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Are Slats Bad For Mattress

Downsides Of A Box Spring

Maintenance – Replacing Bed-Slats

The larger sizes can just be too heavy to move at times. Yes, that added weight is great to sleep on to present mattress sag, but physically moving them could be problematic to the elderly or to someone who moves around a lot. If you live alone and move frequently, you could have a lot of trouble trying to get a box spring up or down stairs, or even down hallways.

They also may just be too firm for some sensitive sleepers. This is all dependent on preference, but some people dont like their mattresses to have less give. Box foundations add a layer of durability that some may find uncomfortable or just too firm to sleep on.

Box springs, because they have so much material to them, can be a bit more expensive to purchase, as well. Youve heard the expression you get what you pay for, and when it comes to these things, that is no exception. Higher quality box models will cost you more than lower quality ones or even slats.

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Which Mattresses Pair Well With Bed Slats

Several different mattress types pair well with bed slats. The only exceptions to this rule are innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses must be paired with a box spring for adequate support.

You can use bed slats with a memory foam mattress, but you need to avoid the use of wide slats. If the bed slat gaps are larger than 2.75 inches, youll have issues with mattress sagging and durability. Latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses also pair well with a slatted foundation.

Know The Downside To A Plywood Base

A downside to a plywood bed base is that due to its structure it may make the mattress to firm. In turn this offers less give and comfort to the users body as they sleep during the night. Every users sleeping preferences are different however this type of base may not be ideal for those who prefer a softer overall feel in general.

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Consider Mattress Type And Size

Your mattress plays a crucial role in the type of bed foundation thatll suit you best. That said, most bed foundations can be paired with most mattress sizes, unless you have a specialty size like a twin XL.

Additionally, most bed foundations will also work with any mattress, except if youre considering a box spring foundation. As we mentioned earlier, box springs should only be paired with innerspring beds.

Why Are Bed Slats Curved

Are Bed Slats Bad For Mattresses?

There are a few reasons why bed slats are typically curved. For one thing, it creates a more supportive surface for the mattress.

The curve helps to redistribute weight more evenly, which can prolong the life of the mattress and prevent sagging.

Additionally, curved bed slats can help to create a softer sleeping surface, since they conform to the natural contours of the body.

Some people find this to be more comfortable than sleeping on a flat surface.

Ultimately, its up to each individual person to decide whether they prefer curved or flatbed slats.

Some people find that one is more comfortable than the other, while others may not notice much of a difference. Theres no right or wrong

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Regularly Air Out Your Mattress

When on the floor, the air circulation throughout your mattress is severely restricted. As we mentioned, the lack of airflow can cause moisture build-up, leading to mold and mildew.

Prevent moisture build-up in your mattress by airing out your mattress once every one to two weeks, such as when youre washing your bed sheets or cleaning the floors. If you live in a humid or warmer climate, its best to air out your mattress twice a week.

Either way, simply lift your mattress and prop it up against the wall. Leave your mattress for two to three hours before replacing it on the ground.

If your mattress is flippable or dual-sided, its a good idea to flip your mattress regularly to further limit moisture build-up.

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Do You Need Slats Under A Mattress

You need either a box spring or slats on your beds foundation, not both slats and springs. However, some respondents to my survey still prefer sleeping between slats and mattresses, particularly since theyre usually able to avoid sinking under the mattress frame. This can be done for no additional charge if plywood or bunkie boards are placed there instead of the box spring.

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Do You Need A Box Spring With A Platform Bed

No, you dont need to use a box spring with a platform bed. Platform beds are all-in-one solutions, with an aesthetically-pleasing outer frame and a supportive interior structure. These foundations are usually completely fine out of the box without any additional accessories or preparation.

Additionally, platform beds have a few extra features that make them great choices for small spaces. This includes platform beds with storage options under the mattress or pull-out beds, which allows you to accommodate extra sleepers without sacrificing floor space during the day.

Full Size Bed Foundation

How I Fixed My Broken Bed Slats!!! // DRUNK REPAIRS

54 inches by 75 inches

Full size mattresses, also referred to as double beds, are ideal for growing teens who are no longer comfortable in their twin bed. These beds offer single sleepers more space to stretch out but may be too confining for couples. Full size beds also fit comfortably in most bedrooms.

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Can You Use A Boxspring With Slats

When it comes to your beds foundation, you need either a box spring or slats, not both. That being said, some sleepers still prefer a flat surface in between the slats and mattress, especially to help avoid sinking. Instead of a box spring, you can place a piece of plywood or a bunkie board there instead.

A bunkie board is a flat surface about 1-3 inches thick. This product can be made from wood, plywood, or other materials. The bunkie boards original purpose was to provide a base for a bunk bed.

Thankfully, bunkie boards can also work with every mattress size.

What Is A Solid Platform Bed

The solid surface choice of a platform bed has just that: a solid flat support surface upon which your mattress rests. Often these beds come with added pull out storage, and are popular with adjustable designs. Occasionally the flat surface extends beyond the mattress for an added sitting surface, as well as a more contemporary design.

Also like the slatted version, the design does not call for the additional support of a box spring, and it is considered an acceptable support for many foam mattress choices to help keep the warranty intact.?

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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs

Getting a good nights sleep is important to the physical and mental health of an individual. When researching online for the best mattress for your needs, youll discover there is a lot to consider, such as how will your mattress be supported? Traditionally, a mattress sale would include purchasing a box spring. But, what about memory foam mattresses? Do they need a box spring to get optimal comfort and sleep? If not, then what does a person use to support a memory foam mattress?

Before answering those questions, lets take a moment to discuss the characteristics of memory foam. What makes memory foam popular? What is the difference in a box spring versus a foundation?

Is It Ok To Put A Mattress On Slats

Are Bed Slats Bad For Mattresses?

The slats of most mattresses are located directly next to them. Box springs are constructed today of wood frames wrapped in fabrics their height is limited but their depth is moderate. As with this cushion, mattress edges should be of a sturdy fabric one for safety of the pillow and one to enhance support and comfort.

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Can I Use Plywood Instead Of A Box Spring

Depending on the type of mattress you have, slats may need to be spaced no more than 2.75 inches apart. For example, memory foam beds may sag and become damaged if slats are too far apart. If your bed frame has wide slats, you can place a 1-inch piece of moisture-resistant plywood on top of the slats to support your mattress and prevent sinking.

A bunkie board serves a similar purpose. These boards are typically 1 to 3 inches thick and made of wood, plywood, or particleboard. Bunkie boards sit beneath your mattress and are designed to provide a stable, supportive base no matter what type of bed frame or foundation your mattress rests on.

What Weve Been Working On

Our amazing adjustable memory foam mattress will soon have a place to call home yes, weve created our own Ecosa bed base.

Made from high quality American Ash, Ecosas sprung slat wooden bed base is built for easy assembly. Perfectly made to match your Ecosa memory foam mattress, its time to level-up your sleep experience. Packed with tons of sneaky storage space, plenty of support and built for a quiet nights sleep, bedtime has never sounded so good.

Find out more about our brand new Ecosa bed base.

Follow us on and for updates on our latest products!

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Can You Use A Mattress On A Bed Frame Without A Foundation

No, you cannot place a mattress directly on a bed frame because bed frames are mostly decorative. While they may have one or two slats, the slats are there to support a foundation, not your mattress. Placing your mattress straight onto a bed frame causes your mattress to sag and voids your mattresss warranty. The only exception to this rule are platform beds but even those will sometimes require a bunkie board for extra support.

Steel Slats Used To Support Mattresses

Do I need a Box Spring? – Bunkie Board vs Box Spring

Slats have been described as the skeleton to support your mattress however, this is not the case for steel slats. They are built to be placed underneath a box spring/foundation but not directly under a mattress. Steel slats are so strong it is common to only need 3 or 4 to get the job done and support a foundation/box spring. Placing a mattress directly onto metal slats will not work due to excessive spacing between them.

They will not properly support give the rigid support needed for a mattress and will allow it to swag/sway between them making it impossible to sleep on. Some do it yourselfers have placed thick plywood on top of the slats eliminating their foundation and converting their bed into a platform type of bed.

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Are Curved Slats Better

This also depends on the specific application and needs of the customer. Some benefits of curved slats include:

  • More airflow through the slats can help keep the window cooler in the summer months.
  • Easier to clean as debris and dust will fall through the gaps between the slats.
  • A more contemporary look that can enhance a homes exterior design.
  • However, there are also some disadvantages to using curved slats:

  • They can be more expensive than traditional straight slats.
  • They may not be suitable for all window types or sizes.
  • May not provide as much privacy or security as straight slats.
  • Ultimately, it is up to the customer to decide whether curved or straight slats are better for their needs.

    Both have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making a final decision.

    The Importance Of A Good Bed Base For Your Mattress

    Pairing your new mattress with a good bed base ensures you will get the maximum benefits in terms of comfort and durability out of your mattress.

    Mattress + base = sleep system
    How can I identify a good bed base?

    A base needs to be able to physically hold the continuous weight of the mattress without bending, sagging, cracking or breaking.the ideal bed base should not contain too many metal partsAnother important feature of a good bed base is air circulationYour bed base and mattress should be thought of as a sleep system, and not isolated components, working together to produce the overall comfort level you experience while resting.

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    Use Metal Slats Instead

    Ultimately, while most people prefer wooden slats because of their flexibility, metal ones are better if you want to strengthen your bed frame. You can put metal slat boards in pretty much any kind of bed frame. Youll just have to use precise measurements since you cant trim these kinds of products as easily as you might do with wooden planks.

    If youre in the market for a completely new bed, basic platform frames with build-in metal slats are fairly affordable too. But remember: metal slats are usually narrower and more spaced out than wooden ones. So if you want to be able to put your mattress directly on top of your slats, you should add some cushioning. Putting a plywood board, a duvet, or a combination of the two over the metal slats should provide the support and softness you need.

    Can You Put A Mattress On Wood Slats

    Are Bed Slats Bad For Mattresses?

    Yes, you can but should you? This is debatable because it is physically possible to put a mattress onto slats, but it may compromise your beds support. Wood slats come in packages and are the most popular type of slats for resting a mattress on. Metal slats arent as flexible and are not as easy to arrange for optimal support, so they almost always need something between them and the mattress.

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    Choose The Material Of The Bunkie Board

    The rigidity of the material used is what guarantees proper support. Bunkie boards can be made of plywood, hardwood, particleboard, or steel. Choose the best material in terms of weight capacity and durability. For more information on this, refer to this article: What are bunkie boards made of? What is the best bunkie board material?

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    Why We Switched To A Divan Bed Base For Our Tempur Mattress

    That was until we were feeling at night like the Tempur mattress has suddenly stopped being as cushiony and supportive. It was as if the mattress has become squashed or compressed and was not giving full comfort any more.

    This was when we delved underneath the bed, only to realise that our super squishy marshmallow bed was kind of seeping through the gaps in the bed slats like sausage meat!

    Gross, I know. It seems that the weight of the mattress, even more so when we were lying on top of the mattress was forcing the soft base of the Tempur mattress down into the gaps between the slats.

    Now, we are average sized adults, so weight definitely wasnt an issue.

    I think this uneven base was having a big impact of the comfort of the matter

    The sinking weightless feeling that you are supposed to have when lying on the bed sort of disappeared slowly. And when we lifted the mattress up off the slats, there were grooves and ridges in the base of the mattress from where the slats had been pushing into the base.

    We switched to a divan base bed

    We have now switched to a flat platform style base, one with a solid base for the Tempur mattress to lie on and the mattress feels back to its old self. Extremely comfortable and very supportive.

    If anyone was asking which type of bed to go for, to use with a memory foam mattress, I would always say go for a platform style divan bed base. To give your memory foam mattress more support and to protect it for its full life of use.

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    Why Do I Need A Bed Foundation

    Bed foundations or bed bases are placed under the mattress to serve as its primary support. This support lifts your mattress from the ground.

    If you use the floor as a sleep surface for your bed, you run the risk of damaging your mattress. With a bed foundation, you protect your mattress from damage.

    In addition, not having support for your mattress can lead to poor quality sleep and some back pain due to the excessive rigidity of the ground. A proper bed foundation will instead give you a pain-free, good nights sleep

    Excellent mattress support also aids in better air circulation. Slats on the bed foundation allow free airflow, which means your mattress, regardless of the type of mattress you have, will be able to breathe.

    Likewise, a mattress foundation lifts your bed from the ground, giving it a natural height for you to lay down on this makes it easier for you to jump in and out of your bed.

    Benefits Of A Mattress Foundation

    assembling a bed/ building simple bed slats/DIY

    Need more convincing? Here are six reasons why a good mattress foundation will benefit your health .

  • Improves support
  • Increases the lifespan of your mattress
  • Adds height
  • Helps keep your bed clean
  • Increases airflow
  • Stops your mattress from sliding
  • To avoid pain and get the most out of your mattress, you need the right bed foundation. If your bed is supported right, your body will be too. So, dont brush this off!

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