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Where To Get The Best Deal On A Mattress

Mattress Shopping Tip #: Look At The Warranties

Best Mattresses of 2022 – Our Top 8 Bed Picks For You!

Its a good idea in general to look over warranties before you make any large purchases. Mattresses are no exception. Most of the brands out there offer a 10-year limited warranty under which theyll replace, repair, or re-cover your mattresses if any manufacturing defects or issues related to workmanship appear. Typically, these issues are defined as a 1 sag in the mattress with no weight applied, or cracks in the foams. The warranties usually only cover the original purchaser and do not extend outside of the United States.

Weve seen a few brands, such as WinkBed and Layla Sleep, offer lifetime or Forever warranties. These usually have tiers. For example, the first 10 years have better coverage than years 11+. After the 10-year mark, the warranty is a lot less favorable. We just want to point out that lifetime warranties are great, but they generally have extra stipulations.See All Mattress Deals

Mattress Shopping Tip #: Buyers Remorse

Most online brands offer some sort of trial period, whether it be 100 nightsas is the case with the Casper Mattress and many othersor 365 nightsas is the case with DreamCloud. These trials allow you plenty of time to test out your bed. You should take several months to truly consider if its the right mattress for you.

In the event, however, that you get buyers remorse sometime after the trial period expires, certain brands offer protection for you there, as well. Nest Bedding, for example, has a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, so if you want a larger, smaller, softer, or firmer mattress after the 100-night trial period expires, you can purchase another Nest Bedding mattress at 50% of its current selling price. I wouldnt say this is ideal, but its a thoughtful way for Nest to ensure that youre 100% happy with their mattress.

Making A Smart Mattress Purchase How To Get The Best Deal On Your Mattress

Now youre ready to buy your new mattress! You’ll sleep even better knowing youve done the work to make sure youre getting a quality mattress thats a good match for you, at the best possible price. Here’s what to consider when choosing which retailer to buy your mattress from.


Based on your knowledge of the going rate for your mattress, choose a retailer willing to give you a fair price on the mattress you want.

Store Policies

Keep in mind that a retailer may have additional services that add value to your purchase. Know the stores return policy, including any restocking fees on returned mattresses. And, if returned mattresses can be resold in your state, know whether or not theres a chance youll be receiving a refurbished mattress and if the retailer or manufacturer offer any additional assurance of a refurbished mattress durability.

Related Products

When buying your mattress, you may also want to consider related products that should ideally be purchased at the same time as your new mattress. On more expensive products, many stores will offer you such additional items at a discount to further entice you to buy from them. For example, if you do not already have a bed frame or platform that you would like to use, many stores will include a very basic frame with your purchase of a new mattress set. Other common items that can be purchased with your mattress include pillows, protectors, and sheets.


After the Purchase

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Where’s The Best Place To Buy A Mattress

To find the best shops to buy a mattress, we surveyed 2,581 Which? Connect panel members in August 2021. We asked how satisfied people were with mattress retailers for both in-store and online shopping experience.

Our latest survey rates leading shops, including Bensons for Beds, Furniture Village, Ikea and John Lewis & Partners plus online brands including Emma, Eve and Only the best mattress retailers get top marks for quality advice and arranging an easy delivery.

Head to our best mattress shops guide to find out where’s best to shop.

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales You Can Still Get

What is the best way to get a great deal on a mattress?

These are the best ongoing Labor Day sales on mattresses from Avocado, Tuft & Needle, Sleep Number, and more

When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

Labor Day weekend may be over, but the sales are still going strong on plenty of top-performing mattresses. Almost all the brands CR has tested have extended their promotions for the holiday, which is when we typically see some of the deepest discounts of the year.

We keep tabs on the mattresses that do well in Consumer Reports tests, to show you the best offers on high-quality mattresses from top brands such as GhostBed, Sleep Number, Tuft & Needle, and more. The prices listed below are for the queen-size version of each model, but all other sizes are similarly discounted.

And if youre a CR member, you can take advantage of some exclusive mattress and bedding deals on brands like Avocado, Reverie, and Saatvayoull need to be logged in to see the details.

For more information on mattresses, see CRs mattress buying guide. CR members can check out our mattress ratings to see how well more than 200 models do in our tests for supporting people of all sizes, whether you sleep on your side or your back. Our mattress selector can also help you narrow down your choices.

Get discounts, product recommendations, and buying advice from the shopping experts at CR. .

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Sleep Better Knowing Youre Getting Discounts At Up To 40% Off From The Likes Of Casper Zinus Tempur

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits.

May is considered one of the best times to buy a mattress because many manufacturers put out new products in June ergo, they need to get rid of some old stock. Tack on a long weekend with Memorial Day and youve got pretty much every major mattress brand offering hundreds of dollars off.

For most of these sleep brands, the deals actually start now and end before the weekend actually beings. Others, however, go through the weekend or even into June. And some sales dont start until later in the week, so definitely check back on these sites below to see if they update their discounts.

Also, since everyone is hosting a sale, we tried to limit our list to larger discounts or specific mattresses that we thought were cool .

Purple: Get up to $300 off a range of premium mattresses, but also an additional $500 off if you pair that mattress with an Ascent Adjustable Base.

Cocoon by Sealy: The Chill Mattress which sounds delightful for summer and was a winner of the U.S. News Best Memory Foam Mattress is 35% off and comes with a free pillow and sheets bundle.

Casper: Take up to $800 off of various mattresses and get a little extra time to look, because these deals go until 6/7.

Wayfair: Cant decide on one brand? Shopping giant Wayfair has nearly 900 mattresses and sleeping sets on sale, with some budget brands starting at under $200.

Be Careful Not To Let The Discount Distract You

Look around for the best deal when buying mattress bag, but make sure you get everything you need. Even though you might occasionally have to pay more up front, doing so will ultimately save you money because you wont need to replace your item as frequently.

For instance, one product is six times cheaper than another that is equally durable and of high quality. Either there is a problem or the manufacturer doesnt care about providing top-notch customer service in that circumstance. The bottom line is that you should always do your homework to make sure you can buy the item you want without compromising quality for a lower price. Avoid only buying things that are on sale!

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How To Get The Best Deals On Specific Mattress Brands

Whether you’re desperate for an Emma mattress or want to swap your old one for a new memory foam mattress, it’s worth keeping an eye out for sales on your chosen brand’s website. Social media can also be a good place to spot a bargain.

Offers come and go throughout the year. But, be warned, the deals might not be on the particular mattress you want, so check the T& Cs.

Make sure you’re prepared when the discounts start. Compare mattresses to find out which ones will be a dream and which ones could turn into an expensive nightmare and don’t forget retailers might have other sales happening in store.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

Best Amazon Mattresses – Our 6 Favorite Beds on Amazon!

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

Theres a lot to consider when buying a mattress beginning with size, comfort and price.

Well leave size and comfort up to you, but we can help you sleep better by knowing that you got a good price. Here are some of the best times of the year to buy a mattress.

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Outline Your Talking Points And Haggle

Even though youre online, you can still haggle. Consider live-chatting with a company representative to see whether you can get any extra discounts or free delivery or other perks, such as a pillow.

Not many CR members in our 2020 Mattress Retailers Survey who purchased online attempted to haggle , but the majority of those who did were rewarded for their courage. In fact, 66 percent who asked scored a dealeven better than the success rate for CR members who haggled in a store . So the odds are on your side that if you ask, youll get a lower price than advertised. In our survey, some CR members reported saving at least $100 off an online mattress purchase.

Before you start chatting and haggling, though, its prudent to prepare a rough script. Know which model youre interested in and be open about the fact that youd like a deal. Take note of what a mattress companys competitors are doing: If Sleep on Latex is offering $99 off a mattress, maybe Tuft & Needle can match it. Similarly, if youve found the model you want at a better price but would rather have it sent directly from the manufacturer, ask whether it will match the price.

Any Time You Need One

If your old mattress is getting in the way of good sleep, don’t wait for the next sale. Your sleep is so much more important than that. Consider your next mattress a great investment in your physical and mental health.

Here are the average lifespans for the most popular mattress types:

Mattress Type
Pillowtop 6 years

If your mattress is past its prime, it’s time to start looking at a new one. Your body will thank you in the long run. According to a study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, switching to a newer mattress reduced back pain, improved sleep quality and lowered stress.

Here are some signs it’s time to retire your current mattress:

  • It has dents and saggy areas. Sleeping in the same position every night causes your mattress to wear down over time. Once it starts severely sagging, there’s no saving an old mattress.
  • You wake up with aches and pains. An worn-down mattress can’t properly support your body. This can cause a lot of discomfort when you wake up.
  • Sleeping aggravates your allergies/asthma. Old mattresses accumulate allergens over the years, including dust mites and mold. Since it’s impossible to deep clean the inside of your bed, it’s important to replace it.
  • You can’t get a good night’s sleep. As your mattress wears down, it can affect your sleep quality. You may wake up feeling tired in the morning.
  • Which mattress should side sleepers get?

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    When To Shop For A Mattress In

    Because they have more limited physical space, brick-and-mortar stores have to carefully manage their inventory and make room for new models. Balancing these needs frequently means needing a quick sales boost, spurring promotions and special pricing.

    Because of both shopping trends and mattress companies new product cycle, big sales tend to dependably occur at certain times each year.

    Holiday / Sales Event
    Black Friday Friday after Thanksgiving Across the retail industry, Black Friday is one of the biggest single sales days of the year. Stores try to reel in people shopping for the holidays, and to do so, they offer steep discounts. Sales usually last throughout the weekend, but for many stores, the biggest deals are available on Black Friday itself.

    While these are the most common holidays to find big discounts, it doesnt mean they are the only ones. Other federal holidays like Columbus Day and other celebrations like Valentines Day may also be cause for sales at any given mattress store. For that reason, it makes sense to keep your eyes open for advertisements on the radio or flyers in the mail or your local newspaper.

    Dormeo Memory Silver Plus Rolled Mattress

    Ebay Memory Foam Mattress


    Reasons to buy

    Don’t let those RRPs frighten you they look intimidating but you’d have to be extremely unlucky to ever have to pay anything even approaching full price for a Dormeo mattress. Regular deals mean you can often pick the Dormeo’s Memory Silver Plus mattress up for an absolute snip, especially for a mattress that’s literally covered in silver. Not completely, obviously, but the mattress’s luxury cover is, says Dormeo, enriched with silver fibres that help eliminate bad mattress smells with their anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties as well as acting as an anti-static shield that can protect the mattress from allergy-provoking dust particles.

    Beneath the silvery cover is 3cm of memory foam that’s sewn directly into the cover to help prevent restless tossing and turning, and there’s 14cm of breathable Ecocell foam underneath it to provide plenty of support. Dormeo offers a 60 night trial so you can find out for yourself whether all these features add up to a comfortable night’s sleep, and the 15-year guarantee is a tough one to beat.

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    Who Should Consider The Hybrid Double

    The hybrid approach of shopping both online and in-store isnt for everyone because it takes more time, energy, and organization to be thorough in each step of the process. This method will work best primarily for people who:

    • Are unsure about what kind of mattress they want
    • Have time available to visit a local mattress store
    • Have time for and confidence in their ability to do online research
    • Are not in a rush to get a new mattress
    • Are good at taking notes and avoiding information overload

    If that sounds like you, the double-dip approach may make sense. If not, youre probably better off choosing between shop online or in a physical store.

    Visit A Physical Store For Research Purposes Only

    The only goal of step one is to learn more about what you are looking for in a mattress. Because some people find that physically feeling a mattress helps them in this process, a trip to a brick-and-mortar showroom gives them the chance to better understand their options. To get a good sense of a mattress, though, its necessary to spend 10-15 minutes lying on it, so make sure to take your time.

    An important part of this step is planning to not buy a mattress during this visit. Knowing that youre going to take your time and do more research allows you to more easily resist sales pressure while taking notes about the mattresses that interest you and their prices.

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    The Best Places To Buy A Mattress

    Buying a mattress online is one of the best ways to ensure youre getting a great price. Since mattresses are such a crucial part of our health and comfort, its important that youre happy with what youve purchased.

    Even after youve found what looks like the perfect mattress, take the time to read reviews and understand the stores return policy.

    Here are a few things to know about some of the most affordable places to buy a mattress online.

    Why Trust Nancy Gonzalez

    Best Mattress Toppers – Which Is Right For You?

    Nancy Gonzalez is a senior commerce editor at Nancy Gonzalez and spent the entire product test in The Lab. Shes researched all our products thoroughly. She knows how these mattress bag tests were designed and conducted and where each product excelled and failed.

    She scoured brand and retailer websites for the mattress bag, considering price, reviews, features, and design. She researched new technologys practicality and real-world applications.

    If you think that anything we present here regarding mattress bag is irrelevant, incorrect, misleading, or erroneous, then please let us know promptly! Were here for you all the time. Contact us here Or You can read more about us to see our vision.

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    Where Are The Best Mattress Sales

    The mattress world is competitive and there are regularly big discounts to be found each month. We’ll be tracking the biggest mattress sales right here, but some of our favorites this month include:

    Top US mattress salesSimba: 40% off hybrid mattresses

    Weve produced an expert guide to the best Saatva mattress sales to help you save hundreds on a luxury bed. We’re also curating the best Nectar mattress sales elsewhere on the site, alongside the best Simba mattress sales and discounts.

    If you are prone to overheating at night or you experience hip or back pain during sleep, then a Tempur-Pedic mattress should be top of your list to check out. We’ve compiled a guide to the best Tempur-Pedic mattress sales and deals to help you track down the biggest savings on these popular beds.

    For hot sleepers with joint pain and those wanting a responsive mattress with ample cushioning and spinal support, also take a look at our guide to the best Purple mattress sales and deals.


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