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What Should You Consider When Shopping For A Mattress

BioPEDIC® Memory Foam Bone Pillow

When it comes to shopping for a mattress, sleep experts have a list of criteria to factor into your purchase . These criteria include the following: sleep quality , support , comfort , coolness and temperature, adjustability, motion transfer, and materials. Its also important to look out for a risk-free trial period, so you can try for several nights before making your final decision. Check out our mattress buying guide for more detail.

What Are The Different Types Of Mattresses

There are a few main types of mattresses to choose from: innerspring , foam , hybrid , and latex . There are air beds and waterbeds too, but we wont go into those.

Innerspring mattresses have long been the mattress type in production and may very well be the type you grew up sleeping on. Theyre often cheaper and, owing to their coils , generally bouncier they provide strong edge support and dont retain much heat. They are, however, generally less comfortable, wear out more quickly, and dont do as good of a job as other mattresses at isolating motion from a partner.

Foam mattresses have risen in popularity, especially in this age of the mattress-in-a-box, as theyre easier to roll up and ship. True to their name, the coil-free mattresses are made of layers of foam, fabric, or latex. Theyre known for being soft and supportive, with excellent motion isolation. Heat, however, is more easily retained, so hot sleepers be aware, though some foam mattresses are made with layers of gel or gel-infused foam meant to reduce warmth.

Memory foam mattresses are made of a popular type of viscoelastic foam and theyre known for their elasticity and viscosity, meaning they contour to the bodys shape but return to their original shape when no weight is placed on them. Originally developed by NASA in the 1960s for use in space travel, Tempur-Pedic began selling memory foam mattress toppers in the 1990s.

Self Certified Dreamcloud Premier Mattress

Why Its Worth It: A medium-firm hybrid mattress, the award-winning DreamCloud Premier combines coil springs with foam layersa combination that our SELF reviewer praised for its responsiveness, slight springiness, and excellent breathability. She was especially impressed with how high-quality and expensive the mattress felt, owing to its 14 inches of height and plush European cashmere pillow top with two inches of contouring memory foam, low-motion support foam, individually wrapped coils, and more below it.

Review: This might be my favorite thing about my DreamCloud: Ive been so much cooler at night. Even when I would set my thermostat to the recommended 67 degrees, I still sometimes woke up in the middle of the night feeling steamy on my all-foam mattress. But since Ive started sleeping on the Premier, Ive noticed way fewer sweaty nightsincluding during the record-breaking heatwave we recently had in the Northeast . SELF reviewer

Rating: 9/10

Sizes: Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes

Price: Ranges from $999 for a twin to $1,899 for a king free shipping and returns included

Review: Ive noticed a vast improvement in my sleep quality over the last few weeks. The Helix plus was supportive and did not cause noticeable aches or joint pains. The size allowed for position changes throughout the night, enough space to avoid jostling my cat, and I havent overheated in my sleep. SELF reviewer

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Why Spend More For A Memory Foam Pillow

Home » Sleep Technology & Products » Why Spend More for a Memory Foam Pillow?

It seems like the price of pillows and bedding is on the rise recently, and there are more options to choose from than ever before. It can certainly be overwhelming and leave you questioning your choices. Is it really worth shelling out the extra money for this fancy pillow? And whats the deal with memory foam pillows versus the traditional fiber filled pillows? If these thoughts run through your head, read on to gain clarification on what makes and quality pillow and what is worth your hard-earned cash.

What Are The Best Mattresses Of 2022


Following the criteria laid out by sleep experts, SELF editors intensely reviewed mattresses from some of the biggest brands, including DreamCloud, Casper, Helix, Purple Mattress, and Avocado.

Below, find our top picks for the best mattresses on the market nowmany of which are currently on sale for Labor Day.

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Which Memory Foam Pillow Sizes Are Available

Memory foam pillows typically come in the following sizes, although the exact dimensions may vary by manufacturer:

  • Standard : Standard pillows are the smallest and most commonly used size, and can be used on any size bed.
  • Super Standard : Super standard pillows are relatively rare. With a length halfway between the size of a standard and a queen pillow, they may be suitable for any mattress up to a queen.
  • Queen : Queen size pillows are commonly available as an alternative to standard pillows. They give a little more playing room to people who move around during the night, or who like to sleep with their pillow folded or scrunched up.
  • King : In addition to providing plenty of room while sleeping, king pillows are also one of the most comfortable sizes to lean against while sitting up in bed. Most online bedding companies offer king size pillows.
  • Body Pillow : Body pillows are long and skinny, meant to be cuddled against. These are most frequently used by side sleepers, who tuck them between the legs to keep the hips aligned and reduce strain on the lumbar area. Body pillows may also be an invaluable sleep tool for pregnant women, and can be a comfortable backrest when sitting.

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow: Materials

  • Made hypoallergenic down alternative gel fibers
  • Can machine-wash and tumble-dry
  • These plush pillows hold their shape well

The Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow is made from a special gel fiber that’s designed to be as plush as down but without any of the allergy or ethical issues that can be associated with it. It’s hypoallergenic dust-mite, mold- and mildew-resistant and made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory to ensure textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Underneath the softness of the gel fiber fill is a core of fairly firm material. The pillow is made of one piece of gel fiber, but a clever design means the feel changes through the pillow as the weight of your head is added to it. The high-quality 100% cotton cover is a lovely finishing touch to the design and really gives the pillow its high-end luxury feel.

These are big pillows that hold their shape surprisingly well. Although they are very soft and malleable, they hold their shape, which is one of the things that make them a good fit for sleepers who don’t want to be hassled with fluffing their pillow each morning.

They’re also easy to maintain, as you can toss them in a washing machine and tumble dryer. Fortunately, this doesn’t deflate or distort these pillows in any way, provided you follow the care instructions to a tee.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Memory Foam Pillow

The market is flooded with manufacturers who tinker with their memory foam to give it different qualities, such as using gel infusions to achieve better temperature neutrality. Some proprietary foams do succeed in their aims, but it can be very difficult to tell before trying the pillow out for yourself.

Before you shop for a memory foam pillow, its important to understand the basics behind how they are constructed and what kind of options exist. Focusing on the following factors can help you see past the marketing hype to choose the best memory foam pillow for you.

Memory foam pillows come in two types: one-piece and shredded.

  • One-Piece: One-piece memory foam pillows are made of a single solid block of memory foam. This can either be in the shape of a traditional pillow, or in a tailored shape that mimics the curves of the head and neck. One-piece memory foam pillows conform very closely and have a slower response to pressure. They tend to go back to their original shape when you take your head off the pillow.
  • Shredded: Shredded memory foam pillows can either contain 100 percent memory foam or be blended with other materials such as latex or fiberfill. The advantage of using shredded memory foam is that users can add or remove filling to adjust the pillow loft to their liking, as well as customize the shape of the pillow to a certain extent. Shredded memory foam generally allows more room for airflow compared to a one-piece memory foam pillow.

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow: Review In Brief

SensorPEDIC® Classic Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow

The Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow is a plush pillow that looks as if it should have a fairly hefty price tag . It comes in two sizes: queen and king . However, it comes in packs of two and is consistently a best-selling pillow at Amazon, where it sees markdowns of nearly half-off the retail price.

We tested a pair of queen-sized Beckham Hotel Collection pillows for three weeks, giving us plenty of time to see how they settled in. The verdict among our testing panel is that these thick pillows hold their shape very well. We seldom had to fluff them, and they remained fairly plush even after being washed.

Whilst the initial feel is soft, theres a real core of firmness to the pillows, making them a particularly good choice for side sleepers who need a balance of each. In fact, our side-sleeping tester declared the pillow the most comfortable theyve ever slept on.

However, we also found the Beckham Hotel Collection pillows too thick for stomach sleepers, and our lighter-weight back sleeper said the pillow gave her a neckache. Meanwhile, back sleepers with a broader build should enjoy the feel of these pillows.

Despite the gel fiber filling, we didn’t find the Beckham Hotel Collection pillows as cooling as we’d had liked. You’ll likely have to flip to the ‘cool’ side at least once during the night perhaps invest in a pillowcase that has breathable materials to make overheating less of a potential issue.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam has unsurpassed contouring abilities that make it one of the best pillow materials for pressure relief and support. However, memory foam has some drawbacks as well, the most notable of which is its tendency to trap heat. The material also has a slow response to pressure that some people like, but that can be restrictive when changing positions.

New Products Lines And Partnerships Increase Its Visibility As A Key Player In Sleep Products

C-SUITE The senior management team of Waterford, New York-based Soft-Tex International consists of Keith Bolton , senior vice president of sales Kathy Walsh, senior vice president of business development Jeff Chilton, chief executive officer Tom Gibbs, chief financial officer and Michael Wilker, senior vice president of operations.

While Soft-Tex International has been a major supplier of pillows and other sleep products to big retail chains such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Macys for years, the 32-year-old company has kept a relatively low profile in the broader home furnishings landscape. But with the launch of its DreamSmart line in 2015 and other recent moves to expand its products and presence, the companys visibility is rising quickly.

Designed to help furniture stores and specialty shops better compete with fast-growing e-tailers such as Casper, the DreamSmart program features four drop-shippable memory foam mattresses, including a 10-inch luxury foam model with layers of latex and gel, an all-steel One Base Foundation, and a range of high-tech pillows and protectors. The line features creative packaging and product displays designed to meet the needs of furniture retailers. Soft-Tex can ship products to retailers by truckload or container, or directly to retailers consumers, depending on the stores preference.

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Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow: Performance

  • Side sleepers will find it supportive and comfortable
  • Too plush for most back and front sleepers
  • Not very cooling, but well-made nonetheless

We slept on a pair of queen-sized Beckham Hotel Collection Gel pillows for three weeks. Our testing panel consists of individuals with varying sleep styles, body types, and sleep concerns. Thus, we were able to thoroughly test these pillows in key areas of performance, including support, comfort, and temperature regulation. Here’s what we discovered…

More To Consider From Our Brands

Sensorpedic Soft

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Gel-infused memory foam conforms to the head & neck to provide pressure-relieving support.

Circular-Knit Fabric

Removable super-soft, circular-knit fabric cover adds a layer of smooth softness & enhances breathability.


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Whats The Best Soft Tex Pillow

Each Soft Tex pillow offers the same level of quality construction and comfort. The perfect pillow for you depends on your sleep style and preferences. For stomach sleepers, the Comfort pillow is recommended. Back and side sleepers will enjoy the support of the Contour pillow. For sleepers who change position during the night, the Luxury pillow will be comfortable no matter how you turn. No matter which pillow you choose, you will be pleased with the comfort, coolness and quality. You may check out our best bamboo pillow reviews from this article.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress

There are a wide range of mattresses out there that all make very similar promises. How are you supposed to know which will help you sleep better?

As with your pillow, the best mattress for you will largely depend on personal preference and factors such as your sleeping position whether you sleep on your front, back or side. However, the best regarded and most popular mattresses fall under three broad categories:

  • Pocket sprung: These, the most popular type of mattresses, are made from individually woven pockets of springs. They tend to feel bouncy and supportive theyre also excellent if you share a bed as they provide individual support that means youre unlikely to find you both roll into the middle.
  • Memory foam: Some think that memory foam is now falling out of favour, since basic memory foam mattresses tend to trap heat. However, new formulations of foam are specifically designed for better temperature regulation, so a memory foam mattress is still well worth considering. They consist of a base layer of supportive foam, usually topped with a second layer of softer foam which moulds to your body shape for comfort.
  • Hybrid: hybrid mattresses contain both a layer of pocket springs and a layer of memory foam to provide improved comfort, support and temperature regulation.

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How Do You Know When To Change Your Mattress

According to sleep consultant Dr Neil Stanley, “you should buy a new bed when you start noticing your old one.” This could mean noticing discomfort, waking up with aches and pains or not feeling rested. Worn fabric or squeaky springs are also a tell-tale sign that its time to upgrade . Also, a word of warning: remember that each night you sweat a significant amount of moisture and shed a good amount of dead skin into your mattress, Stanley says, So for hygiene reasons it would be good to change your bed regularly.” Safe to say if your mattress starts to smell, its high time you found a replacement.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Memory Foam Pillows

SensorPEDIC® Temperature Regulating Coolest Comfort Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow

How much do memory foam pillows cost?

How do I clean a memory foam pillow?

Some shredded memory foam pillows can be machine-washed, but most one-piece pillows are spot-clean only. Its important to note that memory foam can get moldy if not allowed to dry properly, so go easy on the spot-cleaning and try not to get the pillow too wet. Many memory foam pillows have removable covers that can be machine-washed.

Where can I buy a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows are commonly available online as well as in many brick-and-mortar stores.

How long do memory foam pillows last?

The average lifespan of a memory foam pillow is 2-3 years, which is longer than down alternative pillows but not as long as down, latex, or buckwheat pillows.

Even the best memory foam pillows eventually lose their integrity. One-piece pillows start to develop permanent indentations, and shredded memory foam pillows become lumpy. While higher-density memory foam tends to be more durable than lower-density memory foam, the downside is that higher-density memory foam also traps more heat.

Regular cleaning and fluffing can help prolong the longevity of a shredded memory foam pillow. Since one-piece pillows are prone to developing mildew when wet, the best you can do is keep them as clean as possible and wash the pillowcase regularly.

Are memory foam pillows adjustable?

Do memory foam pillows off-gas?

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Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow: User Reviews

  • A consistent Amazon best-seller with over 150,000 reviews
  • Most positive feedback comes from side sleepers
  • Negative reviews say it’s too thick and not cooling enough

User reviews for the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow are overwhelmingly positive. As of August 2022, it has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 150,000 Amazon customer reviews.

Users rave about how comfortaly they sleep on these pillows with one user saying, Dont bother to buy any other pillow.” Side sleepers were particularly impressed with the support and comfort they offer. They are much more adjustable than foam pillows but still retain their shape and offer support, reads one five-star review. And a more extreme reaction: so well that I didnt hear the baby crying or my husband getting up with her.”

As with all things, the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow doesn’t suit everyone. Some users found them too soft, and several stomach sleepers definitely found the pillows had too much rise to support them effectively. Many hot sleepers were also disappointed at the lack of cooling despite the gel fibers and cotton cover.


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