy salespeople to the hefty prices and stingy return policies — going into a brick-and-mortar store isn’t exactly a fun way to buy a mattress. Enter, online mattress shopping to save the day. But while the perks of buying a mattress online are great you may still prefer to actually feel a mattress before you commit to buying one online.

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Below, you’ll find an overview of eight popular online mattress brands and where you can try them out.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

If you buy a mattress in person, you’ll want to shop around major shopping holidays. Department stores and mattress stores have the biggest sales on holidays like:

  • Fourth of July
  • Black Friday
  • Presidents Day

If you shop for a mattress online, you’ll find lower prices year-round. Many online retailers will also offer discounts around the holidays, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Of course, you should always comparison shop to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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What Sleeping Positions Does The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress Support

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress works well for every sleeping position. Soft foam cushions the shoulders and hips making it a good side sleepers mattress, and a balance between support and cushion works well as both a bed for stomach sleepers and bed for back sleepers. And thanks to responsive coils, the Hybrid is an excellent mattress for combo sleepers, too.

How Will My Leesa Mattress Arrive

Best Memory Foam: Leesa Original Twin Mattress  Nectar Mattresses

Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, each Leesa mattress is compressed and shipped right to your front door.

Leesa mattresses are made to order, so customers can expect to wait a bit since the product doesnt sit in a warehouse. Similarly, because of COVID-19-related delays, customers may wait up to 2 weeks to receive their mattress.

At the same time, Leesa does aim to keep customers in the know, providing tracking details as soon as any mattress leaves the building.

Setting up Leesa mattresses yourself is pretty straightforward. The company suggests it can be done in three easy-to-follow steps.

If you add in-home delivery to your order, be advised that once your mattress makes it to one of the in-home delivery partners, expect to allow up to 7 business days to schedule and complete your mattress setup.

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What The Reviews Say

Reviewers on Leesas website state the mattresses are very comfortable and relieve back pain, with several saying that they chose this particular mattress in a box company because of their social and environmental impact.

Reviewers also say that the beds are soft and comfortable while still retaining support and that they have not yet experienced any sagging.

However, some reviewers have stated that the Leesa mattresses are not suitable for those who sleep on their sides, as there is not enough edge support.

Others have said that they noticed an increase in back pain after sleeping on the Leesa mattresses after several weeks and that the mattresses are too firm.

All of Leesas mattresses come with a 100-night mattress trial and a 10-year warranty. They are all medium-firm.

The company state that all their mattresses are suitable for back, side, or stomach sleepers.

Leesa also suggest their mattresses provide support and pressure relief to the lower back, though this is no objective medical research to support this.

Their mattresses are available in various sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Californian King sizes.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

How Does The Leesa Mattress Feel

Because Leesa uses a combination of foams, overall, it has more of a neutral, classic foam feel. You wont experience that all-consuming memory foam feels like Tempurpedic. Leesa does use memory foam, but Leesa doesnt feel at all like a memory foam mattress.

Instead, it feels like a bed made of a general, soft foam. The top layer of Leesa is airy and light, almost like a marshmallow. This means you will never get that stuck-in-the-mud feeling with the Leesa mattress. You can effortlessly rotate between sleeping positions without feeling slowed down by the mattress.

To be honest, the Original Leesa feels bland and kind of boring, but we think thats a good thing, oddly enough. This is a highly accommodating, universally comfortable bed that few people will take a hard stance against. If you want a safe pick, the Original Leesa is the way to go.

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Try Our Mattress In Your Own Home

If you are still a little nervous about buying a mattress online and cant make it to a physical store to try Leesa, weve still got you covered. Try a Leesa or Leesa Hybrid mattress in the comfort of your own home with our 100-night, risk-free trial. Lounge around, binge-watch your favorite shows, rest and get to know your new mattress. If you dont love it , send it back for a full refund. Shipping and returns are always free.

Sleeping On The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review (MUST WATCH)

In our experience, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid felt like a pleasant match for back sleeping. We enjoyed plenty of spinal support along with a touch of pressure relief for extra comfort.

We experienced a bit of pressure while side sleeping on the Leesa Sapira Hybrid, though it wasnt terribly uncomfortable. Lighter-weight sleepers will probably experience better pressure relief than our heavier-weight tester.

Our heavier-weight reviewer found that the Leesa Sapira Hybrid wasnt supportive enough for stomach sleeping. His hips bowed into the mattress, which created some strain in the lower back. Its possible that average- and lighter-weight sleepers might obtain more support in this position.

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What Is The Leesa Original Mattress

  • 10 inches deep, with three layers
  • Made from memory foam and foam

The American-made Leesa Original mattress is a memory foam mattress , and it’s designed to provide comfort and support for all types of sleepers. It features a two-inch top layer of breathable foam, two inches of contouring memory foam in the middle, and a six-inch core support foam base – all capped by a seamless twill fabric cover. You can usually find them on offer too – our guide to the best Leesa mattress sales and discounts has all the latest savings.

The Leesa Original mattress follows US sizing conventions. It comes in six sizes, ranging from twin to California king. Like all Leesa mattresses, it’s made-to-order and ships within one to three business days. Opt for free ground shipping to have the mattress delivered right to your doorstep.

It’s a mattress in a box , which means the Leesa Original mattress arrives vacuum-sealed in a conveniently sized box. Unroll it onto your bed frame, remove the plastic, and within seconds itll shape itself into a full-fledged mattress.

Setup can be done solo, but its less cumbersome with the help of another person. Alternatively, you can spend an extra $150 for two Leesa reps to set up your new mattress and take away your existing one.

If youre not happy with your purchase, Leesa will administer a full refund and donate the mattress to one of its charity partners at no additional cost to customers in the continental United States.

The Bottom Line On Leesa Mattresses

As one of the first bed-in-a-box mattress companies, Leesa hasnt lost its charm even with the competition pouring in. You can buy a Leesa mattress online or through one of their numerous retail partners, and either way, customers report a hassle-free experience with excellent customer service. Leesas uniqueness lies in its concern for the environment and communities in need, using recycled materials and donating a mattress every time ten are sold.

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Leesa Original Mattress: What We Didn’t Like

  • Potent initial off-gassing smell
  • Lack of edge support

The Leesa Original mattress had a potent off-gassing smell. While its far from the worst Ive whiffed, its still not a pleasant smell to fall asleep to. It took three nights before the off-gassing totally dissipated. Proper ventilation will help mitigate this.

Also, relative to the rest of this medium-firm mattress, edge support is lacking. This seems to be the case for many basic or entry-level foam mattresses, however. instead – it’s a foam/innerspring hybrid, rather than pure foam, and the edge support is superb.)

Is The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress Right For You

a new mattress from leesa.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress is the highest scoring mattress that weve had in our mattress lab. What this means is that you wont have to sacrifice one performance factor for another. Instead, the Leesa provides exceptional support, body alignment, and pressure relief, all while sleeping cool and facilitating ease-of-movement. And with sturdy edges and an ability to dampen motion transfer, the Leesa is great for couples who share the bed.

The Leesas medium feel is great for the average sleeper. With generous comfort layers and sturdy innerspring coils, theres the right amount of cushion and support for sleepers of every body weight.

While there isnt much negative to say about the Leesa Sapira Hybrid, that doesnt mean that its the best mattress for everyone. For instance, if youre someone who loves an extra-firm mattress, youd be better off looking elsewhere. Additionally, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a luxury mattress that may be too costly for the average budget shopper. For a cheaper mattress, check out the best budget-friendly mattresses.

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Leesa Mattress Stores Near Me In Seattle Wa 98101

Looking for a Leesa Mattress in Seattle Washington? We have what you’re looking for.

Leesa’s mattress lineup includes both foam and hybrid mattresses and is among the much better mattresses out on the marketplace providing a soft bed for a great night sleep. The cooling layer works decently offering a great feel overnight.

The company is a Licensed B Corporation, meaning that it’s required to handle itself in a method that has a positive influence on its consumers, the environment, the community, and its staff members.

Leesa Mattress Performance For Couples

Couples typically will want a mattress thats responsive enough for sex, absorbs enough motion to prevent disturbance, offers great edge support, and sleeps cool. Take a look below to see how the Leesa delivers on all these features, and to learn more about why theyre important for sleepers who share a mattress.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to a mattresss ability to isolate movement from one side of the bed to the other. Its especially important for couples or those who sleep with a pet, since it determines whether or not youll feel disturbed by a restless partner.

To measure motion transfer, I dropped a steel ball from three different heights and measured the movement with a seismometer on the opposite side of the bed. Each height is meant to mimic movements youre likely to experience in bed, as youll see in the chart below.

This bed had slightly above average motion transfer results. They show me youll probably feel movement from the other side of the bed, but more so the big movements like your partner getting in and out of bed, or tossing and turning.


While motion isolation is important, the best mattress for sex is bouncy and responsive, which makes it easy to change positions. This means most couples need a mattress that combines some responsiveness with some motion isolation. The Leesa hits this sweet spot and is responsive enough for sex without being too bouncy.


Edge Support

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