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How Much Is Casper Mattress At Costco

The Original Mattress Factory

Costco/Casper Memory Foam Mattress Unboxing And Review!

The Original Mattress Factory is the only retailer in CRs survey to earn our top mark for mattress selection and customer service. And as for the cleanliness of the floor models, sales service, on-time delivery, and the quality of the delivery service itself, CR members were thrilled.

The Original Mattress Factory has 115 stores spanning from the East Coast to the Midwest, but it also sells its own and other mattresses online. Prices for a queen-size mattress at this retailer range from $249 to more than $2,400. CR members paid, on average, $1,055 for a mattress from the company.

Popular Online Mattress Brands Available At Costco:


Such a staple name in the mattress world for years. They have one of the largest selections of different mattresses that we have ever seen. It can get a bit overwhelming. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, and youre picky, they likely have a mattress that is just right for you.

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid 13- 14

The Silver Hybrid mattresses from Beautyrest come in 4 different comfort options. Merritt, Maxwell, Salina, and Romeo. Each of these different mattresses come with the same basic construction but feature different levels of firmness from plush to firm. The Silver line has pocketed coil system topped with different densities of memory foam.

Beautyrest Hybrid 1000 InfiniCool 13.5

The 1000 InfiniCool line by Beautyrest are all hybrid mattresses with the same base construction. However, this line also comes with three different options for comfort levels, much like the Silver Hybrids. There is a Plush, Medium, and a Firm option to choose from. This collection has an individually wrapped coil system, with their InfiniCool memory form for comfort layers. The InfiniCool is supposed to keep their memory foam sleeping cool throughout the night.

Beautyrest Platinum 14
Beautyrest SurfaceCool 14

Check out our review for other Beautyrest Mattresses at our page Beautyrest Online Mattresses: Hybrid & Black to learn more about other mattresses from this brand.

Brentwood Home

Coronado 14
Calistoga 12
Tahoe 10
Magnolia 11
Cedar 14


How Does It Feel

Casper mattress Casper mattress is made of soft foam. Despite the fact that it is a bed that is made of memory foam it doesnt provide an overt feeling of memory foam. You wont get sunk into the mattress, or be stuck into the dirt.

For others, this is ideal because they dislike getting caught in their mattresses. Others may be disappointed by this because they prefer the classic memory foam feel.

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Casper Original Vs Casper Select Price

The Casper Select’s price is unbeatable.

In my humble opinion, the Casper Original is overpriced. It starts at $595 and goes up to nearly $1,100 for a queen size. There are numerous mattresses in a box that rival its price and provide better comfort. For instance, our favorite overall, the Tuft & Needle Original, is a fraction of the cost and far more supportive and comfortable on a whole.

The Casper Select memory foam mattress is a well-deserved challenger to the Original. Its price is seldom discountedthis is Costco, after allbut its already far cheaper than the Original. The mattress starts at $549 for a full , and goes up to $649 for a queen or $849 for a king or California king. In other words, even if you need the biggest size available, its cheaper than the Original version’s queenwhich is the most popular and common mattress size in the U.S.

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    How Does The Casper Mattress Feel

    The original Casper Mattress has a medium feel. The mattress contains a top comfort layer of polyfoam, followed by a second layer of zoned memory foam. As soon as you lie down on the mattress, youll feel the memory foam contouring to your body. However, the polyfoam layer will respond a bit faster to your body. You wont experience the same deep hug compared to a mattress that only has a memory foam comfort layer.

    The Casper Hybrid also has a medium feel and features the same comfort layers. Its feel is very similar to the original Casper Mattress close body-contouring with a light bounce on the surface. However, the pocketed coils give the hybrid more overall support. The mattress wont feel as bouncy as a traditional innerspring, but it feels a little more responsive than the original Casper Mattress.

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    Construction And Materials Comparison

    The way a mattress feels and performs can be attributed to the quality of its construction and materials.

    Mattresses usually have two main segments: the comfort system and the support core. The comfort system has the most immediate impact on comfort and firmness. Foam and hybrid mattresses tend to have a substantial comfort system built with layers of pressure-relieving materials such as polyfoam, memory foam, or latex.

    The support core is the denser bottom layer that forms the base of the mattress. This section helps maintain spinal alignment by preventing the sleeper from sinking too deeply into the mattress. All-foam mattresses typically accomplish this by using a high-density polyfoam support core, while hybrid mattresses generally utilize an innerspring support core. Some mattresses reinforce the perimeter of the support core with tighter coils or high-density polyfoam.

    Head To The Lighting Department For Big Impact

    Costco! CASPER 4-Layer Memory Foam Mattress Queen ($599) and Cal King ($799)!!!

    While lamps themselves may seem trivial, lighting has a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. “Choosing the right lighting can be a win for both design and function in your home. There are a variety of lighting styles available at Costco,” says Floor360 interior designerAutumn Stankovsky. She loves the Cabo Arc Floor Lamp to complement a mid-century modern style, and she notes that its three swivel arms are great to fill an open space. For a tabletop, she says the Stylecraft Carrena Table Lamp brings “a touch of shine to your space.”

    Chris Alexakis, interior designer and founder of Cabinet Select, is a fan of the two-pack Oliver Metal Table Lamp. “You can integrate these lamps on your coffee table or a dresser they elevate any place, adding a rustic, glam element,” he explains. Almost all lamps and fixtures at Costco are under $200, with many ringing up to less than $100.

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    Cost Of A Bed Frame By Material Type

    The bed frame is made by various materials such as wood, metal, oak, iron, maple, aluminum, etc. Among them, metal and wood those two types of bed frames are commonly used by the people. Below we make a graph chart to show you the average cost varies of metal and wood bed frame:

    This graph chart shows us that the wooden bed frames are more expensive from a metal bed frame. You can easily get a standard metal bed frame below $100 while you need to pay almost $200 to get a qualitative good wooden bed frame.

    Wooden bed frames provide you more facilities rather than a metal bed frame.Wooden bed frames are more durable and user- friendly. You can use a wooden bed frame for a long period. On the other hand, the metal bed frame is not so durable and also it is not so qualitatively well to use instead of a wooden bed frame.

    We always recommendedyou buy a wood bed frame.Though wooden bed frames are expensive despite that it is ideal to purchase them for long and comfiest use. But if you are running into a budget crisis and badly needed a bed frame then go for a metal bed frame.

    Where Can I Try Out And Buy A Casper Mattress

    Casper mattresses are available to try and buy at more than five dozen Casper Sleep Shops nationwide. You can also find Casper mattresses at one of the companys many retail partners, the list of which includes EQ3, Macys, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Nordstrom, Rooms to Go, Target, and Walmart, among others.

    Note that many retailers, including Casper Sleep Shops, have enacted new safety protocols in response to the pandemic. These protocols may include reduced operating hours, shopper capacity limits, updated return policies, and more. If youre planning to try out a Casper mattress in-store, call before you go to make sure youre adhering to any safety guidelines it has in place.

    You can find advice for what to do if you cant shop for a mattress in person, including questions to ask yourself when choosing a bed, in our guide to how to choose a mattress.

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    Cons Of Buying A Mattress At Costco:

    Potential Alternative Trial Period

    Whenever you purchase a mattress from a retailer instead of directly from the brand. You risk running into not getting a trial period. Typically the manufacturer will not give you a trial period, as you did not purchase the item from them. So they do not have any information about your order, when you purchased it, and so on. However, Costco has great customer service and their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program for members, be sure to speak to them about this before you purchase.

    Potential Void Warranty from Manufacturer

    Make sure you read into the fine print when buying your mattress from Costco. We also suggest contacting the brand/manufacturer directly before making your purchase. Some brands will allow you to register a mattress purchased from Costco in order to get your mattress under their warranty. On the other hand, many companies will not provide any warranty for a mattress that is not purchased directly from them.


    There are two issues you may run into with the selection of mattresses at Costco. One is that you may not find nearly as many mattress options in store as you will online. So if you need to shop in store the selection is often rather limited.

    Confusing Website Layout
    Not Getting to Try Before You Buy
    Not Finding Online Reviews

    Want a personal recommendation? We have several to choose from. Our Best Mattresses page offers several great options along with amazing coupons for the best savings too.

    Which Casper Bed Is Worth It

    Casper Cal King Memory Foam Mattress

    Though the Casper Select is a Costco-exclusive, it’s well worth it.

    If it wasnt obvious enough: Id tell anyone who is deciding between the two versions to go with the Casper Select. Not only is it cheaper, its also a far and away better mattress.

    To be honest, I was incredibly sad to let go of the Casper Select. Its not the best mattress Ive ever slept onthat honor goes to the Leesa Hybrid and Tuft & Needle Originalbut it is a really good option, especially for people on a budget.

    The biggest downside is that the Casper Select can only be purchased by Costco members in-store or online. But as far as Im concerned, buying a membership, which starts at $60 for a year, would more than pay for itself. Even if you were to consider the fee as part of the total cost, a queen mattress, for example, comes to $709still lower than many of our other favorite options, including the Leesa, which will run you into the quadruple digits. Of course, the mattress isnt the only perk of joining Costcoyou’ll also get access to reasonably priced bulk items from great brands, including Squishmallow.

    To be clear, I havent done a total 360 on Casper as a brand. I still think its largely overhyped, and the companys direct offerings are overpriced. But Im much more fond of it now . I cant drag its name through the mud, as the manufacturer makes some great mattressesjust not every mattress it produces.

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    Whats Essential To Consider When Selecting A Casper Mattress

    The most important aspects to think about when choosing the Casper mattress are support and comfort.

    Though materials and structures can be an excellent indicator of a mattress models quality and durability, the amount of layers used in the all-foam Casper Wave nor the roughly 600 or more coils in the Casper Original Hybrid will matter more than how mattresses feel to you.

    In addition, specifics will likely be the last thing on your mind if you awake with pains and aches or sleep for a long time shifting and tossing.

    Were unable to tell you for certain the way that a specific Casper mattress will feel like for you.

    Our suggestion is to look at the features you like and dont like about your bed before restricting your choices.

    If the mattress youre currently using gives you the impression that youre lying on your kitchen area countertop, then youll probably want to avoid the Casper Element .

    If youre concerned that the soft mattress is making your pain in the back worse The all-foam, medium-firm Casper Original might offer the extra support youre searching for.

    Due to the numerous showrooms and partners it is possible that you want to test the beds prior to you decide on a particular model.

    Whichever Casper mattresses you decide on, do not be shy about taking advantage of the trial period of 100 nights during which you are able to return the mattress to get full refund . Which Casper Mattress Is Sold At Costco

    Just how much is a Casper mattress?

    Costcos Price And Sale Dates:

    Select Costco locations have the Casper Memory Foam 12-inch Mattress on sale now through September 5, 2021. While supplies last.

    The Queen Size is on sale for $479.99 . That is $120 off Costcos regular price of $599.99. Item #1271394.

    The King Size is on sale for $639.99 . That is $160 off Costcos regular price of $799.99. Item #1271390.

    I spotted this item at the Covington, Washington Costco but it may be not available or may not be on sale at all Costco locations. Prices may vary by location. When in doubt, call your local Costco before you go.

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    Casper Mattress Design: What Are Casper Mattresses Made Out Of

    The Casper bed in a box is a quality foam mattress engineered to provide cooling and support. Casper reviews from customers are mostly excellent, thanks to the beds quality construction. The Casper Original mattress features three all-foam layers. They are:

    • Top layer: Aerated breathable foam
    • Middle layer: Foam zoned support
    • Bottom layer: A dense poly foam base for stability

    The mattress is wrapped in a stretchy, poly-blend cover thats stain resistant for the ultimate durability. Best of all, the cover allows the aerated, breathable top layer to work as its designed to keep you cool and comfortable when you sleep, even if you tend to overheat at night.

    The most common Casper foam mattress review from customers remarks on how well-balanced the Casper Original foam mattress is for all sleep styles. Three support zones are designed to accommodate any type of sleeper. But if youre heavier or prefer additional support, you can upgrade to the Casper Original Hybrid featuring an extra layer of coils.

    Just How Much Is A Casper Mattress Model

    Costco 2021 Mattresses (Casper , Novaform, Simmons , Sealy ), Toppers, and Bed Frames

    The rate of a Casper mattress depends on the design you buy, where you buy it, and whether its on sale.

    You can buy the Casper Element , Casper Original , Casper Original Hybrid , Casper Wave Hybrid , or Casper Nova Hybrid on the companys site.

    Caspers other mattresses are available to purchase just from partner sellers.

    The Casper all-foam Wave and the Casper all-foam Nova are readily available on Amazon, and Target offers the Casper Snug .

    Keep in mind that the return policy is determined by the seller, not Casper, unless you buy your mattress model on Caspers website.

    If you d rather not pay full cost, hold out for a sale according to Wirecutter Deals editor Nathan Burrow, discounts of up to 15% off prevail enough that you will not have to wait long.

    . Casper Vs Costco Mattress

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    Average Mattress Cost By Size

    Because mattress price varies greatly depending on the type of mattress and potential add-ons, determining the cost of mattresses by size is difficult without accounting for other factors. However, the average mattress price by size generally breaks down like this:3

    • Twin Ideal for single sleepers and small spaces, twin-size mattresses cost between $100 and $500, with $300 as an average rate. For twin XL mattresses, expect to pay an additional $50 to $200.
    • Full Best for young adults and guest rooms, full-size mattresses typically cost between $200 and $600.
    • Queen The most popular size, queen mattresses typically cost anywhere between $300 and $2,000, depending on the type.
    • King For couples who love to sprawl out or share their space with kids and pets, king-size mattresses are ideal. Because of their expansive, luxurious size, they tend to be on the pricier side. Youll rarely find a quality king for less than $1,000 and the higher-end models can cost upwards of $5,000. Although less common, California kings are around the same price point.


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