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What Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Is The Best

My Favorite Things About The Paterson Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Review – The Best Mattress for Back Pain??

I really appreciated the firm, bouncy support this mattress offered! It struck a nice balance between cushioning and springiness, which I think should appeal to a lot of sleepers on the hunt for a traditional-feeling innerspring mattress.

I also think this mattress is well-made and durable, and it comes at a great price point for such a solidly constructed bed. If youre looking for a long-lasting purchase, this Posturepedic model could be a great fit for you.

Which Sealy Mattress Is Best

Overall, the best Sealy mattress you can buy today is the Sealy 1400 Nostromo. Weve listed it as number 8 in our overall list of the best mattresses and number 4 in our list of the best mattresses for back pain. More to the point, we believe this is one of the best pocket sprung mattress on sale today, period. Thats because of its solid, seven-zone construction, with 1,400 pocket springs providing a generous level of support and comfort, tencel fibres helping with temperature regulation, and a latex comfort layer providing pressure relief for side sleepers.

The mattress is also self-cleaning and hypoallergenic. And with a generous depth of 29cm and a quilted pillow top, this is a high quality, medium mattress that should provide you with a great nights sleep, at a very reasonable price.

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Getting A Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

A new Sealy mattress will arrive wrapped in plastic, fully expanded.

Some delivery services only offer no-contact delivery and will leave the mattress outside your door. Others offer setup and delivery for an additional fee. US Mattress does offer this service, if you feel uncertain about moving the mattress yourself.

You can sleep on your mattress as soon as it arrives, but you might notice some faint off-gassing. This chemical smell is fairly common in new mattresses, especially those with foam layers.

A few reviewers do mention some mild off-gassing, but it doesnt seem to be a significant problem for most people. Opening a window will often help the smell fade faster, if it does bother you.

When purchasing a Sealy mattress from a third-party retailer, you typically wont be able to return that mattress directly to Sealy. With that in mind, its important to carefully review the return policy before you buy your mattress.

Some retailers offer free returns and return shipping, while others charge fees to return the mattress.

  • US Mattress, the retailer weve provided links for, allows you to return mattresses during the trial period. The trial period is 120 nights.
  • US Mattress charges a processing fee when you return a mattress during the trial period. Other sites, like Wayfair, do not.
  • To start a return, contact customer service through the retailers website. Save your receipt after making your purchase, since youll need this information for your return.

Top 5 Rated Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses

Sealy Posturepedic Response Performance Curtain Call Plush Pillowtop ...

We rigorously test each and every Sealy mattress using our pressure mapping system, in addition to other performance tests, and these 5 Sealy mattresses are the best rated. We test petite, average, and large body sizes in both the back and side sleeping positions and analyze the data. We also compare the beds to the other mattresses in our database.

You can click through to any of these beds and see the individual test results and expert video reviews.

Mattress Name

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More About The Sealy Posturepedic Brand

Sealy is one of the oldest and largest mattress brands in America. The Posturepedic mattresses and blue butterfly logo are what Sealy is best known for. A few years ago, Tempur-Pedic purchased Sealy, along with its sister brand, Stearns & Foster. The company is now Tempur-Sealy and is the largest mattress company in the world.

Sealy continues to make a wide range of mattresses. Entry-level mattresses cost a few hundred dollars, and they go all the way up to mattresses priced at a couple thousand. There are tens of millions of Sealy mattresses in use today. They’ve maintained their status as some of the most popular beds in America.

Best Sealy Mattress By Sleeping Position

Side Sleepers usually do well with memory foam mattresses like those in the Conform category since the memory foam layers curve most comfortably around the hips and shoulders. But you still need support. While lighter sleepers will likely be fine with the Conform line, heavier side sleepers may like the hybrids in the Sealy stable more, because of the coil support layer alongside the comfort foam layer. For more mattresses that provide pressure relief, see the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers will do well on any type of Sealy bed or any type of firm mattress that gives good back support depending on their comfort level. These beds all have zoned support, meaning heavier areas have more support and lighter areas have gentle support. The innerspring is the dominant feature in the Response category. There is some foam at the top, as well as in the hybrids, which are usually well-suited for back sleepers. If you fear you may sink too far into a memory foam mattress, just steer clear of the Conform collection, which carries the all-foam versions or check out the best mattress for back sleepers.

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Cocoon By Sealy Chill Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Type: Memory foam or hybrid
  • Height: 10 or 12 inches

Cocoon is Sealys bed-in-a-box line. Right now, there are two Cocoon mattresses: the Chill Memory Foam and the Chill Hybrid. The main difference is that the Chill Hybrid includes coils for extra support and reduced motion transfer.

According to reviews, the memory foam version is good for lower back pain and provides enough support for heavier individuals, while the hybrid version is frequently described as cool and comfortable.

Both mattresses have a cooling cover that helps absorb and dissipate heat, and both are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam.

They also fit any of the Cocoon foundations whether you purchase a box spring, an adjustable base, or platform bed frame. This mattress can be purchased online with free shipping and returns.

Buy the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam or Hybrid Mattress online.

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How Firm Are The Sealy Posturepedic And Tempur

Sealy Peckforton Mattress Review

The Sealy mattress is a medium-firm mattress. On the mattress firmness scale, its a 6.5/10 which is average in the mattress industry. The top layers offer a soft foam feel, but because its a hybrid, you also get plenty of support from the coils underneath. They also have a firm option available.

The TEMPUR-Cloud is a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, making it a medium firm mattress as well. This mattress can take a couple weeks to break in, so it might feel firmer at first and then soften over time.

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Which Spring Series Is Right For You

We offer three different series, so you can find a mattress with the features you need and the feel you prefer, at the price you want.

Durable all-over support and comfort, plus exclusive Posturepedic Technology.

Sealy 900 Series

Conforming comfort and stable deep down support with targeted reinforcement at an affordable price.

Sealy 1000 Series

Exceptional full-body support for that sleep-on-top feeling and the comfort you want with exclusive Posturepedic Technology.

Targeted high density gel foam stacked directly under your back and core, to ensure your body stays properly supported while you sleep.

Enhanced GelBoost memory foam designed to fit the curves of your body, offering durable and personalized support and comfort.

Superior conformance GelSense memory foam designed to sense and respond to your bodys unique shape for improved flexibility and support where you need it most.

Antibacterial treated fabric to help maintain freshness and reduce bacterial-associated staining.

Fibres designed to draw moisture away from your body during the night, helping to keep you more comfortable.

Antibacterial treated fabric to help maintain freshness and reduce bacterial-associated staining.

Naturally breathable and insulating that adjust to changing positions for a refreshed sleeping environment.

Antibacterial treated fabric to help maintain freshness and reduce bacterial-associated staining.

Locks into the innerspring to improve the stability of the mattress and seating edge.

What Is The Best Sealy Crib Mattress Our Complete Guide

Finding the sealy crib mattress review is somewhat daunting when you have plenty of choices to pick. Many of us are getting frustrated especially when we are first-time consumers of sealy crib mattress. Here we will discuss different types of choices with unique features of them and give you a broad outline to choose between the ideal one. To come up with a decision, make sure you will read between the lines of our buying guide too.

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Hybrid Firmness Feel And Support

The Sealy Hybrid Essentials Trust II mattress is on the firmer side of things, coming in at a 7.5 to 8 on our ten point scale. That means its a good option for heavier sleepers or people with health conditions that require a firmer mattress. The initial feel of the mattress is nice, but theres a noticeable pushback from the tightly stretched cover and top layers. This feeling settles after a second of laying on it as your body slides into alignment.

The feel for this mattress is a good one for sleepers that prefer higher firmness. The edge support system that Sealy uses is particularly effective. As a result, sleepers get to use the entire surface of the mattress without feeling like theyre about to fall out of bed.

Finally, this hybrid mattress does a pretty good job of providing support. One thing we like is the coil count you get on this mattress. A queen mattress has 911 pocketed coils. The pocketed nature of the coils means that they dont transfer motion when you move while you sleep like traditional innerspring mattresses do. It still has more motion transfer than a completely foam mattress though.

The pocketed coils do a good job providing support to your pressure points. They help the upper foam layers with the sort of pushback that they need to ensure your body settles into its proper alignment and stays there for the rest of the night.

Crown Jewel Was The Best Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Review

I had the good fortune to stumble across a good deal on a Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel 19 years ago…yes 19 years ago! I can’t begin to explain how comfortable that bed was, I miss it every night. It was the perfect blend of firm but cushy. My kids always wanted to sleep on my bed, because it was so comfy. My mom came for a visit and wanted to sleep on my bed, because it was so comfy. My ex tried to take the bed, because it was so comfy. Finally, this last year it was starting to sag a little 🙁 so i made the decision to get a new mattress. The mattress store salesman talked me into a different brand and I’ve been sorry ever since. I’m going to return this one and get another Sealy and can only hope to get as lucky as I got last time. I probably won’t ever keep another mattress for 19 years but if it’s as comfortable as my last, I might!


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Check Out Our Website

On our website we have experts in all categories and no matter what the product is, we have a better review or list about it. The products on our list are based on expert picks, advice and hours of research. Thats why when you buy something thats listed on our best list, you wont regret it. However, there is a possibility that we may not have covered the product you might be interested in, but if you come across something like this, please let us know via comments or contact us.

Sealy Essentials Eurotop Foam Medium

The Sealy Essentials Eurotop Foam Medium-Firm Mattress is a bit different from most mattresses on the market. That is because it doesnt contain any coil system. Instead, it uses a special foam core to provide top support for sleepers in any position.

Because it is of medium firmness, the Sealy Essential Eurotop Foam mattress is ideal for side sleepers in particular. It provides the perfect combination of comfort and support by using CertiPur High-Density Foam. This is made to keep supporting you over time, even long after other mattresses start to sag.

The top layer is made from conforming loft quilt foam. That means that, while it hugs your body to help you feel comfortable and supported, it also wicks heat and moisture away from you. This ensures that you sleep cool all night long. Since cooler sleep means better sleep, the extra circulation is a must-have!

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Sealy Posturepedic Foam Medina

The Medina mattress is 11″ tall, with 2″ of memory foam. Sealy calls this mattress a Firm, and on our scale, we would agree. For us, it was pretty close to an Extra Firm. Either way, this is a mattress without much “sink” so if you prefer a bed that gives you a floating-on-top sensation, the Medina fits that description.

Although the mattress is quite firm, you still get pressure relieving qualities from that 2″ of memory foam, and it’s a slow responding foam, meaning you get that slowing-sinking sensation.

The Medina mattress comes in just the one softness level.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress: How Does It Compare

Sealy Stockton Mattress Review

So, weve got a general gist of what the Sealy Posturepedic mattress reviews have to say about the Hybrid model. However, how does it compare to one of the industrys leading names, Saatva? Can Sealys Posturepedic Hybrid mattress stand its ground against some of the best-rated hybrid mattresses out there?

First, let’s take a look at how Sealy compared to Saatva. How do the two products deal with pressure relief and body support?

Table: Comparison between the features of the Layla mattress and the Sealy mattress

Once more, the Sealy has been outperformed. Not only does Layla provide better pressure relief, but the value you’ll be getting for the money you spend is higher. Layla is also far lighter in terms of weight. However, Sealy provides stronger edge support in its construction.

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Sealy Posturepedic Vs Tempur

Sealy is one of the most recognizable mattress brands out there, and for good reason. They have a rich 130-year history, and theyve sold over 40 million Posturepedics! The model were focusing on today is the Patterson Hybrid. This mattress has a bouncy, responsive memory foam feel. Since it has features of both memory foam and traditional innerspring mattresses, it will work well for a variety of sleepers. Read our full Sealy Posturepedic mattress review for more details.

TEMPUR-Pedic is another popular mattress brand known for their attention to comfort. Their TEMPUR-Cloud model contains three layers of their original TEMPUR foam material, making for a soft, comfortable mattress. While most TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses are competitively priced, the TEMPUR-Cloud is an especially budget-friendly way to experience the TEMPUR foam material everyone raves about. Read our full TEMPUR-Cloud mattress review to learn more.

Sealy Posturepedic Foam Paterson

The next model up in the Posturepedic Foam series is the Paterson, a 12″ tall mattress. Compared to the Medina, you get another 1/2″ of memory foam for a total of 2 1/2″ plus 1 1/2″ of transition foam under that. The mattress features the same 8″ block of support foam as the other Posturepedic Foam mattresses.

Sealy calls this mattress a Medium. We found it to be a little softer than the Medina foam bed, owing to the extra inch of comfort foam, but we still found it to sit in our Firm classification overall.

There’s definitely more cushioning depth compared to the Medina, so you do sink in a bit more.

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Sealy Coral Springs Mattress Set

This was not a cheap mattress and came with a 10 year warranty which was doubled by purchasing a specified mattress pad from the store. It came with a 4 month return policy. About 4 months and 1 week after purchase, the nice firm mattress lost its support totally on one side and the other side wasn’t very good anymore either. It had been turned properly and had middle support. Since the mattress doesn’t have a permanent 1.5″ dip in the middle when not being used, the company does not consider it failed even though it’s nothing like what I bought.


Can You Flip A Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Livermore Valley Cushion Firm

Avoid flipping your Sealy Posturepedic mattress because it is designed to have each side in specific orientations. Instead, rotate the mattress every six months to distribute the wear and tear. Remember that you can only flip double-sided mattresses, or you risk damaging the bed and feeling uncomfortable.

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Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230lbs

Heavier back sleepers should compress the comfort layer quite a bit, so theyll really reap the pressure-relieving benefits.

Heavier side sleepers, too, should feel excellent cushioning and support on the Posturepedic. Those who weigh closer to 300lbs, though, might bottom out on the comfort layers and feel more of the support coils underneath. People in this category will benefit from getting one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Larger stomach sleepers will also think the bed isnt supportive enough. No matter the body type, stomach sleepers should find an especially firm mattress that wont allow hips to sink out of alignment.


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