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What To Do If Your Mattress Is Too Soft

Sign 5 Your Mattress May Be Substantial If Hotel Or Guest Beds Provide A Better Nights Sleep

Can a Mattress Topper Make Your Bed Firmer? GoodBed Explains.

Its time to examine your mattress if you wake up feeling more refreshed in a hotel than you do at home.

When you travel, trying out different mattresses is an excellent method to figure out what you like and dont like about your home bed. Prepare a list of the features youre looking for, and then visit our store.

Viscosoft Select High Density Mattress Topper


  • Sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Individuals who want a firmer feel without sacrificing pressure relief
  • Memory foam core adjusts to the sleepers shape to relieve pressure
  • Supportive build limits sinkage and promotes healthy sleep posture
  • Mesh panel and ventilated core enhance cooling air circulation

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The ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper balances support and pressure relief.

This topper rates around a 5 on the 10-point firmness scale, giving it a medium feel. However, most sleepers who are looking for a firm mattress topper want support, which the ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper delivers.

This topper measures 3 inches. It is made up of memory foam that adjusts to the shape of the sleepers body to relieve pressure while supporting the spine. Memory foam often retains heat because of its close hug and unique composition, but the ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper is infused with gel to wick heat away rather than trapping it against the body.

A breathable hypoallergenic bamboo-rayon cover adds to the temperature regulation. A mesh bottom panel further optimizes airflow, while no-slip straps ensure a secure fit. The cover is also removable and washable.

The ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper comes with a 60-day guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty.

Rotate Or Flip The Mattress

Sometimes mattresses develop soft spots due to overuse. Rotating the mattress 180 degrees ensures even wear, preventing sags. When you rotate the bed, the area that was supporting your head now supports your feet and vice versa. This way you ensure using all parts of your mattress equally.

Before rotating or flipping, check with the customer service representative of the mattress company. Most modern mattresses cannot be flipped unless its a double-sided mattress. Flipping a mattress ensures you use both surfaces of the mattress, avoiding overuse.

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Consider Your Sleep Position

The firmness level of your mattress should depend on your preferred sleep position. Generally, soft mattresses are best for side sleepers. But even then, the mattress should be medium-soft. Back sleepers will want to sleep on medium-firm mattresses and stomach sleepers should invest in mattresses that are firm. Sleeping on a mattress with the wrong firmness level can lead to shoulder, back, hip and spine issues.

Sign 1 Your Mattress May Be Too Firm If You Wake Up With Back Neck Or Shoulder Aches

What Does a Latex Mattress Topper Mean for Your Good Night

Your mattress is certainly too firm if you wake up in the morning or during the night with discomfort in specific pressure points such as your shoulders, hips, or knees.

Foam and hybrid mattresses are excellent for relieving pressure points. When you add a customizable foundation to the mix, you may be as comfy as you want!

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Sign 3 If You Wake Up Exhausted Your Mattress May Be Overly Firm

Sleepless nights cause a cascade of other issues, ranging from poor immune function to health problems to simply feeling too tired to accomplish many things you like.

Its unlikely that youll get a full nights sleep if youre tossing and turning at night to identify a comfortable position. You may notice this because you cant sleep at night, or if you sleep with a partner, they will likely realize.

Your partner can help you determine how much consistent sleep youre receiving. Do your restless movements or snoring wake them up?

Break Your Mattress In

Sometimes your mattress might just feel too firm because its new. Just like with clothing or shoes, your mattress needs some time to break in and get comfortable.

Your mattress may feel a bit stiff the first few times you sleep on it, especially if its a bit firmer than your old mattress. We suggest sleeping on your bed for at least 30 to 60 nights before deciding if its too firm.

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Use A Firm Mattress Topper

Finally, consider getting one of the firm mattress toppers. It may be an easy fix that will give you just the right mattress firmness. Many mattress manufacturers make great mattress toppers and you can choose which topper you want- wool, foam, or a latex topper.

Amerisleep is a company we trust and they have two memory foam mattress topper options a soft and a firm one . The Amerisleep Support Lift is the best firm mattress topper. It adds 3 inches to your mattress in height and we believe its thick and firm enough to neutralize back pain from a too-soft mattress. On top of that, it can add some extra support to your spine.

Move The Mattress To The Floor

How can I make my firm mattress softer?

Another tip on making your mattress firmer is to put it on the floor. This may be your last resort, significantly when the steps mentioned above havent helped. However, before you place your mattress on the floor, you need to keep in mind that you will be exposed to dust, dirt, and bugs that may get to your bed. If you think this will help firm up your mattress and the rest doesn’t bother you, plop yourself on the floor and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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Warm Up Your Mattress

Some types of mattresses such as memory foam are temperature sensitive. They respond to your body heat and soften to contour your curves. If the top comfort layer is memory foam, warming up your bed can soften it as well. Keep the bedroom temperature between 66 to 67 degrees or use flannel sheets for a warming effect.

Reduce Inflammation Through Diet And Exercise

When your joints are already inflamed from your daily activity and eating habits, youre sure to experience pain during the night. To help eliminate your back pain in bed, try reducing or eliminating foods that cause inflammation, such as refined bread and other carbohydrates, fried foods, sugary beverages, and red meat.

Instead, aim to eat foods that help you sleep and that fight inflammation, such as fruit, tomatoes, olive oil, leafy greens, almonds, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna. You may be surprised at how your morning back pain is improved after just a couple of weeks of eating well.

Muscles and joints that are stretched regularly can also improve pain levels when youre lying in bed, so try doing yoga several times per week.

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Where Can I Find A Firm Mattress

You can easily find a firm bed right here. Firmness, adequate support, great sleep. Its all there. Weve made a selection of mattress brands that offer really firm mattresses. These companies will also have the mattress delivered to your door and if you dont like it, theyll take it back according to their free sleep trial policy. So without further ado, check them out:

  • Amerisleeps AS1 model is their firmest mattress and its definitely not intended for side sleepers. Whats an uncomfortable mattress for them is the real deal for heavy people and back sleepers. Their AS2 is also firm, but not as much.
  • Saatvas Loom & Leaf is a mattress that comes in two firmness options Relaxed Firm and Firm. Loom & Leaf is the way to go if youre into eco-friendly options.
  • Sleepys Rest mattress is a really firm innerspring that make a perfect mattress for back sleepers .
  • Natural Form makes unusual adjustable mattresses. Sleepers can change the settings and make a mattress firmer or softer.
  • Noa Lite mattress offers a firmer surface than most mattresses but is not the firmest one out there. Its great for those who like a firmer bed but dont have high body weight.

Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress

How to Make a Hotel Bed Softer

Sometimes the simplest fix is the most potent. But before you start flipping, read the manufacturers care advice for your particular mattress. Not all models can be flipped, but most can and should be rotated regularly. This spreads out wear and tear so that your bed remains more comfortable and supportive for longer.

Most hybrids and memory foam models can be rotated, while traditional mattresses are usually the ones you can fully flip. Why not all hybrids? If yours has a dedicated support layer at the base, you may find that it is far too firm to sleep on if you flip it so that youre lying on the base rather than on the top of the mattress.

We know youre here because you want to know how to make a mattress firmer, but theres a difference between supportively firm and downright uncomfortable. Ouch! To learn more, read our feature answering how often should you rotate or flip your mattress.

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How Do I Choose The Right Mattress Firmness

If you’re considering buying a new mattress but not sure which firmness is best for you, it’s all down to preference as everyone sleeps differently. You should choose a firmness level that makes you feel most comfortable and supported. This can be dependent on your body shape, sleeping position and if you share a bed.

Here’s a brief explanation of each mattress firmness to help you decide which is best for you:


Check And Replace Damaged Or Worn

Some mattresses are made from several layers held in place by a mattress cover. Whats great about having this type of mattress is that you will be able to replace any layer that is already worn or damaged instead of buying a brand new mattress. All you have to do is open the mattress and remove the damaged layer to be replaced afterward.

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Tips To Make A Mattress Firmer

Over time, even the firmest mattresses lose support. However, you might not want to splash out on a brand new mattress just yet. So, if you’d like to know how to make a soft mattress firmer, we’re here to help!

Read on to discover the 10 tips we recommend on how to make a sagging mattress firmer. You can also find out why mattress firmness is important and how to choose the right firmness for you.

Is Memory Foam Too Soft

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress for Back Pain Relief

There is no doubt that memory foam mattresses are among the best. They are not only highly durable, supportive, classy but highly comfortable as well. However, it should be noted that memory foam mattresses are made and designed differently and this means that it may not be possible to conclude whether they are too soft or not. A new memory foam mattress will always be firmer compared to an old one. Depending on your individual needs, you can also find new memory foam mattresses that are very soft. You can buy the most popular Tulo or Casper mattress which are both top-rated plush feel memory foam mattresses in the market.

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Rotate And Flip The Mattress

Do you tend to lie down on the same spot night after night? Many of us do, and the repeated wear and tear can cause that section of the mattress to sag. Rotating your mattress will change where youre lying on the bed, evening out the mattresss feel.

Not all mattresses made are flippable, including most foam and hybrid mattresses. But if you have one of the rare flippable foam or hybrid mattresses, flipping the mattress can even out the wear and tear on your bed.

You should rotate and, if possible, flip your mattress every three to six months.

How Do You Know If Your Mattress Is Too Firm

The surest sign that your mattress is too firm is waking up with back, shoulder, or neck pain. You might also wake up exhausted from struggling to sleep soundly, instead of feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. If your mattress doesnt conform to your body when you lie down, its probably too firm to relieve pressure.

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Why Is A Firm Mattress Important

Mattress firmness is important because it determines the level of support you’ll get throughout the night. Since you’ll be sleeping on the same mattress for the coming years, you’ll want to choose the best firmness for you so you can have a great night’s sleep.

Overall, a firm mattress is important as it can give you a more supported night’s sleep which can help relieve pressure from your joints and improve your posture. Firm mattresses can also be more comfortable if you have a larger stature.

How To Know You Need A New Bed


Knowing when to get a new bed varies from individual to individual, as there is no set rule for when a sleeper should replace their bed. However, most manufacturers recommend an average of seven years. You should also pay attention to how the material is holding up and whether it is falling apart or sagging in areas.

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Place Your Mattress On A Solid Surface

If you have your mattress placed on a box spring, this could be the reason it feels too soft. This could also result from your box spring being older and less study due to wear and tear. Mattresses like memory foam with more weight require you to do away with the box spring and use a solid, more flat surface.

You could use other platforms such as a platform bed, a slat foundation, or any stable, even, and solid foundation.

Is A Plush Mattress Too Soft

The term plush means soft as opposed to either normal or hard. Therefore, a plush mattress offers more give when you sleep on it. Simply put, it means softer than normal. It also provides optimal surface comfort. Most mattress manufacturers use the term plush to mean soft. However, in reality, a plush mattress is relatively softer than normal. You can use Tulo or Tuft and Needle mattress that are the extremely comfortable and plush mattresses.

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Replace The Divan Base

A sprung divan base won’t make your mattress feel as firm as a solid platform divan base. This is because the base moves with your mattress as you sleep. If you’re looking to make your mattress firmer, upgrading to a platform divan base will instantly make your mattress feel more supportive.

Easy Tips On How To Make Mattress Firmer

Best Mattress for Adjustable Beds – Full Buyer’s Guide

Mattresses can sag or lose their firmness over time, and if buying a new one may not be in your immediate future, you will need to know how to make a mattress firmer and how to make a mattress more comfortable. So lets find a way to make your bed firm enough to support your body. The steps mentioned below may help you sleep better at night until you get a replacement mattress.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Firm Mattress Topper

Well give an in-depth overview of the top things to look for when purchasing a mattress topper. Shoppers looking for a firm topper should keep in mind that factors like their body weight, sleep position, existing mattress, and the thickness of the topper can all affect how firm it will feel to them.

PriceThe price of a topper will depend largely on its construction. Budget-friendly models often cost less than $100, while high-end toppers with down or innovative materials can cost over $1,000. There are plenty of options available to fit different budgets, and many high-quality mattress toppers are available at affordable price-points.

Sleeping PositionYour sleep position plays a major role in how you experience your sleep surface. Side sleepers typically prefer more contouring and cushioning to accommodate their hips and shoulders, while back and stomach sleepers usually need more support to prevent their hips from sinking in too deeply. Because of this, side sleepers often prefer a thicker, softer topper, and back and stomach sleepers may favor a thinner, firmer option.

Quality MaterialsMaterials directly affect the performance and durability of a topper. Quality materials may last longer, which may be especially important for people seeking a firm, even sleep surface that resists long-term body impressions. While toppers made of quality components generally cost more upfront, they may be a better value if this quality enhances their lifespans.

Try Putting Your Mattress On The Floor

Another way you can help make your mattress firmer is by placing it on the floor. Of course, sleeping with your mattress on the floor isn’t ideal for everyone. It can be a little unsanitary and may even void your sleep trial or warranty. But if you’re desperate for some extra support or firmness, then this is something you can try .

If you do decide to put your mattress on the floor, it’s a good idea to use a mattress protector or mattress cover to shield your mattress from dust mites, mold, and mildew.

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