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How To Clean Tulo Mattress Cover

Edge Support And Motion Isolation

Tulo Mattress Review 2022 (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)

Edge support and motion transfer are the two tests that we recommend everyone who shares their bed pay attention to. Sturdy edges allow you to spread out, while soft ones that feel unsturdy can lead you to crowd one-anothers space. And a mattress that dampens motion helps you sleep soundly when compared to one that shares your partners every movement with you.

We test every mattress that comes through our lab for their motion transfer and edge support abilities. For edge support, we have our testers lie along the edges in every sleep position and rank how comfortable and supportive they feel. Additionally, our testers sit along the edge of the bed to put on their shoes and see how stable the edges are.

The Tulo bed earned high marks in both of our edge support tests, with a combined score of 9/10. This means you and your bedmate can spread out as much as you need to.

To test a beds motion isolation abilities, we conduct two tests. In the first, we place a full glass of red wine on one side of the bed and have a sleep tester toss and turn on the other side. We rate the mattress based on how much wiggle we see in the wine. In the second, our sleep testers lie on different sides of the bed and take turns switching positions. The other tester rates how much movement they felt.

How Does The Tulo Mattress Feel

Even though Tulo is a hybrid mattress with a layer of memory foam on top, it doesnt feel as soft as you might expect. You get a bit of that memory foam feel thanks to the top layer, but its very mild. We actually think it has more of a neutral-foam feel. Tulo reminds us of Yogabed and Tuft & Needle.

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How To Clean A Mattress Topper

Austin Meadows, Sleep Product Tester

We regularly assess how the content in this article aligns with current scientific literature and expert recommendations in order to provide the most up-to-date research.

Mattress toppers are a popular and inexpensive way to improve the comfort of a mattress. Because they sit atop the bed, just under the sheets, mattress toppers can become exposed to spills, body oils, sweat, and other contaminants that can make the topper dirty. This guide covers how to clean mattress toppers, without damaging their interior components.

Many mattress toppers are made from memory foam, polyfoam, and latex, though natural materials like feathers and wool are also common. These materials can absorb moisture and cleaning products, so special care is needed when cleaning them. Well explain how to clean a memory foam mattress topper and other types of toppers thoroughly and safely.

How To Get Stains Out Of A Mattress Topper

liv Mattress

If there are stains already set on your topper, you may need a different cleaning approach. Heres how to remove stains:

  • Choose a cleaning solution .
  • Apply a small amount of solution to a clean cloth.
  • Gently blot the stained area with the solution-soaked cloth.
  • Use a separate cloth, dipped in cold water, to blot the stained area.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Apply baking soda, letting it sit for at least 8 hours to draw out moisture.
  • Vacuum the mattress surface and air-dry.
  • There are a few different cleaning solutions you can use to remove stains from mattress protectors:

    Enzyme Cleaner Commercial enzyme cleaners are effective, particularly for biological stains such as those caused by blood, sweat, and urine. Enzyme cleaners can be found in most grocery stores, near the laundry detergent.

    Dish Soap Using a small amount of dish soap mixed with water can also be effective. Get the mixture sudsy, and use only the foam that forms on top to clean the topper.

    Vinegar White vinegar, diluted 1:1 with water, is also effective at removing some stains.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Very difficult stains, such as blood, may respond better to a diluted mixture hydrogen peroxide and water . However, keep in mind that peroxide can bleach or damage memory foam, so use it sparingly, and only when other options have failed.

    In some cases, you may need to try a few different cleaning solutions in order to remove tough stains.

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    Austin Meadows

    Sleep Product Tester

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    We published our first foam-mattress guide in 2016, and weve been testing and adding new mattresses to it ever since. As Wirecutters senior staff writer for sleep, I visit mattress factories, stores, showrooms, and trade shows on a regular basis. And I talk frequently with expertsboth in the mattress industry and in materials sciencein order to better understand what makes a quality mattress. Ive pored over good-quality online owner reviews to look for feedback trends. Ive read the fine print concerning the warranties and return policies of each of our picks. And Ive checked in with staffers who happen to own some of our picks to see how the mattresses perform in the real world. Ive also slept on most of our contenders for at least a week in my own apartment.

    This guide builds on the work of Kevin Purdy, who, as a Wirecutter senior staff writer, spent two years testing about a dozen mattresses, including trying them out in our Los Angeles office and sleeping on them for a month at a time in his home. Weve since tested our current picks against new contenders, with dozens of testing-panel participants in 2018, 2019, and 2020. In fall 2020, associate staff writer Justin Redman researched and tested several additional mattresses for this guide.

    Can A Memory Foam Mattress Be Flipped

    Although certain types of mattresses can be flipped, memory foam mattresses cannot. In fact, they are designed to be no-turn mattresses. So turning it is a really big no no. Memory foam mattresses are multi-layer foam designs, with soft memory foam top layer and more durable and supportive base foam on the bottom. Flipping it would invalidate the features and benefits of the foam design and it wouldnt be very comfy either.

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    Honest Tulo Mattress Review Video

    While Tulo hasnt been around as long as Purple, WinkBed, and many of the other mattresses that weve reviewed, its starting to gain some real steam. And we think for good reason. It comes in three different firmness levels, you can try in-store before you buy, and its offered at a very attractive price point, especially if you hunt for deals/coupons.

    Tulo Hybrid Design And Construction

    How to Clean a Mattress – Best Ways to Remove Stains!

    The Tulo mattress stands at 10 tall and is comprised of four layers, designed to provide comfort and pressure relief.

    • Base layer The bottom foundation is made out of coils in order to give the mattress maximum support.
    • Transition layer On top of the support coils is a 1.5 layer of high resiliency firm foam meant to reduce surface compression and act as a transition layer between the firm base layer and the softer top layers
    • Middle layer The next layer is a 1.5 layer of a responsive polyfoam
    • Comfort layer Finally, the top layer is 2 of Tulos proprietary blend of titanium particles and a Cool Flow ventilated memory foam
    • Mattress cover Wrapping the entire mattress is a soft, breathable, knitted Polyester and Tencel blend cover. Its about medium thickness and feels like your typical mattress cover. While you can technically remove the cover, Tulo doesnt recommend it.

    Its important to note that Tulo Mattress comes in three firmness levels: Firm, Medium , and Medium Firm. The exact construction of the bed will depend on which model you get, but by and large, theyre all pretty similar.

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    Which Model Is Best For Me

    Tulo Soft Might Be Good For You If:
    • You are a side sleeper
    • You want pressure relief on your shoulders and hips
    Tulo Medium Might Be Good For You If.
    • You sleep on your stomach or in all positions
    • You and your partner have different sleep positions
    Tulo Firm Might Be Good For You If.
    • You are a back sleeper
    • You need more spinal alignment

    Using A Mattress Protector

    A mattress protector fits onto a mattress under the fitted sheet. Mattress protectors are designed as a barrier to keep dirt, sweat, dust mites, moisture, and other contaminants from entering the mattress. Most mattress protectors are machine-washable.

    The majority of mattress protectors are waterproof or water-resistant, designed to prevent spills or bodily fluids from reaching the mattress. By keeping the mattress dry, a waterproof mattress protector can also help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Manufacturers also sell mattress encasements, which form a seal around all six sides of the mattress to keep out bed bugs.

    Mattress protectors are different from mattress pads or mattress toppers. A mattress protectors main purpose is to keep the mattress clean, whereas mattress pads add a layer of cushioning and mattress toppers adjust the mattresss firmness. While pads and toppers are not meant for protection, they can still help reduce some wear.

    Virtually all mattress warranties contain a clause that voids the warranty if the mattress is dirty. Thus, not only do mattress protectors defend against spills and stains, but they may also indirectly prolong the mattress lifespan by maintaining warranty coverage.

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    Tulo Hybrid Mattress Overview

    Tulo is an interesting mattress-in-a-box because Tulo understands that a good nights rest looks different to each sleeper. Each mattress is crafted with this in mind. Owned by Mattress Firm, Tulo is backed by a sleep industry veteran with its roots in the traditional brick-and-mortar mattress space. The Tulo-Mattress Firm relationship just makes sense.

    Tulos hybrid bed-in-a-box comes in three different firmness levels firm, medium, and medium firm which means it can pretty well cater to just about any sleeping position. Side sleepers should be happy with the cradling support of the soft or medium, and back and stomach sleepers should feel right at home with the firm model. To learn all about this quality bed and its wallet-friendly price tag, continue along in our review.

    What Sleeping Positions Work On The Tulo

    How to Take Good Care Of Your Mattress

    Thanks to multiple firmnesses, the Tulo mattress works well for every sleeping position. Heres a breakdown of which positions are best-served by each mattress.

    • Soft: Best for side sleepers and anyone who loves a soft mattress.
    • Medium: Works for every sleeping position and couples who have different preferences.
    • Firm: Best for stomach and back sleepers who prefer a firm sleeping surface.

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    Whats Most Important To Consider When Buying A Memory

    There are, in fact, two things to consider when buying a memory-foam mattress. First and foremost is comfortwhich typically depends on how well a mattress keeps your spine aligned while still offering good pressure relief. Second, its important to consider the density of the foam, which is a good indicator of a mattresss quality and longevity. Generally speaking, the denser the foams that make up the bed, the more durable and supportive that bed will be. If you weigh less than 200 pounds, look for a memory-foam density of at least 3 pounds per cubic feet if you weigh more than 200 pounds, aim for at least 4 pounds per cubic feet.

    How To Wash A Casper Mattress Cover

    How To Wash Casper Mattress Cover. Just make sure you leave the baking soda sitting on the mattress topper for at least fifteen minutes to make sure it is able to work. Casper mattress price starts from 550 which is the cost of the Twin size.

    How To Wash A Mattress Protector Casper

    How To Wash A Mattress Protector Casper

    Waterproof And Breathable Sleep Casper Mattress Cover In Depth Review Youtube

    How To Unbox The Casper Mattress Youtube

    Casper Mattress Protector Waterproof Queen Casper Mattress Waterproof Mattress Mattress Protector

    Casper Mattress Review Mattresshelp Org

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    How To Compress A Memory Foam Mattress At Home

    Eachnight may earn commissions for products you purchase through our links. Our articles and reviews include affiliate links and advertisements, including amerisleep advertising. Learn more

    One of the trickiest items to move from one place to another is the mattress. It usually requires the help of at least two people and takes up a lot of needed moving space in a truck. What if you dont have a truck, van, or SUV, and instead have a car? How will you be able to fit your mattress into your car with your other valuables?

    If you have a memory foam mattress, youll remember that when you received it, the mattress came compressed, sealed in airtight plastic, and rolled up in a box. While you may not be able to replicate that exact packing method, you can get close to it with this handy DIY technique.

    Unplug It From The Power Source

    How to Clean a Mattress | Cleaning Tips | The Home Depot

    Most modern air mattresses inflate with an electric pump that operates through a battery or a wall outlet. Before cleaning your mattress, be sure to unplug it from all power sources and distance it from any nearby outlets. If the pump is detachable, you should remove it from the bed to create better mobility while cleaning your air mattress.

    If your air mattress includes a built-in pump, youll need to take caution to prevent any liquid from damaging the battery.

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    Choosing The Right Mattress

    Need some help choosing a mattress? Weve got some great resources at our fingertips to help you make that all-important decision and get a great nights sleep. Check out our mattress buying guide for information on everything from mattress type to size and memory foam density. When youre ready to go, start browsing our collection of memory foam mattresses to find the perfect one for you!

    Recycle Or Upcycle Your Mattress

    If youre not moving anywhere and are just planning to buy a new mattress, you might also find the idea of upcycling and recycling a productive weekend activity. Take your old mattress outside and clean it for the last time. Based on its dimensions, make, and design, choose one or more of the following mattress upcycling projects to do:

    With these projects, you can maximize your mattress and create other useful household items out of it. You can even sell your projects or have them featured at your communitys recycling contests and exhibits.

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    How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    You must clean a memory foam topper by hand to avoid damage. But its actually pretty easy to clean a memory foam mattress topper, which well cover below.

    • Vacuum clean. A hand-held dust vacuum works well for this step, but you can use a soft brush attachment on a regular vacuum cleaner as well. Carefully vacuum all parts of the topper.
    • Mix the spot clean solution. You can take care of stains with clear liquid laundry detergent mixed with equal parts water.
    • Get the stain out. Gently blot the stain and let sit for about a half hour.
    • Rinse. Then wipe the spot with a damp cloth.
    • Dry. Blot dry with a clean towel and then let sit to dry the rest of the way.

    Best Tulo Mattress For Back Sleepers: Tulo Firm Mattress

    How to Deep

    The last in the Tulo Comfort Series, the Tulo Firm mattress, is ideal for back sleepers or people who prefer a mattress with a firm feel. If you need a mattress that provides total support to align your spine and reduce aches and pains throughout the night, the Tulo Firm might be a good option for you.

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    Can You Wash A Playpen Mat

    They are generally machine washable, but you still want to check the washing instructions on your specific mat. You also have to use a gentle cycle with cold water, so it is likely that they may not hold up as well in the washer and dryer.

    It would be best if you could hand-wash them instead of putting them through this process repeatedly over time. If you simply must put them into the washing machine then just make sure that they are free from crevices or any plastic parts where dirt can get stuck inside.

    Some people find success by putting their playpen mats inside mesh laundry bags before throwing them into the washer for easier cleaning.


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